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My Girl

"She has me wrapped up around her finger... but she doesn't know how much Daddy loves his daughter!"

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Author's Notes

"My deepest, darkest and most intimate fantasy... I have very rarely spoke of this with anyone but it's time I share my burden!"

She sat in front of me crying her eyes out… the daughter I had dreamed of when I got married. We were blessed with her eighteen years ago and here she is crying because of the stupid, irresponsible and immature boys she was getting involved with.

I think my desperation for a daughter stemmed from my lack of a sister. My mother had a daughter before me but she died at birth, which always made me wonder what I would have been like as a person had I had a sister. But then, Aaliyah blessed my life with her presence. I loved her from the moment I set my eyes on her and I would knowingly treat her differently from our three boys.

Aaliyah was now a beautiful young eighteen year old woman - tall, slim, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. I would often look at her in shock as to how someone like her could have come from me and my wife because she was drop-dead gorgeous whereas me and my wife were pretty average, at best!

“Why do these boys do this to me? I give them my heart and they give me back fuck all!” And she continued sniffling as tears streamed down her face.

I swallowed back my hurt and pain from seeing her like this, and responded with a firm voice.

“Aaliyah, you are not ready for this! You are not like these other girls. We have kept you away from these things because of this very reason. To be honest, these boys are not ready for you either. You want someone to be yours, your prince, but all they want is to boast about the number of girls they have had like the trophies they get from their sports teams. You are not a fucking trophy, Aaliyah!”

She looked at me with her watery eyes and responded in a croaky, heart-breaking voice.

“But why shouldn’t I also feel this feeling all my friends speak of?” and she broke down again, her body shaking with each sob. She ran off upstairs.

As I saw her run upstairs, my mind ran through a quick succession of thoughts and images. Every now and again, I would be requested to pick Aaliyah up from some school event, and she would always bring the same two girls with her for me to drop off. Those drives were particularly difficult because I would be struggling with my eyes darting from the rear-view mirror back to the road. Seeing them sitting there behind me, so fresh and so fucking sexy would trigger mental pictures of me burying my face in between their cute panties.

However, I noticed the physical changes in my own daughter. Her body had blossomed at a sudden and impressive pace. Clearly, I was not the only male having noticed her new look as she started getting approached at school a lot more. Aaliyah had been dying for this kind of attention. All her friends had boyfriends and she would often come home telling us about how this girl and that girl had started going out with this boy and that boy. My wife wouldn’t notice but I could see the need, and desire for herself to have the same kind of attention. It was the way she would gaze in the distance as she would be telling us about her friends.

She started dressing less conservatively as well, with tighter clothes suddenly featuring in bags from shopping trips to the malls. My wife would be happy with our daughter’s sudden interest in her self-image but with me being the protective father I am, I had reservations and concerns with the kind of attention she would be getting.

Aaliyah was not like the rest of her friends. Her friends were strong characters. Loud, brash, and full of confidence. Aaliyah was not. She had had her fair share of bullying in younger years. She was also just a more delicate creature. So when she started coming home from school with beaming smiles and re-refreshed make up, I could tell she was starting to get noticed.

We started getting phone calls from school teachers complaining of Aaliyah being caught in off-limit locations at school and her lying about after-school activities which we had not given her permission to attend. Why would a girl who has never stepped a foot wrong in school suddenly start behaving in such a way? Well, I knew why. These boys were not the innocent boys of the school either… no, no, no! She was attracted to the ‘bad boys’ of the school. The ones who were cycling through girls like they were some new gadgets which needed replacing with the latest and better models. This was her second boyfriend this year who had decided to dump my daughter for someone else and I so wished she would just stop doing this to herself.

My wife was about to run after her, but I stopped her and told her that I would go to speak to her. My wife was the strict half of the parenting team at home. She was the one who disciplined the children. She was the one who would shout and scream at them when they pissed her off. I was the soft touch. I was the one who they would come to reason and discuss their issues because I would give them the airtime to voice their opinions.

But with Aaliyah, I was even more sensitive and soft. If she knew how wrapped around her fingers I was, she could make me do anything and I wouldn’t even think twice. This thought would often make me shiver because I knew how risky a situation my relationship with my daughter could create. I had had plenty of dreams and visions, which involved many socially unacceptable scenarios and usually ended up with one or both of us naked.

As I walked up to her bedroom, I could hear her talking to one of her friends on speakerphone.

