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Adam's Aunt Ch. 01

The spark in Christine's sex life has fizzled.

Christine put on a show out of habit.  She whipped her dark hair over her shoulder as she looked back at the man that she’d met in a bar a few hours earlier.  He furiously pumped her pussy, probably close to filling the latex sheath between her and his cock.  She wore a mask of pleasure, but it was exactly that – a mask.

He’d managed to bring her to her peak, but the orgasm had disappointed her sorely – doubly so because she’d sought out a one night stand for the specific purpose of breaking a string of similar lackluster climaxes.  Resigned that this wasn’t the path to finding her lost sense of excitement in sex, she decided that she should at least do her best not to be rude.

She moaned encouragement and thrust her hips back at him, hoping her words didn’t sound as false and sarcastic to him as they felt to her.  Considering the look on his face, she doubted that much of anything was really registering on his brain.

Finally, he slammed his cock home and Christine finished her show, letting him think that she’d never had such wonderful sex in her life.  Thankfully, he fell asleep within minutes of pulling free from her.  He didn’t awaken as she went to the bathroom to wash and dress, nor did he stir when she gathered up her purse, called a cab, and left his apartment a short while later.

The cabbie smirked at her disheveled appearance, guessing from that and the hour what she’d been up to.  She ignored it with a roll of her eyes and directed him to return her to the bar so she could pick up her car.  She was glad that she’d decided to go out of town before looking for a loose fling, because she doubted that she’d bother again.  This wasn’t the spark she was searching for.

Christine sighed and wondered what was wrong with her.  By any measure, she should be ridiculously happy.  Her very first job out of college had proved a windfall, but not from any compensation for her work.  An executive who thought more with the head between his legs than the one atop his shoulders had spent a year harassing her, but she had fortunate timing.  Rumors about his behavior had filtered up to the national office, and someone from risk management had arrived to bury any potential bad publicity.

The hush money the company paid her was enough to let her live a decent life for several years.  Her lecherous boss had matched that amount, probably at the insistence of the company.  That would have allowed her to live comfortably for quite some time.  Wisely investing a large percentage of her money in an IPO that had skyrocketed had put her on the road she now traveled, independently wealthy at the age of twenty-eight.  She might never live in a mansion, but she could certainly afford the finer things in life, and she’d never have to lift a finger to support herself again.  Her financial advisor took great delight in making her money, because he worked on commission based upon the size of her portfolio.

Unfortunately, she was bored.  Her inability to find excitement in sex was the thing that rankled her the most, though.

She tipped the cabbie lavishly out of habit despite his constant stare at her cleavage, and then got in her car to decide what to do.  She didn’t relish the long drive home, and there were some four-star hotels along the beach in town, so she whipped out her cellphone to find a room.

She’d no more than tossed her purse on the bed in her room before she decided that she wasn’t remotely ready to sleep.  A marquee she’d passed gave her the perfect place to spend the rest of the evening.  A local band she was fond of was playing at a club not far down the road, so she changed her clothes and fixed her hair again.  She guessed that she could probably catch a little over an hour of the show if she hurried.

Christine let out a sigh of frustration when she realized that the place didn’t serve alcohol upon arriving, because she’d long ago lost her buzz from earlier in the evening.  She shrugged her shoulders upon hearing the music thundering from inside and decided that she would survive.

Once inside, she quickly merged into the crowd.  Though most of the club-goers were several years younger, she fit right in.  She actually enjoyed the less than stellar attempts of the young men in the club to pick her up almost as much as the band.  The endless stream of propositions continued right up to the tail end of the band’s encore.

“Hey,” the dark haired man screamed at her as he moved in next to her, dancing badly and sporting a soul patch on his chin.  She guessed he was probably eighteen at the most, and he was one of a group of several young men that moved in around her, trying to draw her attention.  She offered a few smiles and kept dancing until the music stopped.  They were obviously in a friendly competition, and she liked that she was the prize they sought, even if she knew that nobody would leave a winner.

Even though the music had stopped, the noise in the club hadn’t really reduced much.  She barely heard the voice from off to her left, and turned toward it with surprise.

“Aunt Christine?”

