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Reunion At The Beach

Reunion At The Beach

Cousins have raunchy sloppy wet naked beach fun.

I'm Larry, and I've been dying to tell the story of what happened to me last spring at the beach.

I grew up in The Hamptons at the end of Long Island, New York. I am a senior attending Cornell University. My father went to Cornell, as did his father, his father before him, and his father before him, who was a founding member of my fraternity. So you can see that going to Cornell and joining this same fraternity is a family tradition. 

Last spring I had hoped to attend spring break, chasing snatch with several of my fraternity brothers in Cancun, Mexico. But those plans were dashed by my mother and father, who informed me that the family was holding a long overdue reunion and I was required to attend.

When I found out the destination, I wasn't too badly upset. The reunion was to be held at the family's island estate on the Emerald Coast of Florida. It is a beautiful place on the Gulf of Mexico, with white sand and crystal clear beach water. It is so flat there, the only real topography is the sand dunes stretched out along the beach in front of the scrubby pines and palm trees.

I had thought I might have the chance to escape the family, and drive just east of there to enjoy the spring break festivities at America's biggest college spring break destination in Panama City, the Redneck Riviera. There would be thousands of college babes from most of the universities east of the Mississippi River converging there. They'd be twisting along the beach with their bikinis pulled as low as they can go, and then at night cruising in cars, bumper to bumper along the Miracle Strip, flashing titties, getting drunk, and looking for guys to fuck. I'd be ready and available.

Once we arrived at the island estate, one of the hired hosts carried my bags and showed me to my room. I was happy to have a beach front view in the massive white mansion built by my great grandfather.

I told my father that I'd spend the day and evening with them before going over to Panama City, but he informed me otherwise. I was to spend the a few days there on the estate before I could hit the party along the Redneck Riviera. I was greatly disappointed. The teenie bikini beach babes would have to wait, so I decided to settle in.

I had almost forgotten how large our family was. They kept arriving all that day. My father had several siblings, who had arrived along their extended families, many of whom had long been involved with the family business.

I was pleased to see my cousin, Roxanne, from California. She was the daughter of my father's brother and only a year younger than I. I had not seen her in a while. We had always enjoyed each other's company very much. In fact, I had always hated that everyone in the family business so often brought up the fact that she had one breast much larger than the other. Other than that, she had a really cute figure and a pretty face with big blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Roxanne, after getting settled in her room, came out wearing a bikini and a t-shirt. She often wore a t-shirt to try and hide the fact that the one breast was much larger. Nearly twice as big in fact.

Once we sat down on the veranda to enjoy some mint julips, Roxanne stood up and took her shirt off. She stood there very erect in her bikini, with her chest pushed outward and pointed at her left breast.

With a big wide grin, "Look, Larry!" she exclaimed. "I got my boob fixed."

I perked up and stared at her tits displayed in her tight bikini top. They both looked exactly the same size.

"That's awesome, Roxanne." I clasped my hands together. "They both look fabulous now."

"Thank you," she proudly replied. "One of Hollywood's best surgeons did it."

Roxanne still smiling, sat back down, but didn't put her t-shirt back on. I think she wanted anyone who walked by to see that her breasts were finally matched in size. She seemed very proud of that. I was very happy for her.

Roxanne and I were still having mint julips on the veranda when Aunt Boopsie and Uncle Hortense arrived from Kennebunkport, Maine. They were actually distant cousins, but since Uncle Hortense was the top corporate attorney for the family business for so many years, he and his wife had come to be known as Uncle Hortense and Aunt Boopsie. Of course, their daughter, Carla, was along. She's a few months younger than I and a few months older than Roxanne.

Neither Roxanne or I had seen Carla in ages it seemed. Carla rushed over to hug us and give us a little peck on the cheek. She really looked great, sporting her dark red hair in a cute chin length bouncy style.

As soon as she had her things carried to her room, she rushed back to chat with me and Roxanne. I remember thinking that they both looked so pretty. They'd both be amongst the very best looking girls at Cornell if they had so chosen to attend school there.

We all chatted for awhile. Roxanne told us about attending Stanford University and Carla told us all about her school, Wesleyan University. They both expressed their desire to come spend a few weeks in The Hamptons with me that summer and hit the dance clubs in New York City.

