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Adam's Apple Ch. 02

Aunt Christine finds a way to cheer up Lynne.

Christine pulled out her cell as she returned home after Adam settled into his hotel.  She already wanted to turn around and jump in bed with him, only five minutes after leaving.

She knew it was going to be a frustrating few days, for certain.

When she didn’t see any messages, she dialed her niece’s number.  Avalynne answered and Christine said, “Good morning.  Did you sleep okay?”

“Not really,” Lynne answered, her voice a little distant.

“Are you still at the hotel?”

“No, I’m in town.”

“I had to run out and do something, but I’m on my way home.  I should be there in just a minute, if you beat me to the house.”


“Lynne, are you okay?”

“Yeah.  I’m at the house.”

“I’m just down the block.  I can see the car now.  See you in a minute.  Bye.”


Christine pulled into the drive and waved to her niece, a little stunned by how much the young woman had grown up since she’d last seen her.  Despite the seriousness of the situation, Christine couldn’t help but notice how sexy Lynne looked.  Her dark, wavy hair billowed in the breeze, framing a face that had lost any hints of baby fat, while still retaining a bright glow of youth.

It took all of Christine’s willpower not to stare at her niece’s breasts, just slightly larger than her own, and so well displayed by a tight beige blouse.  Her jean shorts showed off long expanses of perfect leg, hugging the sensual flare of Lynne’s hips.

Christine pulled the car into the garage and clenched her intimate muscles as she unbuckled her seat belt to quell the tingling between her legs.  She climbed out of the car and held her arms wide.  “Come here, sweetie.”

The hug made it even harder to ignore Lynne’s attributes, even though the young woman felt a little stiff, as though she was uncomfortable.

“Come on inside.  I’m so sorry you have to go through this.”

Lynne sighed and followed, sinking down into the couch when her aunt gestured toward it.

“Can I get you a drink?  Something to eat?”  Christine asked as she sat down.

“I’m okay,” Lynne answered, her cheeks flushing a little.

Christine wondered about the blush, but kept her face from registering that she’d noticed.  “Do you want to talk about it?”

The color in Lynne’s cheeks deepened.  Though Christine had obviously meant her parents’ divorce, the first thing Lynne thought of when her aunt said it was the startling sight she’d beheld earlier in the morning.

“It’s okay,” Christine said when her niece didn’t answer.  “Just relax.  You can watch TV, or take a dip in the pool.  Whatever you think will make you feel a little better.  I’m going to get us something to drink.”

“Thanks,” Lynne answered with a half smile.

Christine walked toward the kitchen and Lynne felt a hot rush of shame flood through her.  Her eyes had locked on her aunt’s swaying bottom, bringing back the memory of seeing the older woman climaxing with Adam in full, vivid detail.  Her cheeks burning, she turned on the television to flip through the channels, hoping to chase the memory away.

The sound of a clink caused Christine to pause in her journey toward the kitchen.  She looked over her shoulder to see Lynne turning on the TV, and heard the sound again.  Her brow furrowing, Christine walked down the hall toward the sound.  It rang out again, and Christine knew it had come from the back yard.

As soon as she opened the sliding door, Christine knew what the sound was.  She saw the partially open gate tapping against the fence and felt a moment of panic.  A hasty survey of the back yard revealed no intruders.  Since she’d had to unlock the sliding glass door, she doubted anyone had broken in.  Nothing appeared to be missing, so Christine relaxed a little as she crossed the yard to close the gate.

Her first step back toward the house after securing the gate set her heart to pounding again, however.  No longer looking for intruders or things missing, she noticed grass clippings in the vague shape of footprints leaving the lawn and crossing the deck.  Someone had walked across the grass while it was wet with dew.  Christine followed the footprints, and noticed something lying on the ground.

When she picked up the piece of paper and unfolded it, she knew who had left the tracks.  The directions to her house were written in Lynne’s hand, and standing where she’d found the note, Christine was looking directly into her bedroom window.

She could clearly see the bed, and knew anyone standing where she stood could have seen what was happening on that bed early this morning just as clearly.  For the first time since beginning the incestuous affair with her nieces and nephews three years ago, Christine wondered if the secret was out.

She almost wished someone had broken in instead.