“She’s your aunt?  Adam – dude – your aunt’s fucking hot!”

“Shut up, Steve,” Adam said as he walked up.  “Ignore them.  They had a few beers before we came in here.”

Her nephew was dressed to impress, and Christine felt warmth flooding her cheeks when she realized that he was leaving an impression on her.  He was already trending that way the last time she’d seen him, but he’d completely filled out into a muscular eighteen-year-old in the last year.  He gestured for her to follow him toward the door of the club and she did so, finding her eyes drawn to the play of his tight butt as he walked.

“Sorry about those guys, Aunt Christine,” he said once they were outside and could speak in something less than a scream.

She laughed.  “It’s okay.  It’s flattering to an old woman.”  Mock rebuke flooded into her voice as she added, “Does your mother know where you are, young man?”

Now it was his turn to laugh.  “You know Mom.  I’d be locked up at the house if she didn’t know where I was.  She’s probably got spies checking up on me.”  He raised his eyebrows and stared at her suspiciously, but the gleam in his eyes revealed full well that he was kidding as much as she was.

“I decided to come into town on a whim.  She doesn’t even know I’m here yet.”  Even though she hadn’t planned to visit her sister, Christine decided to stop by for a few hours before she returned home the next day.  She hadn’t seen her sister in a few months, and they only lived a couple of hours apart.  “I’ll come by tomorrow.”

“You want me to let Mom know, or do you want to surprise her?”

“You can tell her I’m coming.  What did you get with your Christmas money?  You still hadn’t decided when I talked to you last.”

“Most of it is in the bank to cover my next insurance payment, but I got a new stereo for the car.  It really pounds.”  He looked down at his watch and said, “I’ve got to get going before I’m late.”

“Go on, and I’ll see you tomorrow if you’re home.”

Once again, Christine’s cheeks warmed as she watched him walk away.  You’ve grown up, she thought, having noticed a considerable bulge in his tight jeans.

She shook her head and turned toward her car.  Christine, you’ve been reading too much taboo erotica.  Even as she thought it, she turned to steal a final glance at Adam before he passed out of sight in the darkness.

Now feeling a little drowsy at last, she returned to her hotel room and climbed into bed.


Christine awakened with a start and a gasp, sitting up and pressing her hand tight over her sex.  As she caught her breath and regained her senses, she realized that her panties were soaking wet beneath her fingers.  She let out a breathy moan and collapsed back to the pillow, her hand still between her legs.

She remembered the dream vividly, and her fingers teased her need as the scenes played through her head again.  The dream lent further credence to her earlier self-admonishment, because the man who had fucked her so well as she slept was her nephew.

Her fingers moved faster over the damp, silky cloth covering her nether lips as she realized that the spark she’d lost was right there in her dream.  She felt the excitement she craved as the dream image of Adam licked, sucked, and fucked her so well.  She could feel it still as the dream expanded into a continuing fantasy in her head.  Her fingers slipped beneath her panties so that she could press two of them deep inside her, causing her to arch her back and let out a long, low moan.

Christine’s panties slid down to her ankles only a few seconds later when she couldn’t resist her need any longer.  Her college roommate had introduced her to many things, including erotica and the things two women could do for each other when there weren’t any men around.  Taboo erotica was the dirtiest of her dirty little secrets from that time, and rarely a day went by that she didn’t bring herself to climax as she read a steamy tale of relatives expanding upon natural familial bonds into something more.  This was the first time she’d actually placed a member of her own family into such a fantasy, however.  She found that the attraction was all the stronger for it.

Adam took her hard in her mind’s eye, his cock plunging into her depths with heated friction.  Her fingers filled in for his stiff member, thrusting into her pussy with squishy sounds as she rubbed her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

Adam increased the speed and power of his thrusts as her fingers moved faster, her building arousal causing her to writhe on the bed as she masturbated.  She could almost feel his hot cum pooling deep inside her as she came, choking off a scream of ecstasy with her fingers jammed deep inside her.

Christine collapsed back to the bed as her climax released her, panting for breath as she came down from the strongest orgasm she’d experienced in a long time.  She felt a little knot of shame in her stomach, but it was far overshadowed by the trembling of her body and the tingling in her sex.

