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A New Life for my Mother, final chapter

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sodomise me

Simon did come early, in fact, he arrived at seven o'clock, just as mum and I were getting interested in each other after a night of celibacy.

"Go and let him in Michael," mum giggled. "and don't be so grumpy."

"For God's sake, mum," I protested as she slipped on a housecoat. "I've got the granddaddy of all erections here."

"Well keep it warm and don't forget your car keys as well," she laughed and ran downstairs.

Thankfully my erection had disappeared by the time I actually got downstairs and said good morning to the still nervous youth.

"Thanks for being nice and early," I said through gritted teeth, but he chose to ignore the sarcasm and accepted my offer of a cup of tea.

"Dad had all that money checked out in case it was forged," he said by way of a conversation opener.


"Yes, he was the senior salesman you met yesterday, you really annoyed him when you said you'd only deal with me."

"Well we thought it only fair, didn't we, Michael?"

"Thank you for that," he smiled, "Are you that lady in the Sunday papers?"

It took mum back for a second, but she grinned at him and nodded.

"Yes, I'm afraid so."

"I think you're very brave."

"Just lucky, Simon," mum said.

"And you're the son who won some money on the lottery?"


"My mum and dad have been out here to look at that other cottage you're building."

"I'm not building it, Simon, it's already been built, I'm rebuilding it."

"I wish I could do something like that."

"You sold two brand new Range Rovers yesterday mate, how many people do you know who've done that?"

"Er, not many," he laughed.

Mum dished up the tea and sat with us at the table.

"For what it's worth Simon, I happen to think you're a very nice young man and I also think you'll do well in life."

"Thank you," he smiled. "Thank you both very much."

"You're very welcome mate," I smiled. "Come on I'll show you your car."

"I can't wait."

He sat in the car looking around while I took all my stuff out, we said, and he drove off feeling very happy with his first ever car.

When I went back into the kitchen I was stunned, mum was cooking breakfast at the cooker wearing just an apron and a smile. The smile was a lot bigger than the apron, so it was quite a bit later before I drove out to the site then with mum next to me to see how things were going, she was impressed.

"Wow," she said as I showed her what we'd done. "How long until it's finished?"

"Well I reckon after our week in London, it shouldn't take any longer than two weeks before it goes on the market."

"Then what're you going to do?"

"Have a nice long holiday while I think about it," I smiled. "Somewhere like the Maldives or Jamaica."

We went to the pub afterwards to see if Jack was ready to go for his emergency beer supply, he was, so mum started to get ready for opening time while I drove Jack to the brewery.

"This is a lovely machine Michael," he said as pulled away.

"Yeah," I agreed. "And bought by a lovely lady."

"Aye it was that lad," he said. "She's a special kind of lady too."

Before we got back to the pub he'd agreed to my request that he teach mum to drive when we returned from London, it only took a few minutes to offload the beer, so we were home by lunchtime.

Laura phoned and said she was just leaving so she'd be with us within the hour, they started chatting so I signalled to mum that I was going upstairs for a nap, instead of replying she lifted up the front of her skirt to show me her naked sex before saying goodbye to her friend and joining me upstairs.

We slipped naked into bed mouths locked together as we kissed and I felt her warm hand at my groin guiding my cock home.

"Ooh yes darling," she sighed. "I've been horny for you all morning."

"Liar," I teased. "You've been thinking about Laura's mouth on your cunt haven't you?"

"She's had hers pierced," she said. "A ring through her clitoris."

"See?" I laughed, "I knew you'd been talking about pussy."

"She said she can't wait to taste me again, I'm thinking about putting her on my payroll."

"What, as your personal pussy licker?"

"Well I've been thinking about it, you know the film takes priority?"

"Yes." I took a nipple between my teeth and nibbled it while she talked.

"While I'm busy with the film, she can talk to the writer of the book, after all, she was there most of the time."

"Good thinking, mum." I kissed the other nipple and heard her sexy little moan.

"That's having an effect on me you know."

"I hope so," I laughed, "I'd hate to think I was wasting my time."

"Oh no darling, I always enjoy everything you do to me, but there's something you can do for me right now."


She put her mouth to my ear and whispered softly.

"Sodomize me."

I slept longer than I'd intended and woke up to a delicious smell in my nostrils, slipping on a pair of shorts I went downstairs to where mum and Laura were sitting talking in the kitchen.

Laura jumped up and kissed me warmly. "My favourite sex god," she laughed.

"Sally wants me to come and work for her."

"Yes I know, she wants you on call as her personal pussy licker."

"That's not work, Michael," she laughed. "That's an absolute pleasure."

Mum passed me a cup of tea and said that Donald had phoned me from the site, so I returned his call.

"Hello mate what's up?"

"The plasterer's finished as well as the floor layer. The building inspector had a look around and passed everything. As you'll be in London next week, you'll need to leave me a couple of grand, for bits and pieces mate, oh and I've had a call from a painter looking for work, I told him to come here tomorrow morning."

"Good man, I'll be there in about half an hour, and I'll bring some cash with me, phone that painter guy back and ask him if he can come back too."

