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Adam's Apple Ch. 01

A reunion with Adam is complicated by a tearful call from her niece in the sequel to Adam's Family

Christine’s scream of release mingled with a similar cry coming from the television speakers.  Her head fell forward, shrouding her face in a dark curtain of hair that billowed outward from the explosive breaths following her climax.

As her ecstasy ebbed, Christine fell back and pulled her rabbit vibe from inside her, her eyes still closed, her heart pounding, and her pussy tingling.  She fumbled with the sliders for a second, trying to turn the toy off, but gave up and dropped it to the floor instead.  She opened her eyes just in time to see Adam pulling his cock free from her on the television screen, trailing thick ropes of cum.

Christine moaned as she watched the video, hearing her own gasps emerging from the speakers.  On the screen, cum coated her pussy, welling up from inside her in great rivers.  Streams also ran down her inner thighs and decorated the bed below.  The sexy aftermath of Adam and four of his college friends taking her one after the other took Christine right back to the countless orgasms she’d experienced while it was happening.

Still unable to move enough to even reach for the remote, she continued to watch with fond memories as she sucked the five men off while they stood around her in a circle a few hours later.  One after another, the young men spurted semen over her, leaving her glazed in sticky cum.

Finally recovered from her orgasm, Christine picked up the remote and shut off the video as the next scene faded in.  She’d certainly enjoyed the two-day-long birthday present from her nephew, despite her misgivings over turning thirty.

Though she didn’t expect anything so overwhelming this year, she was excited to pick up her nephew in a few hours.  She hadn’t seen him – let alone done anything else with him – in almost six months because he was concentrating on his studies.  Becky and Dan were likewise wrapped up in their new careers, and Angie was well on her way toward settling down with her boyfriend of two years.

In the three years since she’d first seduced her nephew Adam, she’d tried every kinky thing she could think of.  Though the real world was intruding to take her nieces and nephews away more frequently, she still cherished the returned spark in her sex life that the younger men and women had rekindled.

With her nieces and nephews busy, Christine had gone through a lot of batteries for her toys.  She had found a man who sparked her interest and arousal, but he traveled frequently for business, spending more time away than he did at home.  He was showing signs of desire to take the relationship to a new level beyond sex, which both intrigued and frightened Christine at the same time.

Turning off her toy but leaving her clothes where they lay, Christine strolled to the already waiting tub for a bath.  As expected, she couldn’t make it through the bath without her arousal spiking again due to her anticipation over Adam’s birthday visit.

Fortunately, she had a waterproof vibe lying next to the tub for just such occasions.


The phone rang, startling Christine out of a half-doze.    Expecting a late night, she’d decided to take a brief nap before Adam’s flight arrived.  Still not quite awake, she managed to find the phone and answer, “Hello?”

The sound of sobbing quickly roused her to full wakefulness.  Christine rubbed her eyes, and then blinked them rapidly to focus on the caller-id.  When she saw her niece’s name Avalynne on the display, the sobs took on greater significance.  “Lynne, what’s wrong?”  Christine asked, using the shortened version of her niece’s name that Avalynne preferred.

“I...”  More sobs stifled whatever she’d started to say.  “Why?  This is so...”  Once again, the young woman couldn’t continue.

Her voice quiet and soothing, Christine did her best to calm her distraught niece.  “Okay, you’ve got to calm down a little.  Let me know what’s wrong, so I can help.”

Avalynne made several more false starts, but steadily gained control over her emotions.  Instead of answering her aunt’s question, she asked one of her own.  “Can I come stay with you for a couple of days?”

Her brow furrowing in confusion, Christine replied, “You know you’re welcome, but what’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Mom and Dad are getting divorced, and I can’t stand to be around them any more.  All they do is scream at each other.  I’m at a gas station, but I only have twenty dollars left, and I’m not going back.”

“Do your parents know where you are?”

“No, and I don’t want them to.”

“Lynne, they’re probably worried sick about you.”

“They’re probably too busy fighting to care.”

“You’re going to have to let me know where you are.”

“You won’t tell them?”