Christine gave her niece a sympathetic look as the brunette’s face tightened.  Lynn took a deep breath and interrupted her father.  “Look, Dad, I’m not coming home right now, and I don’t know if I ever will.  I can’t stand it any more.  I’m fine.  I’m safe.  I love you, but I just can’t handle this right now.  I’m going to go.  I’ll call you later.  Bye.”

Seeing her niece tearing up, Christine offered her a tissue as the younger woman tossed her cellphone down on the couch.  “What happened?  The last I knew, everything was fine with your Mom and Dad.”

“It’s my fault,” Lynne replied in a soft voice.

“That’s ridiculous,” Christine responded, 

Lynne shook her head emphatically.  “No, it is.  They started fighting when...”  She trailed off, blushing furiously and hugging her arms around her.

Christine laid her hand on her niece’s arm in a comforting gesture.  “It sounds to me like you need to get this out.  Whatever it is, I’m not going to judge you.  Just tell me.”

“I can’t,” Lynne whispered.

“Yes you can.”

Lynne looked toward her aunt, but refused to look her in the eyes.  The uncomfortable pause lasted for long seconds, and then Lynne haltingly spoke.  “My boyfriend was over at the house.  Mom and Dad were gone, and we...  We were doing things.  I didn’t hear Dad come home, and he walked in the room.”

“Oh dear,” Christine interjected, and let out a sigh.  “Unfortunately, I know exactly how you felt.  It happened to me almost the same way.”


Christine nodded.  “I thought I was going to die.  It was my first time, too.  We hadn’t even done anything yet, really.  Mom walked in on us before we got that far, but we’d gone far enough.”

Lynne continued, “We were using a condom, but Dad totally freaked out.  He took a week off from work and wouldn’t let me out of his sight.  I couldn’t use the phone, or the internet, or anything.  That’s when it started.”

Christine pursed her lips and said, “I don’t understand.”

Lynne sighed.  “Dad wanted to put me on the pill, but mom was totally against it.  Dad gave in, but Mom wouldn’t leave it alone.  Then she started yelling at him about other things – all the time.  Dad yelled back, and pretty soon that’s all they did.  Dad came home early the next Monday and asked me if I wanted to go on the pill.  I wanted to anyway, so I said yes.  Mom found them a few days later, and things just got worse.”

Ron, what the hell were you thinking?  Christine thought.  “Lynne, that may be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but there had to be more going on that you just didn’t know about.  Things just don’t fall apart over something like that, especially when somebody gives in.  This isn’t your fault.”

“I don’t know.”

“I do.  Your Dad shouldn’t have gone behind your Mom’s back like that, but I know my brother.  He wouldn’t have done it unless she pushed him to the breaking point.  There was more to it than just this argument.  It’s probably been festering for months – or even years.”

“What sucks is I found out that jerk was screwing some blonde floozy while I was grounded.”

Christine rolled her eyes.  “Men!  That’s not your fault either.  It’s probably not even his.  What passes for a guy’s brains is between his legs most of the time.”

Lynne chuckled and half-smiled, which encouraged Christine to say, “Who knows...  Maybe you running away is exactly what they needed to make them work together.  They might just realize that whatever they’re fighting about is pretty trivial compared to the important things.”

“I doubt it.  They already have lawyers and everything.  Dad’s been staying in the spare room and eating take-out.”

“Maybe that’s for the best.”  Christine smiled and winked at her niece.  “Feel better?”

Again, Lynne chuckled.  “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Good.  How about we go to the spa for the afternoon, and then go shopping.  My treat.”

Lynne offered her first genuine smile of the day upon hearing that suggestion.


Night had settled before Christine pulled back into the garage.  She and her niece both carried several bags of expensive new clothing, clutched in freshly manicured fingers.  “I’m exhausted,” Lynne breathed as she bumped the car door shut with her perfect, heart-shaped bottom.

Christine’s eyes wanted to lock onto the sight, but she fought the desire.  “Have fun, though?”

“God, yes.  I’ve never been able to just buy whatever I wanted before.  And the spa...  Oh – my – god.  I can’t believe I let someone give me a bikini wax.  I was so relaxed that she could have suggested anything and I would have just nodded.”

