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A Mother's Desire
Soccermom & oz99

A Mother's Desire

Contributing Authors: oz99 

A young mother loses her husband in a car accident and finds a new lover right in her own house.

As a sophomore in college I met the most amazing man. We dated throughout college and soon after graduation we married. After our third year of marriage I became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby boy. Our life together was amazing we dedicated ourselves to each other and the sex was always amazing. Who could ask for anything more?

That was until the night of January 14, 2015. The doorbell rang and as I answered the door there were two State Police Officers standing there. Then that most dreadful phrase came out of their lips. “Mrs. James is your husband Jerry James.”

I couldn’t speak I just nodded my head yes.

They went on to say, “We are sorry to inform you Ma’am that your husband was killed in a traffic accident tonight.”

I dropped to the floor and screamed, “Nooooooooooooo! I was crying hysterically as my son James rushed to my side.

The next few months were a total blur as I had to bury the love of my life and finalize that chapter in my life. While my son, at that time, was then only sixteen years of age, he was a huge help, still I felt an emptiness in my life; a hole had been blown through my heart.

For the next year and a half many people tried to get me to move on and start seeing other men. I had total blockage when it came to trying to see myself romantically involved with anyone again. Not that I didn’t need a man in my life; I was horny as hell. My vibe was getting a regular workout and I kept a large supply of batteries on hand.

My son James was my rock! He was always by my side and would spend many nights keeping me company at home. I encouraged him to go out and have fun, but he rarely left me alone. I thought it strange that he was a very handsome young man, but rarely dated anyone. I just marked it up to him not wanting me to be alone.

However, one night I was alone at home, as James had gone to a basketball game with some friends. He was gone for about an hour when he called me and asked me if I would go in his room and check to see if he left his wallet on his night stand. He felt relieved when I was able to inform that it was there, as he had suspected. I told him that he should enjoy his time with his friends and that I loved him. I always told him that I loved him, as I was still feeling remorseful because I never told my husband that I loved him when he left on the day he was killed.

As I turned to leave his bedroom I noticed his laptop was left on and a word document was open. I thought he was working on a paper for school. Curious as to what he was writing for school, I sat down to read what I thought was a school paper. I was totally flabbergasted as I started to read it and soon realized it was James’s journal. I couldn’t help myself. Once I started to read it, I just had to continue. The last few entries were nothing except talking about his days at school and how he was talking with Lisa Phillips about an upcoming date.

I decided to go way back and read his earlier entries and work back to the present. I went back to May 12, 2013 the entry went as: Something woke me up. I looked at the clock and realized I had only been sleeping for about an hour. I quietly went to investigate the noise. The closer I got to the noise, the closer I got to my parents’ bedroom. Mom was moaning and demanding loudly for Dad to fuck her harder! “Fuck me deeper! Fuck me harder!” Then suddenly I heard her scream “yes fuck me harder, I’m cumming … I’m cumming!” Wow! I went back into my room with a raging hard-on and jerked off imaging what I had just heard.

Still snooping in my son’s journal, I was shocked at what I read. But I was aroused and curious; I just had to continue to read. June 28, 2013: Went to a movie with my friends and then for some pizza afterwards. I came home and wanted to go directly to bed, but detoured to take a leak. After peeing I noticed a light on in the family room. I walked over to the railing and suddenly was treated to one of the sexiest sights ever. I could see Mom kneeling between Dad’s legs as he sat in his recliner. To my amazement, Mom was giving my Dad a blow job! Damn! It was so hot, as I watched Mom take Dad’s cock, with her head bobbing up and down until he came in her mouth. I watched as she sucked and swallowed every last drop of Dad’s man juice. I rushed back to my room and jerked off, wishing it was Mom sucking my dick like that.

July 15, 2013: I can’t stop jerking off. I continue to relive watching Mom sucking Dad’s cock. I get instantly hard as I fantasize her mouth on my cock. With her in my mind, I continue to have the most powerful orgasms ever, blowing my wad in humongous streams!

November 16, 2013: We went to my cousin’s wedding; I couldn’t stop looking at Mom. She wore a long black dress with a slit to her upper thigh, a plunging neckline and an almost bare back. She looked elegant and oh so sexy, with her 5’8” frame displayed in this beautiful gown! When she walked her sexy legs peeked through the long slit, tantalizing every man in room it seemed. Even when she sat, she would cross her stocking clad legs and I witnessed countless men sneaking a peek at her sexy stems.

