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Aunt Erica - My Mom's Sister

I felt a twinge in my dick. Down boy, this is your aunt, your Mom's sister.

“Richie... Richie... I need you to do me a favor.”

It was my mother calling me, “Okay Mom, what you need?”

I wish my mom would call me by my full first name, or at least Rich. Dad does, why can't she?

“I can't leave to pick up your aunt at the airport. Do me a favor, take the company pickup and pick her up.”

“Nope, not taking that piece of crap, I'll use my car. Can I have some gas money?”

Aunt Erica, I haven't seen her since I was ten. She left the Midwest to live in California when she married Uncle Kyle. I heard mom and dad talking about her divorce and what-not. Seems Uncle Kyle couldn't keep his hands off the young starlets that came into his office. Aunt Erica was moving back home. “Getting away from Hellywood.” That's what she told my mom and dad.

“Here, take this.”

Mom handed me a twenty and a business envelope with “E. Strom” written in big letters. “I'm sure she won't recognize you and you won't recognize her. Meet her at the baggage pickup, read the monitor, she is on flight # 5682. Call me if you need to.”

The drive to the airport was slightly over thirty minutes, less if I decided to push my Camaro a bit. The Camaro was a graduation gift from my parents. I've worked at Grandpa's John Deere Implement store since I was twelve. First I helped with the cleaning, now I am the small engine repair honcho. I have one other high school kid who works for me. When I go to college this fall, he fill in and work over the winter. Come summer, I will be back fixing small engines again.

I took the airport exit off the expressway, ten minutes later I parked in the short-term parking lot. Aunt Erica's flight would be landing in a few minutes, so I hurried to the baggage claim area. Another flight must have landed not long ago, the area was crowded. I sat down, I'm a people watcher when I have the opportunity. There were quite a few teenagers present, probably returning from a school trip. Some of the girls were kinda cute. The boys were acting like dorks as usual. I probably was the same when I was their age, not that I'm an old man at eighteen.

There were some pretty hot looking older women there also. One in particular caught my attention, nice legs with a short skirt. I'm six three, I felt she was too short for me, maybe five foot at the most. Nice face and body though. I wouldn't mind her being on top.

Soon the area was clear of people, the monitor showed the carousel would be used again for flight 5682. I would just sit and wait for Aunt Erica. As people filed in, I held up my envelope with her name on it. People came and people left with their baggage, no Aunt Erica. I was almost ready to call my mom, when I saw this tall woman approaching. OMG... this couldn't be my aunt, if she was, my eyeballs were in for a nice treat.

I held up the envelope, hoping she would see it. She did, and a big smile erupted on her face. My mind raced as it took in the vision of her. Nice, and I mean nice long legs. Boobs, boobs that were barely covered, her blouse was so deep cut. A tiny waist that flared out to gorgeous hips that were covered by short shorts. Aunt Erica had a figure that most women would kill to attain.

I felt a twinge in my dick. Down boy, this is your aunt, your Mom's sister. Hands off, don't even think about it.

“Hi, you must be Rich.” Even her voice made my cock twinge.

“Hi, Aunt Erica. You're right, I'm Richard.”

She sat down next to me. “The last time I saw you, you were so young. Now look at you, a handsome man, probably a lady-killer with those looks.”

“Thanks, Aunt Erica, but I don't think of myself that way. I'm just plain Richard.”

“Please, I want you to drop the “Aunt”, I'm not that much older than you. So, what should I call you? Richard? Rich? Richie?”

“Rich or Richard is fine. Mom still calls me Richie, that will probably last forever. Can I retrieve your baggage for you?”

Aunt Erica stood up and I followed her to the carousel. I hung back a bit so I could check out her ass, which I shouldn't have done. Now my dick was starting to stiffen. I looked away, this was not the time or place or the right person to be thinking of that way. This is my Mom's sister, my flesh and blood.

“Rich, Rich,” I heard my aunt call loudly.

I shook my head, clearing the cob-webs, “Sorry.”

“The big blue one there is mine and so is the red one.” She was pointing her finger, showing me which suitcases were hers.

I hoisted them off the carousel and sat them upright on the tile floor. Aunt Erica took one and I took the other. Aunt Erica followed me as we headed to the parking lot. I opened the trunk lid with my remote. My car trunk was empty so her bags had plenty of room. I closed the trunk lid and pressed the remote button, unlocking the doors. Being a nice gentleman, I held the door for my aunt. Once she was inside, I closed her door and entered through mine.

“Nice wheels, when did you get this?”

“Mom and Dad gave this to me as a graduation present.”

“I heard about how you work so hard at the store and still maintain high grades. Your mom and dad are very proud of you.”

“Thanks Aunt Erica, I try.”

“Erica,” she said, “Say it.”

“Erica,” I responded, kind of hesitantly.

“Say it again,” she ordered.




“See, it's not so hard to say. If you call me aunt again, I won't answer, maybe I'll be pissed.”

“Okay, okay... Erica it is.”

“Good... and thank you.”

I started up the engine and we headed home. Just to be funny, I punched the accelerator as we entered the freeway. The powerful engine forcing Erica back into her seat. I saw her hand grasping the door arm rest, her knuckles turning white. I glanced over and she had a slightly worried look on her face. Didn't make any difference, she was still beautiful. I slowed down and drove the speed limit the rest of the way home.

I pulled into the driveway, neither of my parent's cars were there, they must still be at work. I unloaded the suitcases and took them into the house. Erica followed me in.

“I'll take your bags to the guest room. Mom said you'd be staying there.”

“Thanks, Rich.”

Erica followed me as I took the first bag upstairs to her room. Erica stayed behind in the room when I went for the second bag. This bag was heavier than the first, I grunted as I lifted it up the stairs. When I walked into Erica's room I was surprised. I saw something I never expected, Erica was standing there in her bra and panties.

