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Beth Visits her Uncle for the Summer II

Beth Visits her Uncle for the Summer II

Beth and Jason continue their relationship

Jason woke up with a splitting headache. He vaguely remembered drinking a whole bottle of wine last night. That was very out of character for him. He mind reached back to last night, and then he remembered. He had sex with his sixteen year old niece!

She had gone out of her way to tease him, and she had known how to show off her tight teenage body. He realized that no, it wasn't all his fault, but then again, he was supposed to be the adult here. He wondered how was he going to handle this. He figured the best way was to be honest, apologize, and never ever let anything inappropriate happen again with his niece.

Jason managed to drag himself into the shower. The spray relaxed his muscles, and allowed his mind to think back to the events of the night before. He remembered how she had looked in her swim suit. He remembered seeing how Beth had pleasured herself in the shower, and how he lost control when she came into the kitchen. He remembered how he had undressed her, tasted her pussy, and how it had felt to have his cock in her tight little pussy. As he was thinking about this, his cock went from flaccid to steel. Once he came to his senses, he felt ashamed of himself. He was determined to stay the course and behave.

He felt much better after drying off and changing. The smell of freshly brewed coffee made its way to him. He figured that Beth must already be up. He made his way to the kitchen, looking forward to coffee, and apologizing to Beth. They had the whole summer ahead of them, and he needed to make things right. He was afraid she would resent him. They way he saw it, he took advantage of this sweet girl, the niece he knew and loved.

When he turned the corner into the kitchen, Beth greeted him with a tender kiss on the lips, and handed him a mug of coffee. She was dressed in a tight cotton top and shorts.

"Good morning Uncle Jason! Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did. Thanks for asking. How did you sleep?"

"I slept great! After the way you made me feel last night, I was so relaxed. I never experienced anything like it. I can't wait for more!" Beth answered.

"There's not going to be more, Beth. What I did was wrong. I took advantage of you. I'm so sorry I did that to you. I feel a tremendous guilt. I'm your uncle, and your mother entrusted you to me, and I let both of you down."

Even as he was saying this, Beth noticed her uncle's eyes wandering over her. She wanted more of what they had last night. She remembered him as she was growing up. He had always shown affection for her, and she had felt the same way. However, this feeling was totally different. She desired him in a way she had never felt before. Last night, she discovered a new sexual awareness, and she wanted to explore more. Beth walked up to her uncle, and lightly stroked his bare arm with her fingers.

"Uncle Jason, you didn't take advantage of me. When I was younger, I loved you as an uncle, but I felt a really strong attraction to you ever since you met us at the airport. I don't know what came over me, but I know I teased you a lot."

She could see the growing bulge pressing through his shorts. Her hand dropped from his arm to rub over his hardening cock.

Jason moaned, "Beth, don't do this," but even as he spoke the words, he knew he couldn't resist his niece.

Beth knelt before him, and pulled his shorts down. She took his cock in her hand, rubbed it over her face, and moaned with desire. As her hand slowly stroked his shaft, she licked over the slit at the tip of the head. Jason leaned back against the counter. He shakily put his coffee mug down, and gripped the edge with both hands. Jason looked down to see Beth licking over his cock. She looked up at him, and as their eyes met, she parted her lips and took him into her mouth. Her sparkling blue eyes never left his.

She swirled her tongue around and around the tip, before taking him fully. She could feel his cock press against the back of her throat. She had to resist the urge to gag. Her saliva dribbled down her chin. Her free hand slid into the front of her own shorts, and over her dripping pussy. Beth circled her clit with her wet fingers. Her excitement increased when she tasted the salty pre cum leaking out of her Uncle Jason's cock. She was close.

When Jason saw Beth masturbating as she sucked his cock, he lost all control. He took her head in his hands, and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. He felt, as much as he saw, Beth convulse as she climaxed. As much as he tried to hold off, Jason couldn't last any longer. He erupted in her mouth, shooting jets of hot, sticky, white cum over her tongue and against the back of her throat. Beth sucked the last drops of cum from his cock as he softened in her mouth. Jason bent over, and lifted his niece up. She rested her head against his chest.

"Beth, that felt amazing. I can't seem to be able to resist you. You are incredibly sexy."