Christine slipped out of the bed, looking for her cell to find her brother’s number.  “Lynne...”

Anger crept into the young woman’s voice.  “Promise, or I’m not telling.  I’ll figure something else out.”

“Okay, I promise.  Now where are you?”

“I mean it.  I’ll hate you forever if you tell them.”

“I’m not going to tell them.  Now tell me where you are so I can wire you some money.”

Christine grabbed a pen and wrote down all the information she needed, telling her niece that she’d call back as soon as she wired the money.  While clicking through the website to do exactly that, she brought up her brother’s number on her cell.

The phone barely rang before her brother answered with obvious anxiety in his voice.  “Hello?”

“Ron, it’s Christine.  I just talked to Lynne.”

“Thank god!  Where is she?”

“She made me promise not to tell.  She’s okay, and she’s going somewhere safe.  I’m about to wire her some money.”

“Just tell me where she is, Christine.”

Christine sighed.  “Ron, I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.  She told me about the divorce.  She’s really upset, and I think she needs some time alone to work it out.  I promise that I’ll keep her safe and keep in touch until she calms down a little, and I’ll make her call you, too.”

“This is the last thing I need right now,” her brother growled.

“Just calm down a little, and I’ll have her call you.  She’s not a little girl anymore, Ron.  She’s eighteen.  Trust me, you’re not going to accomplish anything by dragging her home right now.  You’ll just have two angry women in the house, then.”

“Okay, but if she hasn’t called in ten minutes, I’m calling you back.”

“Just sit by the phone.  She’ll call.  Bye.”


Somehow, Christine managed to convince her niece to call her father in order to let the young woman have the time she needed, and still reach the airport in time to pick up Adam.

A tone from her cell prompted Christine to flip it open, and she smiled when she saw the text message.  Lynne had been driving all night, and Christine had talked her niece into stopping at a hotel.  She’d specified the hotel saying that she could reserve the room easier that way, but had actually chosen it because a friend was a manager there.  His text message revealed that Lynne had safely checked in.

After passing along that message to her brother, Christine finished her drink and stood.  Adam’s flight should be landing, and she was more than ready to see him.  After a quick kiss of greeting, the couple hurried out of the airport to Christine’s car.

“You okay?”  Adam asked after a few minutes on the road.

Christine snapped back into the present, having drifted off into wondering how she was going to deal with Lynne’s arrival.  For the moment, she didn’t want to spoil Adam’s visit, or delay climbing into bed with him.  “Sorry, I was just thinking about something.”  She then let her desire for him swell within her to smolder in her eyes and added, “You could give me something else to think about.”

Adam smiled and reached over to slip his hand beneath her skirt.  “Something like this?”

Christine moaned from his touch and answered, “Perfect.”

By the time she reached her house, Adam’s fingers had driven Christine to a fever pitch.  She pulled into the garage, hit the button to close the door, and immediately drew her nephew into a hungry kiss.  As soon as she pulled away, Christine opened her car door and stepped out.  Instead of proceeding toward the door to the house, she instead dropped her damp panties and bent over the hood of the car.  “Do me right here.  Right now.”

Adam needed no further encouragement.  He had his pants unzipped by the time he reached the front of the car, and down the instant he moved in behind her.  He pushed her skirt up with one hand, and guided his cock inside her with the other.

Christine groaned as her nephew’s cock slid into her, filling her full.  “I missed you.”

Adam stroked his cock into her warm, inviting depths again as he echoed, “I missed you, too.”  His deft fingers then bunched up her blouse and unsnapped her bra in one fluid motion, allowing him to squeeze her breasts as his hips continued pumping.

“Fuck me, Adam.  I need it.  Fuck me,” Christine encouraged as her body rocked forward from his thrusts.

Adam released her breasts, and Christine bent lower to allow him deeper penetration.  Her nipples brushing against the hood of the car, she gasped from the sensation of his cock reaching her deepest recesses.

“You feel so good, Aunt Christine.”

“So do you.”