“You don't mind if I take a shower do you?”

I stood there staring, my mouth hung open. Erica smiled, like she knew what I was thinking.

“I'm probably a little more uninhibited than your parents, being a Cali girl now. I hope you don't mind.”

Mind, hell, most guys would have paid good money to see what I seeing.

“Ah, I d-d-don't,” I said with a stutter.

“Good,” she replied.

Erica walked away and into her ensuite bath. The image of her thong encased ass cheeks burned into my brain as she closed her bathroom door. I shook my head, trying to clear the fog. I had to get out of this room and fast.

Mom came home first. She pulled her car into the garage. I heard the door open. “Erica, Richie,” she called.

I walked into the kitchen and gave my mom a peck on the cheek. We both heard Erica, “Be right down.”

“I haven't seen your aunt since before her wedding. Did you recognize her?”

“Nope, I had no clue. I'm glad you made that envelope with her name. She didn't recognize me either.”

“Well, she is here now. Your father is stopping to pick up fried chicken for dinner. I don't have time to fix a meal now, today has been so busy at the store. Guess what, Dad sold one of those new tractors that costs over two hundred fifty thousand bucks. We will be going out Saturday night to celebrate. Don't let on that I told you.”

“I won't, wow, that's a real coup. Wouldn't it be nice if he could sell another this year?”

“Well, you remember Mr. Traxler, the man who owns that huge farm south of town? The farmer who grows radishes and other veggies. He seems very interested, here's hoping. His fields have been kind of wet and he needs treads on all his tractors. He told Dad that he will be in to see him next week. If one works out for him, he will be buying three more.”

I heard Erica coming down the stairs. She came into the kitchen. She was dressed rather conservatively in a blouse and jeans. She still looked good. Mom and Erica cried as they hugged each other. They had a lot of lost time to make up for.

“Damn, you look good,” Mom said. “Kyle is a fool.”

“Along with being a two-timing cheating asshole,” Erica retorted. “But this isn't about him. I've missed being back here. This is home to me.”

I left the kitchen and retreated to the family room. The gabbing and laughing that was going on in the kitchen was drowned out by the TV. I knew when dad came home. More laughing and screaming from the women. They all were in a good mood, including me. Having Erica here with us was going to be fun. I could see my mom was very happy.

“Richie, come and get it.”

It was time to eat.

~~ Four weeks later ~~

The store was busier than ever. Mom convinced Grandpa and Dad that she needed more help in the store. She hired and trained Erica to be her assistant and back-up.

Dad jokingly said, “I need to train her in sales, more farmers are coming into the store since she started working here.”

“I know,” I replied. “I've had a big increase in my area too. I hardly had any oil changes or mower blades to be sharpened before she arrived, now I'm swamped. I might have to hire a high schooler just for that.”

“You two stop it. She is a good worker, always has been. It's nice that I can work less now, besides you guys like those home-cooked meals for dinner.”

Mom was right as usual.

The month of August was turning out to be a hot one. I was using our pool every night. Mom and Dad left one Friday night with Grandma and Grandpa. There was a farm equipment show that they wanted to attend. That left Erica and I alone at work and at home.

Saturday was especially hot, the temperature topped 100 that day. That evening I was in the pool when Erica came out of the house. She was covered with the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. I could see her whole tit except for the nipple. It was covered with a tiny bit of white cloth, same for her bottom. Erica sat down in the lounge chair and was reading a magazine. I dove into the water and did some laps. I heard a splash, Erica had dove in also.

“Water feels good, doesn't it.” I stated. “We should do this every evening.”

“Sure does,” Erica said as she swam away.

I watched as she did laps, she was an excellent swimmer. After a few laps she swam over to me. We stayed up to our necks in the water.

“Do you want to race?” She asked me.

“Why not, I'll whip your butt.”

“You wish... ten laps, okay? And that's a bet, if I lose, you whip my butt.”

“What if I lose?” I asked.

“We'll see,” was all she said.

We lined up at the pool end. I said, “On three, we go. One... Two... Three!”

It was a race, Erica was a fast swimmer. I stayed with her until the ninth lap, when she started to pull away. She beat me by half the length of the pool. Without any effort she climbed out over the edge of the pool and walked back to her lounge chair. I watched as she toweled off and sat down. She picked her magazine up and started to read. I watched as she spread her legs somewhat. I moved so I could get a better view.

I was greeted with a fantastic view of her crotch. God bless whoever designed the thong. While I was gawking, Erica spread her legs more. I was looking at the nicest pussy I had ever seen.

I'm not a virgin, I've had my share of pussy. I gained a lot of knowledge from the school cum dump slut. I was a freshman and she was a senior. My sophomore year, I experienced eating my first pussy. I liked licking a girls pussy and did it many times. I always made the girl orgasm before I fucked her. Soon I had a reputation to uphold.

To my chagrin, Erica raised her magazine and looked me right in the eyes. I averted my eyes and dove under the water, I didn't see her laughing as I swam away

I continued to swim underwater until felt a tug on my leg. Erica had a good hold on my ankle. She stood up, dunking me under the water. I didn't have time to catch my breath and I fought to stand up. She let go of my ankle and I broke the surface taking in a deep breath. Erica was laughing as I spit out pool water.

“Fuck, you trying to drown me?” I muttered.

“I caught you looking at my pussy. Did you get a good look?”

My face turned red from embarrassment. That was the moment when she stood up, her top was missing. I was looking at the nicest, pointiest nipples, better than any of the photo shopped ones in magazines. I stared as usual for an eighteen year old guy. Then I watched as she reached down and removed her bikini bottom. She threw her top and bottom onto the pool deck. My dick started to get hard.

“I beat you fair and square when we raced. Now I want my reward. Drop your swim trunks.”

