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The True Story

The True Story

What happens to Cinderella in the VIP area at a Royal Ball of Bondage?
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The Grimm Brothers perpetuated a mythic fairy tale that depicted a down-trodden teenager who was magically transported into a life of romance, royal living, and happiness when her prince finally fell in love with her. Ancient documents have now come to light that tell a different story:

Once upon a time, there was a sexy young woman who lived in the large city of Lushdon. Her mother had died giving birth to her, as she berated the young woman’s father for getting her up the duff. Her father died a few years thereafter, due to an excess of nagging decades and the loss of the will to live when he realised he would have to explain to his daughter about menstruation and take her for her first bra fitting. Shortly before his death, he had married a money-grabbing Evil Stepmother, who arrived complete with two bitchy daughters, as Evil Stepmothers usually do.

Since the young woman’s father had died penniless after drinking away his fortune in an attempt to blot out the maddening moaning of the womanly household, the Evil Stepmother and her two daughters decided that they would make the young woman’s life a misery.

They called her the rudest names, ordered her around, forced her to cook every meal, clean the house, muck out the pig pen, strip naked and cover herself in soot and ashes, after which she had to lick their genitals and fuck them using strap-on dildos whilst hanging upside down from the low-hanging beams in the ceiling of their mock-fairytale cottage (which was actually a six-bedroomed town house with four bathrooms and a Jacuzzi spring in the back garden).

Dear Reader, I know what you are thinking. In Lushdon, nobody is allowed to be forced to fuck anybody in any way. But this young woman was actually a bit of deviant with whoreish tastes and inclinations. Indeed, Cinderella (remember the naked ashes thing?) enjoyed the process of throwing down her Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters onto the floor and shagging them senseless with a variety of implements so much, that she decided she’d stay and see how long she could tire them out for. So far, she had shagged them so senseless that she’d managed to go on holiday with four local stable boys for two weeks, and still made it back for the clean-up.

One day, the King of Lushdon, who was a narrow-minded, bigoted idiot, and in denial of his son, Roger the Prince, being a homosexual, decided to throw him a lavish masquerade ball so that he could choose himself a (female) bride. However, the King was not all that much of a fuddy-duddy, and he allowed Roger the Prince the freedom to choose his own theme. The King and Queen would stay in an inn on the night of the party, so that the youngsters could enjoy themselves.

And so it happened that, in the middle of a session involving the Evil Stepmother, a flyswatter and a pineapple, Cinderella was rudely interrupted from the throes of a power-wielding dominatrix fantasy, by a very loud trumpet blast.

“That was a hell of a fanny fart, you little slut,” exclaimed the Evil Stepmother.

“That wasn’t a fanny fart,” replied Cinderella, withdrawing the strap-on purple sparkly dildo from the Evil Stepmother’s vagina. “That’s a messenger from the King.”

And she ran willy-nilly down the stairs with the dildo flapping up and down and her firm, luscious breasts jiggling. Flinging open the door before the Stepsisters could, she seized the message from the messenger’s stunned grasp, and read aloud:

“Thou art hereby invited to mine Ball of Bondage at the Palace Royale. King Father has decreed that I must findeth mineself an fucking missus, so you are all commanded to cum dressed in hardly anything so that I mayest ogle thine bottoms and boobies. Oh, and only the Sexiest People are allowedeth in.

Yours Hoping for Jackanapes,
Roger the Prince.”

“Ooooo,” cooed one of the Stepsisters. “Do you think Jackanapes will be there? He’s ever so handsome.”

“I hope his brother, Jackanory, is there too,” sighed the other Stepsister. “What a wonderful view. Especially naked…” And they both traipsed off to their bedrooms to look at all the clothes they would not be wearing to the Ball of Bondage.

“I suppose you think you’re going, you little slut,” sneered the Evil Stepmother to Cinderella.

“Not at all,” replied Cinderella. “I have no doubt that Roger the Prince will not find me attractive whatsoever, and there will be lots of women there. What I’d much prefer is a fuck from a man, not a pseudo-lesbian like the three I live with, who only have fanny fun because they can’t find a real cock to shag them.”

“I shall spank you for that, you little whore,” gasped the Evil Stepmother.

“Yes please!” And Cinderella bent over for her punishment.

Sadly for Cinderella, the Evil Stepmother decided that since Cinderella seemed to enjoy the idea so much, she would not spank her after all, and flounced off to decide which of her crotchless panties would be most suitable for the Ball of Bondage.

The day of the Ball of Bondage dawned. There was much simpering and giggling from the Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters, and chatter over who would be able to “turn” Roger the Prince straight. Cinderella helped them to lube up and strap down their looser flaps of flesh, and waved goodbye as they left in a llama-drawn carriage to the Palace Royale.