The swells of Mom’s substantial breasts were on display and with the cut of the neckline it was obvious she could not be wearing a bra. Throughout the night her delicious nipples poked at the silky material in a mouthwatering fashion.

I asked Mom a number of times to dance with me. As we danced my face was almost level with Mom’s tits; I just wanted to take them in my mouth and suck on them. When we got home and I went to bed, I couldn’t help but jerk off thinking about Mom’s sexy hot body.

July 4,2014: We had a family picnic at our home on Independence Day. Because it was 94 degrees, we spent the day pool side. As I was swimming, Mom came out of the house sporting her new bikini. I stopped in my tracks! What a vision! The white bikini barely covered her private areas. As soon as Mom first appeared, I left the pool saying that I had to go to the bathroom. Actually, I went into the bathroom and watched Mom through the window as I jerked off thinking of me fucking her as Dad does. I repeatedly masturbated four more times throughout the day as I could not control my arousal by this forbidden goddess.

December 16, 2014, I was in bed and heard her and Dad coming up the stairs after they had been to Dad’s office Christmas party. They were in a playful mood and I knew they were going to fuck. Sneaking out my bedroom window, I quietly went to my parents’ bedroom window. I got there just in time to watch Dad undress Mom! God her body was even more magnificent than I had envisioned. As soon as Mom was naked, she started undressing Dad. When his pants hit the floor Mom immediately sunk to her knees and took Dad’s cock into her mouth. Oh my god it was so hot watching Mom suck Dad’s dick. My cock was rock hard and aching for attention in a second! I started stroking slowly my hard cock as Mom went to town sucking Dad’s cock.

Soon Dad pulled her up off her knees, took her into a loving embrace and with a most salacious kiss, guided her to the bed. When she spread her legs open and he climbed on top of her, I had a perfect view as he slid his hard dick into her sopping wet pussy. He pumped hard into her, I could hear both of them moaning through the closed window, and I could hear her beg for Dad to fuck her deeper and harder. They both let out a scream and I knew Dad was cumming in her cunt, just as she apparently reached the crescendo of her orgasm. It was so intense for me that I also shot a huge load all over the side of the house. It was hard to believe that Mom was such a sexual human being. I quietly returned to my bed but continued to relived what I had just witnessed. My cock was once again hard and I jerked off again before I fell asleep.

December 20, 2014: My friends at school have been telling me that Lisa Phillips has been asking if I was seeing anyone. I never really thought about perusing Lisa but she was a good looking girl. She had short black hair and she stood about 5’6”. She had big tits compared to the girls in our class. Half intimidated, I told my friends she wouldn’t be interested in me. They told me she definitely was and that I would be crazy not to go for it. Word was she sucked Billy Jones cock while he finger fucked her wet pussy.

Spurred on by this encouraging development, later that day I struck up a conversation with Lisa. I asked if she would be interested in seeing a movie with me. I was elated when she said she would love to. We agreed to go out during Christmas break, but after Christmas Day itself.

December 27, 2014; Lisa and I went to the movies tonight. I had a great time with her. After the movies we drove to an area known as “the cliff.” The cliff is a quiet secluded spot back behind a housing development that looked out over the city. It was quiet and not many people went there.

Lisa and I made out, as we were getting into it more, I decided I was going to make my move. I soon slipped my hand onto her right tit. Hearing no objection, I moved to unbutton her blouse and remove her bra. I couldn’t believe I had gotten bare tit. Suddenly, I felt her hand on my crotch. I almost lost it right then and there, when she took my cock out and held it in her soft dainty hands. I continued to caressed and sucked Lisa’s tits and could tell by her labored breathing she was getting more and more aroused. Realizing how close I was to cumming, Lisa immediately lowered her mouth over my cock as I shot a spurt after spurt down her throat. Even though it wasn’t an actual blow job, I was in heaven!

January 10, 2015: Lisa and I spoke at school today. Things have been so hectic since our Christmas break because of mid-terms neither of us had time to do much of anything. The fourteenth is the last of the mid-terms so we both decided to go out again on January 15th. I was excited hoping things would go farther on the second date than it did on the first.

January 14, 2015: I couldn’t believe it! State troopers showed up today at our front door. They quietly told my Mom that my Father had been killed in a car accident. I couldn’t believe the blood curdling scream of my Mother, as she collapsed on the foyer floor. I felt empty and just couldn’t believe it. My Mom was a total mess, and even though I tried to console her, no one could. She was in shock and in a daze.