“What’s wrong with me, Sophie? Why would Alan need to go looking somewhere else when I have laid myself bare in front of him?” Aaliyah was still sniffling but seemed to be calmer than before.

“Aaliyah, hun. I told you to stay away from him! You are far too sweet for someone like him. Why do you always go running after that group of boys?” Sophie replied. There was a moment of silence before Aaliyah responded.

“Because they are the ones who know how to be with a girl. I don’t want some shy boy who doesn’t know how to make a girl feel good about herself. Alan would say all the right things and make me feel so good.” Aaliyah started sobbing again.

I decided to knock on my daughter’s door.

“Aaliyah, baby. Daddy needs to talk to you. Can I come in?” I waited for her to respond. I heard her say something but it was too low for me to make out. There were sounds of some shuffling around in her room before she responded.

“OK Daddy. Come in.”

I opened the door and froze. She had changed out of her school uniform and now sat on the edge of her bed in a crop top, and panties. She clearly had no bra on and I could make out the protrusions of her nipples. She had never, ever before presented herself in this manner, without being shy and without trying to cover herself. She was always shy about me coming in her room if she was changing. Her long, luscious locks of hair fell on her chest and she was looking at me with eyes which were red from her crying.

“Errrr, Aaliyah you should put…” I started coughing and sputtering as I choked on my own saliva, as my mouth had suddenly started salivating a lot.

“It’s OK Daddy. I don’t mind… not today.” She got up and walked up to me, reached past me to close the door and then just hugged me. Her loose hair was in my face, and I could smell her perfume. She was hugging me tightly and her body was pressing into mine. I put my hands where I always did when she would hug me – on the small of her back – but this time, I felt her soft, smooth, and velvety skin on my hand. That touch created a tsunami of blood to flow down south, and I felt my cock harden. At that precise moment, Aaliyah repositioned herself just slightly. Her right leg fit in the gap between my legs. She gasped.

“Daddy! Errrr, what’s that pressing into my leg?” she said, gazing into my eyes, knowingly.

I often made a conscious effort to remind her how beautiful she was, to bolster her self-confidence. But I knew she would be thinking that, being her father, I would say this automatically. I would therefore extend the discussion by telling her that I was not only her father, but also a man. Therefore, I knew she was beautiful because of how she made me feel when I looked at her. That’s all I would say to her. She would look at me confusingly.

However, over the last few months, the look she had started giving me had changed. In fact, what I was trying to tell her had also changed from an admission of her beauty to an admission of her sexiness. Without me asking her, and without her telling me, it was clear that she had started to understand. In the situation I found myself now, it felt like the time was right to be black and white about this.

“I have been told you how beautiful you are, Aaliyah. However, over the last few months whenever I have told you how beautiful you are, I have been also telling you something else. I am telling you how sexy you have become.”

I pulled away from her as I continued.

“I am not a fool, Aaliyah. I am fully aware that you are now more aware of things that you may have not been aware about before. You know what just pressed into your leg, Aaliyah, and you also know what that means.”

Aaliyah looked at me with an innocent look before her eyes dropped lower to gaze at my bulge. I shifted uncomfortably from one leg to the other. Aaliyah then looked up at me and smiled.

“So, do I turn you on, Daddy?” she questioned, confirming what I said about her knowing what was going on.

As the words escaped her mouth, I felt a sudden rush of emotions. Guilt! Guilt for the fact I was allowing this to happen, but at the same time an over-whelming amount of sexual energy was washing over me. I looked at her as she looked at me. What did she want me to say? Should I tell her the truth? What should I do? Before I could even process what was happening, my wife called out to me from downstairs asking if everything was OK. I looked at Aaliyah and half smiled and half frowned as I turned around to leave the room. Just as I was to leave, Aaliyah reached out and grabbed my hand.

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“Don’t tell Mum. Don’t tell her what we spoke about, OK?” she whispered.

I looked at her for a second before nodding my head. What I didn’t realise at that moment was I had just given her a sign of approval.

As I started falling asleep later that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. In fact, I had been thinking about it all evening so the sexual energy had remained high within me. I was lying in bed naked, next to my wife. I always slept naked as I tended to feel very warm in bed whilst my wife felt cold so for her, we would always have the blanket on. Next thing I knew, I was dreaming of being back in my daughter’s room as I was earlier in the day.