Conversation ceased as both Christine and her nephew fell deeper into the ecstasy of coupling after so long apart.  Christine swore she could feel every vein – every contour of his hard cock inside her.  If anything, he felt even bigger than she remembered, the hot friction of his thick cock driving her toward an explosion.

Adam squeezed his aunt’s buttocks, watching his pussy-slick cock vanish into her wet heat with increasing speed.  “Come for me, Aunt Christine,” he haltingly grunted, obviously nearing his own peak as well.

“Oh yes,” Christine half gasped, half squealed as an especially strong jolt of pleasure shot through her body.  She shifted her balance to one hand, allowing her to rub her clit with the other.

The power of Adam’s thrusts increased – the sound of his grunts, her moans, and the slap of colliding bodies growing louder by the moment in the echoing confines of the garage.  “So close,” Christine cried out in a tight voice, her fingers flashing over her clit.

Adam couldn’t hold out any longer.  With a sharp groan, he buried his cock inside her, flooding her pussy with cum.

Between the pulsing of his member inside her and her fingers, Christine reached her peak only a few seconds later.  She cried out, her muscles all contracting as her orgasm took hold of her, trapping Adam inside her.  He groaned from the tight squeeze, involuntarily twitching enough to drive Christine even deeper into bliss.

Finally, Christine’s strength failed her.  She slid forward, trapping one hand beneath her and pressing her breasts hard against the hood of the car.  Adam’s cock slipped free and he leaned over her body with a loud gasp.  Christine moaned in protest of the void inside her, but quickly followed with a far more satisfied moan when another wave of orgasm rolled through her.

The still too-warm car soon encouraged Christine to move as the heat of her orgasm drained away, leaving her conscious of the hot car beneath her body.  She levered up on her arms, bumping into Adam.  He stood up straight, allowing his aunt to stand as well.

As soon as she stood up, Christine kicked off her panties and stooped to pick them up.  She used the handy cloth to clean up the stream of mingled juices decorating her car before it dried, not wanting to explain that the next time she had it detailed.  “Inside,” she said without preamble, wadding up her panties in her hand and walking toward the door.

Adam pulled up his pants and followed on slightly wobbling knees, watching the enticing dance of his aunt’s bare bottom beneath her skirt.  He knew she’d tease him hard again in no time.

Christine stepped into the house and retrieved a box of moist wipes from a drawer.  She kept them in every nook and cranny of the house, never knowing where a quick clean-up would prove necessary.  “Here.  I’m going to go tinkle before I start dripping cum all over the floor.  Too bad your sister or your cousin isn’t here to clean it all up, hmm?”

Adam took the wipes and answered, “I love watching them go down on you.”

“Maybe I can find another girl to fill in for them,” Christine said suggestively, dropping her skirt to the floor and walking to the bathroom bare-assed in her high heels.  A glance over her shoulder told her that the sight had the desired effect on her nephew.  “Have a seat on the couch.”

When she returned a couple of minutes later, Christine had abandoned her blouse and bra as well.  Adam watched her approach with a wide smile, the sight of her breasts jiggling with every click of her heels just as hypnotizing as her bottom during her retreat.

“Do you know how sexy you look?”

Christine twitched her eyebrows and sat down, facing him.  “Of course.  I was doing it on purpose.”  She then picked up the remote and turned on the television.

“Whoa – nice,” Adam exclaimed as the video started.  His aunt sat in the midst of four blondes who looked as though they were around his age.  All five women were nude, and wasted no time in taking advantage of that after a quick wave to the camera.

A combination of a chuckle and a moan bubbled up from Christine as Adam watched the tangle of beautiful females on the screen and reached over to caress her inner thigh at the same time.  She knew the video would have the desired effect on him in no time.

After a few minutes, Adam’s hand moved deeper into the V of her legs to stroke her folds.  Christine smiled and leaned over to retrieve something from inside the end table next to the couch, which also parted her legs to give him better access.  She lay the plate down on the table in front of the couch and offered her nephew a mischievous grin.  He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the three chocolate pussies in front of him.

Christine said, “Thought you might like a sweet treat while you watch.”  She pointed to each of the naughty chocolates in turn.  “This one is your sister.  This one is Becky.  And this one is me.  Now who do you want to eat first?”

