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Brotherly Love Part 2

Brotherly Love Part 2

Benny Pops His Brother's Cherry

After spending several days at my brother Benny’s place following our disastrous two-day vacation on an island that we got chased off due to a hurricane, I rekindled my love for cock, and, my love for my brother’s cock every day without my wife ever being the wiser.  Benny had asked my wife if it was ok if the two of us went on a fishing trip together and of course my wife eagerly said, “yes!” 

I know my wife would be happy to have the house to herself for a week and Benny, of course, would be happy to have me to himself!  I, on the other hand, had plans to expose my cross-dressing fetish to my brother and have unfettered access to his delicious cock. 

Two days after we returned home, I made a trip to Wal-Mart and headed right for the ladies lingerie department.  I was nervous as hell thinking someone I knew would notice me, so I made my way through the department as quickly as I could.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew the size as well. 

I found a very sexy set of lace thong panties and a matching bra that I knew would look great on me.  I then grabbed a pair of black thigh-highs with a sexy lace topping and headed for the self-serve checkout. 

There were two people in line ahead of me, so I tucked my selections against my chest hoping to hide my little secret until it was my turn to checkout.  I quickly activated the register and then swiped my first item. Nothing.  Then I swiped it again.  Still nothing.  So, I swiped it again, and again, and again until a woman stepped behind me and said, “here honey, let me help you”.

She stepped along side me, took the sexy pair of lace thongs in her hand, looked up at me inquisitively before smiling and then entering the SKU number on the tag and ringing it up.  Then she asked me to see what else I had and offered to ring them up as well.  To say I was embarrassed would have been an understatement.  I knew damn well that this woman knew these garments were intended for me. 

She held the lace bra up in the air as if she were measuring against my body then rang it up too.  Finally, she took the lace thigh-highs and rang them up before wishing me a fun evening with a great big smile.  My face was as red as a fire truck.  I thanked her, grabbed my bag and literally ran out of the store but was stopped by the greeter who asked to see my receipt and then checked to make sure all the items in my bag were indeed paid for.  Could I get any redder?  I doubt it. 

I finally made it to my car where I composed myself before driving home.  I tucked my purchase away in the same place I hide my black dildo, fag mags, and crossdressing flicks and went about my daily routines.  The excitement at Wal-Mart and the anticipation of my fishing trip with my brother Benny were making me horny.  I was walking around with a semi-hardon throughout the day and my wife noticed it.  She grabbed my crotch and said, “Momma got you all excited big boy?”  before burying her tongue between my lips. 

Next thing you know, she was sitting on the edge of the kitchen chair with my dick between her lips and I’m living vicariously through her sucking action.  My wife had no problem swallowing everything I had to offer, working her lips around the base of my cock and tickling the underside with her tongue.  Before long I swelled up to my maximum girth and shot my load of cum down her throat.

  She swallowed it all without hesitation before pulling off and remarking how hard I got and how much cum I had shot down her throat.  She giggled and wondered if I was taking one of those male enhancing drugs before kissing the head of my cock and placing it back in my pants.  Visions of me doing the same to Benny danced through my head for the rest of the day!

Between the time we returned home and my scheduled fishing trip with Benny, I got daily text messages from him eluding to what we were going to do when I finally arrived at the cabin along with pictures of his cock in various stages of arousal.  Needless to say, I remained horny for his cock and filled with anticipation. Time seemed to drag on until the week finally arrived. 

I packed my boy clothes, some snacks, a couple of bottles of whisky, my fishing tackle, and slipped into my lace panties, bra, and stockings under my clothes.  I was terrified that my wife might notice but I checked every angle in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.  My long gym pants hid my stockings and panties and my dark t-shirt hid my lace bra. 

I gathered all my stuff in the drive and was cautious about how I bent over.  I didn’t want my lace thong poking out the top of my pants, at least not until I got to the cabin where it would be just Benny and me!  Benny pulled up in his truck with the boat in tow and I turned to kiss my wife goodbye.  She ran her hands over the small of my back and then down my buns.  I almost froze thinking she might discover what I had underneath but thankfully her hands missed it all.  Benny grabbed my stuffed, loaded it in the truck and boat and off we went! 

We were barely off the street when Benny reached over to my leg and rubbed it while looking me in the eyes and said, “did you miss me bro?” with a big smile on this face.

My thong started to tent because I knew what Benny was really asking.

“You know I did, Benny,” I said before reaching over to his crotch and rubbing the growing bulge between his legs. 

As I rubbed, the bulge just got bigger until it felt like it was ready to rip the fabric holding it back. 

“Go ahead Marti, take what you want.  Make your brother happy again,” Benny said with a smile. 

I reached up to the top of his pants and pulled the fabric down allowing me access to his big fat cock.  I reached inside, grabbed his cock and balls and let them spring free.  His balls hung heavy on his pants while his cock stood straight up.  I held it at its base and shook it feeling its weight. 

My mouth was watering in anticipation, but I hesitated for a moment realizing I was still in my neighborhood. What if a neighbor happened to see me go down?  What if neighbor pulled up alongside of us just as I was rising up after I had finished him off?  The lure of his cock was too much to resist so down my head went.