I guess I didn't move fast enough for her. Erica grabbed the waistband and my swimsuit was around my ankles. Her fingers surrounded my cock and she squeezed. Erica smiled as her fingers worked their way up and down my hardening cock. I kicked my swimsuit off my feet and left it on the pool bottom.

“My, what a nice dick you have, Richard. Do you mind if I play with it?”

I didn't say anything, I just groaned.

“I see, the cat has your tongue. Can I have your tongue?”

Erica still had a good grip on my cock as she maneuvered us to the edge of the pool. Thankfully we live out in the country and are surrounded by trees. I wouldn't want any neighbors to see me with my aunt's hand attached to my cock.

“Erica, I...”

“Shush, you owe me.”

Erica took my hand now, my cock was jutting out from my body. She watched as it swayed back and forth as we walked over to the chaise lounge. Erica laid back and spread her legs.

“Give me my reward now. You owe me.”

No kissing, no foreplay, no nothing, just get down there and eat her out. Which I did gladly. It took me a few minutes before I had her moaning and twisting under my tongue. Erica soon had her first orgasm. She held my head tight against her pussy as she come. I wasn't done yet, I wanted to do more, I wanted to feel her squirm on my fingers.

Erica relaxed her grip and I moved my face away. I inserted two fingers into her well lubricated vagina and between my tongue and fingers, she was coming again.

“Fuck, where did you learn to eat pussy like that? That is just the way I like it.”

“I'm not a virgin, you know. I've had my share of pussy.”

Erica stood up, picked up her bikini and walked toward the house. I dove into the pool and retrieved my swimsuit. I toweled off, picked up her towel and walked to the house. Erica was standing in the kitchen. “Are you hungry?”

I didn't hesitate, I turned her around, slapped her ass and chased her up the stairs. Erica headed straight for my bedroom. I picked her up and dropped her on top of my bedspread. I didn't care, I wanted some more of what I considered the best pussy of my life. My tongue was busy, my fingers were busy. She was tight and that was good. My cock is fairly thick and I wanted her to know she had a good one inside her when I fucked her.

“Oh, fuck... I'm coming.”

I worked her clit with my tongue and her pussy with my fingers. Her puss wet and slippery, it was time to bury my cock inside her. I moved upwards, Erica spread her legs wide, her hands behind her knees.

“Take it easy, it's been over a year.”

I didn't say a word, it wasn't time to talk, it was time to fuck. Her slit was wet and slippery, my cockhead slipped up and down. I pushed my cock head against her vagina's opening. The heat radiating from her pussy felt good, I wondered if she would be as hot inside. I rotated my hips forward, I could feel her pussy open as my cock head slipped inside. I was fucking my hot aunt, the thought made my cock swell with more blood. I was tight inside her, Erica pulled me down and kissed me. This was the first passionate kiss we shared. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Erica sucked in her breath when our pubic bones collided.

“Oh, fuck, you're tight in me,” she whispered. “I like your thick cock, now fuck me good and hard.”

That was all the encouragement that I needed. I had made her come more than once, now it was my turn. I pounded her pussy hard, taking long strokes that sent sensations throughout my body. It didn't take too long before I yelled, something that even I didn't understand, as my cock erupted with ropes of cum. I was filling my aunt's pussy with my youthful seed. My cock was throbbing inside her when she came again. Her legs were wrapped over mine as she thrust her pussy upward. I marveled at what an amazing fuck I was having. I was going to make sure I fucked this woman more.

My limp dick finally slipped out of what I would call a super pussy. Erica was the best piece of ass I had ever had. Little did I know what she had in store for me. She was going to make me the most fucked eighteen year old around.

Erica got up and went into the bathroom. I heard her flush the toilet, then wash her hands. I was laying on the bed, my limp dick in plain sight.

“I think I want that cock of yours again, only this time I want to swallow.”

I knew what she meant as soon as her lips surrounded my cock's head. Only one of my previous sexual encounters had swallowed my cum. Erica was going to be my second. Never in my lifetime had my cock come to a full erection so fast. Erica's tongue worked my cock, from tip to root. Her gentle but firm sucking brought me to my climax within minutes. I jerked as another load of my sperm filled cum splashed against Erica's tonsils. She swallowed as my cock pumped and throbbed. I felt her thumb rubbing up on the underside of my cock, trying to milk out the last of my sticky cum.

Erica let my now deflated cock fall. She moved up on the bed and laid on her side, putting her arm over me.

“Nephew, you have the nicest cock. Tell me, how did you learn to eat pussy and fuck like you do. No teenage girl would know that. Well, maybe she would after you were done with her. There has to be a story here and I want to know it.”

“Are you sure? It may be boring to you.”

“Honey, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know.”

“When I was sixteen I saw an ad for a leadership camp in Colorado. It showed these teens riding horses and having a good time. I read up on it and I thought I would like to go there. Mom and Dad were a little hesitant, but Grandpa thought it was a great idea. Consequently I was able to go. The first camp session was for boys only and the second session was for girls only.

I arrived there on June 15th for thirty days of camp. There were tons of activities for everyone. During the evening meals, a camp counselor would give a short spiel on an activity they were responsible for. Well there was this one lady, Mrs. Turner, who taught fly fishing. She told us about what we would learn if we took her class. She was very hot looking and a few of the boys signed up immediately. I didn't, but later that night I thought of Mrs Turner and I tried to imagine what she would look like naked. I signed up the next day. The class was for half a day and I was scheduled for an afternoon class in two days.

I met Mrs. Turner right after lunch, on my appointed day, and we headed out in her Kawasaki Mule. The trout stream was about two miles away. It was fun bouncing along on the trail. Mrs. Turner kept looking over at me and smiling. Now remember, I'm sixteen, Mrs. Turner had to be at least forty. I don't know why, but my testosterone laden body wanted to fuck her. I smiled back, always fighting a stiffy. Soon we were at the trout stream. Mrs. Turner was all business now, teaching me how to use a fly rod. Of course we did catch and release any fish we caught. After about an hour of intensive training, we heard a four-wheeler coming.

