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Working Stiff

A city slicker gets his cumuppance.
Driving for hours across the high plains always makes me horny. My mind drifts much like the winds rippling across the miles of wheat fields. Thinking about the nubile young virgin in the next town just waiting for me to sweep her up and take her to the promised land. Happens all the time... in my imagination.

So that was my state of mind when I rolled into the tiny hamlet of Youngfield. I had left the city early in the morning in order to arrive early enough to get in a few hours of consulting work. The oil company's field office was just on the edge of one of those wheat fields. Actually, everything was at the edge of those wheat fields, since there were only about a dozen buildings in town. Briefcase in hand, I stretched my legs and then sauntered up the steps into the modular office building.

Not much need for introductions. The handful of farmer's wives working in the office knew what I was there for. All the male employees were out in the oil patch. One of the ladies cordially pointed me toward the records room where I would be working. About the size of a double car garage, the walls were lined with racks of big plat books, file cabinets, microfilm equipment, and such. In the center of the room was a large table. It was tall, so that one worked standing up, with both sides sloped at a slight angle like a drafting table. I got straight to work, still with a semi-hard-on from my long drive.

I had been working for about half an hour when into the room bounces my little Lolita, undoubtedly the one I had been thinking about all morning. My guess is that she was eighteen years old and just out of high school. She acknowledged me with a quick glance and a simile, and then turned to the telephone that was hanging on the wall just inside the door. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Five foot eight with long brown bedroom hair, she wore a long summery dress with horizontal navy blue and white stripes. A bit of a nautical look. The dress was made of a terry cloth material so thin that it fit her as if it were silk. From her trim waist it clung to her pear-shaped ass until it cascaded about half way down her calves. Through the slit in one side I could clearly see that she wore a full slip with lace trim at the bottom. Her strappy wedge shoes completed the look, which was both sexy and virginal at the same time.

Fortunately, I had worn a pair of loose fitting slacks instead of my usual blue jeans. I slipped a hand into my pocket and adjusted my now stiff cock. The head poked out above the waistband of my mid-rise briefs, but I was safely concealed beneath my slacks and behind the big drafting table.

By now Miss Lolita was well aware that I had forgotten about my work and was just standing there transfixed on her. Her blue eyes locked onto mine, and she had a big grin on her face, almost giggling. Continuing her phone conservation she began to subtly, and then not so subtly, strike various poses while I continued to ogle her. Leaning against the door jamb, playing with her hair, adjusting her dress, standing there with her legs spread, first with her back to me, then facing me. So innocent, yet such a cock teaser.

What is it about these farmer's daughters? I guess by the time they're eighteen they're ready to try out their new found sexuality on a thirty year old city boy. Her youthful, bubbly personality, the big grin on her face, and the way she flashed those big blue eyes told me that she was thoroughly enjoying the situation. From the waist up, I was melting. But from the waist down, I was quaking.

With my stiff dick held in place by the waistband of my briefs, the material of my trousers flicked across the underside of my cockhead as I squirmed in my stance. Weak-kneed, I was able to hold myself up with my elbows on the drafting table while I made the slightest humping motions to increase the friction where it counted. My face was getting flushed and my breathing a little ragged as I took in the view and felt the sensation going on under the table.

When Lolita hung up the phone, I thought my little party was over. But she began filing away loose papers and generally straightening up the room. She paraded herself back and forth, bending over from time to time to pick up one thing and then another. Before I realized it, I was beyond the point of no return. I knew I was going to cum, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Oh fuck! The front of my pants was going to be soaked with sperm. I would have to walk back through the farmer's wives' office like that. Certainly they would stare, but would they laugh or would they freak out? I'm supposed to be a professional here! Unzipping my pants was not an option. Not in my client's office, and especially not alone in a room with Lolita. I could see the local headline in my mind: "City Slicker Arrested for Perverted Behavior". There was nothing left to do but panic. 

The table was still holding me up, but my vision was going, and I was getting very weak as the orgasm that had been building all day threatened to overwhelm me. At the last instant I jammed by hand down the front of my pants to keep the eruption localized as much as possible. With my other hand, I pulled a handkerchief from my hip pocket and pushed it down forcing my cock back into my underwear. With both arms off the table I began to lose my balance. Fortunately, there was a tall stool to my left that I could lean against. I don't know what Lolita was doing, admiring her handiwork I guess.

There was a side door, but would it be unlocked? And where did it lead? It seemed to be my best option. I turned the doorknob and was relieved when it opened into an empty hallway. From there, I made my way unnoticed to the restroom to clean up. After a stop at the vending machines, I returned by the same route to find that Lolita had rejoined the farmer's wives.

I finished my work at the end of the day and headed back to my car. As I was about to leave, here came Lolita down the steps, still smiling from ear to ear, as was I. We gave each other a little wave goodbye and I fired up the Beemer. Off to the next county where there would undoubtedly be a nubile young virgin just waiting for me to sweep her up and take her to the promised land.

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