Christine strongly suspected that the woman who had given Lynne that bikini wax would have loved to suggest something.  While the blonde tried to hide it, Christine could see a smolder in the woman’s eyes whenever she looked at Lynne, and it only grew stronger after that bikini wax.  What intrigued Christine more was how her niece responded to those signals.  Some of the conversation between the two had bordered on scandalous, and Lynne had barely batted an eyelash.  Even when she did, Christine thought it was her presence that had more to do with it than any uneasiness.

“How about a nice long soak in a scented bath to top it all off?”  Christine suggested as she unlocked the door.

“Mmm – perfect,” Lynne responded.

“Just drop the bags on the couch.  I’ll show you where everything is.”

Lynne followed her aunt to the master bath and gasped when she saw the tub, a huge marble affair easily large enough for two to share comfortably.  “Am I in heaven?”

Christine laughed.  “Go ahead and get the water running.  It takes a while.  I’ll grab the scented oils so you can pick.  You can have bubbles if you want, too.”

Lynne walked over to the tub while Christine opened the cabinet to retrieve her bath oils.  She preferred the rose and kept it near the tub, but kept several other scents in a wicker basket within the cabinet.  When she turned back around and saw a slightly embarrassed grin on her niece’s face, she realized that the rose oil wasn’t the only thing she’d left by the tub.

Christine actually blushed a little as she picked up her waterproof vibe with a shrug and a silvery laugh.  She’d taken care to hide all her toys, videos, and other potentially embarrassing things before Lynne arrived, but she’d missed this one.  “I’m not a nun, you know,” she offered by way of explanation.

“Sorry, it just shocked me a little,” Lynne laughed as she turned on the water.

Lynne picked the lavender oil, and Christine put out towels before leaving her niece to her bath.  She wanted nothing more than to slip into the tub with her, however.  Keeping her thoughts from drifting toward sex had grown more difficult throughout the day, and her sexy niece having a great deal to do with it.

She also doubted her previous conviction that Lynne had seen her and Adam as well.  Lynne had relaxed as the day went on, and that simply didn’t mesh with a young woman who had seen her aunt and cousin furiously fucking.

She shivered as she considered the other possibility, and almost as quickly tried to put it out of her head.  Dwelling on the remote chance that Lynne had seen them and didn’t find it disturbing would only make it more difficult to behave around the beautiful woman.

Chasing that fantasy away proved impossible, however.  Lynne would be in the bath for some time, and Christine knew the easiest way to calm those lusty thoughts was to indulge them.  With her vibe already in hand, she simply proceeded to her bedroom to do just that.


Avalynne relaxed in the tub, resting her head on the cushion situated on its edge.  Her nipples stood erect where they broke the surface of the softly lapping water.  Hovering on the edge of a doze, she breathed in the scent of lavender and let warmth of the water sink into her.

She let out an almost inaudible moan, her fingers stroking her baby-smooth nether lips.  After a few moments, she gasped and opened her eyes, realizing that her thoughts had unconsciously drifted toward the sight of Adam energetically coupling with her aunt.

Her fingers still between her legs, Lynne let out a soft sigh, unable to deny that the stiffening of her nipples had nothing to do with the kiss of the colder air, and neither did the chills creeping through her.  Mingled with the thoughts of Adam and her aunt, she could also vividly see the blonde woman from the spa between her legs, her sex shrouded from the woman’s eyes by nothing more than translucent paper.

Though part of her screamed to recoil from sexual thoughts about women, she’d found those feelings harder to deny every day.  Now, she had the added conundrum of finding that the thought of her aunt’s nude body and her cousin’s big cock excited her as well.

Her fingers sought her center, slipping between her folds.  The ache was simply too strong to ignore.  What’s wrong with me?  She thought, even as she plunged her middle finger into her wet heat.  In her mind’s eye, despite her efforts to resist it, it was her aunt’s finger that plunged into her, not her own.  Christine leaned closer, her lips parting and her tongue snaking out.

A second finger joined the first as Lynne surrendered to her desire.  She caressed her breasts with her other hand for a moment, the water sloshing as the touch caused her back to arch.  Her clit throbbed, demanding attention, and she let her hand slide down her body to answer that call.