“That's Mr. Anderson, he comes by to check on us. He sees that we are okay so he won't be back until tomorrow.”

After he left, Mrs. Turner was a different person. She relaxed and joked around. I noticed that she was touching me more. A few times she let her hand rest on my forearm, longer than what would be considered appropriate. I had the distinct feeling she was flirting, so I flirted back. Mrs. Turner kept moving closer to me as she showed me fly casting tricks. She was looking up at me when I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips.

She pulled away, “What did you just do?”

“I kissed you because I wanted too.”

“I can get in trouble for that. I don't think you should do that again.”

That's when I put my arm around her and pulled to me, kissing her hard. She didn't resist me, so I French kissed her. She returned the favor, her tongue was in my mouth.

“Let's go back to the Mule,” she said.

I thought I was trouble now. We walked back and leaned our fly rods against the vehicle. Mrs. Turner opened a gym bag and took out some towels.

“These are in case someone falls down and gets wet,” she said. “Come with me.”

I followed her as she walked upriver away from the Mule. Soon we were hidden from view. She placed the towels on the ground and sat down on one. Mrs. Turner patted the other towel, she wanted me to sit next to her. As soon as my butt was on the towel, she pushed me backwards, kissing me as I lay there on my back. Her hand unzipped my fly and her hand was in my pants. She wrapped her fingers around my now hard cock.

“Damn, that's a nice dick you have, nice and fat. Do you want to play with my pussy?”

She unzipped her Levi's and pulled them off along with her panties.

“Do you want to learn how to make love to a woman?” She asked me. “I will teach you things those teen girls can't.”

Of course I said, “Yes”.

Mrs. Turner sat up, then swung her leg over my chest, straddling me. Her clit was a couple inches from my mouth.

“Lick my clit,” she said.

I did and I liked doing it. Mrs. Turner kept moving her pussy closer. The closer she came, the more I licked. Soon her pussy was over my face.

“Lick my slit and try to stick your tongue in my vagina.”

I did as I was told. Mrs. Turner's pussy was so wet. Her pussy was very warm also.

“You like eating my pussy don't you? Suck on my clit and tickle it with the tip of your tongue.”

I did and she started to moan. I sucked her clit hard, nipping it lightly with my teeth.

“You're catching on fast,” she said. “Keep it up and I will be coming soon.”

I liked hearing her say that. It made me work harder to make her have an orgasm.

“Oh, gawd,” she moaned.

Now Mrs. Turner was rubbing her crotch all over my face. My face was wet from my hairline to under my chin. I could feel her tense up as her orgasm overcame her. He vagina was over my mouth, so I stuck my tongue up into her as far as I could. She moaned louder and bent forward, catching herself on her hands.

“I'm going to fuck your brains out,” she moaned.

That was all she said as she slid down my body. I felt her hand take my cock and guided it into her wet and very hot pussy. Mrs. Turner sat upwards which sunk my cock all the way into her. It felt so good having her over me like that. Mrs. Turner was twisting her ass around and back and forth. My cock was overloaded with sensations. Then her pussy was going up and down on my cock. Faster and faster she moved until she had another orgasm. I could tell because she stopped and I could feel her pussy was clamped down on my cock.

She stayed that way for a few seconds before she said, “I want you to fuck me now.”

Mrs. Turner pulled off my cock and laid on her back.

“Come, fuck me missionary. I like it that way. I want to see your face the first time you come in me.”

She didn't need to ask twice. I was between her legs in a flash. Again she guided my cock into her vagina. Mrs. Turner's pussy was extremely wet and I slid in deep. Mrs. Turner pulled me tight against her chest and held me there. Her legs were over mine and she basically fucked me. I was held so the only part of me that could move was my hips. Soon her movements and mine were synchronized. We were fucking each other and it sure felt damn good.

Mrs. Turner was the first adult woman I had the pleasure of fucking. It didn't take more than a few minutes and my cock exploded. I rammed it home and held it deep inside her. Since I was being held against her chest to tight, she was not able to see my face. That didn't stop her pussy from milking every last drop of cum from me. When I pulled out, all I saw was a wrinkled shriveled up dick. Mrs. Turner was right, she had fucked my brains out.

Later on as I lay in my bed, I thought about what had happened earlier. It didn't bother me that Mrs. Turner was four years older than my mom. I kind of wondered if my mom was fucking my dad that good. Maybe that is why my dad is such a happy guy!

Mrs. Turner and I had another lesson the next day. Again we had another sexual encounter that was very satisfying to her and to me. That was the end of my fly casting lessons, but not the end of sex with Mrs. Turner. I sneaked out at night and met her at her cabin. She taught me how to please a woman and my brains were always fucked out by her. It was a sad night the last time we fucked. I promised her I would try to come back next year and I would fuck her the whole month.

She smiled and kissed me. “That would be nice, I'll be looking for you.”

Sadly I left her bed and went back to mine. It didn't work out and I wasn't able to return the next year, but I never forgot about Mrs. Turner or what she taught me.”

“That was not a boring story,” Erica said as she took my cock in her hand.

A few strokes later and I felt the blood rush back into my dick. I was ready to fuck my aunt again. Erica was insatiable. I was wondering if I could keep up with her sexual demands. I did my best and shot another load of my cum deep into her pussy. After I pulled out and just before I fell asleep, I wondered if Erica was on birth-control. It didn't matter to me that there were millions of my little sperm swimming around inside her. Each looking for her little egg that would tie her and I together for life.