“I can’t decide.  They all look delicious,” Adam answered slyly.  He then leaned in closer to the plate, noticing subtle differences between the three chocolates.  He turned toward his aunt with a look of surprise and asked, “They really are, aren’t they?”

Christine nodded and let out a little laugh.  “We all made molds so that we could eat each other whenever we wanted.”  She then reached between the couch cushion and the arm to pull out a dildo.  “Dan made us all presents, too.  Now we can have him inside us any time.  I’ll help you make us each one later.”

“Then you can share me with your girlfriends, there,” Adam suggested, nodding toward the screen.

“Uh huh,” Christine agreed.  “Of course, you’re not going to get much out of it.  They’re all lesbians.”

“Damn,” Adam sighed.

With Adam’s fingers still playing between her legs, Christine moved in to nuzzle his neck and plant feather-light kisses on the sensitive skin there.  She then whispered, “Not every girl I’ve met is a lesbian, though.”

“That sounds promising.”

“Mmm hmm,” Christine agreed, reaching for the chocolate replica of her folds and handing it to him.  “Watch.  You might learn something.  They’re all very good.”

Adam accepted the chocolate and the advice.  Between the sexy video, his aunt caressing him, and the sight of her sensually licking his sister’s chocolate pussy, Adam’s manhood slowly rose to attention once more.

Though she’d intended to lead him to the bedroom once he was hard again, Christine couldn’t resist the sight of him and his knowing fingers pushing all her buttons in just the right way.  When she stood and turned her bottom toward him, he knew exactly what she wanted.  He scooted forward on the cushion and pushed his erection up straight with his thumb.

Both aunt and nephew groaned as his cock sank into her wet heat.

Adam’s arms wrapped around her and his hands grasped her breasts once fully engulfed in her tight canal.  “Yeah, that feels good,” he said to her as she bounced on his cock.

“Uh huh,” she agreed, and then burst into a high-pitched moan as he dropped one of his hands down to rub her clit while the other continued to fondle her breasts.  “You like me riding your cock, don’t you?”

“Hell yeah.  Ride my cock and come for me, Aunt Christine.”

With a long moan, Christine bounced harder over her nephew’s lap.  After a few strokes, she paused to swivel her hips, stirring his cock inside her.  She then sat up and let him slip free, but only long enough to turn around.

Adam’s cock hit her deep and gave her just the right amount of clitoral stimulation as she rode him face-to-face.  “I love your cock,” she said in a tight voice as her pleasure mounted.

“Do it.  Come for me, Aunt Christine.”

As always, Adam saying her name drove Christine to even greater heights.  Her bottom slapped against his legs with even greater intensity, her breasts swinging to brush against his chest.  He showed no signs of coming soon, but Christine knew she would pop at any moment.

“Ohh – I’m going to come so hard,” Christine exclaimed, her voice rising in pitch with every word.  “Oh yes – oh yes – oh yes!  Oh god yes!”  Her climax roiled within her loins, a tight ball of electric energy sending tingling bolts all through her sex.  Her eyes pinched closed as she perched on the edge.

Christine squealed and her eyes popped wide open as she came.  Every inch of her skin came alive with orgasmic electricity while her walls clamped down on her nephew’s cock.  Adam bucked his hips up at her, each bump causing her head to lurch forward or back as it drove her even higher into ecstasy.

The first great, crashing wave broke, and Christine fell heavily against her nephew’s muscular chest.  She panted for a few breaths, and then screamed as a short spasm rocked her pussy.  Yet another tight contraction of her walls – and every other muscle in her body – then took control of her.

Adam placed his hands on Christine’s flushed cheeks, lifting her chin with the V of his hands.  “I love how hard you come,” he sensually growled.

Christine let out a gasp as he leaned down, tilting her head to share a kiss with him while she continued to tremble from the feeling of his thick cock buried inside her.  Once she broke from the kiss, Christine grinned up at her nephew and asked, “Carry me to the bedroom?”