Quiet pants passed Lynne’s lips as her fingers stroked into her and rubbed her bud in slow circles.  Her fantasy changed, Adam’s cock now replacing her fingers, his muscles bunching as he thrust the thick organ deep inside her.  The digits stroking into her moist canal matched the pace of her fantasy, building a white-hot bubble of pressure in Lynn’s loins.

Lynne gasped, fighting to remain quiet as she felt her orgasm approaching.  Now her aunt lapped her clit while Adam’s cock continued to pump into her.  She trembled, the water roiling above her fast moving hands.  Water sloshed over the edge of the tub when her climax claimed her, the ecstasy of her release arching her back enough to completely expose her breasts to the open air.

As the energy of her orgasm drained away, so too did her shame over what had triggered it.  In admitting her attraction to act on it, she had confronted a demon that had haunted her for years now.

Lynne floated in post-orgasmic bliss.


Oh dear, Christine thought as her niece walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.  As much shadow as cloth covered her sex, and the full expanse of the upper globes of Lynne’s breasts rose proudly above the precarious tuck between them.

“Have a good bath?”  She asked, carefully controlling her voice to keep the lust she felt from bubbling out in her words.

Avalynne grinned.  “Mmm hmm.  Do you have a nightshirt or something I could wear for bed?”

“Sure.  Come on,” Christine answered and got up from the couch.  She led Lynne to her bedroom and into the walk-in closet.  She thought she noticed her niece pause for a second to stare at the bed as she entered, but kept walking as if nothing had happened.

When she reached the section where she kept her nightgowns, Christine gestured like a spokesmodel, and then laughed when she couldn’t keep a straight face.

Lynne gasped and asked “Oh my god, is that real silk?”

“Yes,” Christine answered, running her finger down the gown, which wouldn’t cover much more than the towel Lynne had wrapped around her.

“Can I?”

“Go ahead.”

Lynne pulled the gown off its hanger with one hand, and tugged the towel tucked between her breasts loose with the other.  Christine had no idea how she managed to hold in the gasp of surprise and arousal she felt as that towel drifted to the floor.  Her niece’s full, firm breasts were everything Christine had imagined, surmounted by dark, erect tips.  Lynne’s freshly waxed nether lips showed just the slightest, enticing hints of pink between them.

The short silken gown did little to hide those attributes, or dull Christine’s arousal.  “How does it look?”  Lynne asked.

“It looks great on you,” Christine managed to answer without her voice quavering with desire.  “I’m going to have a bath and get ready for bed, too.”

Lynne nodded and walked out of the closet, her bottom peeking out of the gown because her slightly larger breasts pulled the cloth higher than it would have were Christine wearing it.  Christine closed the closet door, giving her niece time to reach the door of the room.  As soon as Lynne crossed the threshold, Christine hurried to her bedside to retrieve her waterproof vibe from its hiding place in a drawer.  She was soaking wet, and knew she was going to need it.

Avalynne had retrieved a book she’d purchased from one of her bags and sat down with it as Christine walked in the room.  Seeing her niece’s breasts in profile with the slippery silk clinging to Lynne’s nipples spurred Christine to increase the pace of her stride slightly.  She needed relief, and she needed it now.


The words on the page may as well have been written in an alien script, because not a one registered in Lynne’s mind.  Her cheeks warmed as she considered the spur-of-the-moment decision to drop her towel in front of her aunt.  Seeking a reaction, she’d noticed the widening of her aunt’s eyes as the towel fell to the floor.  The mirror on the door had also revealed Christine’s eyes following the sway of her bottom as Lynne had walked out of the closet.

Lynne turned toward the bathroom, where she could hear the water running.  Behind the closed door, she knew her aunt was – or soon would be – stripping out of her clothing.  Turned on beyond anything she’d ever imagined, Lynne wanted to see her aunt’s body up close.

Her unread book still lying in her lap, Lynne waited for the water to shut off, and then stood up before she’d even completely formed the thought.  Though her desire drove her toward the door, hints of nervousness caused her to stop at the portal.  She leaned in close, turning her ear toward the door, and heard her aunt slip into the bath.

Though she reached for the doorknob several times, Lynne found it difficult to summon up the courage to twist the knob and enter.


