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Annie Decides - Part 1

Annie Decides - Part 1

Annie decides to start dancing at a Gentlemen's Club and much more!

I was driving home from our friends Elanna and Mark’s home with a smile on my face and Mark’s cum in my pussy. I was excited and had made my decision to start dancing at the gentlemen’s club where Elanna dances but first I had to get my husband Rob to agree that it would be ok. Rob and I had met Mark and Elanna when we joined our swingers group the year before and had become good friends with them.

Elanna is an exotic dancer and at each of our group parties, Elanna would start the party off by doing an exotic dance and would then invite one of the husbands to come and fuck her in front of everyone at the end of her dance to get the party started. She and I had talked a lot about me dancing at the club and finally I had decided to talk with her about it and had gone over to their place to find out more about it. I was excited to start dancing there with her, now I had to get Rob to agree. I however, felt confident that my husband would love for me to dance at the club. He loves to watch his Japanese hot wife fuck other men and loves for me to show off so I felt confident he’d agree.

When I pulled into our driveway I noticed a light on in my Son’s bedroom. It was about ten thirty on a Thursday night, a school night, so it was unusual that his light would still be on. Both my son Mike and daughter Beth are in bed by ten at the latest on school nights so I began to get a little worried something might be wrong. As I got out of my car and started into our home, I felt a little more of Mark’s cum leak out of my pussy into my thong and smiled.

I had fucked him while I was over at Elanna’s house. I walked into our kitchen and saw that the lights were all off in our family room and that there was a little light coming from under our bedroom door so I walked quietly down the hall and opened it to find my husband Rob sitting up in our bed with his laptop open. Rob looked up when I came into our bedroom and walked to our bedside then he looked at me and smiled and said I looked like I had had fun!

I smiled at him and told him that I did then asked him if he knew Mike’s bedroom light was on. He said no and told me that both Beth and Mike had gone to bed about nine thirty so he was surprised his light was still on. I said I had better go up and check on him and leaned over to kiss my hubby on his cheek and walked out of our bedroom and up the stairs to my Son’s room. As I walked up to Mike’s bedroom door some more of Mark’s cum leaked out of my pussy and I could feel some of it running down the insides of my thighs so I stopped, lifted up my short dress, and used my fingers to wipe it off before I quietly knocked on my Son’s door and opened it.

I licked my fingers as I looked into his room and saw him lying on his bed with his iPad. Mike looked up at me and smiled as I walked over to the side of his bed and sat down and asked him if he was feeling alright. Mike looked at me for a few seconds then said he was feeling ok but couldn’t sleep because he had forgotten to do something for school so he was working on his iPad to finish it. I asked him if he finished whatever it was and he said he just did and smiled at me again and turned off his iPad. I told him good and that now he needed to get to sleep since it’s a school night and leaned over and gave him a tender kiss on his forehead and patted his shoulder before I got up from his bed and walked to his door.

When I got to his door I looked back to see him watching me and then Mike said, “I love you Mom”, and smiled at me.

I stopped, turned and walked back to his bedside and leaned over and gave my Son a kiss on his lips and patted his chest through the covers and told him, “I love you too baby.” Then I kissed him on his lips again before I left his room as he turned off his bedside lamp.

I stepped out into the upstairs hallway and flicked on the hall lights and noticed that I had forgotten to button up my dress and most of my breasts were exposed. I smiled as I realized that Mike had gotten a good peek at Mommy’s tits and that made my pussy tingle even more! I smiled and thought that that may give my sixteen year old growing young man something to dream about tonight then walked across the hall and looked in on my daughter Beth. She was sleeping soundly. I smiled to myself then went back downstairs to my husband.

When I got back downstairs, I opened our bedroom door, walked over to our bed and smiled at Rob. He looked up and smiled back and asked me if everything was ok up stairs. I unbuttoned my dress and let it slip off and fall to the floor and looked at Rob and told him everything was ok then I bent over and was about to take my thong off.

But Rob stopped me when he said, “Not yet”. His eyes were focused on my panties and the big wet spot over my cunt. Rob grinned at me and said, “Mmmmm, looks like my little slut wife has been fucked”.