It took Adam a couple of lurches to put his feet under him, causing him to slip free of his aunt’s warm depths.  Once his feet found the floor, Adam cupped her bottom in his hands and stood.

Christine wrapped her arms and legs around him, loving the feeling of his muscles bunching from the effort of lifting and carrying her.  The hair on his tummy tickled her still-tingling nether lips, sending a shiver up and down her spine.  The tip of his erection also brushed against the cleft of her buttocks with every step.

“I missed your tongue, too,” she hinted once her nephew reached the bed, hoping he wouldn’t balk.

Adam lifted first one knee, and then the other to kneel on the bed.  He lowered her bottom to the bed, and she wriggled back off his hands.  Adam immediately ran his fingers up both her hips, over her tummy, and then guided her to lie back by gently pushing on her breasts, which were cupped in his hands.

Christine leaned back, turning so that she could pull a pillow beneath her at the same time.  Adam pushed her knees apart as her back settled to the mattress, and then dropped his head between them.

“Mmm,” Christine moaned as his tongue washed over her folds with hungry desire.  It didn’t matter to her that she’d cleaned up while using the restroom earlier.  To her, he was going down on her after having his cock buried inside her and filling her full of cum.  “So wonderful.”

Adam gave her a long, broad-tongued swipe of her nether lips, and then said, “I missed licking your pussy, too, Aunt Christine.”

“What, with all those college co-eds running around with their tight little bodies – you missed licking me?”

Adam pushed his tongue deep into his aunt’s moist canal and withdrew it.  He looked up into her eyes and said, “No woman has a pussy as sweet as yours, Aunt Christine.”

“Mmm – such a good boy, with such a silver tongue,” Christine responded, and then shivered as her nephew turned his attention to her clit.

Adam devoured her, his tongue a living thing as it roamed over her folds, driving her into ecstasy.  The very women from the video she’d used to entice him to hardness had taught her something that she wanted to share with Adam, and teetering on the edge of orgasm meant it was time.

Christine grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them up high, toward her chest.  “Fuck me, Adam,” she demanded in a husky voice.

Adam released her clit with a final suck and rose up from her mound, his chin covered in her juices.  He pulled his knees under him in almost the same motion, and then edged forward on the bed.  The swollen tip of his cock unerringly parted her moist lips a second later with a moist crackle, filling her full.

Christine let her legs drop just a little as he pulled his hips back and thrust again, gaining the perfect angle she’d discovered while playing with the four blonde lesbians.  Adam’s cock brushed her g-spot with every measured thrust, setting off the deep tickle she’d come to love so much.

“Just like that,” she groaned, letting one hand slip to her bud.

Adam put his hand behind her knee, keeping her leg held high while she rubbed her clit in circles.  The itch deep in her core grew stronger as her nephew’s cock and her fingers worked their magic.  Her every inhale a gasp and exhale a blast, Christine reached the point of no return.

Delighting in her cry of release, Adam growled, “Fuck yeah.”  He took her hard and fast, grunting from the exertion.

“Come!  For!  M-m-me!”  Christine squealed, her juices squirting out around his fast-thrusting cock.

“Yeah,” Adam burst out, while burying his cock inside her.  “Coming!”  He grunted a few strokes later, his manhood swelling and filling his aunt’s pussy with cum.

Christine’s legs fell to the bed as she thrashed from the ecstasy maintaining a hold on her.  Adam likewise lost control of his body, falling heavily onto his hands over his aunt.  He slipped free of her, but it did little to reduce the power of either of their climaxes.

Finally, Adam fell over to the side with a groan.  Christine rolled up against him to bask in the afterglow, and only snapped out of her beautiful lethargy when she saw his eyes trying to close.

Knowing she had to tell him, Christine traced his lips with his fingers to cause him to look at her.  She offered a sad smile and said, “I need to tell you something.”


“Lynne is coming tomorrow to stay for a while.”

“Apple?”  Adam asked, using his nickname for his cousin.  Her name was a homage to a great grandfather named Avalon, which meant island of apples, and Adam thought his nickname clever.  A little gleam in his eye told Christine that he had the wrong impression of why Lynne was coming to visit.