I woke up, The sunshine flooding my bedroom. I looked to my side and saw Erica, flat on her back and nude, still asleep. I had a raging piss hardon, so I slipped out of bed and tip-toed off to the bathroom. I was lifting the toilet seat when I felt a arm around my waist and a hand on my cock. Erica directed my strong steady stream directly into the toilet bowl.

“Now that's what I call taking a piss,” I joked.

“And that is what I call an excellent fucking cock. Let me pee and then we can start out our day with great bang.”

'Bang' of course meant a great fuck. Erica and I spent the next hour having sex again. Between all the pussy eating, cock sucking, and fucking, I was getting hungry and a little pooped out.

“How about a break and let's eat some breakfast,” I said. “I don't think I can keep this up without some food and drink.”

“Oh, is my little hot pussy making your big dick tired?”

Erica hopped out of bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Since she was nude, I followed her, nude also. I sat at the table and looked at Erica. I couldn't believe my luck, she was the best aunt any nephew could ask for. I watched her body as she cooked us breakfast. I studied her closely and saw how really good she was put together. I had to agree with my mother, Kyle was a fool. My dick was starting to recover as a plate full of food was set before me.

Erica sat across from me and we watched each other eat. There were quite a few smiles exchanged between us. I think we both were thinking of the same thing.

“Ready to fuck again?” She asked.

“Couldn't have said it better,” I replied.

I pushed my chair back and stood up. My cock was hard and sticking straight out from my body. I took Erica's hand and led her into the family room. I sat down on the loveseat and pulled her to me. She positioned her knees on each side of me as my cock slid back into her hot and very wet pussy.

Erica fucked me again until she cum. I watched her body shiver and shake as her orgasm overcame her. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as her pussy clamped onto my cock. My climax was rushing through me as I held her down tight. My cock was totally surrounded by Erica's pussy when rope after rope of my cum splashed deep up inside her.

We stayed in this position for what seemed like hours, kissing and hugging. When Erica finally lifted her pussy off me, my limp, wet wrinkled dick fell onto my stomach. A gush of girl cum, boy cum and girl juices splashed from her pussy. I was wet and the leather covered cushion of the loveseat caught the rest. Erica held her hand in her crotch as she walked to the bathroom. There was a rivulet of my cum running down the inside of her thigh.

I got up and went into the bathroom, Erica was sitting on the toilet, wiping her thigh with toilet paper.

“You sure dropped a load in me that time. I love it and I hope you never run out of cum.”

I tipped her head up and gave her a nice juicy French kiss.

“I hope you never stop making love to me,” I replied.

Erica and I cleaned up my bedroom and aired it out. It really smelled of sex and I'm sure my mom would have known what Erica and I were up to. With fresh washed sheets it smelled like fabric softener again. I went downstairs and cleaned up the loveseat.

After a light lunch, Erica wanted to go swimming again. I figured my parents would be coming home soon and I agreed. Erica brought different bikinis for me to look at. She wanted me to pick out one that I thought my mom would approve of. I picked out a nice one that wasn't over the line conservative. Erica changed into it in my room. I really loved to see Erica nude, I think it fed my ego that I could have such a gorgeous female in my bed.

We swam a few laps and horsed around in the pool. The day was hot and the pool was refreshing. We were relaxing in the custom built cabana when my parents came home. They came out to the pool to see us. Erica waved to them, inviting them to come over to us.

“You two look refreshed,” my mom said. “Did you have fun this weekend?”

Erica answered before I could. “It was a great weekend. We both busted our butts at the store Saturday and then we relaxed in the pool. Between TV, eating and sleeping, it's been a fun time. Why don't you and Dean change into swimsuits and join us here.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” my dad replied. C'mon Abby let's go change.”

Erica jumped up, “Dean you go up and change, Abby you come with me.”

I stayed in the cabana and waited. Dad came back first and dove in the deep end of the pool. He swam over to where I was sitting. “C'mon in son, I'll race you a few laps while we wait for your mother.”

“Your on,” I quipped. I knew I could beat my dad. I dove in, five laps. Okay?

We lined up and took off. Dad kept up with me until the last lap, then he pulled ahead of me. I couldn't let him beat me, so I dug deep. I caught up with him, but we both slapped the wall at the same time. We had tied.

“I need to rest,” dad panted.

He got out of the pool and sat in the cabana. I lay back and floated, looking at the bright blue sky. I was daydreaming when I heard a wolf whistle. I looked up and saw my mom and Erica walking towards the pool. Erica was in the same bikini she had on before, but my mom was in a bikini also. I've seen my mom in shorts, tight jeans, and figure hugging clothes, but never in a bikini. All I can say is my mom looked so hot. Mom's tummy was tight, her tits were round and her nipples were still pointing straight out. Her thighs were tight and slim. Mom was looking damn good for a forty year old woman. Erica is twenty-nine, but mom didn't look much older than her.

Dad was standing up staring at mom. I'm pretty sure he liked what he was looking at.

“Turn around Honey, let me see what a beautiful sexy wife I have.”

I watched my mother turn. Now Aunt Erica has a great ass, but my mom has a fabulous ass. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Dad picked her up and jumped into the pool with her in his arms. They come up sputtering and laughing. I jumped in and Erica was right behind me. We watched as my parents played with each other, splashing and dunking themselves. I had never seen them so happy and playful, they were having fun.

The afternoon wore on as we all enjoyed each others company. Mom was up on dad's shoulders and Erica on mine as we played Chicken Fight. Mom knocked Erica for a loop and we lost the first game. The second game went more my way when Erica was able to pull mom off dad's shoulders. The third game was all out war. The two sisters battled away until Erica accidentally pulled my mom's bikini top off. It was the first time I saw my mom's tits naked. They were beautiful. The sudden exposure to air made her areola's scrunch up, her large nipples protruding outwards. The women were still fighting, but all I saw was these fabulous breasts bouncing back and forth, up and down.

