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Another Barrier Broken

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I was taking the breakfast dishes out of the dishwasher when I caught a glimpse of a figure standing the doorway. Fuck! I gasped. My heart was racing. I guess my fight-or-flight adrenaline had kicked in. Thank god, it was only my son.

Panting, “What are you doing home this time of day?” I asked.

“I’m here to take you to lunch at the best hotel on the bay.”

I’m not stupid. I knew what he meant, so I answered, “No, I’m definitely not going with you. I know what you’re up to. I’m not that naïve.”

I was angry that he thought I was so gullible. I abruptly turned and walked away heading for my bedroom. Once inside, he wrapped his arms around me from behind. I was really pissed now and would have slapped him silly if I could’ve gotten my hand loose.

I did manage to spin around facing him. I pushed with my hand on his chest trying to extricate myself from his clutches. His eyes glared at me with such intensity for a second that I was afraid. He kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

As it darted from one side to the other, at first, I was confused then all of my fear and anger was immediately transformed into passion. I can’t explain it because I’d never experienced anything like that before. My tongue responded in kind, and suddenly, I just wanted his body next to mine.

He laid me on the bed all the while his tongue swirled in my mouth. I could feel a heat radiating outward from my pussy to every cell in my body. I was on fire. I’d never been this aroused by any man.

He kissed my neck. Fuck, I got chills all the way to my toes. I could feel his cock’s heat as it strained against his khakis and pulsed against my leg. I felt his hand slip under my blouse and bra. I didn’t care; he could have all of me. He unfastened my bra and began tweaking and pulling my nipple. Fuck! More chills as they hardened.

My thoughts were in total disarray. I vainly tried to regain control as I moved his hand from beneath my blouse. He suddenly pulled my shorts off, but thankfully, left my panties on. I wasn’t ready for him to view with that intimacy. I know that’s totally irrational, but I wasn't thinking clearly.

He looked like an Olympic diver as he took a position between my legs and began licking at my panties' gusset. I was so wet. After that first lick, I was lost to this encounter. The feeling was indescribable and one that I wanted to go on forever.

I tried to gather myself, saying, “No, please don’t. Stop,” but my moans betrayed me.

He wasn’t deterred and was in a fervor of his own.

I moaned louder as his tongue was burrowing into my slit. There was no use to resist. I couldn’t because I had accepted the fact that he was making me feel better than ever, and I didn’t want it to stop.

My unconsciousness began moaning over my rational objections saying, “Oh my god, that feels so good.”

I hardly ever moan for my husband, but this was different – way different. It seemed my emanations just spurred him on. I don’t know how long he’d been licking me through my panties, but I needed to feel his tongue on my clit. My hand pulled my panties to one side to give him free access to me. I guess my fear of him seeing my pussy was gone.

He stared for a second then I watched as his head slipped between my legs once again. He was frantically licking, probing, slurping like a starving man at a banquet. It excited me to know I was so desirable and delicious in his mind.

It was building like a long, dormant volcano. I could feel the lava rising, about to explode in an eruption of Krakatoa-orgasmic intensity. Oh, fuck! My legs began quivering uncontrollably as my hands grasped at anything to hold on to. It was cumming. My hips began bucking like I was undergoing electroshock therapy. My legs clamped his head in my vise as I thrust my cunt onto his tongue. I screamed, trying to quell my body’s response to his tongue as it convulsed in an orgasm beyond all others. I saw stars.

Woo, post-orgasmic endorphins flooded over me. I think I was glowing. At that instant, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for him. I’m glad he didn’t ask me to fuck him.

Instead, he stripped and assumed the top sixty-nine position. I was too weak to move. I saw his cock as it dangled over my face. A little of my brain began functioning. I knew what he wanted, but I just couldn’t.

He slid my panties to one side and began licking again. Oh, fuck! After just a few licks, I was on my way again; not another one so soon. I panted. His cock was so close. I couldn't resist any longer and took him in like a pacifier. I needed something to suck on.

His cock belonged in my mouth. It felt so at home there. I felt him twitch and flood my tongue with his cum. I swallowed most of it just as the second wave hit me.

Once again my legs were uncontrollable; my hands pulled his head firmly against my slit. Oh yeah, that’s it, right there. Motherfucker!! My back arched as I tried to shove his tongue to my cervix. I convulsed again and collapsed. It was wonderful.

He rolled off, and I cocooned my back into his chest. He draped his arm over me. I felt so safe and desirable. I guess I fell asleep.

I was dreaming that someone was sucking my tits and squeezing them, then I woke up. It wasn’t a dream. I wanted to hold him close and show my gratitude. I stroked his hair, comforting him just like a mom does her child. I cradled him like my baby. I felt so motherly and loved.

He suckled, squeezed and licked at my breasts. My nipples responded.

Fuck it! There was no excuse to resist his desires any longer because they were mine, too. I sat up and tore off my blouse and bra followed quickly by my panties. He knew I was open for him.

He wasted no time and was between my legs lapping away at my slit. It felt so indescribably wonderful that I would have let him do it all day. Jesus Christ, another big one was cumming. When he shoved his tongue deep into my cunt that was it; I flooded his mouth like a tsunami. I loved the way he peeked up from between my legs with his face coated with my cum.

He stood and with two strokes of his cock fired the biggest load of cum all over my pussy. I could feel it saturating my cunt as it oozed over my lips and between my crack. I was coated in his desire. I was exhausted and passed out from the euphoria of everything that had happened.

I awoke before he did, and I looked at him lying there with that beautiful cock draped over his leg. His face was still coated with my cum. It was strange, but I knew then that we were lovers now.

I decided to let him sleep and set the alarm clock. I left a Post-It note saying, “Enjoy the moment. I set the alarm so you would wake up before your dad and sister get home. We will talk about this later.”

I got dressed and went to the kitchen to start dinner.

He walked in; I smiled and said, “You can enjoy these panties tomorrow. I haven’t showered.”

Just then, my daughter entered the door.



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