January 15, 2015: Lisa and some friends come over to the house today to pay their respects. No one knew what to say, then again what could you say? I told Lisa I was sorry about our date tonight. She promised me she will be waiting when I felt up to going out again. She then embraced me tight against her body and as she hugged me, it felt so good, but I felt so guilty because I could feel my cock growing and pressing into her tummy. After my friends left, I went upstairs and jerked off.

January 17, 2015: Dad’s funeral was today. It was a sad day, but I couldn’t stop thinking that something is wrong with me. I couldn’t stop looking at Mom. She looked so hot in her black dress and heels. Was I sick or what; what a pervert. I kept thinking about the times I witnessed or heard them making love and could only wonder what she will do for sex now that she is a single woman. When I got home, I continued to fantasize about being with Mom in her bed and fucking her like Dad use to. I thought there has to be something wrong with me.

January 30, 2015: Stayed in with Mom tonight, we watched some television. Although we didn’t say much to each other our company was enough. I sat in the recliner and Mom was lounging on the couch. She had on a pair of silk pajamas, ones that I have seen her in hundreds of times. It seemed that every time she moved, the silky fabric made her nipples hard. Without even trying the woman simply exuded sexuality. The television was a blur to be honest; I don’t even know what was on. All I could think about was the time I watched Mom sucking Dad’s dick while he was sitting in this chair. I kept fantasizing that she was about to give me a blow job. It obviously wasn’t going to happen.

Suddenly I told Mom I was going to bed as I hid my rock hard cock and went to my bedroom. I jerked off dreaming of Mom sucking my cock.

February 4, 2015: I decided it was time to go out with Lisa again and we made a date for tonight. We went to a party that one of our classmates was having. It was okay, but both of us decided to leave earlier than most. I asked her what she would like to do now since it was still kind of early. She smiled at me and said, “Why don’t we go to the cliffs again.” Well she didn’t have to ask me twice.

As soon as we arrived we started kissing again. My hands wandered onto her tits once again. I then removed her blouse and bra. I kissed, sucked, and caressed her beautiful round firm tits.

Lisa’s hand made its way to my crotch again and it felt so good when she grabbed my cock, even though it was still inside my slacks. I was so hard I thought I would bust out of my pants. As she caressed my cock, my hand slid from her tits down over her flat tummy and then skipping down to her upper inner thigh. She wore a short skirt making it oh so easy to slide my hand up her skirt. She didn’t stop me. My mouth went to her tits and as I sucked on her aroused and hardening nipple, my other hand had made its way up to her panties.

At first I rubbed her on the outside of her silky panties. As I continued to rub her, I moved the gusset of her panties to the side and found a very wet cunt. I slid my finger into her pink folds. Lisa opened her legs to give me easier access. As I sucked her nipples my finger worked in and out of her silky hot pussy. She got wetter rapidly making it so easy to add a second finger into her throbbing womanhood. She moaned louder and started to breathe even heavier, as she pulled me into her body and held me tight. I didn’t know what happened as she thrust her pelvis to take my fingers deeper. Then she grabbed hold of my hand and held it firmly against her body. While not fully realizing it at the time, that was the first time I ever gave a girl an orgasm, as Lisa whispered, “You just made me cum and it was so delicious.”

I was quite proud of myself and figured that would be that. Lisa had other ideas! She undid my zipper and pulled my throbbing hard cock out. She smiled at me and said, “Now it’s your turn.” Her head buried into my lap and I felt her mouth wrap around my hard cock; I had never felt anything so pleasurable in my life. She obviously had done this before and I was in heaven as her mouth worked so hard on my cock.

As Lisa continued to orally please me, my mind flashed to I wonder if this is how Mom’s mouth would feel on my cock. Once those thoughts entered my head, I shot my load into Lisa’s mouth. She sucked and took all my cum, then she came out of my lap and opened her mouth showing me the load she sucked out of me, before she swallowed every drop of it. That was so hot I almost blew another load watching her. She saw another drop of cum oozing out of my cock and went back down to lick it up. She smiled at me and told me she couldn’t waste a drop. I was flying on cloud nine that night.