Beth smiled, "I feel the same way about you, Uncle Jason. We have two months together. Let's make the most of it."

After a late breakfast, they went into the small town nearby. There were many tourist type attracions, and Beth wanted to explore them all. Jason was amused at seeing Beth excited by everything she saw. At times, she reminded him of the younger girl he knew years ago, but most of the time, he saw her as a blossoming woman. They held hands as they strolled through the town, and Jason couldn't help but wonder what people thought. He was twelve years older than Beth, after all. In the end, he really didn't care. Let them wonder.

They spent all day together. They really did get along well, and they were truly very fond of one another. It reminded Jason of how things were in years past. They had a lot of fun, and laughed a lot. There was also an enormous sexual spark between them, but for now, they were just enjoying the day.

After a late dinner at a local restaurant, they headed home. Once they got in the house, Jason pulled Beth to him and hugged her tightly. He really liked the way she leaned into him. He put a hand on her cheek, leaned down and kissed her full, sweet lips.

"We've had a long day Beth. I'm going to shower and crash. Feel free to watch TV, go for a swim or whatever you feel like doing."

Beth moved close, leaned up, and kissed him hard.

"Night, Uncle Jason. Thanks for a fantastic day."

As the shower water was cascading down on him, he relived the past two days in his mind. He finally accepted the fact that he and his niece were sexually active together, and that's the way it was going to be for the summer. There were worse things in life than having sex with a beautiful, blonde, sexy, sixteen year old girl.

Jason dried off, and walked from the en suite to his room. There was Beth, in his bed. The sheets were pulled down enough to reveal her bare breasts. He imagined the rest of her was naked too.

"I hope you don't mind, Uncle Jason, I was getting lonely."

Jason dropped the towel on the floor. He hungrily eyed his niece, and climbed into the bed with her. His mouth immediately went to her luscious breasts. His lips and tongue pulled at, and swirled around one nipple, and then the other.

Beth had her fingers in his hair, moaning with pleasure. She felt his hand slide down her belly to her waiting pussy. She could tell she was already getting wet. When her Uncle Jason began sliding his fingers between her lips, she felt rush of sexual energy pulse through her body. She unconsciously raised her hips to his hand, and a soft pout escaped her.

"Uncle Jason, that feels so good."

As much as he loved sucking on her breasts, he just had to taste her again. He slid down between her legs to kiss the inside of her thighs. His fingers probed at her opening. Finally, Jason slid his tongue up, through her slit. He breathed in the musky sent emanating from her, and the taste of her on his lips matched the smell exactly. His tongue flicked up to toy with her engorged clit. Jason didn't want her to climax yet, so he nibbled and licked around, rather than directly on it. He felt Beth pressing her hips up to his mouth.

"Don't tease me Uncle Jason. I want to come!" she cried.

When he stopped, Beth felt the ache of wanting, as never before. She had been so close to coming. She looked at him with pleading eyes.

He huskily said, "Beth, move over onto your hands and knees."

Although she was puzzled by his request, she readily complied. She trusted him completely.

Jason moved behind his niece. He positioned the head of his cock at her opening, and pressed in. He could feel himself being greeted by the warmth of her pussy. She was so tight, but that was to be expected from someone of her age. Slowly, he pressed in until she was able to take him in his entirety. He placed his hands on her hips, to help control their movements, and slowly pulled back a few inches, and then in again.

Beth felt so full, it was almost overwhelming. She lowered her head to the bed to try to maximize his penetration. She could feel her sensitive nipples drag on the bed every time he thrust. Her hands held the sheets in a vice like grip, and her breathing quickened.

"Don't stop, Uncle Jason. Please, don't stop!"

Jason quickened his pace, and increased the intensity of his thrusts. He was pounding into her. The bed was rocking against the wall. He heard Beth cry out in a muffled scream as she climaxed hard. With one last hard drive, Jason exploded, filling her with spurt after spurt of his creamy seed. He saw a drop of perspiration fall onto the small of her back. He was totally spent.

He collapsed onto the bed next to Beth. She snuggled next to him with her head resting in the crook of his shoulder. Jason leaned to kiss her softly on the lips.

"Uncle Jason, do you mind if I sleep here tonight?"

Rather than answer, he pulled her tightly to him, and reached to pull the covers over them.


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