Later the next morning after a shower and having breakfast, wearing only my new swim shorts, I began to wander about the big house looking for Roxanne and Carla. I was soon informed that they had saddled up a couple of horses for a ride along the beach. I decided to join them. I went to the stables and saddled up the brown thoroughbred, Yo Big Daddy, that once came in last place in the Kentucky Derby.

I rode Yo Big Daddy down the beach for quite a distance, following horse hoof prints, until I came to the end of the island. I could barely see the twitching of a horse tail from behind one of the sand dunes. So I slowed Yo Big Daddy down from a gallop to a walk and approached.

I got the mischievous idea of sneaking up on Roxanne and Carla, and jumping out to scare them. I got off Yo Big Daddy and tied the reins to a large piece of driftwood that was stuck in the sand.

I crept up ever so quietly behind the sand dune and dropped to my hands and knees. I carefully crawled up so I could get a peek at where they were.

Whoa! I froze in disbelief. There before me, I saw both Roxanne and Carla's bikinis draped over the saddles of their horses that were tied to a small scraggly pine tree. Further crawling led me to a discreet dip in the dune. From there I saw Roxanne and Carla naked in a sixty-nine position on a blanket.

Their mouths and fingers were buried into each other's crotches. They were in a wild frenzy of licking and fingering each other's pussies. I couldn't breathe as I was in total shock. Immediately my cock jumped to attention. Quite possibly the quickest that my penis has ever engorged in my life. I think the blood rushing out of my head and into my cock so fast, was why I felt slightly feint.

Truthfully, my cock was throbbing and aching like crazy from seeing my two old playmates going at it a full lesbian sixty-nine. I was so totally aroused. I'd never thought about Roxanne and Carla sexually before, especially since I'd known them all of my life. 

As they continued working their tongues in each other's twats, I couldn't ignore the raging erection in my swim shorts. I slid them down my legs to my knees and started to stroke my hard cock.

I was lying slightly to one side so I could brace myself whilst watching the girls, using one arm to prop up, and work at my throbbing penis with the other. I definitely wanted to avoid getting any sand on my pecker or in my butt crack, but I wasn't going to go anywhere, not with that delightful exhibit before me.

I continued to watch them and stroke my pecker, which is, I am proud to say, rather large and thick. I think it is a very large penis for a blue blood like myself. When I was going through fraternity hazing and we had to be naked for some of the initiation rituals, I had the biggest penis of the bunch by far. Actually, most of the other guys' penises seemed really small to me.

I had been told by more than one young lady at Cornell who had been naked with me, that they thought my penis was very large. In fact, one girl from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, said my penis would be more at a home at a public university and that I, in fact, seemed way too hung to be in the Ivy League.

Sorry that I digressed. Back to my two cousins munching out on a blanket between sand dunes.

By that time Roxanne and Carla were really frolicking, rolling from side to side, moaning and talking dirty to each other.

"Oh fuck!" I heard Carla scream. "Roxie, your the best!"

What I saw next really was mind numbing. Roxie started slowly inserting her hand into Carla's sopping wet pussy. I watched as it slithered in and disappeared. She was wrist deep into Carla's juicy snatch!

'Roxanne is fisting Carla,' I whispered under my breath. I had never seen that other than when wanking to internet porn. I was astonished. I had always thought only Canadians did that.

Carla was lying there, her legs spread wide, nearly straight out, her back arched upwards, as Roxanne pumped her pussy with her fist. While being fist pumped, Carla was squirming, moaning and fingering her clit as fast as she could.

I was stroking my hard throbbing cock as fast as I could. Sweat was beading up on my forehead and dripping down my body. Roxanne and Carla were sweaty too, both totally covered in a shiny sheen of wetness. I thought I might cum soon at this rate, and was furiously stroking away.

Just then I felt something warm and wet bump my butt. It scared the hell out of me. Before I knew it, I had jumped to my feet and screamed.

I was standing on top of the sand dune with my shorts at my ankles and my hand still on my hard erect cock. I looked down and saw Roxanne and Carla staring at me in shock.

"Larry!" screamed Roxanne.

"Larry!" screamed Carla.

"Yo Big Daddy!" I screamed.

Yo Big Daddy had pulled the drift wood out of the sand and walked up behind me, nudging me on my naked butt with his warm wet nose.