I wanted to read a few more entries, as I had another year of his journal entries to go, but I heard the garage door open signaling James arrival home. I quickly put everything back the way I found it and ran into my bedroom. With my mind totally absorbed in what I had read, as soon as I got into my bedroom, I could no longer control my impulse to bury my fingers into my wet snatch. I ripped my panties off and jammed two fingers into my hot wet pussy. It didn’t take long before I erupted into a massive orgasm.

Just after my climax I heard footsteps in the hallway; James stopped at my door and yelled, “Mom, I’m home.”

“Oh … okay honey,” I choked out. “Did you have a good time?”

“Yes Mom we did. Night Mom.”

“Good night baby.”

I couldn’t get James’s journal out of my mind, still being so aroused by what I had read. Over the next week or so I intentionally dressed more provocatively, showing off my body more than I normally would at home. I noticed James would disappear for a little while throughout the evening and I just smiled that Mother’s knowing smile. I felt so sexy and alive again.

One afternoon, while James was at work, and I went back into his room. His computer was off but I thought I’d try anyway. I started it up; lucky me, no password needed. There it was on his desktop; a file named James’s Journal. I clicked it open and read through the last weeks entries.

May 3, 2016: Spent the night at home with Mom. She had on a sheer night gown that was very low cut. Her tits were in danger of popping out, as were my eyes every time I caught a glimpse of them. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I just wanted to release them and suck them while I finger fucked Mom. Like usual I left for a short time to jerk off, while fantasizing of Mom.

May 8, 2016: It was hot today so Mom and I got the pool opened early for this time of the year. While we worked, she had on a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that barely kept her tits covered. I don’t know how she could think I could work like this. I went to the bathroom three different times throughout the day, and no it wasn’t to relieve myself, unless you count jerking off as a release (which technically I guess it is).

May 10, 2016: Still extremely hot. Mom told me she was going to get in the pool to try to cool down and asked if I wanted to join her. I immediately accepted. I changed and made it to the pool first. As I entered the water I heard the patio door open. Mom walked out in a bikini that was simply amazing! It was a skimpy yellow bikini that barely covered her nipples and the slit of her pussy. She then bent over to put her towel on the lounge chair. Her ass looked so tight and firm, I almost lost it then and there. She looked at me, “Honey this early in the season we could burn quickly. Will you help me put some suntan lotion on please?”

“Sure Mom I will be right there.”

As I approached Mom, I was hoping she didn’t notice the bulge in my swimming trunks. I took a handful of lotion and started rubbing it into her back and shoulders. I stood behind her and was looking down at her barely covered tits. They were the best tits I have ever seen so far in my young life and I could feel my dick get even harder. Mom then told me my hands felt good on her back and shoulders; so strong and firm. I thought I was going to cum right then.

She leaned back into me and I was hoping she didn’t feel my raging erection. Once done I quickly jumped in the pool so she wouldn’t see my cock poking out making a tent in my trunks.

Little did James know I did notice and it turned me on as much as it turned him on. When he rubbed my shoulders and back I melted. That was the first time a man touched me like that since his father died.

When James told me he had to go to the bathroom, I gave him a few minutes and sneaked up to his room. I stood outside his door and I could hear his moans of pleasure. I knew he was jerking off because of me. Totally out of control of my libido, I too just had to rubbed myself until I too blasted my mind and body with orgasmic pleasure.

May 14, 2016: Mother Day, I took Mom out for lunch. She wore a very short and low cut peach floral dress, complimented with peach heels. She looked amazing. I could see every man in the restaurant captivated by my Mom, ogling her with lust filled desire. I stood proudly with this beautiful hot woman on my arm, as she perhaps knowingly pressed her substantial breasts into my side.

That was the last current entry in James’ journal. I decided I needed to take action. I needed cock and I needed it badly! I hadn’t been laid in over a year. So I devised my plan, knowing it would be my son, fruit of my womb that would satisfy my womanly needs by fucking my soon to be incestuous cunt soon and often!

When James came home this evening, it would soon be showtime. I was going to allow him to see me naked. I lined everything up so that my door was ajar and I would be able to see him approaching my door through the full length mirror strategically placed.

I heard the garage door lifting and knew it was time for my exhibitionist seduction of my son. Discarding my robe, I stood totally naked in front of the mirror while rubbing body lotion over all of my body slowly and sensuously. When I heard his steps in the hallway, I started rubbing it in. I could see him walk by the doorway without even slowing down. Seconds later he reappeared in the doorway in effect doing a double take, as he leered at my sexy body.