She’d found what she was looking for, but she had no idea how to have it for real.


Fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately – Adam was out with his friends when Christine called upon her sister.  Though separated by some fifteen years, as Christine had been a great surprise late in their parent’s life, the two got along well.  They had a good visit, but Christine’s eyes constantly darted toward the door, hoping her handsome nephew would walk through it.

When her daydreams started to turn erotic again, and her sister remarked that she seemed a little distracted, Christine took her leave before she accidentally gave away anything to her perceptive sibling.  She was wet for the entire long trip home, and went directly to her bedroom as soon as she walked in the door, shedding clothing all along the way.

She stepped out of her panties at the edge of her bed, and reached into the nightstand for one of her many vibrators.  A pink rabbit vibe was the first thing that her hand fell upon, and she turned it on even as she lay back on the bed.

The head of the jelly cock rotated when the toy was turned on, and Christine lay back to imagine Adam’s tongue teasing her folds as she pressed it against her.  She could almost see him between her legs, lapping up her juices with hungry little moans.

She slipped the tip deeper, between her nether lips, and let out a groan.  After only a few seconds, she couldn’t wait any longer.  She buried the toy in her depths with a gasp.  The rotating tip caressed her walls.  The rabbit ears on the top of the toy fluttered against her clit, causing her to tremble and buck her hips upward.  The pearls near the handle tantalized her lips, and the entire toy hummed with delightful sensations.

Adam’s muscular torso flexed in her mind’s eye as she stroked her toy in and out of her saturated sex.  She could hear him groaning with delight as her pussy squeezed his thrusting cock.  His fingers dug into her thighs as he increased the pace of his thrusts, even as her hand pumped the toy faster into her depths.

Christine’s head lashed back and forth, whipping her dark hair as her pleasure mounted.  She pumped her vibe into her at a furious pace, driving it to her deepest depths with every hard thrust.  In her mind’s eye, Adam’s face tightened into a mask of control, trying to hold back his own climax until she reached her peak.

When she came, her back arched enough to raise her taut bottom off the bed.  She screamed her release to the ceiling, the writhing, buzzing toy clenched tight inside her.  As the initial shock of her orgasm released her, she fell heavily to the bed and rolled over.  She curled her limbs inward, twitching from the continuing pulses of orgasmic energy flowing through her body.  Finally, she could endure the toy no longer and pulled it from her.

She managed to turn the vibrator off as she imagined Adam withdrawing his softening cock from her.  He trailed strands of his cum from her as he pulled free, and then collapsed next to her.  Content in his imaginary arms and the afterglow of her orgasm, Christine nodded off into a brief, spent slumber.


Christine awakened to the sound of the phone ringing, and picked it up with a languid, “Hello.”

“Aunt Christine, it’s Angie.  I’ve got a problem.  My computer is acting really stupid, and I have a paper on there that I need really bad.  Nobody can figure out what’s wrong with it, and I’m about to lose my mind.”

“What’s it doing?”  Christine asked her niece – Adam’s sister.  She sat up and winced as her cold, sticky vibrator rolled across the bed against her bare bottom.

“I’m getting pop-ups all the time, and it keeps freezing up on me whenever I open my word processor.”

“Hold on a second.  Let me get to my computer,” Christine instructed, swinging her legs off the bed and walking toward the room she used as her office, though she did more reading of erotica in the room than any sort of business.  Once she sat down, she said, “Okay, here’s what I want you to do...”

Christine explained the process of giving her remote access to the computer, and fortunately, whatever problem Angie was having allowed her to do it.  “There we are.  I can see your computer here.  I’ll look around and see what’s wrong.  I’m willing to bet you have a virus, though.”

“God, I hope you can fix it.  I don’t have enough time to start that paper over again.  I really need to get to class.  I’m going to be late.”

“Go ahead.  I’ll leave a message on your cell’s voice mail if there’s something I need you to do from your end.  With a little luck, you’ll be all fixed by the time you get out of class.”

“Thanks, Aunt Christine.  You’re a lifesaver.  Bye.”

