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Brother loves baby sister.

It takes a bit to get into, but I swear you'll like it. :)
"Hey Melissa." Blake said as Jace's little sister walked down the stairs. He smiled at her, but Melissa ignored him thinking it was a trick he was going to play on her.

Blake turned his head around to look the young girl up and down. Her tight black jeans hugged every curve of her legs and hips. Her tight tank top relaxed on her C cupped breasts, almost fully exposed because she had her blond hair tied into a pony tail.

"What the hell do you think you're looking at!?" Jace slammed his friends shoulder with his fist.

"What?" He squirmed facing Jace. "She's gotten hot over the last few years!" Jace slugged his friend again and pointed at the movie they had playing.

"Would you guys like some sodas?" Liss called from the kitchen.

"Yeah." The boys both answered her. "Coke please!" Jace shouted to her. Melissa sashayed over into the living room. She bent down setting the cold sodas on the coffee table, allowing her shirt to fall an inch or two.

Blake's eyes narrowed onto her breasts making him want her badly. "Sit with me." Blake said pulling her down next to him. Jace clenched his fist and bit his lip to hold back his anger. "So..." He said letting his hand stretch around her shoulder. "You're older now. What would you say to a date Friday night?"

Before Melissa could answer, Jace yanked his friend up and shoved him toward the door. "We have to go." He pressed his hand against Blake's back and pushed him reassuring him his baby sister wouldn't be able to object.

Growing madder by the minute Melissa decided to talk to her brother about who she could and could not date. She opened her door and walked a few steps. Raising her hand to knock she heard something, Jace saying something. She pressed her ear against the door and heard what sounded like her name.

"Jace." She said opening the door. Her eyes grew wide and she was stunned at what she saw. Her brothers rippling abs flexing as his arms moved. Jace's shorts and boxers were around his ankles and his hands were rubbing his manhood. Eyes closed he moaned out her name again.

"Melissa..." Suddenly his eyes opened and he screamed.

"WHAT THE HELL! GO AWAY!" But Melissa was to stunned to move. He jerked up his pants and rushed toward her. He slammed her against the wall. "Don't you have any sense of privacy!?"

A few moments of silence ticked by as Liss analyzed what she had just seen. "What were you saying?" She questioned... But he couldn't answer her... he knew she had heard. "You said my name.... didn't you?" Still nothing...

"You weren’t supposed to see or HEAR any of that. So just forget it." He said shoving her out the door.

A light bulb clicked, "That's why you didn't want me to date Blake, isn't it!?" Melissa freaked. "You want me all to yourself!!" She chuckled.

"I don't want you. He's just not good for you, plus you're only 16 years old." He bellowed.

Liss didn't understand why but that first sentence he said was like a stab to her heart. He doesn't want me...? She fumbled with the though. Tears started filling her eyes before she spoke. Choking back the pain. "I'm almost 17!! Plus you were just saying my name, that means you want me." She proclaimed.

"That's not true Melissa." He said shoving her against the wall again. "It doesn't mean anything and never will." His face was centimeters from hers. He was mad and scared all at the same time.

"So you don't want me?" Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried not to let it effect her.

Jace's brows raised, surprised by the pain she felt. "Even if I did it's incest. Mom and dad would kill us!" His body was pressed against hers, but neither of them minded.

"Who said they would have to know. They'll be gone for another week and a half." Melissa pushed.

"Wait..." Jace looked deep into his baby sisters eyes. He saw her pleading for him, and he knew his eyes giving away the same feelings. "You want me too?"

"Ha! I knew it you do want me!" Liss smiled. She let her arms creep around her brothers neck and hold to him tight.

"Maybe..." His lips curled upward. His arms tightened around her back and he lifted her up to his face. His lips crushed hard onto hers and they slowly kissed. Taking a breath they looked at each other wanting more. Their mouths opened and they tilted their heads. The open mouths locked together and tongues tangled. Breathing heavily they tightened their grips on each other, kissing with more heat.


They laid on Jace's bed so close they could feel each others body heat. Liss was laying on her back, head turned to face her loving brother. He was on his side, his arm resting on her stomach and the hand resting on the boob farthest from him. His other arm was propping up his head enabling him to stare at her.

His fingers played with her right nipple as it pressed through her shirt from the cool air. Her eyes closed and she felt pleasured as chills rushed around her body. His hand fumbled its way down her shirt and trailed it back up with his hand.

Her bare breasts were large and succulent. His large palm groped her firm tits. Looking at her face Jace squeezed harder knowing his baby sister was getting off. Which also made him rock hard. He took his other hand and conquered her other breast.

Lowering his head his lips met the hard nipple. He swirled tongue around it, still playing with her other boob. Clenching his teeth down a bit, he left a bite mark on her. His mouth got almost all of her tit inside and he pulled up leaving her nipple clenched between his teeth. Melissa moaned and ruffled her hands in his hair, pulling it.

He swung his leg to the other side of his sibling and straddled on top of her. She moaned happy to have her body taken over. Slowly he traced his hand down to her shorts. He slid his hand into her shorts and rubbed her love button through the thin fabric of her panties.

She moaned loudly, and he slid both bottoms off. "Jace." Leaning down Jace's lips brushed his sisters skin. He sucked hard on her neck leaving a ripe hickey on her pale skin. Her moaning made Jace finger her faster while his thumb played with her love button.

Ready to go Melissa yanked her brothers pants off and rubbed her hand up and down his rigid manhood. It was long and thick, making Melissa's pussy lips starve and drip wet. Jace forced his tongue down her throat and started humping her like a madman.

"Jace... please..." Liss moaned. She could feel his rigid hard cock rubbing up and down her sensitive button. She moaned louder, her hips thrusting back and forth. "Jace."

"Shhh baby girl." He whispered. Suddenly Melissa felt her lips spread and the head of her brother enter her warm moist womanhood. A slight moan escaped Melissa's lips and Jace pressed in farther.

His hips rocketed back and forth forcing his penis up into his little sisters G spot. Melissa couldn’t hold it back, she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Jace, Jace, brother... oh god, yes right there!!" She moaned in ecstasy. Her brother and obeyed pounding into his fragile baby sister.

With an idea Jace pulled out and propped the girl on her knees. His hands rubbed circles on her firm supple ass. Pressing his fingers inside the crack of her rear he spread the warm cheeks. “What are you do….” Melissa started to say.

“Shut up!” Jace said. “Just don’t worry.” He calmed down and focused on her butt again. He place the head of his dick in front and began to slide it up and in. But his sister’s loud screams of pain made him take it out.

“Please don’t Jace, please.” She begged. Rolling his eyes he pushed her onto her back and crammed his penis back into her tight pussy. Her pussy was like wet silk covering every inch of his 7 inch cock. Thrusting his hips in he said, “I’m about to cum sis.”

“Cum inside me brother!” She moaned. Liss’s fingers went wild on her love button. She moaned and her legs wrapped tighter around his waste. “Oh brother, cum inside me! I want your sum inside my pussy!” She yelled.

Jace’s penis grew a little more and he felt it coming. With one last pump he came inside Melissa’s tight twat. Jace grabbed her face and pulled her up to him cramming his mouth against hers.

"That was amazing." She kissed his arm as he collapsed beside her. He held her tight and wrapped her in the blanket. "Good night sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning." He whispered in her ear.

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