I smiled at him and told him that Mark fucked me while Elanna and I were talking about the club and dancing. Then Rob pulled me closer and sat up and kissed my pussy thru my wet thong and started licking Mark’s cum off of my panties. “Mmmmm”, I moaned. Then Rob told me he could smell my freshly fucked pussy when I first came into our bedroom earlier and he said he bet Mike could smell his Mommy’s cunt too when I went to his room.

I just grinned at him and said, “I hope he did! And he saw my titties too I’m sure!”

I pushed my hubby away then bent over and took off my wet thong as some more of Mark’s cum leaked out of my cunt. I smiled at him and said, “It wouldn’t be the first time Mike has smelled my freshly fucked cunt”, and reminded Rob that several times after I had been out on one of my fuck dates, I’d come home and the kids were both still up and I am sure they could smell me.

‘Fuck date’ is what Rob called it when I went out and met a guy and fucked him. I have been doing that about three years now, once or twice a month ever since I started fucking other guys besides my husband.

Rob laughed a little then pulled me close again and kissed my pussy and said, “Get in bed you fucking slut, I’m going to fuck your cunt now!”

I pulled the covers back and slid into bed with my naked husband then rolled over and moved on top of him and slid up so my wet cunt was right above his face. I looked down at Rob and told him to eat Mark’s cum out of my pussy then I will fuck you like he fucked me tonight and tell you about my talk with Elanna. Rob moaned as I lowered my wet cunt to his mouth and began licking Mark’s cum out of my pussy. My husband loves to lick cum out of my pussy after another man has fucked me. To me, it’s the most intimate thing my husband can do to me and I love it and love him so much!

I was enjoying the feeling of Rob licking my freshly fucked cunt and for no reason asked him, “Do you think your Son will love Mommy’s cummy cunt as much has his Daddy does?” I was just kidding and laughed as Rob moaned.

Rob stopped sucking my cunt for a second and looked up at me and laughed and said, “Like Father like Son”, and laughed again before licking my cunt some more.

After Rob had finished licking Mark’s cum out of my pussy and given me a nice orgasm, I slid down and straddled his erect cock and sank down on it and began to fuck my wonderful husband. As we fucked I told him about my conversation with Elanna and dancing at the gentleman’s club and about how some of the guys there would take her back to a private room and fuck her after her dance on the stage and how much fun that would be! I told Rob that I would love to do that too and he groaned as he slowly fucked me.

We talked some more and then finally I told him that I wanted to start dancing at the gentleman’s club and that Elanna had arranged for me to meet the owner the next Monday so he could interview me. Rob moaned then asked me, “aren’t you worried that someone might recognize you?” as he pushed his wonderful cock deep in my wet cunt and continued to slowly fuck me.

“Mmmmmm, no it will be fun and just keep fucking me like this!” I moaned as my husband lovingly fucked me in our bed. “And besides so many different men in the past three years have already fucked me and several of them more than once and there never has been a problem so I’m not worried,” I softly said to him as he continued fucking my cummy cunt. “And besides”, I said, “It would be kind of exciting for me if one of the men in the audience recognized me.”

Rob pushed deep into my cunt and moaned as he said, “you fucking slut!” He moaned again then said, “Well then I guess it will be ok,” then I felt his cock pulse and begin to fill me with his wonderful cum.

Afterwards, we lay in bed for a few minutes hugging and cuddling and then Rob said, “Hun, the first time you fuck Mike you should be clean and fresh for him.”

At first it didn’t register with me what my husband had said then after a second, I sat up in bed shocked and asked my husband, “What!, you want me to fuck our Son?” I couldn’t believe my husband would tell me that!

Rob then sat up with me in bed and put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Annie you know Mike is growing up, he is sixteen now and you would be the best teacher for him and so I guess, yes I would be ok if you fucked our Son. And besides you have told me many times about your Grandmother’s advise that a Mom’s first duty is to teach her children and you would be the best teacher for Mike so it would be ok with me.”

I was still in a state of shock when Rob leaned over and kissed me and told me he was going to sleep and rolled over and fell asleep. I laid in bed besides my husband for an hour thinking and realized that I wanted to be Mike’s teacher and smiled to myself before I finally drifted off to a fitful sleep.