Christine nodded.  “Ron and his wife are getting a divorce, and she’s in pretty bad shape.”

“Oh,” Adam responded, the gravity of the news sinking in.

“I’ll get you a room, and I promise to spend as much time with you as I can, but...”

“It’s okay, I understand.  Nothing like bad timing.”

“I know,” Christine sighed.  “We’ll have time in the morning,” she said to soften the blow.

“We’ll have to make the most of it.”  Adam yawned, his energy rapidly draining away.

“Go to sleep.  I’ll be right here in the morning.  Hold me?”

Adam wrapped his arms around her, and the couple soon drifted off to sleep.


Adam awakened to his aunt kneeling over him, rubbing her moist folds over his morning erection.  “Good morning,” he said with a smile, followed by a yawn.

“Mmm hmm.  Do you want me?”

“You know I do,” Adam responded, grabbing his aunt’s wrists and pulling her down to him.

Christine moaned into the kiss, wiggling her hips to maintain the sweet sensation of his hard cock tantalizing her folds.  As soon as their lips parted, Adam put his to use again by pulling one of his aunt’s nipples into his mouth.

“So good,” Christine moaned while reaching between her body and her nephew’s.  When her fingers found his cock, she held the throbbing organ between her forefinger and thumb to guide it inside her.  As soon as his tip penetrated, Adam thrust his hips upward to bury his cock inside her.

Adam switched nipples, holding his aunt’s firm globes in his hands as he suckled the stiff points.  Christine slowly rocked forward and back, stroking his stiff cock inside her.  Little moans and whimpers bubbled from her, urging Adam to suck even harder.

For long minutes, the slow dance continued.  Christine’s pleasure mounted slowly, a glowing ember deep inside her that filled her with a warm glow of bliss.  She slipped into a near trance, her whole world revolving around her nephew’s thick cock inside her and his lips wrapped around her nipples.  She gasped with surprise when he pushed up on her shoulders with firm pressure and shifted his hips to slide free of her tight embrace.

“Yes?”  She asked as he worked his way from beneath her, hoping her suspicion was true.  Plenty of experience had taught her that if Adam had an urge to pee, he could last forever without coming.

“Yeah,” Adam answered as his aunt lifted her right knee to let him out from beneath her.

“Oh god, yes,” Christine breathed, and then dropped to her hands and knees, knowing she was in for a treat.

Adam spread his knees wide as he moved in behind her beautiful bottom, knowing exactly what she wanted.  He knew that every muscle in his legs and back would ache by the time the morning was over, but he considered it worth every twinge of pain.  She looked back over her shoulder at him in anticipation, licking her lips.

Her high-pitched sigh as he penetrated her brought a smile to Adam’s lips.  He pumped his hips slowly from the low angle, thrusting up into her saturated sex.  A long shiver shook Christine’s body, and she knew it was the first of many to come.

Adam drew his knees closer together, his next thrust to the left.  After a couple of strokes at that angle, he switched to the right.  Desensitized by his need to urinate, he felt no urge to go faster.  His cock slid slowly in and out of his aunt’s pussy, letting her feel every inch of him, and letting him feel every inch of her.

The ember of pleasure in Christine’s loins had now grown to a cheery blaze, yet her skin prickled with gooseflesh from the chilly sensations creeping through her in time with his thrusts.  Her nephew regularly shifted his stance, taking her from different angles, hitting new pleasure buttons inside her with every change.  His hand slipped around her leg to her clit, adding to the wonderful sensations as he slowly rolled the erect bud with his fingers.

“You feel so good,” Adam groaned, pushing inside her to the hilt and swiveling his hips.

“So do you,” Christine responded, and then let her head hang with a gasp as the first shock of an approaching climax shot through her.

Adam let his knees slip apart again, and Christine’s body responded with a sharp chill on his next thrust.  “Right there.  Just like that,” she pleaded.

“Come for me, Aunt Christine,” Adam said in a low, sensual voice, maintaining the angle, even though it was far from comfortable for him.

