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Beth Visits Her Uncle For The Summer III

Beth Visits Her Uncle For The Summer III

The sex just keeps getting better.

When Jason woke, he was initially confused by the arm draped over him from behind. It only took a few seconds for him to realize that the arm belonged to Beth, his 16 year old niece. 

Prior to this week, they hadn't seen each other for 5 years. That was when he moved to California. Before then, though, they had been close. He had taken her out on many adventures as she was growing up. There was only a twelve year difference in age between them, because Jason was ten years younger than Heather. Heather was Beth's mother and his sister. Heather had called Jason at the last minute, asking him to take care of Beth for the summer while she and her husband were in Europe on business. He had been reluctant to take care of a sixteen year old girl, but he hadn't been able to refuse his sister. She had sounded desperate. Besides, he had fond memories of Beth from years past and he was anxious to rekindle their relationship as niece and uncle.

Over the past couple of days, though, as well as getting to know each other again, he and Beth had developed a sexual relationship. It wasn't something Jason had planned on. If someone had even suggested the possibility, he would have dismissed the idea as ludicrous. Now, though, he accepted the fact that there was no way he could resist her, nor did he want to any longer.

He slipped out of bed without waking Beth and headed to the shower. His morning wood bobbed up and down as he walked. If she was awake, he had no doubt she would want to make love. She had a healthy sex drive, not that he minded.

The warm shower felt good. As he was toweling off, he heard the phone ring from the other room, followed by Beth answering.

"Hi, Mom! Where are you and Dad now?"

"No, it's great here. Uncle Jason and I went into town for the day yesterday. We had a really nice time. He's a pretty cool uncle."

"Sure, one sec."

Beth called out, "Uncle Jason, my Mom wants to talk to you!"

Jason walked into the bedroom and took the phone from Beth. He couldn't help but notice that even after just waking up, she looked beautiful. It didn't hurt that she was naked either.

"Hi Heather, how are things in Europe?"

"Great to hear. No, she's no trouble at all. She's a really good kid, and we're getting along great."

As Jason was talking to his sister, Beth came over and fondled his cock, which didn't take long to harden. He had to remove her hand though. The last thing he needed was for his sister to hear him moaning on the phone and correctly assuming he was having inappropriate contact with her daughter.

"No, nothing I can't handle. Don't worry about anything. We are all good here."

"Love you too. Bye sis."

After he hung up, Beth giggled and said, "Nothing you can't handle?"

Jason swatted her on her cute behind. "Go clean up. I'll start the coffee."

When Beth came into the kitchen she asked, "Uncle Jason, do you think I could go shopping today? I need some clothes and stuff."

After breakfast and some discussion, they agreed that Jason would drop her off at the mall, do some grocery shopping, and then come back for her in a few hours. Beth was excited to be out on her own, and she had a few ideas she wanted to explore. She wanted to surprise her uncle.

Jason dropped her off at the mall. He watched her from his car as she walked towards the entrance. He admired the way her jeans hugged her tight ass. Once she was out of sight, he drove off to finish his errands.

Beth wandered the mall. Her uncle gave her one of his credit cards to shop with. He was so sweet. She picked up some additional clothes to help her through the summer, including shorts, tops, and underwear. When choosing bras and panties, she was more picky than usual. Normally, she didn't worry about anyone seeing her in them, but now she picked out ones that she thought were more sexy looking. As she went from one end of the mall to the other, she came across a Victoria Secret store. She entered, excited to see what she could find. She picked out a lacy babydoll outfit with matching panties and also a plunging teddy. Her stomach fluttered, when she thought about how her uncle was going to react when he saw her in them. She put the Victoria Secret bag in one of the others, so Uncle Jason wouldn't see it. It was definitely going to be a surprise.

Just as she was leaving the store, her phone rang. It was her uncle and he was just pulling in to pick her up. It only took a few minutes and she met him at the car. He had a huge smile as she climbed in.

"What's so funny Uncle Jason?"

"Nothing is funny. I'm just happy to see my sexy niece," he replied.

Beth grinned, leaned over the console, and kissed him passionately.

With her lips close to his, she softly said, "I like making you happy, Uncle Jason, and I'll do anything to make you feel that way."

Jason thought to himself, "How does a sixteen-year-old girl know how to be so sexy? Maybe it just comes naturally to her."

He put the car in gear and they headed home. Once there, Beth helped Jason unload the car and put the groceries away. Then she went up to her room to put her things away too.

Jason fired up the grill on the back patio and put two fresh steaks on. He enjoyed grilling, especially with a beer in his hand. It wasn't long before Beth appeared. She had on a new, yellow bikini and it showed off her body well. Before walking to the pool, she came to Jason for a kiss, which he was happy to provide. He offered her a drink from his bottle. She took the bottle, seductively ran her tongue around the opening while looking up at him, took a sip, and then handed the bottle back.

"Thanks, Uncle Jason," she said. She then turned, walked to the pool, and dove in.

Jason looked at the beer bottle and finished it off.

After the steaks were done, he quickly prepared a salad. The baked potatoes were ready by then too. He called Beth in for dinner. He had the lights dimmed and candles on the table. He was famished and ready for food.