The next morning I called Elanna and told her that Rob was happy for me to start dancing at the club and that I was excited to meet the owner and find out more. Elanna was thrilled and we talked for thirty minutes. I asked her about the owner, his name was Rich, and what would he want me to bring and do Monday when I met him. Elanna told me to bring my health papers and that he would want to see them to ensure that I was healthy and clean and she told me all the girls had to get regular checks to work there. We laughed and I said that it’s a good idea for girls like us to get regular checks! All of the members of our swinger group get regular health checks to be safe.

Elanna went on to tell me that Rich would want to see me dance and for me to be prepared to strip naked and dance for him. I told her that I’d love to do that and she also told me that if Rich liked me that he would probably want to fuck me! I asked Elanna how he was and she just giggled and said I would love it if he fucked me! We both laughed at that, then after a few more minutes we said goodbye after agreeing to meet at her house Monday morning about eleven so we could go to the club together.

That weekend Rob took me out to dinner and then to a dance club, we had fun and I danced with several different guys. Nothing else happened though. Several times that weekend, Rob called me ‘Sensei’ which is Japanese for teacher and I would smile each time he did it. We didn’t talk anymore about me and Mike but it was on my mind the entire weekend. I was certain that Rob really wanted me to fuck our Son and teach him and the thought made my pussy wet! I did finally decide that I would find a way to fuck my Son and that thought made my pussy tingle. I decided was going to do it!!

The next Monday morning after I had gotten Mike and Beth off to school, I took a nice hot bath and cleansed myself, shaved my pussy nice and smooth, and thought about what to wear for my audition. Since I would be taking it off anyway when I danced, I decided I’d just wear a short red mini dress without a bra and a tiny little black see thru thong, and I put on four inch heels to complete my outfit. I looked in the mirror before I left and thought to myself that, “If I was a man I’d want to fuck me,” and that is the look I wanted! At a little before ten, I left to go to Elanna’s and then we left to go to the club.

On the way to the club, I was a little nervous but Elanna told me to just relax and she said she knew I will do well. She told me to think about it as just going out to find a guy to fuck and I would be fine! I laughed but it did calm me down. When we got to the club I was looking forward to meeting Rich. When we got to the door there was a man there, Elanna knew him and said ‘hi’ and he let us in to see Rich.

The club had not yet opened and there was no one else there. Elanna led me back to Rich’s office. As we walked into his office, Rich looked up and gave us both a big smile and then stood and shook my hand and told me welcome to Rich’s Place. He asked us to take a seat then he began to tell me that Elanna has told him a lot about me and the he was happy to finally meet me. I just smiled and said thank-you and Rich continued and asked me to tell him about myself.

I told him I was married to Rob and that I had two children and was Japanese and had lived in the States now for seventeen years and was a US citizen now too. He smiled at me again and asked me how old my children were so I told him my Daughter was almost fifteen and my Son had just turned sixteen years old then he asked me if they knew I wanted to dance here. I said they didn’t know but if they found out it would be ok with me, the thought of Mike finding out his Mom danced at a strip club made me smile to myself!

Rich smiled then he told me that Elanna had told him that Rob and I were swingers and members of Elanna’s group of special friends. I smiled and told him we were then smiled again at Rich. He then asked to see my health papers so I showed him. He looked them over and said they looked good then looked at me and said, “We can’t be too careful about this here at the club.”

Then he went on to tell me all the girls that danced at his place were required to get regular heath checks and that also the members were also required to get health checks as a condition of their membership. I smiled at him and said that I thought that was a good policy. Rich then said, “You look so nice, let’s see if you can dance,” then got up and led us to the stage in the club.

Elanna and I followed him then he motioned to the man who answered the door to put on some music and work the lights as I took take off my mini dress and got ready to dance. I did a slow turn for Rich so he could see my tits and hard dark nipples and my wet pussy thru my tiny sheer black thong and asked him if he wanted me to take off my panties too. Rich smiled and told me no, not yet and told me to start moving for him to the music. I smiled at Rich and started dancing to the music.

I think I am a pretty good dancer and smiled at him and looked into his eyes and began to sway to the driving beat of the music. I spread my legs a little and started moving my hips in a rocking motion like I was fucking some guy and kept looking deep into Rich’s eyes. He smiled at me and I kept dancing in a sexy way and moved to the center of the stage. Then I leaned over backwards with my legs wide open so he could see my cunt thru my panties and did a few upward humping motions. I had seen Elanna do that move at our parties before and thought it was so sexy. Then I moved back up and danced my way back over to Rich. After the song ended he smiled and told me to take off my panties and dance some more for him and use the stripper pole on the stage.