My dad was laughing so hard he had a hard time standing up. Mom made a last ditch effort to dump Erica off my shoulders. Mom slipped off of dad, on her way down she made a grab at Erica and the two of them fell in the water. Mom came up first, holding Erica's top in her hand. She raised it high above her head, then threw it onto the lawn.

Both women were now topless, their breasts floating in the water.

“C'mon ladies, stand up and let's see whatcha got.” My dad was egging them on.

“Won't bother me,” Erica said as she stood up. Her breasts pointy, her nipples hard. “C'mon chicken Abby, you too good to stand up and show your titties?”

“Yah, Abby, don't be a chicken, show them knockers. Show Erica how much nicer your tits are than hers.” I think my dad was enjoying Erica's tits and wanted to see moms too.

Mom started to stand up, then sunk back down into the water.

“Rickie's here, I don't want to be nude in front of our son.”

“Shit Abby, he sucked on them for the first two years of his life, now you are embarrassed?”

Mom looked at me, looked at dad, then looked at Erica. Erica's boobs standing proud on her chest. Mom slowly stood up. The moment her nipples cleared the water, a cool breeze swept across the pool. I watched stunned as the most perfect nipples on earth grew hard and taut. The two sisters stood next to each other. It was easy for dad and I to compare the two women. Mom won hands down, Aunt Erica was one hot lady, but my mom was the winner between the two.

Now the ladies started playing together, splashing and dunking each other. I moved over by dad and we watched them together.

“Crazy sisters aren't they?” Dad asked me. “I've never seen your mom have so much fun. I didn't believe she would go topless, ever. I think Erica is a good influence on her.”

“I think Erica is good for her. She has been happier since she started working for mom. Mom was working way to hard. You knew it, and Grandpa and Grandma knew it. Mom is the best, for you and for me.”

I watched as mom picked Erica up and threw her back into the water. Erica didn't come back up. Mom was looking down into the water searching for her. Mom screamed as Erica came up, she flipped my mom's bottoms up on the grass. My mom was now naked in the pool. I dove under and opened my eyes. I saw a neatly trimmed pussy bush. Mom moved sideways, her legs opened and I saw her pussy lips. Erica's and mom's pussies looked like twins. I looked away and came up for air, my cock was starting to get hard. I swam over to Erica and hid behind her. She pushed her butt back and felt my hardon.

She turned and whispered, “Abby's pretty damn hot, isn't she? I can't blame you for getting hard.”

“My hardon is for you, not my mom,” I lied.

“That may be,” she whispered. “But she is nude and I'm not. She gave you a hardon and you don't like the idea. Admit it, your mom is one hot babe, if she wasn't your mom you would fuck her.”

I looked away, this conversation was going where I would never want a conversation to go.

“I'm going up to the house and change,” I announced loudly.

I walked over to the stairs and left the pool, my hardon had all but disappeared. I picked up my mom's bikini and handed it to her. I handed Erica her top also. Mom, dad and Erica exited the pool and walked towards the house. Dad had his arm around my naked mother.

“I'll make dinner,” Erica said. “You two take your time getting ready. It will take me awhile.”

Mom and dad closed their bedroom door. I headed upstairs, for once glad that the master suite was on the first floor. Erica was right behind me. She followed me into my room.

“Drop the trunks, buddy. I'll suck you off before you get blue balls.”

Erica was on her knees before me, her fingers pulled my swim trunks down around my ankles. Her hands felt hot on my cock, her lips felt hotter. Three minutes later, my cock was spurting my cum down Erica's throat. She swallowed every drop, then milked more out. She stuck out her tongue and I saw my milky white cum resting on her pink tongue. She made a big production of swallowing the last bit.

I took a quick shower, dressed and went downstairs. I heard muffled sounds coming from my parents room. The sounds were unmistakable, mom and dad were getting it on. Erica came downstairs and stood next to me listening.

“Sounds like your parents are getting in a good fuck before dinner.”

It was then that I heard my mother, “I'm going to cum, fuck me hard, pound my pussy hard Dean.”

I was headed for the kitchen when I heard my father groan. I knew that sound, he was dropping a load of his cum in my mother.

I sat at the kitchen table and watched Erica cook dinner. My eyes pretty much lingering on her derriere. My cock twinged when I thought about how I would be getting another piece of ass from her.


The summer drew to an end. The college I attended was located close by, only fifty miles away. I came home every other weekend with a basket full of laundry. Sundays became a ritual for Erica and I. Mom and dad would leave around 8:30 in the morning for church. A half hour or so later I was balls deep in Erica's pussy. This is how it went my freshman year.

I worked the summer at the dealership again. Dad moved me from small engine repair to being a diesel mechanic assistant. Basically I was a gopher, go for this, go for that. I figured my dad was prepping me to take over the business some day.

My sophomore year was pretty much a repeat of my freshman year. Erica and I spent our Sunday mornings in my bed. We never tired of having sex with each other. There was an unspoken rule between us, no outside partners while we were together. I didn't want another woman and she didn't want another man.

It was the summer between my junior and senior years that I overheard Erica in a very serious conversation with my mom. Erica was now thirty-one and she was concerned about her biological clock running out. Mom scoffed at that idea. It was then that the truth came out, Erica wanted to have a child. They talked for awhile. At one point Erica said, “No, I don't want a husband. I'm happy without one.”

Senior year was easy for me. I had completed my degree requirements during the fall semester. I could have graduated mid-year, but mom and dad wanted me to graduate with my class. I came home for spring break. On the first Sunday morning I expected Erica to come bouncing into my room for a morning of sex. She came into my room alright, but she wanted to talk.

“I have something to ask you, but first let me tell you about what has been on my mind the past two years.”

Erica went on to tell me how she wanted a baby. We talked about the effect a baby may have on her work. Erica had sensible answer for each problem I could think of. I came to the conclusion that Erica had spent a lot of time and forethought on the baby subject.