“Bye Angie,” Christine replied, and then hung up the phone.

As it turned out, the adware wasn’t difficult to remove, and there was no danger of it having stolen any information off Angie’s computer.  Christine took the time to download and setup protection on her niece’s computer to ensure it didn’t happen again.  A thumbnail in one of Angie’s image folders caught Christine’s eye as she was setting up the virus and spyware scanners.  She couldn’t see much in the small picture, but what she could see surprised her a lot, and overwhelmed any hesitation she might have considered.

“Mmm,” Christine moaned as she saw pictures of two bare-breasted young women engaged in a tongue-wrangling kiss.  She recognized the trappings of Mardi Gras, and the date on the pictures indicated that it was this year.  More sexy images followed as Christine scrolled down.  She let out a gasp and licked her lips when she reached the middle of the page.  Her blonde niece hadn’t only taken pictures; she was in more than a few of them as well.

Angie had ample breasts with pale, pink tips.  Other pictures revealed a taut, well-shaped bottom, and her shaved sex.  Christine drank in the sight, especially those pictures where her niece kissed and fondled other women, probably her friends on the trip.  Though she felt a bit guilty about it, she copied the pictures to her own computer.

Now aroused and curious, Christine browsed through her niece’s document folder.  What she found seemed to confirm that the pictures weren’t simply the result of alcohol and the unrestricted atmosphere of Mardi Gras.  Angie had a large collection of erotic stories, and quick scans revealed that many of them centered upon bisexual and lesbian women.  Even more interesting, there were large numbers of taboo tales amongst those that Angie had saved on her computer, including a few that Christine remembered reading.

Now both niece and nephew joined to fuel breathtaking fantasies in Christine’s mind.  She teased her sex without conscious thought as she continued to look at the nude pictures of Angie, imagining herself in the place of her niece’s friends.  Then she imagined Adam joining them both, and the jolt of pleasure that rocked her body was almost as powerful as an orgasm.

Having accomplished what she set out to do – and more – Christine closed down the remote connection.  Her body screamed for attention as her fantasies continued, unabated.

Fortunately, she hadn’t bothered to do more than pull on a pair of panties before sitting down at the computer, and she kept a vibrator in one of the desk drawers for just such emergencies.


Having finally discovered the missing spark she’d sought for so long, Christine couldn’t chase the thoughts from her mind.  Only the briefest thoughts of how the world perceived incest troubled her, and those quickly evaporated before the unrelenting tide of her hunger to experience her fantasies for real.  Frequent phone calls deepened her relationship with Angie, cracking open that door, but Adam dominated Christine’s thoughts.  He’d always been a little sweet on her, from the time he was old enough to notice girls.  He was also closer at hand than his sister, who was away at college.

She also had little doubt that his eighteen-year-old hormones would react instantly to any suggestion of sex, despite their blood relationship.  She didn’t know how deep Angie’s attraction to women ran, but there was little question about Adam’s preferences.

Thus, only a week passed before Christine couldn’t bear to wait any longer, and she took a hotel room near her nephew’s house once more.  She spent a great deal of time with her sister, but it was the time with Adam that she truly craved.  She memorized his every feature, adding detail and excitement to her fantasies about him.  The pictures of his eighteenth birthday party at the beach she persuaded him to show her did much to advance that, giving her a good view of his body – all except for what she wanted to see most of all.  That, she could still only imagine based upon the conspicuous bulge present below his waist in whatever he wore.

She went through a lot of batteries in her hotel room during the week she spent visiting.

Innumerable scenarios to reveal her desires crossed her mind, but she hesitated.  The last thing she wanted to do was broach the subject the wrong way, and thus dash any hopes of fulfilling her fantasy.  She also had to consider the ramifications with the rest of her family if his desires didn’t overrule any discomfort with thinking of his aunt sexually.

Ever alert for any hint of desire in him, she thought she saw numerous glances at portions of her body not usually included between family members, and his offers – which she naturally accepted – to give her massages also suggested a suppressed desire to touch her.  He had a firm, but gentle touch that never failed to give her chills, and made her all the hungrier for more intimate touches.  Of course, he might very well have simply been trying to butter her up to pay for some concert tickets he wanted and couldn’t afford.  He didn’t ask her directly, but he certainly hinted often enough.  Christine chose to ignore that obvious reason for his attention.