Just then, both Carla and Roxanne lowered their eyes to my engorged erect pecker.

"Larry!" screamed Roxanne.

"Larry!" screamed Carla.

Wide-eyed and astonished, they looked at each other and simultaneously yelled, "Larry!"

"Larry?" yelled Roxanne. "Is that yours?"

Red-faced and in shock, I answered, "Is what mine?"

"That cock!" yelled Carla.

Standing there with my swim shorts still around my ankles, I dipped my head and looked at my rock hard erection.

Very embarrassed, I mumbled, "Yeah."

Carla and Roxanne again looked at each other and then turned their heads toward me.

"Larry!" they both yelled.

"Get your ass down here!" yelled Roxanne.

I turned toward Yo Big Daddy who had started to trot off.

"What about Yo Big Daddy?" I asked.

"That big daddy you got sticking out is what I'm talking about," exclaimed Carla.

"Get your ass down here!" demanded Roxanne.

I again looked back toward Yo Big Daddy, who was running down the beach.

"Quit worrying about Yo Big Daddy," ordered Carla. "He's not going anywhere, this is an island."

I pulled my shorts up just enough to sheepishly walk down to my friends, my cock still erect as ever. Carla grabbed it first.

She proclaimed, "The only thing on Wesleyan's campus this size comes in plastic."

As Roxanne also grabbed my cock, she said, "Not since my night with some Stanford football players have I seen one this size."

"I never thought I'd have an encounter with a cock like this," added Carla as she and Roxanne slowly stroked my throbbing pecker.

I was standing there with my feet in the sand next to the girl's blanket, not knowing what I should do next. Just then Carla kissed the bulbous soft end of my dick. Roxanne then kissed it also.

"Mmm," moaned Roxanne, "It tastes good."

Grinning at her, Carla said, "Oh yeah." Then stuck out her tongue.

Roxanne kissed Carla's tongue and sucked it onto her mouth. They deep tongue kissed, then turned their tongues on my pulsating member.

I felt their tongues as they licked and lashed the length of my shaft, playfully flicking at the end of my cock and then swirling around its base. My knees felt weak.

"I'm gonna sit on your blanket," I said.

I kicked my shorts down my leg, onto the sand, and sat back on the blanket. Roxanne and Carla crawled onto me with their faces buried in my crotch. Their busy tongues lapped at my erect pecker, swirling around my balls, and sliding along my swollen scrotum.

Roxanne pushed me onto my back and spread my legs out further with her hands. Her face then dove into my ass cheeks, her tongue seeking out my asshole. With Roxanne on her hands and knees, face buried in my butt crack and her ass pointed up towards the sky, Carla slid down behind her and planted her tongue between Roxanne's sweaty butt cheeks.

Roxanne's tongue softly teased and twirled its way around my very sensitive pink pucker hole. It felt sensuously delightful. As I leaned to the side to peek, I saw that Carla was busy with her tongue buried deep between Roxanne's cheeks.

Our little ass-fest was interrupted when Yo Big Daddy galloped right by us. That caused quite a stir with the other two horses tied nearby. They both reared up, their reigns pulling the scraggly sapling pine out of the sand. Then the two horses turned and ran right by us.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, one of the horses snatched my shorts up in its mouth as it ran by. Roxanne, Carla, and I all stared at each other in disbelief. With their bikinis draped over the saddles and my swim shorts in that horse's mouth, we were all three left completely naked, except for that blanket we were on.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked.

Nonchalantly shrugging, Carla answered, "We'll figure it out later."

She then pushed Roxanne's ass back down and said, "Put that tongue back in Larry's ass."

As Roxanne again pitched forward, Carla again dove in between Roxanne's tight buns. Roxanne dove between my pale ass cheeks and the ass-fest was back on.

Several minutes of pucker-hole-munching soon led to other things. Roxanne pulled her torso up over mine, mounting me for some cowgirl action. She slid her juicy pink twat down on my throbbing cock. It took her several seconds, and she groaned and moaned as she slid down on it.

"Oh god, this feels good," she said as I watched my thick man meat slowly disappear between her tightly stretched juicy pink labia.

Roxanne soon began to bounce up and down, smashing her crotch hard into my torso and grinding with each thrust. Carla had crawled over next to us and was sitting, ass on her heels, watching.