Any thoughts of bathing far from her mind, Christine turned on her toy as soon as she sank into the water, bringing it to her nether lips a moment later.

The humming phallus gave her chills as she traced her folds with the tip.  The world vanished as she imagined suckling her niece’s nipples, and then moving to the brunette’s perfect pink folds.  Her vibe soon stroked into her needy depths with enough speed to cause water to lap up over the edge of the tub.

With her eyes closed and her thoughts deep in the fantasy, Christine didn’t even notice the bathroom door opening.  She reached her peak, keeping her mouth tightly closed to avoid crying out.  Her back arched as the orgasm claimed her, thrusting her breasts up out of the water.

Christine’s eyes fluttered open as her ecstasy ebbed.  She brought her vibe up to her tummy, letting out a satisfied sigh.  Only then did she notice movement in her peripheral vision and let out a yelp of surprise when she saw Lynne standing in the room staring at her.

“Well, it doesn’t get much more embarrassing than this,” Christine responded as she turned off her toy and sat it down on the edge of the tub.  To her surprise, Lynne approached rather than retreating.

“Sorry,” Lynne apologized, offering a shy smile.

“It’s okay.  Do you need something?”

Avalynne shivered and her lips parted, giving Christine what she believed was an answer she hadn’t expected.  Her niece made no effort to look away from her bared breasts, and immediately darted a glance between her legs as soon as she’d walked close enough to do so.

Aroused, curious, and beyond caring about the ramifications now, Christine asked, “Were you here earlier this morning?  Before I called you?”  When Lynne nodded, Christine continued, “Out back, by my bedroom window?”

Lynne smiled and answered, “Yes.”

Christine turned in the tub and leaned on her arms, crossed below her breasts.  “So I guess you did see me and Adam, huh?”

Lynne gasped and her eyes closed for a second before asking, “Were you faking it?”

“Oh god, no,” Christine moaned.  She stood up in the tub, rivulets of water cascading down her body.  “His big cock about drives me crazy when he’s pounding it into me.”

Avalynne stared with a complete lack of shame, prompting Christine to take the next step.  “Angie does the same thing to me with her tongue.  So does your cousin Becky, and Dan’s cock is just as wonderful as Adam’s.”

Lynne’s hand slipped between her legs, pressing the slippery silk against her nether lips, unable to endure the growing ache there any longer.

“They say I’m pretty good, too,” Christine offered with a wink.

Lynne’s response emerged in a rush.  “I’m so horny I can’t stand it.”

Christine stepped out of the tub and reached for a towel.  “I could do something about that – if you want me to?”

“Oh god yes,” Lynne breathed in response.

“Careful, you’re going to get that silk all wet,” Christine said with a crooked grin as she started to sensually blot her body dry.

Lynne took the hint and pulled the gown off, over her head.  Christine gestured toward the chair in front of the vanity, and Lynne deposited the gown there in a silken pool.  Christine abandoned the towel, completely uncaring about any water she might track through the house now.  “You’re beautiful, Lynne.”

“So are you, Aunt Christine,” Lynne responded in breathless tones.

“Mmm – I love the way you say my name.”  Christine stepped in closer, her hand reaching around to caress Lynne’s firm bottom.  With nothing more than the desire in their eyes as a signal, the two women leaned into a hungry kiss.

Lynne’s hand found Christine’s bottom as well, but didn’t rest on the taut cheeks for long.  Christine moaned into the kiss as her niece’s fingers sought her sex.  Christine pulled away from the kiss with a gasp and said, “Bedroom.”

Lynne fell in beside her aunt, reaching out to stroke her fingers over the older woman’s breasts.  Christine sighed with delight, offering her niece a lusty grin and increasing her pace.  Power walkers would have had a difficult time keeping up with the two women by the time they reached Christine’s bedroom door.

Aunt and niece shared another quick kiss as they sat on the bed, but Christine could no longer resist the sight of her niece’s breasts.  A quavering moan slipped from Lynne as Christine took her niece’s right nipple between her lips.  “That feels so good,” Lynne breathed.

Christine released the stiff bud to switch to the other and said, “Say my name,” as she switched breasts.

“That feels so good, Aunt Christine.  I’m so wet.”

Christine slipped her fingers between her niece’s legs, instantly finding the truth of that statement.