"Will do mate, see you in a minute."

The girls came as well, and Laura was amazed at how well we'd done with it, the painter arrived soon after and gave me what I thought was a fair price. I'd seen him on various sites back when I was learning the job, so I knew he was pretty good at his job, I accepted his price, and he promised to start the following Monday.

Laura's Story

I could hardly believe it when Sally offered to employ me legally, it was the first time in my life that I'd ever had a proper job!

I had the knack of working with figures so Sally told me that I would be responsible for getting receipts for everything she spent, and I was also thrilled about dealing with Linda, the writer on Sally's book.

Just being around Sally and Michael had an effect on me, I'd always been a very sexual person, ever since I lost my virginity at a very early age. I was the first among all my friends to shave my pussy and to keep it shaved, and I was easily the first one to get married, just two days after my sixteenth birthday, then I met Sally and well you know the rest.

When we left the site that day, I was feeling even more horny than usual, Sally was fascinated that I'd had my clitoris pierced and was dying to see it.

"Up close," she whispered in the car going home. "Very close."

"What are you two whispering about?" Michael asked from the front, and Sally had cheerfully admitted that she'd been asking about my new piercing.

"She wants to see it," I said, and he grinned at me in the mirror.

"So do I."

We called in at the local butcher shop on the way home where Sally bought three big steaks for the barbecue, Michael got it going as soon as we arrived while Sally and I went upstairs to change.

"Oh that looks beautiful," she said as she knelt in front of me looking closely at my aching cunt.

"You should have yours done too," I said. "Then we could have our tongues pierced, and a chain could connect us both to each other."

Then I gasped as she leaned forward and kissed my clitoris, her tongue parted my labia and slithered into my wetness like a snake, without even intending it my knees parted as I pushed my groin against her mouth.

"Ooh God, Sally," I moaned. "Don't make me cum."

"Sorry," she laughed and pulled away from me. "But you know I can't resist your pussy."

"And you've no idea just how much I want to taste yours again," I said, "But I want to cum with you both tonight."

Michael shouted to us then, and we went down hand in hand giggling like a couple of nervous school girls.

"I thought you were going to change," he said and Sally giggled.

"I wanted to taste my brand new employee.

"You'll have to do that every day you know when I start working for you."

"Yes," she agreed. "Most nights too."

"Sounds like fun." I laughed, "Hey Michael, put some music on, I want to dance."

Sally started dancing even before he bought the boom box out and I felt myself becoming wet as I watched her swaying sexily, she genuinely didn't know just how sexually attractive she was.

We ate the steaks then and enjoyed a can of lager with them, Sally got up and danced with me, while Michael fetched more lager, we were kissing when he returned, and I had both hands in Sally's panties playing with her sexy little bottom.

"She's ever so rude Michael," she laughed as I slowly sank down to my knees and pressed my lips to the gossamer thin nylon, she was so wet I could taste the moisture through her panties.

"Don't worry mum," I heard him shout. "I'll save you."

Vaguely I wondered what he meant, but then I squealed as I felt him under me, he'd lain down on the grass behind me and shuffled forward on his back until his face was underneath my hips, then I felt his mouth on my cunt and his tongue probing inside me.

Swiftly I yanked Sally's panties right down until she could step out of them, she gripped my hair and pushed her cunt right into my face.

"Yes," she hissed. "Eat me, Laura, eat my cunt darling."

As her son tongue fucked me I did the same to Sally, pushing my tongue as far up her soaking wet hole as I could get, I felt Michael's finger entering my tiny rear hole, and as a minor orgasm ripped through me, I pressed my groin down hard onto his face.

Sally pulled me up away from him as I was still shaking. "Sit on his cock," she gasped. "Facing his feet."

Dreamily I did as she asked and moaned with sheer pleasure as I felt his shaft slipping easily into my anus.

"Oh God," I moaned. "Oh fuck yes." and then I felt his mother's mouth on me, her tongue once again sliding into my wide open cunt.

I screamed at the sheer perversity of the situation as between them, the incestuous couple took their fill of me. I heard Michael grunting beneath me, he shouted that he was coming and his cock pumped his load into my rectum, I lost all control then as Sally practically got her face inside me and I felt myself squirting into her open mouth!

Altogether we spent a month in London, it was fabulous, Sally became quite the celebrity and signed dozens of autographs. On the days when I wasn’t working with the ghostwriter, I went with her to the film set, and they treated me like royalty. But finally it was done, and the producer threw a party for us, that was when Sally dropped her bombshell.

The band had just finished their first set and were taking a break, I saw the producer speak to her, then she went up onto the stage and took the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, ever since my darling son met me outside the prison, my life has been on the up and up. I’ve gone from being a convicted murderer to now being a millionaire. I have reconnected with the lovely Laura and life is once again worth living.”

There was a prolonged round of applause, but she hadn’t finished.

“I’m not very good at this Laura, so Michael and I have talked this over, and he agrees with me that you and I should get married.”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out, so I nodded and nodded again, then I felt an arm slip round my waist and Michael said it for me.

“The lady nodded, yes, mum.”




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