When her sister suggested that she stay late to play cards with some friends, Christine recognized opportunity.  She agreed, and drank just enough as she played to feel a little giddy.  It provided her the perfect excuse to stay the night once the card game ended, and her sister even made the suggestion.

With Angie away at college, her room was free.  Christine’s first thought upon closing the door behind her was to wonder how many times her niece had masturbated in the bed, teasing herself to quiet orgasms as the rest of the family slumbered.  Her next thought was about how often Adam did the same in the room connected to Angie’s by a shared bathroom.

Christine’s lip stuck out in a pout when an examination revealed that there were no cracks or keyholes that would let her see into the bathroom from her side.  She’d half hoped that she might steal a look at her nephew’s hidden attributes.  As she stood up after her inspection, she heard him enter the bathroom from the door on his side.

Turning her ear to the door, she soon heard the distinctive sounds of him brushing his teeth.  A plan formed in her mind with lightning swiftness, and she shed her clothing in a rush.  She pulled on the long t-shirt her sister had provided her to sleep in, without the encumbrance of a bra or panties, and then moved to look in the mirror.

The t-shirt stretched between her firm breasts, and her nipples poked provocatively at the cloth.  The shirt hung just low enough to hide her, and a crooked grin crossed her face as she realized it wouldn’t take any drastic movements to change that.

Adam started when she opened the door, and Christine had to fight the urge to lick her lips.  He was wearing only a pair of shorts, giving her a good view of his muscular body.  Unlike the denim he usually wore, the shorts also gave her a better look at the distinctive swell between his legs.  “Whoops.  Hope you don’t mind if we share the mirror a minute while I brush my teeth?”

“No problem, Aunt Christine,” Adam mumbled around his toothbrush.  His eyebrows twitched upward a bit when he glanced her way and noticed how she was dressed.

Christine moved in beside him and went through the motions, although she secretly admired him more than she paid attention to the task at hand.  She could almost swear that she’d noticed a change in the bulge between his legs, but her quick, secret glances weren’t enough to really confirm it.  When he put down his toothbrush, Christine hurried to finish as well.

When he finished rinsing, Christine artfully knocked the towel he was reaching for to the floor.  “Sorry,” she apologized, and then bent to retrieve the towel.  The kiss of air on her buttocks let her know that the shirt had performed predictably, revealing her naked bottom to her nephew.  This time, she was almost absolutely certain that she saw Adam’s cock twitch with life as she stood up straight and handed him the towel.  Though she desperately wanted to press on, she hesitated.  Easy.  Don’t push your luck, she thought.

“Well, goodnight,” Adam said after a cursory wipe of his mouth with the towel.  His tone was a little distant, as though he was concentrating on his thoughts.

“Goodnight, Adam,” Christine responded with a smile.  She watched his butt muscles flex in the mirror as he walked out of the room.

She wished she’d brought a vibrator with her when she closed the bathroom door behind her.  Her fingers served her quite well, however.

As she lay in the languid afterglow of her orgasm, licking her juices from her fingers, Christine saw a dim light emerge from below the bathroom door.  She also heard the faint click of the door locking.

When he’d been in the room for a minute or so and she didn’t hear the sound of him peeing, Christine crept from her bed toward the door.  She leaned in with a little trepidation, hoping he wasn’t doing the other thing.  Though she couldn’t hear it well, the unmistakable, almost inaudible fap-fap of her nephew’s hand stroking his cock greeted her ears.

Holding in a gasp, Christine leaned against the doorframe with her ear almost touching the door.  She still couldn’t hear very well, but her imagination quickly filled in the blanks.  She could see him standing there, his heavy balls cupped in one hand, and the other fisted around his erection, pumping up and down the shaft.

Maybe he’s imagining me, she thought with a silent moan.  Pretending I’m on my knees sucking his cock for him, begging him to come for me.  Her fingers flashed over her hood, adding a faster counterpoint to the sounds emerging from within the bathroom.

