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A Bride Chapter 15

A Bride Chapter 15

Tags: incest

I'm cumming Tommy

Well, it's fair to say that the burgers were done!

When we'd finished laughing, we gave up the idea of eating and concentrated all our energies on rather more hedonistic pleasures.

Jill started it by announcing that she was hot and needed to take something off, but couldn't decide what.

After a quick, whispered consultation with my mother, she decided that it had to be the panties.

"Trouble is though Tommy," she posed with a finger between her lips.
"I just can't be bothered to do it myself, I'm far too drunk!"

"Or stoned." added mum.

"Or horny." Jill giggled.

"Or both." I laughed as I dropped to my knees in front of her.

I flicked my tongue out first and tasted the slight dampness where her juices had soaked into the flimsy material.

"Tommy," she said softly and rotated her hips sensuously against my face.

She made a funny noise in her throat, and I saw her fists clench as I traced the outline of her slit with my tongue, she wasn't just wet, she was soaking, the gossamer thin panties were fully saturated and her tangy juices were dripping through them onto my tongue.

Beside me, mum raised Jill's tee shirt and suckled lovingly at each swollen nipple in turn, while Jill held onto my hair with both her hands and ground her cunt down onto my face.

Eventually, I managed to leave her dribbling little honey pot for long enough to help her step out of her panties, and as I was about to resume my oral worshipping, I saw the expression of sheer hunger on her face.

"Go on mum," I laughed. "I think I'm about to get my wish."

"Mmm," laughed Jill, as she fingered herself obscenely, "A mother's mouth followed by her son's cock!" and she pulled mum's head to her groin.

"Oh yes Polly," she moaned softly. "Eat me, baby, eat my cunt for me, ooh God it's been so fucking long."

Mum used both hands to part the sweet, hairless lips of her friend's pussy and buried her tongue deep into the cleft, I saw the droplets of juice dripping onto mum's chin as she dined and Jill's legs started to tremble.

"Polly," it was barely audible.

Mum gripped her buttocks, pulling the whimpering woman against her face, her mouth opened and I could only imagine what her tongue was doing inside the dripping swamp that was Jill's cunt.

"Polly," she gasped again, "I'm cumming."

Her head lolled from side to side, her eyes rolled and her teeth clenched.

Quickly I leapt to my feet and gripped her from behind, my arms under hers and my hands round her waist, she squealed and jerked in a spasm of delight, her whole body was shaking, her lips found my neck as she writhed in ecstasy and her tongue licked me.

I thought my penis was going to burst out through my shorts as she screamed again and again until finally she flopped against me, spent with the force of her orgasm.

Mum stood up giggling and kissed me, her tongue passing little dewdrops of Jill's cunt juices into my mouth, then I heard Jill giggle softly.

"Wowee." she wrapped an arm around both of us and we came together in a three-way kiss.

I felt Jill take hold of my hand and guide it under my mother's skirt.

"Are you wet Polly?" she whispered seductively as our entwined fingers caressed the damp nylon of her panties.

Mum clung to us and pushed our faces together, Jill's tongue snaked between my teeth.

"Fuck her for me Tommy, fuck her darling."

My cock jerked as mum released it from the confines of my shorts and she moaned in the back of her throat. "This is for you darlings, both of you."

The hot golden urine gushed out through her panties, saturating our fingers as we eased them under the thin nylon and into her cunt. Jill and I kissed hungrily, tongue searching, swapping saliva as together our hands explored the source of her fountain.

"Now go and fuck her while I watch," she breathed and withdrew her fingers from mine, holding them to her mouth she licked lasciviously at the little drops of urine as she sat back in the chair.

"Cum for me Polly," she opened her legs and dribbled a few drops of her own urine over her fingers,

"Scream while he fucks you, Polly."

Mum lay down and opened her legs letting us both see the droplets of urine glistening on her skin before I lowered myself down onto her, she was wet inside as well as out and she received me with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

"Yes darling," she took my head in her hands, "Fuck me, baby, fuck mummy nicely."

It was pure lust, she spread her legs out as wide as she possibly could while I plunged into the seething hot cauldron of her cunt, she needed Jill to see me fucking her, needed to let her see my cock inside her.