Roxanne was bouncing up and down hard, her one real titty flopping wildly, the newly installed titty holding firmly in place. I could see my cock just shiny as hell, drenched in Roxanne's juices as it appeared with her every upward motion. Her twat was so wet that the juices oozed down my balls.

Carla began to finger herself as she watched. She soon pulled forward a bit and spread her legs out, her butt bumped my face as she draped her leg over me and finger fucked her own wet juicy twat.

In a couple of minutes, Carla jammed her wet fingers in my mouth. "Taste that, Larry."

She next straddled my face pushing her wet musty beaver down onto my nose, leaving her and Roxanne on top of me face to face. Her swollen pussy lips were soaked and she slowly dragged them back and forth over my face, finally planting them firmly down on my outstretched tongue.

Carla giggled and declared, "Larry's face makes a good saddle."

"So does his cock!" laughed Roxanne, not losing her rhythm at all.

Here I was, ass down on a blanket between sand dunes, one cousin riding my cock cowgirl and the other with her cunt planted firmly on my face. I have to say this was unchartered territory for me.

I soon became aware that Roxanne and Carla had their tongues buried deep into each other's mouths, as Roxanne still bounced away on my pecker and Carla ground her drippy cunt on my chin.

Within minutes, my cock tightened further. I felt my scrotum spasm and knew I was about to shoot my load.

I pulled my face back from underneath Carla just enough to get some words out. "I'm gonna cum!"

I heard Roxanne yell, "Unload baby, unload!"

Then it hit me, like an internal clap of thunder. My balls felt like a coiled spring unleashed. Hot sperm shot through me like a rocket and engulfed Roxanne's soppy cunt.

I grunted and sighed.

Carla kept riding my tongue, and Roxanne kept grinding on me until she finally felt my penis go soft.

Roxanne crawled off and said, "I'm full of cum."

Carla reached over and pushed her by her lower ribs to the blanket below.

"Spread that creampie, Roxie," she ordered.

Roxanne spread her legs wide apart and Carla leaned in, burying her face into Roxanne's extra juicy beaver. Carla dug in deep with her long tongue and came up with a tongue and chin full of white gooey cum.

Roxanne grinned and pulled up on one elbow, pulling Carla to her face with her other hand. "Give me a snowball!"

Their faces came together and I watched as Carla's white-cum-covered tongue uncurled into Roxanne's soft full lips, diving into her mouth. They embraced in a long, erotic sensuous tongue kiss. When they finally unlocked, both girls had my oozing white cum on their lips and chin.

Carla leaned back on her haunches and grinned at me. "Oooh, now I want a creampie."

Both of them then buried their faces onto my crotch, licking at my now soft wet noodle in order to make it rock hard again. A few minutes of wet juicy tongue action did its trick.

Like the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, my cock was soon standing ready for take off, fully erect, pointing towards the sun.

Upon seeing my erection, Carla lay back and spread her legs. "Mount me, you New York cowboy."

I snuggled up between her legs and pushed my hardened pecker into her spread wet pussy, that was displayed underneath her thin red landing strip. As I mounted Carla, I grabbed her cute bouncy tits and gave them a pinch and a squeeze. She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me to her tight.

"Tongue kiss me, Larry," she demanded.

So I did. I buried my tongue that still carried the taste of Carla's own pussy, deep between her wet cum creamed lips. Carla proved to be a fantastic French kisser. I guess one would have to do something to pass the time away in those deep snowed-in Maine winters. I assumed she spent a lot of time kissing.

Another thing I discovered was that Carla must've spent a lot of time doing Kegel exercises. Her vaginal muscles contracted and released over and over. Her ever tightening juicy wet snatch felt absolutely marvelous. The more I pumped her, the more my nuts felt like they were on fire.

To make matters ever more pleasurable, Roxanne then buried her face between my ass cheeks again. As I pumped Carla, Roxanne tongued my pink sphincter.

Yes, this was proving to be a marvelous day on the Gulf of Mexico.

Roxanne pushed things a bit further and soon inserted her forefinger into my pucker hole. I was definitely puckered then. That was a new and interesting sensation, but still I didn't let it upset my rhythm. I pumped and thrusted, twisted and pushed, and pounded my throbbing pecker into Carla's soppy clenching pussy.