The frequency of the sexy sound increased, and Christine just caught a quiet gasp from the other side of the door.  She could imagine Adam’s face tightening as his hand pumped faster, pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock.  Her fingers moved faster in response, the tip of his cock swelling and darkening to a deep purple in her mind’s eye.

Christine clenched her teeth tight and quivered as her internal fires surged, pushing her toward climax.  She managed to keep quiet as her orgasm swelled within her, and then she heard a subdued grunt and a sharp intake of air from her nephew.

Christine came, her knees threatening to deposit her in the floor as they trembled and her body twitched in ecstasy.  She imagined Adam with his head thrown back, thick ropes of sticky cum arching through the air from his cock, then dribbling over his slowly pumping hand as he expended his passion.  She fantasized that in his own imagination, his cum was spattering all over her face and into her mouth.

Still quivering from her orgasm, Christine slowly sank to her knees on the floor as her strength fled her.  The sound of her heavy breathing mingled with the same from the other side of the door.  She wanted so badly to walk into that room and clean up his bittersweet offering, licking up every sticky drop from his hand and his cock.

In time, she found the energy to return to the bed.


She dreamed of her nephew the night through, and awakened soaking wet.  Once again, her fingers cooled her need, but didn’t extinguish it.  Only Adam could do that.

The next day, Christine reluctantly returned home.  This was the longest she’d visited with her sister’s family in years, and she knew that unwelcome questions would soon start to arise.

She’d barely managed to settle in when the phone rang.  The caller ID brought a smile to Christine’s face, displaying her niece’s name.

Christine knew that something was bothering Angie almost from the beginning of their conversation.  Eventually, she broached the subject when it became apparent that Angie was hesitant to do so.

Once she started talking, Angie let all her troubles spill out.  She’d gotten in a fight with her roommate, and the description sounded distinctly like a lover’s spat to Christine.  The confrontation had expanded somewhat, as a few of her other friends had sided with the roommate over her.  It created awful tension, and had essentially ruined Angie’s plans for spring break.

“Why don’t you come spend the week with me?” Christine suggested, sitting down at the computer to flip through the pictures of her niece.

“I don’t know,” Angie sighed in response.

Christine laughed.  “I’m not your mother.  We’ll have one too many drinks, break hearts, and dance until we can barely move.  I need to get out and have some fun.  Your poor old aunt needs some excitement in her life.  Come hang out with me and let me pretend I’m twenty again for a week.  Everything is on me.  I’ll fly you down here and buy all the drinks.  We’ll go shopping first, so we can make every man’s eyes bulge out when they see us.”

Angie had a much brighter tone in her voice when she answered, “Okay, I’ll come.  It sounds like fun.”

“I’ll book the flight and email you the information.  You’re flying first class.  I want you well rested and ready to party when you get here.”

Angie laughed.  “Thanks, Aunt Christine.  You’re the best.  I really didn’t want to be one of those people who sits here or just goes home for spring break.”

They talked for a while longer, and Christine was already online booking the flight even before she hung up the phone.  Once she sent the email with the flight information, Christine picked up the phone again.

When her sister answered, Christine said, “Hello, Sis.  I wanted to see if you’d mind me offering some work to Adam to earn the money he wants to go to that concert.  He couldn’t stop talking about it while I was there, and I need a few things done around here anyway.”

“That’s fine, Christine,” her sister answered.  “I’m getting a little tired of him hinting that he wants us to loan him the money.  I was just about to give in to get some peace and quiet.”

“Is he there?”

“He’s out with his friends.  Let me give you his cell number.”

Christine took it down and immediately called her nephew.  He was, of course, ecstatic about the news.  He had plans for most of the week, so they agreed upon Friday, the day before the concert.  Another call cancelled the lawn service for the week, and some quick thinking manufactured a few other tasks that a strong young man might be able to help his aunt with.

Naturally, the goal was for him to help her with something far different, however – if she could manage to steer things that way.

With things in motion, Christine drove to the store to buy batteries for her vibrators.  It was going to be a long week of waiting, and she had little doubt that she’d run her toys dry in the meantime.

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