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A Toy's Touch pt.3

After a breakup, Maddy's sister shows her that she doesnt need a man to please her.

Maddy rolls over in her bed, sighing softly.

"COME IN!" she hollers from her bed.

Maddy's older sister Brittany slowly opens the door.

"Are you alright, lil' sis?" she asks softly as she sits next to Maddy on her bed. "You haven't come out of your room all evening."

"I guess," Maddy mumbles softly. "Just a little down. Bobby dumped me today."

"That's a foolish thing to be all upset about, hun," Brittany tells her cheerfuly. "Come on, I've got a cup of hot cocoa with your name on it in my room," she says with a smile.

Maddy sits up, shooting her first smile in hours. Her sister has always been there for her and always knows how to make her happy. The two of them head over the Brittany's room, which is across the hall. They both sit down on her bed and sip on their hot chocolate.

They talk for hours, sipping on their chocolate and laughing.

The night grows old as the two sisters continue to chat and laugh about life. As their conversation continues, Brittany pauses a moment as she scans over Maddy's body with a smile.

"You know 'lil sis", she says as she moves a little closer, "You don't need a stupid boy to make you happy."

Maddy looks at her, not knowing where she is going with this.

"Close your eyes for a minute, hunny," Brittany says and she hops off the bed.

Maddy does as she is told and within moments she feels a blindfold slip over her eyes. She is slightly started but remains still as she listens to Brittany rummage around her room some more. Another moment later she can feel Brittany tugging lightly on her ankles, trying to get her to slide down to the edge of the bed. She helps her sister move closer and without warning, she feels Brittany grab her shorts and quickly pull them down, revealing that she isn't wearing any underwear.

Maddy's head rushes a million miles an hour. She isn't sure what is going on but something inside her is telling her to let it happen. As she thinks about what might be happening soon, she can feel her insides start to gush. She knows this feeling all too well. This is the feeling that she gets when she wants to be fucked like an animal.

"You see, Maddy," Brittany says cheerfully as she reaches down and grabs two pairs of handcuffs, "You don't NEED a guy to make you happy." She continues to talk as she takes Maddy's wrists and cuffs each to one of her ankles.

"In all reality, you don't even need ME!" she laughs but continues on, "However, I am here to help you." Her voice trails off slightly as she turns to her closet and drags out a large chest.

The chest is full of parts for a fucking machine. Brittany begins to assemble the complex machine at the foot of the bed while Maddy can't help but squirm from anticipation. Once the machine is fully assembled, she positions it so the head of the rubbery cock is pointed right at Maddy's ready hole.

"I hope you enjoy this, Maddy, just as much as I do," she says and then takes the controls in her hand and turns the robot on.

With no resistance, the mounted dildo slides into Maddy effortlessly as she lets out a slow moan. She would have NEVER expected this to happen. Maddy had seen these wild machines in the videos but had no idea that people could buy them, let alone know that her own sister owned one.

Instantly, Brittany can tell Maddy is enjoying herself and wastes no time in turning up the speed little by little until the machine reaches a steady pace.

Maddy's moans grow louder and louder and the machine invades her more and more. It is like nothing she has ever felt. The slick dildo is relentless and steady as it continues to fuck her soaking wet cunt.

Within minutes of this steady fuck, Maddy is panting as she nears an intense orgasm. Overcome with lust for pleasure, she stammers to Brittany inbetween breaths, "Mo... more please. Please turn it up." She gasps.

She giggles lightly. "Sure thing, sis," she says as she sits behind her. Before she turns the machine up, she reaches over Maddy's shoulders and pulls her shirt and bra over her plump breasts and pinches softly at her erect nipples.

Maddy's body trembles as she holds back her intense waves of pleaure, not wanting this moment to end. Then suddenly the machine goes into a frenzy. It fucks her harder and faster than any guy has ever done. Her body tenses as she is overcome with pleasure.

"Mmm FU-" Maddy begins to scream before Brittany covers her mouth. Maddy's body shakes as her orgasm rushes over her. She tries to push away from the never ending pleasure but Brittany holds her in place, keeping the machine going as she continues to play with Maddy's firm nipples with her free hand.

Maddy is still panting as the machine continues to do its thing, bringing her closer and closer to a second orgasm within seconds.

As if the machine can't give her enough, Maddy begins to buck her hips towards the machine as it pounds her, sending her into a second convulsing orgasm.

Finally, Brittany reaches to turn the machine off and give Maddy a chance to catch her breath. She removes her blindfold and smiles as she continues to remove the cuffs from around Maddy's limbs.

"So?" Brittany asks innocently. "Did you like it?"

Maddy just closes her eyes as her high begins to lower.

"I think we have something great here," Maddy says softly as she begins to put her clothes back on.

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