He was mesmerized as he watched as I attended to my face and neck, then down my arms and onto my breasts. I purposely lingered at my breasts, giving unwarranted attention to the hard nipples on each globe for maximum affect as he witnessed while I caressed myself. James watched intently as he stood in the hallway.

I could see him rubbing his hard cock over his pants. I worked my hands down over my ass, my toned dancer’s legs and back up my inner thighs to my already wet pussy. Dreamily I rubbed my clit and teased my pussy lips, eventually penetrating my cunt with my fingers as he watched. Lost in my seductive display, I brought myself to an orgasm. When I came back to reality, and breathing returned to a more normal pace, I noticed James was no longer in the doorway. I put my robe on, and walked to his door and listened in. There was no doubt that he was in there jerking off. The first part of my plan was complete.

The next morning I was putting the second part of my plan in place. I asked James if he had any plans for the evening. He told me he really didn’t and asked me why. I told him a friend told her about a movie she watched that was pretty good and I thought we might watch it this evening, if you are interested. James told me it was a date.

The movie I was planning to watch was a very risqué movie. While not rated as porn, it had a lot of nudity and strong sexual content. Not the type of movie that I would normally watch with my son, but this was a special evening, and this film would be the catalyst for the ultimate seduction of my son. Damn, I was feeling wicked!

After dinner James asked if we were still going to watch the movie. I told him I wanted to clean up from dinner and I suggested that we might both want to change into something more comfortable and then, yes, I would love to watch the movie with him. James went up and put on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt, his norm when lounging around the house.

It was showtime in more ways than one! Knowing that I wanted his cock hard in an instant, I changed into a black and pink lace mesh baby doll with matching thong and black heels. When I entered the room, James’s eyes almost bugged out of their sockets! I could feel James’s eyes burning a hole in me as I lounged on the couch and I knew James was staring at my ass and tits. I absolutely loved it.

As the movie started, it didn’t take long before a heated sex scene filled the screen with a woman sucking the guy off. I immediately felt my cunt begin to moisten. It didn’t show the actual blow job but it left little to the imagination. It didn’t take long before James said he was going to the bathroom. Knowing he was going to jerk off, I gave him a few seconds head start before I walked to his room and stood outside his room. I wanted to time my next move just right.

As I stood there feeling nervous and yet also feeling my womanly nectar running down my thighs, I knew it was now or never. I quickly opened the door asking, “Baby you okay?”

James was lying on his bed with his hard dick in his hand. He tried to cover up but I stopped him. I tried to comfort him indicating the normalcy of his arousal, “Oh don’t try to hide it sweetie; it is quite natural for you to do that.” I apologized for putting that movie on for us to watch, but felt just saying the words was so inadequate. I moved to his bed and sat on its edge, with my thigh pressed lightly against his body.

At first I just tenderly ran my hand over his thigh and over his back, as he had turned his body away from me in embarrassment. James relaxed under my genuine motherly touch and turned onto his back. Instinctively, my hand reached out and I took hold of his cock. ““Maybe I can help you sweetheart.” James pulled back stuttering ... “but, but Mom, it’s so wrong … my thoughts and feelings toward you are simply so … so, perverted.”

“Shhhhhh, sweetie just relax,” as I started to stroke his young hard cock through his shorts, but soon could not resist reaching inside his shorts and exposing all eight inches of his thick cock. “James if this is wrong, if this is perverted … then we are both perverts, but just answer one question. Why does this feel so right? Why am I sitting here craving your beautiful cock? Why do I have a deep seated need to feel my own son deep inside of me? Why do I need you in every way possible?”

I leaned down and kissed a drop of pre-cum from the head of his cock. James instantly moaned. I looked up at him and smiled as I then licked from his balls to flared head of his luscious cock. As the taste of his precum registered in my lust filled brain, I couldn’t help but think just how much I missed that taste.

I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and down my throat. Slowly bobbing my head up and down on his cock, his moans became louder and his breathing more shallow. He moaned out I’m cumming as I tightened my lips around his cock and took his load into my mouth. I made sure I didn’t swallow any. Once most was in my mouth I popped my head up looking at him showing him his cum in my mouth….I twirled it around with my tongue before swallowing it all. I felt so deliciously naughty.

I smiled at him and simply said, “Was that better than Lisa Phillips?”