Sighing, and daydreaming of a good, hard fuck, Cinderella sat in front of the window eating popcorn as she watched the people of Lushdon wobble past in various bits of leather, latex, and stainless steel.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Who the fucking hell is it?” yelled Cinderella.

“Mmmfffpphh!” came the muffled reply.

Grumpily putting down the bowl, and taking her time, Cinderella shuffled over to the door, letting the visitor wait. She opened the door, and stared out at the large-framed hairy man in a neon-pink tutu and a gimp mask with the mouth zipped up.

“What the bloody hell have you come as?” she demanded.

“Mmmfffpphh!” he said.


He unzipped the mouth zip.

“I’m your Fairy Gimpmother, and you shall go to the ball!”

“To be honest,” she said, “I can’t really be arsed.”

“That’s the point!” he replied. “If you go to the ball, you will get arsed. You’ll get a proper shag and everything!”

“Well, why didn’t you say so, you fucking gimp!” And Cinderella allowed the Fairy Gimpmother to enter the house.

After a lot of swearing, sweating and wriggling, Cinderella was ready! Dressed in nothing but some leather straps crossed over and under her luscious breasts so they stood out more, and arranged in criss-crosses over her pertly plump bottom, with a laced latex waist cincher, and thigh-high leather boots, Cinderella was nearly ready.

“Mmmfffpphh!” mumbled the Fairy Gimpmother, whose mouth had been zipped once more after he suggested a metal-studded dog collar that didn’t really go with the cincher.

“For fuck’s sake,” sighed Cinderella, unzipping his mask. “What is it now?”

“There’s one thing missing,” he said. And from thin air, he produced the most beautiful, shining double-ended glass dildo that had ever been seen in Lushdon. Ever.

“Wow!” cried Cinderella. “That’s a fucking beauty!”

“I know,” said the Fairy Gimpmother. “Now bend over whilst I insert it.”

“Talk about Grand Entrances,” said Cinderella, sticking her arse in the air. The Fairy Gimpmother slathered Cinderella’s anus with a glittering lube, and gently penetrated her with the double-ended glass dildo.

“Fuck me,” said Cinderella.

“Fairy Gimpmothers aren’t allowed to fuck the clients,” said the Fairy Gimpmother. “You’ll have to go to the ball.”

“Alright,” said Cinderella. “Now, how am I going to get there? I can’t sit down!”

The Fairy Gimpmother thought for a minute, and then hit upon an idea.

“I’ll give you a piggyback, but you’ll have to clench so you don’t lose your dildo.”

And so, carefully, Cinderella climbed onto the Fairy Gimpmother’s back, clenching as tightly as she could, and they set off for the Palace Royale. By the time they reached the steps, the Ball of Bondage was in full swing, and the Fairy Gimpmother had a trail of Cinderella’s juices running over his bum cheeks. The Fairy Gimpmother had to pick his way carefully through the crowds of Ugly folk outside the Palace Royale, who weren’t Sexy enough to be allowed into the Ball of Bondage. There were gasps as they saw the shining glass dildo winking and glimmering from Cinderella’s arse.

“I know you’re very excited,” he informed her, “but listen carefully. At the Stroke of Midnight, you have to leave and get home as fast as you can. Okay?”

Cinderella nodded, concentrating on walking up the steps towards the Ball without her dildo being ejected through excitement.

“Bloody hell,” thought Cinderella. “Who would have thought I’d enter the Palace Royale with my sphincter chewing a double-ended glass dildo? All I can say is, this better be worth it, because I’m going to drop this load if I’m not careful.”

The guards at the entrance wolf-whistled as she teetered towards them, still tightly clenching and flashing them her most dazzling smile. She was easily the Sexiest young woman they had seen that night, and if anybody could turn Roger the Prince straight, it would be her.

And so it happened that Cinderella, dressed in nothing but her leather straps crossed over and under her luscious breasts so they stood out more, arranged in criss-crosses over her pertly plump bottom, with a laced latex waist cincher, thigh-high leather boots, and with the most beautiful, shining double-ended glass dildo half-sticking out of her anus, was stood in the doorway of the Palace Royale, surveying the scene before her.

All the Sexiest people were in there, dancing, cavorting, groping and fucking. At the far end of the Ballroom was a roped-off area, labelled “Extraordinarily Sexy People Only”. And in that area were a few very cool-looking, Sexy people. They lounged about, looking sultry and amazingly gorgeous, and amongst them was Roger the Prince and his dreamy Jackanapes (who, it turned out, was gay after all, and was in the process of seducing the royal one).

“Oh, Jackanapes,” sighed Roger the Prince. “I’m ever so bored now. Can’t we just go and fuck somewhere?”