I looked at him and took off my thong then walked to him and softly said I have never danced with a stripper’s pole before and didn’t really know how. Rich smiled and just told me that maybe I could practice with Elanna. I looked at her and she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs-up sign then Rich asked me to dance another song for him. It was at that moment I knew that I wanted to fuck Rich. I danced with my legs open and again did my back over move and opened my legs wide so Rich could see my wet cunt. After the song was over, Rich smiled at me and asked me when I wanted to start! I was so happy and told him anytime he wanted me to would be great and then he said, “How about a week from this coming Friday?”

I told him “Great! I’m so happy!” then walked over to him looking into his eyes and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me.

Rich put his arms around me and with his hand he caressed my butt then moved his fingers to my very wet cunt and began to finger me and said, “Let’s take this back to my office.”

So I went back to his office and we fucked then I came back out and met Elanna in the club. She gave me my panties and I picked up my dress and dressed. Before we left, Rich told me a few other things I needed to know about the club. He told me that after I had finished my dance set on the stage I would need to go into the audience and mingle and give the customers a lap dance if they wanted one. He went on to tell me that at all times in the audience, I was required to wear panties and not let the customers touch my pussy or tits in the audience but that I was free to go back to one of the private rooms to dance a little more sexily if the customer wanted and I agreed.

He told me that only club members were permitted to take a girl back to the private rooms and that a door attendant would always be on duty to check before anyone went back to the private rooms. He went on to say that it was ok to wear any style of panties I wanted as long as they covered my cunt at least a little bit then he smiled at me and leaned over and gave me a little kiss. After that, Elanna and I left the club as Rich said he looked forward to seeing me back in a few days. I was excited and couldn’t wait to start dancing at the club!!

When we got to the car, Elanna asked me if I wanted to practice a little on her stripper pole after we got back to her house, I said that would be great so we did. She showed me a few basic moves and how to do an inverted split on the pole and how to do a slow twirl and then helped me with mounting and dismounting from the pole. It was harder than I thought it would be but I knew that with a little bit of practice I’d be able to put on a good show.

She also told me more about the private rooms and that most of the men who took a girl back there wanted to fuck and that it was customary for them to give the girl a tip depending on what they wanted. Elanna said that for a straight fuck with a condom it was customary for the men to tip the girl $400 but if he wanted bareback the tip would be $500! I was amazed that for just fucking, a girl could get four or five hundred dollars!! Elanna smiled at me and went on to tell me that if a man wanted to fuck a girl in her ass bareback it was normally $750 or more! I couldn’t believe it and my pussy got so wet just thinking about fucking men at the club!

Before I left to go home, I asked her where she got her pole and then as I was going home, I stopped at the shop and bought a pole and arranged with the shop to have it installed the next day. I was so excited!

I got back home a little late and Mike and Beth were already home from school. When I went inside to our kitchen, Mike was sitting at the table drinking a glass of milk and eating some cookies. He looked up when I came thru the door and smiled at me. His eyes looked me up and down and I just smiled back and asked him where Beth was. “Upstairs,” he said as he kept looking at me.

I knew I was a mess!  I smelled like sex and I was afraid that some of Rich’s cum would leak out of my cunt but it didn’t thank goodness! After a few seconds I walked to my Son and leaned over and gave him a hug and kissed his cheek then said I need to go shower and left the kitchen. As was walking out of the kitchen, I looked over my shoulder and could see Mike looking at my butt so I stopped and flipped up my short dress and gave it a little shake then smiled at him and left. I felt so slutty and couldn’t wait to fuck my handsome Son!

After I finished my shower, I slipped on a sheer white g-string thong and stepped in front of the mirror in our bedroom and bent over with my legs spread apart with my ass to the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror and the string of my tiny thong didn’t even cover my asshole completely and my cunt was very visible through the sheer fabric. I smiled to myself and thought that these panties would be perfect to wear in the audience at the club so men could see my cunt and ass! Hopefully they would want to take me back to the private rooms and fuck me!!

