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An afternoon with mom

Great day of shopping and sex

It was a Saturday afternoon and mom and I decided to go shopping. We put on some summer dresses and heels, of course no panties or bra, and headed out. We went to the local mall to shop at Dillards, Macy's, and Victoria Secret. We bought some heels and skirts, then headed for Victoria Secrets. The girls all know us there, as we are frequent customers. We grabbed some lingerie and headed to the dressing rooms.

We started trying on things, and of course had to parade around in them. The girls love helping us try different outfits on. We're fun loving, great bodies, and exibitionist.The other cutomers give us dirty looks. Not sure if it's because we are getting so much attention, or that we are half exposed to say the least. It is petty obvious we are mother and daughter, and I guess we are not supposed to act lIke we do. Oh well their hang up not ours.

We finally decided on a few outfits and gathered all our packages. We headed out to the car and decided to go to the adult store for some real slutty stuff. There we can have fun and not be judged. We were hoping Alex would be there to help us shop. Alex is in his early thirties and really has a nice cock. We have both enjoyed a romp or two with him in the past. This would be the first time we went together though.

Once there we found Alex was working and told him we needed his undivided attention. We headed to the private dressing room and told Alex to pick out what he thought we would look good in. We each picked out a pair of seven inch hooked heels, put them on, and stripped. Alex returned with some sheer and net outfits befitting of a strip club. As he handed them to us he couldn't stop staring at our naked bodies.

"Its not polite to stare Alex," mom said.

"I'm sorry but you two together is a dream come true."

We tried on the outfits and again paraded around in front of the mirrors. Our ample tits were barely contained by the material and our shaved pussies very visible. You could see Alex had a raging hard on through his tight jeans. Mom and I would help each other dress, stopping to play a little with each other. 

"You two are so sexy."

"You look uncomfortable Alex," I said as I rubbed his cock.

Mom and I both dropped to our knees and pulled his cock out of its restraints. We took turns, one sucking his cock and the other sucking his balls. He was rubbing our tits as we continued giving him a blowjob. I laid back on the floor and mom went down on my dripping pussy. Her ass was in the air with only a g-string covering her pussy. 

"Don't just stand there staring Alex fuck her."

Alex knelt behind her and removed the g-string. He placed his cock at her entrance and pushed himself in. Mom let out a moan that I could feel on my clit. Alex had one hand on the small of her back and slapped her ass with the other. She moaned again this time letting him know she liked it. He continued pounding her pussy, occasionally slapping her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back on his cock. 

Her tits were swaying as she met his every thrust. His balls were hitting her clit with each penetration. She continued licking my clit and moaning as he fucked her harder. I was ready to cum watching him fucking mom and knowing I was next. I grabbed her head holding it in place until I exploded. She lifted her head and concentrated on the cock filling her.

"Fuck that pussy Alex. Make me cum."

I watched as my body continued tingling. Mom's legs started shaking as her orgasm took control of her. Alex continued fucking her. She finally collapsed on the floor shaking uncontrollably. I took Alex's cock in my mouth sucking up all the juices she had left on him.I love the taste of her pussy and continued until he was all cleaned up. 

I got on my knees and offered him my dripping wet pussy. He took no time in getting behind me and shoving his cock in me. Mom recovered and placed her headed on my ass so he could shove his cock in her mouth. He would fuck me for a little, then pull his dripping cock out and shove it in her mouth. He would fuck her mouth a few times then back inside me. She would tongue my ass while he fucked me, until he shoved his cock back in her mouth.

"Make me cum Alex, please make me cum."

Alex was slamming his cock in me. Mom was now fingering my ass and I was rubbing my clit. I needed to explode this time. I wanted a big orgasm and I was on the brink. Harder I rubbed and harder they fucked my holes. I was ready. 

"Oh my god, oh my god!"

I started shaking uncontrollably. Alex grabbed my hips so I couldn't get away. Mom stopped and watched me completely loose control. Alex let go and I fell forward shaking and gasping for air. I was still cuming. The intensity was so great I had no idea what was going on around me. It finally passed and I saw mom jerking Alex off. He exploded and she took his load in her mouth. I was jealous but still quivering a little from a massive orgasm.

A few minutes later mom and I got dressed and thanked Alex for his attention to our needs. We made our purchase of a few sex toys, some slut clothes, and we were on our way. Alex said good bye and that he hoped to see us soon. 

We started to head home, knowing dad should be home by now. We were both still worked up. Nothing sexier than a mother/daughter threesome, not just for men. We pulled in the driveway and saw dad's truck. We went inside and found dad out by the pool drinking a beer.

"What have you two girls been up to, or should I ask."

"We were shopping and getting ready for you daddy."

With that we released our big tits from our sun dresses. He started rubbing his cock in anticipation of what he loved to do, fuck us together. We dropped our sun dresses on the deck. Clad only in our new stripper heels, we walked over to the chase he was lying on. He offered us his cock to suck on. Mom and I leaned over taking turns suck his cock to full erection. When he was ready mom lowered herself on the big cock. I lowered the head of the chase to a flat position so I could straddle daddy. I was facing mom and sucking her big tits while she rode his cock. My ass was in the air over daddy's chest. My pussy still wet from the recent fucking.

Daddy inserted two fingers into me and started finger fucking me. Mom was bouncing up and down on his stiff cock while rubbing her clit. Daddy shoved another finger in and started pounding my pussy. He rolled his fingers ever so slightly and found my g-spot. He was an expert at bring all us girls off with his fingers. Mom was breathing heavier as she rode his cock. I was pushing back on his fingers while he was working my pussy. I usually squirt when he gets me off this way. 

"Fuck me daddy, make me squirt."

Momma started pinching my nipples as daddy fucked me harder. I was ready and could feel the orgasm start. I clamped my pussy around his fingers and took the ride. He pulled his fingers out and I sprayed his face. My body was shaking as I reached back and rubbed my clit. I sprayed again keeping the orgasm going. He grabbed my hips and pulled my pussy to his face. He licked and sucked my clit till my orgasm was over. I got off the chase and sat in a chair next to them.

Mom got off dad and told him to let her lie down. He got up giving the lounge to her. She laid back and spread her legs, inviting him to take control. He grabbed the heels of her shoes and spread her wide. 

"Put that cock in me baby, fuck this pussy."

He lined his big fat cock up and shoved it in. She let out a moan as he filled her up. She was horny as hell and encouraging him.

"Oh my god, fuck that pussy good. That's your pussy baby."

I loved watching them fuck. He was pounding her good. His balls slapped her ass everytime he hit bottom. 

"Take that big cock baby, take it all."

I was fingering my pussy and rubbing my tits, watching these two fuck like teenagers. She was slapping her clit while he pounder her with all his weight.

"Right there, right there. Fuck it."

She started screaming as he pounder her into orgasm. Her legs started to shake.

"Don't quit, don't quit, fuck, fuck."

She continued cuming as he pounded her more. He breathing became eratic and he was going to blow too. I jump up and knelt next to him. He pulled his cock out and shoved it in my waiting mouth. I could feel his cock contracting and his warm sperm hit the back of my throat. I culped it down to take the rest of his load. Mom was still shaking as dad pumped the last into my mouth.

We sat for a few minutes collecting ourselves. I was thinking how much fun mom and I had together today. I reflected back on the times we have had together and as a family. Our family my be different from the norm, but it works for us. We are not jealous of each other, but infact love watching each other pleasured.

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