"He's doing it, Jill," she hissed. "Look at us, my son's fucking me, he's shagging me, darling, fucking hell, he's so fucking big."

Jill's eyes were wide, there was a rapt expression on her pretty face as mum urged me on with a string of obscenities, she had two fingers in her own dripping wet cunt and a finger of her other hand embedded deeply in her anus.

"That's beautiful," she gasped. "It's just so fucking beautiful."

Mum gripped my buttocks and heaved herself back at me.

"Do it, Tommy, do it to me, fuck my fucking brains out."

Her nails dug into me, into the skin of my bottom and then further up, she raked my back, making me gasp with the pain of it, it was exquisite. I growled and powered harder and deeper, feeling my spunk beginning to rise.

"I'm cumming Tommy, fucking hell, I'm cumming."

In the chair beside us, Jill had both legs in the air, a whole fist in her cunt and two fingers now in her anus, she was climaxing too as mum screamed and arched her back up off the ground, taking me up with her.

She stayed there for a long few seconds while I emptied my balls into the depths of her cunt, her eyes were still fixed on mine but staring wildly, she actually looked surprised at the amount of spunk I was giving her. Gradually she lowered herself down, still clinging to me, sobbing with sheer pleasure, relief almost.

It took a few minutes for us to get our breath back, even Jill was breathing heavily, then she gasped and giggled,

"Tommy, your back, Jesus Christ."

Mum looked too and added to her friend's sentiments.

"Oh shit Tommy, I'm sorry darling."

Obviously, I couldn't see the damage, but I could certainly feel it, it felt like I'd been attacked by a garden rake.

"Battle scars," I laughed, secretly feeling glad that she'd done it to me, she'd left her mark on me.

"You need that lot sterilised Tommy" mum said and giggled, "and I've got just the thing to do it."

She and Jill whispered and giggled as they looked at me.


"Trust us Tommy," laughed Jill as she stood up and took hold of mum's hand.

"Lie on your stomach, we're going to sterilise the scratches for you."

"With what?" I asked, although I already knew the answer.

I could hear them kissing as two warm streams of urine flowed over my ravaged back and into the deep scratches.

"That hurts," I protested, but to absolutely no avail, so I just gave up and enjoyed the warm, wet, novel, medical treatment.

"Enjoy that?" laughed mum as I got to my feet and grinned at them.

"Well yes, I did but. . . . ."

"But what?"

"I think I scratched my tongue too."

"You bloody pervert." she laughed and we gathered our things up to go back to the flat.

They surprised me in the morning by leaving me sleeping while they went down and attended to the vegetables in the garden, it was another beautifully hot day and I thought they looked very sexy in the tight jeans and tee shirts.

Mum squealed in surprise as I crept up behind her and quickly pulled her tee shirt up above her head.

"TOMMY," she shouted then giggled as I licked the sweat from under her arms.

"Oh fuck the vegetables," she laughed. "Let's all go back to bed."

We couldn't of course, we had to make a very important trip into London, first to get Jill's money and then to see Mr. Patel junior about the flat for her.

They looked stunning as we all got into the car, both wearing little summer dresses in floral print patterns and carrying ladylike small handbags with dainty white court shoes.

"You look more like a couple of school teachers," I laughed, but then mum spoiled the image by slipping a hand up between Jill's legs and stoking the front of her pretty white panties.

Waiting outside the bank for them was a nightmare, just by chance it was directly opposite a police station and throughout what seemed like the twelve hours I sat there, I don't think I took my eyes off their front door for more than a second.

Suddenly the car door opened and they scrambled in looking very worried indeed.

"Drive Tommy, quick just drive," mum hissed, even before they were in the car.


"Tommy just fucking drive and fast," yelled Jill in desperation and fell into the seat as I took off like fighter plane in a hurry.

It wasn't until I took the first corner on two wheels that I dared to look at them and saw their shoulders shaking with laughter.

"Oh you bitches," I laughed. "What a rotten bloody trick to play on me."

They couldn't reply because they were helpless with laughter.

"Your face!" spluttered mum in between some most unladylike guffaws.

"Never mind my face," I yelled. "What about my arse? I nearly had an accident in my jeans.

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