However this time, we were both naked and hugging each other. We were kissing each other. I could feel her skin against mine, her breasts against my chest, her heat radiating out, my hard cock pressing into her. I was getting more and more turned on. I imagined her hand reaching down and grabbing my cock around the shaft and slowly starting to stroke me. Fuck! I suddenly felt like I was going to cum and the sensation woke me up in a panic.

I felt a hand on my erect cock. It was small, soft yet firm. I looked down to the side of the bed and there she was, kneeling down, hand under blanket, tugging at my hard cock. I suddenly felt the sensation that had woken me up and quickly pulled away my cock from her, being careful not to wake my snoring wife up. Aaliyah looked up at me and smiled. She was in shorts and a crop top with nothing on underneath, again.

I looked at her with a disapproval for what she had done and she got the hint because her smile slowly disappeared. She stood up slowly and gave me a look which scared the fuck out of me. It was the look she gave when she was annoyed for not getting her way. I had seen this look at times when I had said no for something she wanted to buy or do. She bent forward so her cheek pressed up against mine and she whispered into my ear.

“Come into my bedroom or I start crying out loud. You know you don’t want me to do that, right?” With that, she slowly tip-toed out of the room.

I sat up in the bed slowly and pondered on my options. The way Aaliyah had just done that scared me. That was not the Aaliyah I knew. She had just acted determined, firm and very cunningly. Maybe I didn’t know my daughter as well as I had thought. Maybe this was the real her I was witnessing. My pondering didn’t take too long. I slowly got up out of bed and climbed out. My wife suddenly stirred and my heart stopped.

My hard cock was standing erect and firm, which would definitely become a talking point if my wife was to wake up. I stopped my movement… one hand on the bed supporting myself while half of my weight was on one leg on the floor. I waited until my leg started burning with the awkward position and I put my other leg down as I lifted myself off the bed. I looked once more at my wife, wondering what kind of dream she was having as I started tip-toeing into a dream of my own.

I walked out of our bedroom and slowly closed the door and started heading down the hallway to my daughter’s room. Her door was open and I quickly walked in and closed the door behind. I turned to see her lying naked on her bed, her hand between her legs and her eyes closed. She was moaning softly as her hand moved up and down. I stood there, mesmerised by what I was looking at.

Her loose hair was spread out in a kind of fan shape around her head. Her tiny lips were pressed tight as she was feeling herself up. Her tiny but perky breasts lay flat, almost giving the impression of there being none. Her pussy was hairless, smooth and very inviting. I let my hand move from the side of my body to my erection. Her eyes opened at the precise moment my hand wrapped around my cock.

“Fuck, Daddy! I had felt it before but hadn’t looked at it. It looks so fucking big! Come here, please.” She maneuvered herself so her head was now dangling off the side of the bed facing me and her legs were laying across the bed, hand in between her legs moving side to side. As I approached her, I realised that I was going to fuck her. My cock responded with an almighty throb and just as my cock was directly above my daughter’s face, a droplet of pre-cum slowly stretched down onto her face. My daughter giggled quietly and with the tip of her finger, she wiped off the pre-cum and put it straight in her mouth. I groaned at the sight of her tasting me.

I looked down at her face, her lips and she knew what I was thinking. She smiled and then slowly opened her mouth. I pushed my cock down as I stood over her face and let it slip inside. Her mouth was small and so it engulfed my cock all-round. I could feel her mouth on every inch of my shaft and head. As I pushed in further, I felt the back of her mouth and her tonsils. I closed my eyes. She gagged so I started pulling out but she moaned in disapproval and reached out, grabbed my ass and pulled me further in. I couldn’t be sure but I was pretty sure my cock was inside her throat and I groaned at the thought.

“Oh fuck, Aaliyah! Where have you gotten all this ability from?” I looked down at her.

She obviously could not see me as her vision was currently obscured. She also could not answer because her mouth and throat were currently dealing with a major obstruction. The thoughts made me smile and I touched her cheek and pinched it. In return, she stuck her tongue out and started juggling my balls which drove my sensations through the roof. I looked down and then let my eyes wander further across her body until they settled on her sweet pussy. I couldn’t help it and reached out with my hand and pushed her hand out of the way.

I let my middle finger press between her pussy lips and I let my finger run up and down. She wriggled with this and moaned through her mouth full of cock as I continued. I increased the pace of both my cock thrusting...

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Written by D33pD4rkn3ss
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