When she was done talking. I said, “There are resources that you can use to get pregnant. I know you know that, but I had to say something.”

Erica kissed me, a nice loving kiss.

“That's why I'm want you to be the father of my baby. I don't want some anonymous donor. I want to know all about my baby's father. There is no better man on this planet than you. Will you please consider it?”

I was taken back by her request. Never had I thought that Erica would want me to knock her up.

“Before I answer, I want you to answer a few questions of mine. Will my name be on the baby's birth certificate? Will I have a say in picking the baby's name? And the biggest question of all. How involved will you let me be with the baby?”

“If you want your name on the birth certificate, okay, I'll just hide it away from your parents. You and I will pick the baby names together. I don't have any favorites. You can be as involved with the baby as you allow yourself to be. I'm hoping you will be very involved. I love you Richard. I've shown that love to you for years now.”

“I know Erica, I love you too. There hasn't been another woman in my life since I picked you up at the airport.”

We were sitting on the edge of the bed. I put my arms around Erica and kissed her. I wanted to kiss her more passionately. “Scoot up on the bed,” I said as I stood up.

Erica was wearing a babydoll kimono with nothing else. She lay on her back, giving me access to her whole body. I kissed her again, her arms were wrapped around me as our tongues fought with each other. My cock was rising to the occasion as I untied the belt holding her kimono together. I broke out of our kiss. Erica's eyes were closed as my lips brushed against her taut nipples. I sucked each in turn and nipped each one before kissing down Erica's smooth belly. I stopped at the top of her landing strip. I flared my nostrils as I drank in the sweet smell of her nether region.

As I moved between Erica's legs, she spread them wide. I took my thumbs and forefingers, placing them on her labia. With a slight outward pressure, her slit opened from her clit to her vagina. My tongue teased her from top to bottom. Erica started to moan, she had told me many times how she enjoyed having oral sex with me. She told me again as my tongue tip flicked her clit. Her little man in the boat was wet and hard. Tenderly my lips surrounded her clit and I sucked lightly. Erica moaned again. I love eating this woman's pussy, she is so into it.

“Fuck me Rich, I need your cock inside me.”

I moved up her body, holding myself above her with one arm as I rubbed my cock up and down her now very wet slit. Erica's labia were now a deep pink they were so swollen with blood. In this swollen state her vagina entrance was open. She was ready for my cock.

“Tell me, when did you stop taking your birth-control?” I asked.

“About two months ago,” she replied.

I thrust my hips forward, half of my cock was buried inside Erica. Erica was looking up into my eyes as she smiled. I thrust again and our pelvic regions collided. When I'm deep in her like I was, she always holds her legs up by her knees. This position rotates her pelvis upwards allowing for deeper penetration. I started to fuck her hard now. I wanted to cum, I wanted to cum bad.

“Fuck me baby,” Erica cooed. “Your thick cock feels so good so deep in me.”

I was building for my climax. With a growl I slammed my cock deep and held it there as I pumped my cum. Rope after rope escaped my cock and pooled deep in Erica. For some reason my cock was throbbing harder than normal. Erica was squeezing her pussy muscles holding my cock tight inside. With one final grunt I collapsed on her chest.

“Was it a good one, baby?”

“It was the best one so far and I'll tell you why. That is my answer to your question. Yes, I'll be your baby's daddy.”

Erica screamed with delight, hugging and kissing me all over my face. I had never seen her this excited.

“Can you cum again, fuck me again, right now.”

I was still deep inside her, but my cock was still semi-hard. A few pumps into her now very wet pussy and I was ready to go. Erica had two orgasms while I fucked her hard. Erica was fucking me back as hard as she could. She wanted to be pregnant and she chose me to impregnate her. The thought of me breeding Erica brought on another mind blowing climax for me. I stayed deep and pumped more of my sperm into her receptive pussy.

When I was done I raised up and off of her. Erica didn't move, she stayed flat on her back.

“Helping my little swimmers along?”

“Yes, I want the little buggers to do their job.”

I had to pee so I got up and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and returned to my bedroom. Erica was still on her back like she had been when I left her.

“How long are you going to stay like that?” I asked her.

“I'm done,” she said as she lowered her legs.

Erica stretched, her long lithe body gracing my bed. She didn't make any move to get up.

“I suppose I better get up. Abby and Dean will be home soon. Do you want to take a quick shower with me?”

“I'm ready, let's go.”

Erica and I were sitting and watching a DVD when my parents came home. Mom wanted to go out for dinner and dad agreed. Erica fixed a light lunch of salad and fruit. That would have to do until the evening.

Mom and Erica talked most of the afternoon away. Dad and I finished a movie, well I finished a movie, dad fell asleep.

My spring break was over and I returned to school. I came home twice before graduation. Erica had her period after spring break, so she wasn't pregnant yet. We tried every chance we got.

I was home, about a month after graduation, when Erica pulled me aside at the store.

“I think we are pregnant,” she whispered excitedly. “I'm two weeks late. I have a pregnancy test at home. Before we go to bed let's check. I'll pee on the stick and then we'll check together.”

I smiled a big smile. “So, I've knocked my little woman up.”

“We'll see, tonight.” Erica gave me a light peck on the cheek.

The rest of the day dragged for me. I'm sure it dragged for Erica also. Mom had dinner ready when we came home. After dinner Erica wanted to go shopping. She asked me if I would take her to the mall. I told her sure and we left. Erica didn't shut up for a second on our way to the mall. She was yakking away about the future of our baby. Of how her and I would be the best parents any child could wish for. The part about me being included made me very happy. Erica would make a good mom and I wanted to be a good dad.

Erica spent the evening going to every store that had maternity clothes. Then we had to visit the baby furniture store. I said to Erica, “I better sell a couple of those expensive tractors to buy all this stuff.”