Then I slipped on a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra and went upstairs to Beth’s room to see if she was ready for me to take her to her gymnastics practice. I checked on Mike and he was working on his homework and reminded him to hurry up and finish because as soon as I got back from taking Beth to her practice, I’d fix a quick dinner for him and Rob before he had to go to hockey practice. Both Mike and Beth were very active in sports!

After I got back from dropping Beth off, I came back home and fixed a quick dinner for Rob and Mike before they had to leave for hockey practice. Before they left, I whispered to Rob that I hoped they got home early because I needed him to fuck me tonight and that I had some things to tell him about dancing at the club. Rob just smiled and said he’d be home as soon as he could!!

After Rob and Mike left, I finished cleaning up in the kitchen then went and picked up Beth from her practice. we got home, Beth ate dinner then went upstairs to get ready for our bath. Before she went up to her room I got up and started filling the hot tub. Ever since the kids were very young, I would always take a bath with them and it became something we did all the time. It’s normal for us Japanese to take baths with our children and although my Son no longer joined us Beth and I still took baths together.

When we built our home we had installed a large Japanese style bath with showers along the wall and a large hot tub in the middle so we can wash and rinse with the little handheld shower head and then get in the hot tub and soak to relax and enjoy.

Ten minutes later Beth came back down in her robe and went into our bath and began washing. I went in right behind her and started taking off my sports bra, yoga pants, and panties as my Daughter watched. When she saw my tiny g-string thong she smiled at me and asked me when she could get some panties like mine. Well, that caught me by surprise and I just smiled at her and said, maybe we can go shopping this weekend together. She smiled back at me and said she couldn’t wait!

I smiled at my Daughter and told her in a joking way that she would have to trim and shave though before she could wear a thong like her Mommy’s and she giggled! We both finished washing and soaking in the hot tub then got out, dried, and Beth put her pajamas on and I simply put on one of my silk robes. After our bath, Beth and I went to our family room and sat together on our sofa to watch TV. In a few minutes she was falling asleep so we went upstairs to her bedroom, I helped her upstairs and waited till she got in bed then gave her a kiss and hug and told her good night.

About 9:30pm, Rob and Mike got home and Mike went upstairs to take a shower. After about thirty minutes I went up stairs to my Son’s room and looked in and he was already in his bed and was looking at his iPad. I went to his bed and sat down on the side with my leg on his bed and my other foot on the floor and of course my robe opened up so Mike could see my pussy. I did that intentionally so Mike could see my pussy too, I wanted him to see me! Of course my Son looked between my legs to see my pussy and smiled. I smiled back at my Son and asked him if he liked looking at Mommy’s pussy. He looked back down at my pussy and then into my eyes and nodded his head and quietly said, “Yes.”

I smiled at my Son and leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on his lips and patted his chest before I stood back up and dropped my robe. As he was looking at my naked body, I smiled and told him I liked him looking at me and wanted him to touch my pussy to feel how warm Mommy’s pussy was then took his hand and guided it to my pussy. Mike didn’t resist, I opened my legs and he slipped his hand between my legs to my pussy and gently cupped and rubbed my wet cunt as I smiled at him. I looked at my Son and smiled and moaned “Mmmm, that feels good! I like it when you rub Mommy’s pussy.”

Then I leaned over and put my hand on his erect cock over the covers and squeezed gently. As soon as I did that, I felt my Son’s cock pulse and knew that he had cum in his pajamas. I smiled at him and leaned over and kissed his lips as he moved his hand away from my cunt. I could tell he was embarrassed so I told him that “it’s ok” and that I was happy that I made him cum and liked how his cock felt.

Then I kissed him again and stood back up and picked up my robe and said to him, “Don’t worry baby, Mommy wants to teach you.” Mike just looked at me.

I asked him if he was coming straight home from school tomorrow and he said he was. Beth had already told me she was going over to a friend’s home right after school so I knew that Mike and I would have a couple of hours before she got home. I smiled to myself and kissed my Son good night one more time then left his bedroom.

I went back downstairs to our bedroom and got in bed with my husband and told him to fuck me and he did. While he was fucking me, I told him about my visit to the club and that I was going to start dancing there a week from Friday and that tomorrow, some people were going to come over and put up a couple of mirrors in our game room downstairs and then they were going to put in a stripper pole so I could practice with it. After my husband had filled me with his cum, he rolled over and went to sleep and I laid there and started thinking about fucking my Son.


To be continued….

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