“I can’t stand it any more.  I need it.”

Christine gave her niece’s nipple a final suck and sensually asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Lick my pussy, Aunt Christine.”

A sharp, sexy growl burst from Christine upon hearing those words.  She guided her niece to lay down, and licked her lips when Lynne parted her legs wide, begging, “Please.”

Christine just tickled her niece’s pink folds with the tip of her tongue, and then let out an excited moan.  Her next lap was far stronger, gathering up a good taste of Lynne’s juices.  “Mmm – you taste so good.”

“Please,” Lynne pleaded again, lifting her hips toward her aunt’s mouth.

Christine accommodated that request with lusty fervor, her tongue roving over Lynne’s wet pussy in an ever-changing dance.  From flicking the tip of her tongue over her niece’s folds to stabbing it deep into Lynne’s canal, she didn’t let one centimeter of the younger woman’s pussy remain untouched.

The sound of Avalynne’s moans and pants spurred Christine on, building her desire to feel her niece come on her tongue.  She brought her fingers into the play, teasing the puckered iris of her niece’s ass and slipping one finger into Lynne’s depths.

“Oh – oh, don’t stop,” Lynne panted, her head lashing on the mattress as one hand held her aunt against her needy sex.  Her other hand caressed her breasts, pausing to flick the turgid points frequently.

“Say my name,” Christine reminded her, before sucking her niece’s hood and the swollen bud beneath between her lips.

“Make me come, Aunt Christine,” Lynne squealed, her movements growing stronger and more erratic by the second.

Her middle finger quickly thrusting into Lynne’s clinging canal, Christine sucked her niece’s clit hard and rolled it between her lips.  After only a few heartbeats of that, Lynne reached her peak.

“Yeah!  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – yeah!”  Lynne cried out in a tight voice, her body stiffened in climax and trembling.

Christine kept the pressure on, drawing out her niece’s climax for as long she thought the beautiful brunette could handle it.  Lynne answered the question of how long she could endure the pleasure about twenty seconds later when she erupted into a primal scream and roughly pushed her aunt away from her sex.

Christine moaned and licked her lips as her niece curled up into a trembling ball, still gasping and yelping from the orgasmic energy that refused to release her.  She stroked Lynne’s bottom and said, “That’s it, sweetie.”

Lynne finally released her knees, which she’d pulled up close to her chest with one hand while the other protectively covered her sex.  A long groan followed by a satisfied moan escaped her as she drifted down from her heights.  “Oh god, so good,” she managed to articulate between gasps and pants.

“Mmm hmm,” Christine agreed, still pulling the young woman’s juices to her lips from her chin.

Avalynne didn’t even notice her aunt leaving the bed to fetch a glass of water, but she was grateful when Christine tapped her on the shoulder and offered the drink.  Lynne drank it down slowly, still fighting to catch her breath after her orgasm.

“Have you ever been with another woman before?”  Christine asked.

Lynne shook her head.  “I’d sort of thought about it, and it really creeped me out.  A lot of my girlfriends say that they’re bi, but it’s just sort of an act, I think.  I never even talked to them about it.”

“How do you feel now?”

Lynne answered with a languid moan.  “No boy has ever made me come that hard.  I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard.”

“I’ll bet we can top it,” Christine said suggestively while caressing her folds.  Lynne’s eyes locked on her hands, so Christine leaned in and whispered, “Do you want a taste?”

Avalynne gasped, and then trembled from an aftershock of her climax.  Her lips twitched upward into a shy grin, and she nodded her head.

Christine lay back, parting her nether lips wide to let her niece see the wetness glimmering on her pink folds.  “Mmm – I want it.  I’m so hot, Lynne.  Do it for me.”

Lynne moved a little tentatively, but curiosity soon overwhelmed her as she drew nearer to her aunt’s pussy and could smell the fragrant scent of Christine’s intense arousal.  She lay down and shifted into a comfortable position on her tummy, her face inches away from Christine’s needy sex.

Christine’s voice contained simultaneous hints of both seduction and pleading.  “Do it for me.  You know what makes you come.  Do it for me.”