“No silly, I've been saving my money and I have quite a nice nest egg for our baby. Now let's go home and see if we can sneak in some sex tonight after the test.”

I practically had Erica running back to the car. Sex was all that was on my mind. I needed her for a good fuck and she knew it.

Mom and dad called it a night not long after we returned home. Erica and I took care of a few personal chores we each had. At ten-thirty Erica came into my bedroom with her pregnancy test kit. We went into my bathroom and she peed on the stick. We both looked away as we waited. This was the longest three minutes of my life.

Erica looked at me. “Ready to look? On three.”

“One, two, three.”

We turned and faced each other. I mouthed, “I love you.” Erica responded with a whispered, “I love you too.”

Then we both looked at the window of the pregnancy stick. There was a big plus sign! Erica grabbed my face and started kissing me all over. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. We were both so happy. The sex that night was so intimate and fulfilling. We were extra quiet because my parents were downstairs.

The next two months were very busy for Erica. She told my mom and dad about her being pregnant. They had already noticed because she would rush into that bathroom and heave her guts. Mom was like a helicopter mother, watching over Erica. They had good times shopping. Erica would always show me the new maternity outfits she had bought.

Erica was five months along. We were both sitting on the couch watching a movie. Mom came into the family room and sat down in the loveseat. Dad was a minute behind her and sat down next to her. They both sat there and looked at Erica and me.

“What?” I asked. I could see they wanted to talk.

“Well, now that you should ask,” Dad began. “What's going on between you two. It's very obvious to Mom and I that you two have some kind of relationship established. You two have been pretty cozy since Erica moved back here from California. But now that she is pregnant, you two are almost acting like your married. What's up?”

Mom was more direct, “You are the father of her baby. I just know it and I'm right. Right?”

“Yes he is,” it was Erica who responded. “I asked him and after much discussion he said he would be honored to be my baby's daddy. It didn't take him long to make me pregnant.”

Mom and Dad both sat there for a few seconds, they weren't angry and that was a good sign.

Mom spoke up first, I think she was trying to be funny. “Turkey baster or the good old fashioned way?”

Erica burst out laughing. “If you're asking did he fuck my brains out, yes he did. Many times.”

I could read my mom, she was okay with it. Dad I wasn't sure about. Mom started telling Erica how the two of them would be working on setting up a nursery. I looked at dad and he tilted his head, like, “Let's get out of here.” He stood up and I followed him outside. He sat on the porch swing and patted the seat next to him. I sat down.

“I'm not pissed or anything about you and Erica. Hell if I were you, I'd be banging the shit out of her too. I know it's none of my business, but how involved are you two?”

“Very involved, Dad. I love her as a woman and she loves me as a man. If we didn't there would have not been a pregnancy. We also planned on telling you and mom, we just didn't know when.”

“Are you going to tell Grandma and Grandpa? I think you should since they would like to know. Our family has been reduced to just us four along with my folks. That's six people, we will keep this under-wraps and no one will be the wiser. Erica knows how to answer the nosy ones who pry. Now, let's go back in and join them.”

I thought, “My dad is pretty cool.” I said, “Thanks Dad for being so understanding. You and Mom are the best. I love you both.”

Back in the house we heard the women upstairs. I walked up the stairs to see what was going on. Dad must have gone into the den to read.

Mom and Erica were in what I called the guest bedroom. That is where Erica has been staying since she came here. Our house is was custom designed by Mom with the help of an architect. Downstairs Mom and Dad have a Master Suite. Upstairs we have two Junior Suites and one bedroom with a en-suite bath. The bedroom is mine. I walked toward the guest bedroom but stopped short when I heard Mom say, “Rich can move in with you tonight. It makes no sense that you and he stay alone in separate bedrooms. And don't worry, a bomb could go off up here and Dean and I would never hear it.”

So, Mom and Erica had my life all planned out already.

The next Sunday, Mom put on a big feed for the family. Grandma and Grandpa were there. Erica could still wear a loose blouse, but she was getting a little puffy. When it was time I told Grandma and Grandpa about Erica and our baby.

Grandpa was totally clueless, but Grandma said, “I knew it all along. Don't you two think you pulled the wool over my eyes. Two months after you landed back here I could see the love passing back and forth between you. Congratulations on being pregnant. You two will be good parents and I love you both. Wilbur, don't you have something to say?”

Grandpa said, “Congratulations, now Grandma and I have something to say. We have been keeping this on the back burner until you graduated college. Now it is time to let the family know what we are up to. Do you want to tell them or should I, Grandma?”

“You tell them Grandpa.”

“Well, you know Grandma and I have been pretty much tied to this area with the farm and then the dealership. Things have been going real well for us. We put a bunch of cash away and we think it is time to start spending it. As of right now, we are retired. We bought as motor coach and we will be bumming from state to state in it. The only state we can't drive to is Hawaii and we plan on taking a cruise there.

Robby Jackson has drawn up all the papers to transfer all our properties to you and Abby. Of course you don't get it all for free, there is a monthly stipend that Grandma and I get. We can't live on love you know. And we get to live in our house until we're gone. Dean, you just move on up and take my job. Richie, you take over from your Dad. I have the greatest confidence that you two will take the business to new heights. Did I say it right, Grandma?”

“Couldn't have said it better myself.”

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. My life was sure turning out great. I grabbed Erica and gave her a big hug and kiss. “We are the luckiest people on the planet, baby. The luckiest.”


Abby Dean Wilcox was born March 23rd. She weighed in at eight pounds, ten ounces. She was twenty inches long. Mother and daughter are doing fine.


Abby D. Wilcox is nine months old. Her mama and daddy are expecting David Richard Wilcox to be born in early February.


So ends the story of Aunt Erica and her nephew Richard. I like to daydream that they lived happily ever after.



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