The look of shock on James face was comical actually. “Yes, James you left your journal open on your computer and I am not sorry to say I did read it.” He turned red as a beet as I rubbed his face, no baby, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. We have had some difficult times over that last few years and maybe this is a way we can help each other out.

“You mean ...?”

“Yes baby, yes! You dream about fucking me and having me suck your cock like I did your Dad. Am I right?” James looked down and could only nod in agreement.

With my fingertips under his chin, I gently raised his head so that we could look each other squarely in the eyes. Then I brazenly admitted to my needs. “I need to have a man, a real man touch me sexually each morning. I need to be kissed salaciously. I need to be taken by the strong hands of a man full of lust. And, yes James, I need to be fucked like a whore! There, I said it! I want to feel the lovemaking that comes from a man who loves me, not just another guy that wants to blow his load in my cunt.” James sat up with his mouth agape. I’m sure he could not believe the words coming from his church going, conservative Mother.
If that wasn’t enough to put this young man in cardiac arrest, I then slowly stood up and removed everything and sat back down on the edge of the bed naked. I took his hand and pulled it to my right tit. “Doesn’t this feel good sweetie? You always wrote you wanted to touch Mommy’s boobs.”

I then took his other hand and brought it to the opening of my cunt. “Do you see just how wet you make your Mother when she thinks of your cock entering her hot pussy?”

As he caressed and groped my tits; as he slowly began to finger my hot hole, I leaned in and kissed him like I never had before. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths as our kiss became more and more passionate.

As our kiss broke I leaned back and looked at his cock that was already hardening again. “Well it looks like part of you is in agreement, what does the brain say?”

“Mommy I can’t believe this is happening but yes I have dreamed for years of what it might be like to fuck you. I have seen how much of a sexual woman you are and I want to try to make you feel like Dad did.”

With that I began humping my freshly waxed smooth pussy on his invading fingers. As I again took hold of his hard cock, he said, “Mommy I want to learn how to be your lover. Please show me how to make you happy.”

With that I stood up and took his hand….. “follow me baby, let’s go to my room it has more room.” As we entered my room I lay on the bed and guided James between my legs. “Have you ever licked a woman before baby?”

“No Mommy I never have.”

I spread my legs and with my finger tips I spread open my labia showing him the inner pinkness of my pussy. Explaining how a woman likes her clit licked and sucked as well as your tongue probing inside our pussy, I guided James head between my legs. It didn’t take long before his tongue was bringing me to heights of arousal that I hadn’t felt in years. My hands clinch the sheets as my hips raised up to send his tongue deeper into me. I let out a loud scream as I came hard. I laid there motionless as I labored to bring my breathing back to normal. James then climbed up on me. I smiled at him; “You’re a quick learner I told him.” We chuckled as he laid on top of me and I held him tightly with my legs wrapped around and laying on top of his legs.

James looked down at me smiling. “Why the big grin? You’re pretty proud of yourself aren’t you?” He told me he had wanted this intimacy with me for so long but actually wants to fuck me so bad.

I spread my legs even wider as I reached down and took hold of his rock hard cock. I guided it to my opening, looked into his eyes, saying, “Then why wait, you’re ready, I’m ready, fuck me!”

With that James thrust his hard dick into me, I was so wet it slid into me so easily. I closed my eyes thinking how I had forgotten how good a cock inside my needy snatch felt. It didn’t take long for James to pick up his rhythm and his cock was bucking deep within me and into my cervix. My moans turned to screams of passion as James brought me to the edge of orgasm. His thrust became harder and deeper and I knew he was close as well.

“Yes James! Yes, fuck me! Drive your dick deep into my hot wet cunt. Fuck me harder.” I moaned as he drove hard and deep. Knowing he liked it when I became verbal. But this wasn’t just for his benefit as I had no control over my moans, and he was genuinely driving me wild with his cock. My body started to shake as the first wave of my orgasm started. I screamed louder. My arms tightened around James as I came hard he thrust a few more times hard and deep into me. I could feel his cock as it throbbed deep within me. I knew he was filling my womb with his hot cum and I loved it.

James full weight was on top of me as we laid there quietly just holding each other tightly, enjoying the moment. That night there were many other moments to enjoy as well.

Three years later, as James is ready to embark on his college career, I am still enjoying his wonderful cock and he has become a magnificent lover. Since my college days, I have only enjoy two cocks; the first being my husband and the other my son’s. I have been a blessed woman.

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