When Beth came in, she said, "Wow, Uncle Jason, this looks so romantic."

"I wanted to have a special dinner with my niece. We really haven't had a good sit down meal since your mom left. I hope you like it."

They sat at the table and started in on the food. The steaks were done to perfection. During the meal, Jason kept glancing over to his niece. She was still in her bikini and he could see her nipples through her skimpy top. He was really looking forward to making love with her again. As Jason thought about her, he could feel his semi rigid cock pressing against his shorts. He had to squirm a bit to position himself to be more comfortable.

Even though she had a smaller portion, Beth couldn't finish her meal. It was delicious, but she kept thinking about her uncle. He was movie star handsome and he treated her like a princess. He was also a fantastic lover. The last part is what she was really thinking about right then. She could feel his glances towards her. Finally, she decided to look towards him and their eyes met.

Jason reached for Beth's hand, pushed his chair back a bit, and pulled her over to sit on his lap. Her bikini was still a little wet, but he didn't care in the least. He pressed his mouth to her full, pouty lips and kissed her deeply. Their tongues swirled together, circling around each other. Jason's hand was drawn to her breasts. They were so ripe and full. He pulled and played with her nipples through her flimsy top, causing her to moan in his mouth. She felt his hard cock under her ass, and squirmed in his lap, grinding down against it.

"Beth, I want you so much. Why don't you dry off and meet me in my room." Jason said softly.

"I want you too, Uncle Jason. I won't be long."

Beth rushed to her room, where she removed the babydoll outfit from her drawer and laid it out on the bed. She removed her bikini and examined herself in the full-length mirror. She liked what she saw. Her breasts were full, yet perky. The aerola surrounding her nipples were the perfect size and the color complemented her skin color. What she didn't like were the tan lines she was developing. She made a mental note to do some topless sun bathing over the next few days. 

She went into the adjoining bathroom to brush her teeth and hair. When she was ready, she dressed in the babydoll with matching panties. Once again, she examined herself in the full-length mirror. The material was so sheer, it didn't leave much to the imagination. She was excited to see how her uncle liked it.

Jason had to put a few things away in the fridge before heading up to his room. He half expected to see his niece in his bed when he walked in, but she wasn't there yet. He quickly stripped to his underwear and brushed his teeth. As he walked back into the bedroom, Beth walked in the door. Jason stopped dead in his tracks. She looked like a model out of a lingerie magazine. Her silky blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders. The lingerie didn't hide much of anything. He could see her body partially beneath the silky covering and she was gorgeous.

"Beth, you look stunning. Wow, you are so beautiful and sexy as hell."

"I'm glad you like this, Uncle Jason. I bought it for you."

Jason moved to her, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her. Beth kissed him back hard and reached between them to stroke his cock though his underwear. Jason ran his hands down her back, grasping her cheeks, and squeezing them.

Beth moaned, "Uncle Jason, I need you to fuck me. I'm so horny."

Jason scooped his niece up in his arms and carried her to his bed. He stripped out of his underwear before climbing in beside her. They wrapped their arms around each other and resumed kissing passionately.

Beth felt empowered by her sexy outfit. She kicked out of her panties, knelt beside her uncle, and took his cock in her hand. She blew gently over the tip before licking all over the head and down the shaft. Once his cock was wet from her saliva, she took him in her mouth. Her hand stroked his shaft, as her head bobbed up and down.

Beth decided she had to have his cock inside her. She straddled Jason and bunched her babydoll up around her waist. She rocked her hips forward and backward while pressing his cock against her pussy with her hand. She felt the head pushing up against her clit every time she rocked forward. Finally, she positioned Jason's cock at the entrance of her pussy and lowered herself down onto it. She felt her uncle's cock stretch her, giving her the full feeling she loved. As she moved up and down on his cock, Jason could see his shaft fold her labia in and out. Her hand dropped down to rub her clit in circles with her finger. After a minute, she could feel the pressure of an orgasm building within her.

Jason placed his hands on each side of her waist. He needed to have this girl. He began driving up, thrusting his throbbing cock up and in as hard as he could. His eyes were locked on his niece's face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. He could hear wet slapping sounds as she bounced up and down on his cock.

"Oh God, Uncle Jason. Make me come, I'm gonna come!" squealed Beth.

Suddenly, she cried out as she exploded with pleasure. He felt her juices gush and flow out over him, coating the base of his cock, and running down over his balls. Her finger stopped circling and pressed in against her clit. She was quivering all over in ecstasy.

Jason's hard cock was embedded deep in his niece's pussy. He could feel her muscles contracting around his cock, much like little fingers squeezing up and down the length. He couldn't resist the urge to start thrusting again. He reached up to pinch her nipples through the thin material covering them. She was so wet, he was losing some of the sensation of resistance. This cause him to ram up harder and deeper inside her.

Beth again screamed, as another orgasm overtook her. Her muscles clenched tight and finally, Jason grunted, letting loose a torrent of thick, white cream into her.

Finally, she collapsed down, laying over her uncle, his slowley softening cock still in her.

"Uncle Jason," Beth purred, "I have never come like that before in my life."

Jason smiled, and said, "Mmmmmmm Beth, I'll do my best to make you say that again."





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