Lynne’s tongue slipped out as the younger woman closed the distance between her and her aunt.  The moment she took her first, short lap, she let out an excited, surprised moan.  A longer, deeper moan accompanied the next – much stronger – swipe of her tongue.

“Oh, that’s good, Lynne.  More.”

Imitating something that had caused her to jump when her aunt had done it to her, Lynne pushed her tongue between Christine’s nether lips and wiggled it while slowly nodding her head up and down.

“Ah!”  Christine gasped in response.  “Mmm – do you like it?”

Once again inspired by the sensations she’d felt for the first time only a few minutes before, Lynne suckled Christine’s folds between her lips and let them slowly slip free.  Her own sex tingled from seeing and feeling the pleasure her touch triggered in her aunt.  “Uh huh,” she responded as she lapped for more of Christine’s tangy nectar.

“Do you want to make me come, sweetie?”

“Oh yes,” Lynne answered, pulling back to stroke her fingers over her aunt’s pussy, hypnotized by the twitching of Christine’s pink lips and the intoxicating scent of need filling her lungs.

“Tell me.  Say my name,” Christine whimpered while rocking her hips against her niece’s fingers.

“I want to make you come, Aunt Christine,” Lynne responded, her voice and smile equally sultry.  Her eyes slowly closed as she edged forward once more.

Christine contentedly moaned as her niece’s confidence and excitement increased.  Avalynne’s tongue flicked with greater speed and intensity by the moment.  From the sexy, hungry sounds her niece made, and seeing the younger brunette’s fingers between her own legs, Christine knew Lynne was growing more excited as well.  Reaching down to run her fingers through Lynne’s flowing locks, Christine gasped and said, “That’s it, sweetie.  You’re making me so hot.”

“Come for me...”  Lynne paused to lap Christine’s clit with several fast strokes before finishing, “Aunt Christine.”

Those words and Avalynne’s passionate licking that followed pushed Christine to a new plateau, placing her on the edge of fulfilling her niece’s request.  The itch of her approaching climax grew stronger, spreading warmth throughout Christine’s loins.  “Oh, don’t stop.  Going to come,” she whimpered, her muscles tightening and her eyes pinched closed.  “Yes!”  Christine cried out as her orgasm claimed her.

Lynne gasped as the fresh flood of creamy juices washed over her darting tongue.  Drunk on her aunt’s taste, scent, and the euphoria of having triggered the orgasm that now held Christine in thrall, Lynne enthusiastically lapped for the sweet treat.

Her niece’s tongue darting over every inch of her pussy, Christine just kept coming.  She twitched and gasped, ecstasy arching through her body in sharp jolts that gave her chills.  She forced her eyes open, the sight of her niece between her legs serving to make the orgasm even more intense.

Finally, Christine’s orgasm let her go.  She let out a long, satisfied moan and smiled up at Lynne.  The young woman was pulling her aunt’s juices to her lips with her fingers, seemingly fascinated and excited by the wetness coating her face.  “Did you like it?”  She asked in a breathless voice.

“It turned me on so much to get you off like that,” Lynne replied.

“Me too,” Christine responded, crooking her finger and beckoning her niece to lie next to her.  “I love that I got your girly-sex cherry.”

“I may have to see just how bi my friends really are,” Lynne contemplated aloud as she cuddled up next to her aunt’s flushed body.

“Mmm – I hope they aren’t lying.”  Christine traced her finger along Lynne’s side and asked, “Did you get a good look at Adam’s cock when you saw him fucking me?”

Lynne’s eyes widened a little and she smiled as she nodded her head in response.

“He’s so good with it, too.”  Her voice dropping in pitch, Christine asked, “Do you want it buried deep inside you?

Lynne’s gasp caught in her throat as her aunt slipped a finger into her moist tunnel.  “Uh huh.”

Christine let out a moan and added her thumb stroking the younger woman’s clit to the finger already deep inside Lynne’s wet heat.  “I’ll call him tomorrow, but I want to surprise him.”

“Do you think he’ll want me?”

“I think I’d have to chain him up to keep him off you.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Me either.”

Already exhausted from her trip and the day of shopping, Lynne’s eyes soon grew heavy.  Christine snuggled up close and let her eyes slip closed as well.  She fell asleep in her niece’s arms shortly after Lynne did.

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