“Your Highness,” replied Jackanapes, “We must put in a good appearance for the people of Lushdon, or your Royal Father will hear of it, and possibly pick a bride for you. Wouldn’t it be better to find a willing wench who will marry you and look the other way whilst we do rudies with each other? And who knows, perhaps we could even persuade her to join in. After all, boobs are rather fun to play with, you know.”

Suddenly, Roger the Prince saw Cinderella across the Ballroom, turning this way and that to show off her shining glass double-ended dildo.

“As it so happens,” said Roger the Prince, “I believe I have just spied such a woman as you have described.” And he sent his bodyguard to bring Cinderella to him.

She wiggled her way through the gasping crowds with the bodyguard, and ever so gently bent to get under the rope into the “Extraordinarily Sexy People Only” section.

“Your wish is my command, Your Highness,” she said to Roger the Prince.

“Really?” asked Roger the Prince. “Brilliant! Let us go into my private garden and fuck!”

And so Roger the Prince, Cinderella, Jackanapes and the bodyguard went into the private garden. Cinderella took charge.

“Okay, Jackanapes, you lie on this stone bench here with your bum on the edge and your legs spread; wank a bit, I need you really hard. Your Highness, please stand between his legs with your bum facing his penis. Bodyguard, you can get on your knees and suck His Highness’ willy.”

And so it happened that Cinderella straddled Jackanapes, and began fucking him at superspeed whilst Roger the Prince was carefully backed onto the glass dildo behind her, and was sucked off by his bodyguard. Cinderella was screaming with pleasure whilst Roger the Prince needed holding up by his bodyguard after cumming into his face and all down his shirt collar, and Jackanapes could only lie there, grinning stupidly as he watched Cinderella fucking him with jiggling breasts in his face. Soon they swapped around, and the bodyguard tongued Cinderella's pussy whilst Roger the Prince took him from behind, and Jackanapes received a blowjob from Cinderella.

Eventually, all fucked out, the little party slowed down, and Cinderella found herself straddling Roger the Prince and Jackanapes whilst the bodyguard watched, slowly stroking his now-sore shaft.

Cinderella watched the bodyguard stroking himself, and suddenly had a thought.

“What’s your name?” she asked the bodyguard.

“Midnight,” said he. “My mother named me after the time she had her first orgasm.”

“Oh fuck,” shouted Cinderella. “I have to go!”

And she leapt off Roger the Prince and Jackanapes, and ran through the ballroom. By the time she reached the palace steps, she’d lost her anal grip on the glass dildo, and heard the clunk as it heavily hit the stones behind her. With no time to worry about running back for it, Cinderella hurried home and showered, and jumped into bed.

The next morning, whilst fucking the pussies of the two hungover Stepsisters with the handles of kitchen implements, they were surprised by a very loud trumpet blast.

“Who fanny farted?” asked one of the Stepsisters.

“That wasn’t a fanny fart,” replied Cinderella. “That’s a messenger from the King.”

Slowly, they all made their way downstairs to see what news the messenger had. He held in one hand Cinderella’s glass dildo on a cushion, and a message in the other. He coughed, and held up his message to read to them.

“I, Roger the Prince, do declareth that whomsoevereth hath an anus that gapeth so much as to fit this glass dildo, must immediately cometh if she so wisheth to the Palace Royale and be an fuckbuddy for mineself and mine new husbandeth what mine Royal Father hath finally agreedeth to let me have. For whomsoevereth that willing wench was, she was most excellent at fuckingeth mineself. Eth.

Yours Gaping-Anus-Searchingly,
Roger the Prince.”

“Alright, ladies,”said Cinderella. “Stand aside. This one’s mine.” And pushing the two Stepsisters aside, Cinderella bent over so that the messenger could insert the glass dildo into her anus easily.

“Fucking hell,” said the messenger. “That’s impressive! You’d better come with me to the palace then!”

And so it happened that Cinderella went to the palace and met with Roger the Prince and his new husband, Jackanapes, and agreed to be their fuck buddy for when they fancied a threesome.

“I only ask this one thing,” said Cinderella to Roger the Prince’s bodyguard. “Why did my Fairy Gimpmother tell me I had to get home as fast as I could at your Stroke?”

“Because,” replied the bodyguard, pulling out the Fairy Gimpmother’s mask and putting it on so that she could see it was really the Fairy Gimpmother himself, “I had to make sure I didn’t cum on you, or you would have turned into a fucking pumpkin. It’s this whole other thing that we don’t have time for in your story.”

And that, Dear Reader, is the true story of Cinderella. It may not be the story you were looking for, but Cinderella wants you to know that she doesn’t give a fuck; she just enjoyed the journey, and if you did too, then it was more than worth it.

This story only available on Lush Stories
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