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Anne Approaches Her Father After A Bad Evening

Anne Approaches Her Father After A Bad Evening

Anne was not happy with how the night had ended. Again, she was the girl in the group that didn’t hook-up with anybody. Her friends all had somebody to kiss when the clock struck twelve. It was another New Year’s Eve where Anne felt ugly and unsure of herself.

She was a bit tipsy from all the drinks she had. Nobody in the bar even smiled in her direction. All her friends were busy making out with the men who were paying attention to them.

Anne called a cab to take her home. She noticed the light on in her living room and wondered if anybody was up waiting for her. She paid the driver and ran into her house. Her father was snoring on his recliner chair. She needed for him to comfort her. She needed to feel a connection to him.


“Daddy, are you up?”

Her father opened his sleepy eyes and glanced at his daughter. He noticed she was crying and he abruptly woke up.

“What’s wrong darling? Didn’t you have a good night? Happy New Year!”

“No! It was awful. I didn’t meet anybody again. All the girl’s met guys. Why doesn’t anybody like me? Am I ugly? Fat? Mean? I don’t get it!”

“Princess, you’re a beautiful girl. You’ll meet that special guy when it’s time for you to meet them. Come sit on my lap and let Daddy give his beautiful daughter a New Year’s kiss.”

Anne walked over by the recliner and sat in her father’s lap. He cradled her like a small child. He kissed her tenderly on her forehead. Anne slowly moved her face and placed a soft kiss on her father’s lips. He was a bit drunk and kissed her back. It wasn’t his intention to be in a lip lock with his daughter. Anne seemed to want something from him.

“Daddy, I want you to make love to me. You’re the only one on this planet who finds me remotely pretty. I know it’s wrong but, will you make love to me? I love you and need this from you.”

Her father was drunk and the idea of having sex with his daughter was probably the last thing he had on his mind. It wasn’t that she wasn’t good looking, it was just that she was his biological daughter. If he pushed her away, it might put Anne in severe depression. If he had sexual relations with her, he’d be having incest.

He continued kissing his daughter while he thought about the issue. Her tongue was all the way down his throat. Her hands were massaging the front of his pajama pants where his cock was growing. His mind wasn’t clear, but his cock was feeling ready to perform.

His wife was a sleep and she had taken a sleeping pill. She would never know about the sin that he would be committing. Would he be man enough to tell her? Would it be a secret he’d take to his grave? His mind was filled with lust and desire. He tried to think of other things. His daughter appeared to want him to cross the line. She’d take advantage of him if he’d permit it.

Her father’s cock was hard, and Anne pulled back his pajama pants and pushed her hand down the front of his pants. Her hand was stroking at his cock. Her father tried to rationalize the decision he was fighting to make. Should he politely turn his daughter away? Tell her it wasn’t a good idea.

His cock was making his decisions now. His erection was hard as steel. His loins ached for sexual intercourse. He was human after all. He was not perfect. He would sin and make a mistake. A mistake that could cost him is marriage. A mistake that was illegal in most states. The only good thing was, his daughter was twenty-one. She was not a child. She was his daughter and they were related. He’d be crossing the line to “Incest.”

“Daddy, if you undress I could give you a blow job. Please! Don’t turn me away like every other man does. I need this from you! Please make love to me tonight!”

Anne was shy but seemed like she knew what she wanted. Her father decided to be with her tonight. He wanted her to feel good about herself. He didn’t want her to fall into a period of depression again. She was already taking medicine for her condition.

Anne moved her hand fast up and down his manhood. His pre-come dripped from the tip of his penis. She knew her father wouldn’t be able to turn her away. She knew he was aching for her. Aching for her mouth to take care of his business. She’d give him oral pleasure and make him fuck her. He was close, and she knew it.

“Baby, let me undress. You have daddy all excited. Fuck!”

Anne stood up and helped her father take his pajamas off. His cock was long and thick and stood at attention. Anne stood in front of her father and kissed him again on his lips. Her hand moved fast up and down his shaft. He was ready for her to pleasure him.

Anne broke away from her father and knelt in front of him. She opened her mouth wide and accepted his cock inside of her mouth. Her father stood with his legs apart and leaned against the wall. Anne became possessed with sucking his cock. She made all kinds of noises with her mouth. The noises were soothing to her father. He could feel the effects of the alcohol. He felt dizzy and very aroused.

He played with her hair and slowly began moving his hips. She was good at giving head. He couldn’t imagine why men wouldn’t want to be with her. Her father had a decent sized cock which was all the way down his daughter’s throat. He was feeling very aroused by the movements she made with her mouth. She had her hands on his waist and maintained eye contact with him.

He wanted to get into his daughter’s pants. He wondered if her pussy was shaved. He wondered how many lover’s she ever had. He figured she’d had a few. He was seeing his daughter in a different light now. She was a sex entertainer. A woman that knew what she wanted. She was offering herself to him. Would he be able to turn away? Would he cross the line?

“Baby, take your clothes off. Daddy wants to make love now. I’ll sit down on the ottoman!”

Anne undressed and walked over to where he was sitting. She climbed into his lap.  He was sitting on the leather ottoman. She sat facing him and gently eased down onto his cock. She pushed his cock into her shaved pussy. Once it was inside of her hole, she began to slowly rock on it. Her father kissed her lips while his daughter rode his manhood. Her breasts shook with every move she made.

Her daddy moaned while she fucked him. She talked sweetly to him while fucking him slowly. Her pussy was wet while she slithered up and down on his hard as steel dick. His mind was on his daughter now. They made passionate love. He was consumed with lust and desire.

“Daddy do you like my sweet pussy?”


“I’m a bad girl. I like your big cock! I’m going to come now. Feel my pussy juices spray out of my tight cunt.”

“Fuck! You’re quite a little vixen. Daddy needs to come! Fuck! Are you on the pill? I’m going to blow!”

“No. Come inside of mouth.”

“Fucking hell! Why aren’t you on the pill?”

“Because I don’t have a lover. I take enough medicine.”

“Get on your knees darling. Open wide for daddy. I’m going to blow a nut.”

Anne went on her knees and opened her mouth and began sucking again on her father’s cock. He moaned and blew a stream of hot sticky come down his daughter’s throat. She gagged but swallowed the sticky semen.

“Fuck! That was naughty Anne. Daddy was very bad! I’m sorry kitten.”

“Sorry! Why are you sorry? I wanted you to make love to me.”

“It wasn’t right. We can’t do this again.”

“You’re the only man who fucks me. I will want you again tomorrow. You don’t want me to become more depressed? I love you Daddy and I want to make love to you tomorrow. I want to be your girl.”

“You’re already my girl. We don’t need to fuck for you to be my girl. Your mother wouldn’t like this.”

“She takes her sleeping pill every night. You already sinned! The church would be disgusted with you now. If you don’t continue making love to me, I’ll tell mother. I’ll tell the church.”

“Why are you acting like this? I did you a favor tonight. Why are you threatening me?”

“Because, nobody will have sex with me. I deserve to have sex too.”

“Baby, you’ll meet somebody.”

“I don’t want anybody but you. You’re going to be my lover. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you daddy.”

Anne gathered her clothes and walked upstairs to her room. Her father felt used and was unsure on how he had now felt. He didn’t want his wife or anybody to know that he and his daughter had sex. He’d have to do as she said or fear her wrath.

He passed out on the couch and dreamt of his interesting evening. When he awoke, later in the night, he was hard. He wondered if he should wake his daughter or his wife. His life was about to get complicated. He decided to jack off and have a beer. Time would tell what was in store for him.

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