“Oh, that’s it.  So perfect.  Don’t stop,” Christine moaned, her intimate muscles now rhythmically contracting of their own accord.  “Mmm – I’m going to come, Adam.”

“Yes – do it, Aunt Christine.”

The wave swept over her slowly, her every pore alive with ecstasy as she came.  Her whimpering moans were as soft as her nephew’s lovemaking.  The sweet, gentle climax swelled every time he filled her with his cock, lasting for what felt like forever to her.  The sound of Adam offering quiet words of encouragement only increased her bliss.

Adam pushed deep inside her, staying buried inside her as her walls squeezed around him, letting her drift down from her heights.  As her moans quieted and she stopped shivering, he rocked his hips back and thrust into her again, far more quickly this time.

Christine gasped as the lingering effects of her orgasm coalesced into an electric jolt with that trust.  Though he gave her far more power and speed now, Adam still maintained a steady, measured pace.  Christine felt a curious dichotomy deep inside her from her first shuddering climax waning, even as a sharper, stronger one built alongside it.

She thrust her hips back at him as her pleasure mounted, but Adam’s strong hands kept her at bay.  From the increasing volume of his groans, she knew that he was feeling the first tingles of an approaching climax.

She was well ahead of him, though.

Despite the increased speed of his thrusts, Adam continued to vary the angle at which he penetrated his aunt.  “Oh!  Oh!” Christine cried out with each deep penetration, until ecstasy blossomed within her once again.

Adam held her in place, continuing to drive his cock home as she emitted a warbling scream.  “Good?” He grunted, punctuating the question with an especially powerful thrust.

“God yes!” Christine responded in a squeal as her climax spiked to near mind-numbing levels.

Panting for breath and still twitching from waves of ecstasy a few minutes later, Christine realized Adam had slowed.  She bent her arms to lower her upper body to the bed, freeing up a hand to reach between her legs.  She yelped involuntarily from the first touch of her fingers to her clit, but managed to ignore the shock to rub the swollen bud in fast circles.  “Do it.  Fuck me, Adam.  Fill me full.”

Christine barely noticed the animalistic sounds she made as Adam took her command to heart.  His big cock drove into her, buried to the hilt with each slam of his hips.  Though edging toward an eruption, the unique stamina from his need to urinate allowed him to keep pounding his cock home.

Christine came again, and just kept coming.  Her fingers fisted into the bedclothes.  Her toes curled.  Her back arched.  Her primal screams of release croaked from overworking her voice.  Her body rocked forward from a thrust that echoed like a thunderclap when Adam’s body collided with her, shoving her face down into the mattress.  Though aware of little else beyond her orgasm, she could certainly feel her nephew’s manhood pulsing and twitching inside her as he coated her walls with hot cum.

Trapped in a cycle of her walls squeezing him, causing him to twitch inside her, which caused her to squeeze again, the couple lurched and trembled through the seemingly unending ecstasy of their climaxes.


The unfamiliar bed in the hotel had combined with a nightmare to encourage Avalynne to check out of the hotel early.  She’d arrived to find the door locked, and no signs of life that she could detect from the front of the house.

Finding that her aunt left the gate to the fenced-in back yard unlocked, she’d decided to go there.  Even if she didn’t discover her aunt awake, she would at least have a comfortable place to wait on the lounge chairs around the pool.  The tapping sound she heard upon reaching the pool drew her attention.

A moment later, she stood wide-eyed, transfixed by the source of that tapping sound.  She’d looked in the window just as her cousin launched into the final, furious assault of her aunt.  Unable to look away, Lynne had watched the couple reach an obviously amazing climax.

Her eyebrows rose even higher when Adam pulled free, revealing the size of his cum-covered member to her amazed eyes.  She snapped back into reality a moment later, and hurriedly backed away from the window before her aunt or cousin saw her.

Her steps brisk, Avalynne exited the back yard and returned to her car.  Her mind whirled, the thoughts so disjoined that she couldn’t make sense of them.  As she started the car and backed out of the drive in hopes of clearing her head, she couldn’t ignore one thing that did snap into clear focus amongst the chaos – her painfully stiff nipples and the aching need of her very wet pussy.


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