"Oh Fuck!" Carla called out over and over. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Take that, Larry!" Roxanne was shouting as she forced her finger in and out of my asshole. "Feel that, Larry! Feel it!"

Just then Carla squealed into my ear, "I'm cumming!"

She was for sure. She grabbed my head by the ears and held on like they were the reigns to a horse. What she said after that was something inaudible but ended in "OH FUCKING SHIT!" at a decibel level usually only reached by nitroglycerine-burning engines at drag races.

I never knew I had a g-spot until that day. Roxanne found it and as her finger wiggled and twitched in there behind my scrotum, it ignited my second sperm launch of the day.

It felt like "Boing!" Yes, the word 'boing.' Again my scrotum tightened. My asshole tightened around Roxanne's finger. My nuts danced, and my ejaculate sprung forth. I had a super explosive orgasm. So explosive that I worried some internal tubing may have ripped apart. Thank goodness it didn't, but I did shoot an extra heavy load of white gooey cum deep into Carla's sloppy wet cunt.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck!" I yelled.

I kept pumping for a couple of minutes until every bit of cum was squeezed out of me. Roxanne finally pulled her finger out of my butt. By then I felt spent and rolled over onto the blanket.

Roxanne jumped up and clapped her hands together and shouted, "Creampie!"

She giggled and dove down between Carla's spread legs. Carla was grinning ear to ear.

"Would you like some creampie, my dear?" Carla laughingly said with a goofy falsetto voice.

"Uh huh," answered Roxanne, who buried her face into Carla's wet beaver.

Her head wiggled side to side as she pushed her tongue deep into Carla's drippy pussy. She then came up with a super creamy face. White cum dripping down her chin, and a thick glob of white gooeyness on the end of her nose.

"Now you can snowball me," a grinning Carla extorted.

Roxanne crawled up and kissed Carla passionately. Tongues twirled and danced, lips caressed one another. When they came up for air, my two sexy cousins displayed white gooey chins and sticky, cummy lips.

We hadn't even had time to relax when we saw all three horses gallop by the sand dunes. My swim shorts still in that one horse's mouth.

"What's the deal with my shorts?" I yelled.

I started to run after them shouting, "I'll catch the horses!"

"Run, Larry, run!" shouted my cousins.

I had barely ran a few feet when I tripped over a piece of drift wood, face planting in the beach sand. I got up and kept running. A strong gust of ocean wind blew the sand off of me, except for on my cock and around my crotch where I was still wet from sex. So I was running along naked with a sandy crotch and pecker. The girls were chasing after me, both wrapped together in that blanket.

As we rounded another set of sand dunes, we stopped suddenly, confronted by someone. My gay cousin, Fitzgerald, had caught the horses and held them all by the reigns.

With his usual facetious smirk, Fitzgerald exclaimed,"My, my, what have we here?"

As I stood there, naked, with my penis thickly covered in sand and Roxanne and Carla still wrapped together in the blanket, Fitzgerald looked us over very curiously. He began to laugh hysterically.

"Oh my, a lurid outing I see," he giggled further.

He took my shorts out of the horse's mouth and handed them to me, "Yours, I presume?"

"Indeed they are, Fitz," I replied, "Indeed they are, and thank you for retrieving them for me, kind sir."

"Anytime, Larry," he said with a silly smirk.

"Ladies," he gestured, and handed them the reigns of the two horses that still had their bikinis draped over the saddles.

"Thanks, Fitz," Roxanne said.

"I had come looking for you all, hoping to convince you to take a drive over to the Redneck Riviera to look for some action," Fitzgerald informed. "But I see that you all are capable of making your own action."

"Can we shower first?" I answered.

"Yeah, please," both Carla and Roxanne joined in.

"Indeed you can," he answered with the silliest wide grin imaginable, plastered across his face.

After putting the horses up, showering and getting fresh clothes, Roxanne, Carla, Fitzgerald, and I drove over to Panama City. Roxanne and Carla both got lower back tattoos, also called 'tramp stamps' or 'Panama City bumper stickers'. Fitzgerald picked up a young English nobleman vacationing on the Redneck Riviera. Myself, well, I began to feel an itch and discovered I had been bitten on the balls by some sand gnats.


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