I made love to my brother’s cock, licking and sucking on his cum-filled balls, licking his big fat shaft, and sucking the head paying special attention to the uber sensitive underside.  I moaned and groaned and made sure my licking and sucking sounds were as loud as possible. It was almost as if I wanted the neighbors to know exactly what I was doing. 

I lost track of time and direction while I did, and I sucked my brother’s cock for what seemed like an eternity until he placed his right hand on the top of my head and started to piston his big thick cock down my throat.  I knew my reward was only moments away and boy did I ever get rewarded!  He shot so much cum that some of it flowed down his cock and across his big balls.  I swallowed as much as I could before licking the remainder off his cock and balls. 

Benny released the pressure of his hand against my head and I slowly rose.  As I did, he increased the pressure against the back of my head and pulled me towards him.  Before I knew what was happening, he had his tongue buried between my lips and was kissing me like I kissed my wife.  It was a short kiss, but a kiss none the less and he finished it by rubbing my head and saying, “That’s my girl!” with a smile and returned to driving. 

I wasn’t sure how to take that as I’ve never kissed a guy before but then, I did just suck his cock and therefore in a weird way, it seemed kind of normal.  I got lost in my thoughts as Benny talked about this and that throughout the remainder of the drive as if we were normal brothers just catching up with one another. 

I was awakened from my thoughts by the ding of a text message coming from my wife. I opened it up and inside it was a picture of my gym bag sitting in the driveway with the comment, “You forgot something honey – want me to bring it up?”  Oh shit, I thought. 

I showed the message to Benny and gave me a shit eating grin and said, “sorry bro,” but said I didn’t have anything to worry about because he had plenty of clothes for me. I responded back to my wife and told her not to worry, Benny had clothes to share with me. 

We arrived at our secluded cabin, emptied the truck and prepared the boat for fishing.  We loaded up the cooler, headed out to the lake and spent the remainder of the day fishing.  We did quite well and had some of our catch for dinner that night.  After dinner, I headed to the shower to wash the day away.  I stepped out of the shower, dried off, and then went to reach for my clothes but they were no longer on the floor where I dropped them. 

“Benny, what the fuck did you do with my clothes, bro?” I yelled.

“I threw them in the wash to get the fish smell off them.  There’s a suitcase on your bed with plenty of clothes for you to choose from.  Find what makes you happy and hurry up!  I want to get this movie started!’ he replied. 

And then it just hit me.  Not only did he grab my pants, shirt, and socks, but he also grabbed my lace panties, stockings, and bra!  Fuck me! I thought.  I was going to surprise him, but I guess it’ was too late to do that now!  I turned fifty shades of red before hanging my towel up and walked naked to my room. 

On my bed, as described, was a suitcase sitting by itself.  I popped both latches and opened it up and just about fainted when I saw what was inside.  The suitcase was filled with everything girly and frilly.  Satin panties, sheer babydoll nighties, see-through bras, stockings, garter belt, daisy duke shorts, crop tops, a hot pink string bikini, and a bunch of makeup!

My little femcock started to rise at all the lovely girly things in front of me.  Since it was the end of the day, I reached for the see-through baby doll nightie and slipped it over my head.  I grabbed the makeup bag and a stick of pink glitter lipstick.  I put it on and made sure it was perfect before turning and heading out to the living room.  I stopped at the opening of the room, femcock pointing straight up until my brother looked over and acknowledged me with a smile.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Oh, I just knew bro.  Anyone who likes cock as much as you do with a tiny cock as small as yours isn’t just a cocksucker, he’s got to be a closet sissy crossdresser too!  Plus, sis told me how she caught you wearing her panties when you were a teenager so that helped too.  You look much better in that outfit than my wife did,” he said with a grin.

I realized then, that all those pretty things belong to his recently passed wife.  It caused me to shudder thinking that she wore every one of those pieces of clothing and must have had plenty of sex with Benny in all of them. That was my job now and I was going to do my best to make sure Benny didn’t miss the presence of a woman while we were on this trip together. 

“And since you will be wearing her stuff instead of your own all week long, I can’t keep calling you bro, I have to give you a proper female name.  How about Connie?  Yeah, that will work. Connie my favorite cunt and cocksucker,” he said. 

My femcock bounced when he said “cocksucker” and I liked the name, Connie.  That is who I will be from now on when I’m with him, unless of course if my wife is around and then I’ve got to return to Marti, I thought.

“Come on over here, Connie.  Benny needs some loving honey,” Benny said patting his lap. 

I walked over towards Benny with all the sexiness I could muster, feeling the silky see-through fabric sway with my movement and feeling my femcock bounce with excitement.  I stood in front of Benny letting him soak my presence in before he reached up and grabbed both of my hands and pulled me down on his lap.  I could feel his growing manhood press about my small ball sack and smell his manhood as he looked me in the eyes. 

He reached up with his right hand, placed it behind my head, and pulled me into him, piercing my lips with his tongue and French kissing me like I’m sure he did his wife. He pushed his hips against me harder and I pressed my back into him.  He began a slow but deliberate humping of my bottom as he continued to French kiss me.  He rubbed my breasts through the silky material and pinched my nipples.  I’m sure I was leaking pre-cum on him by now. 

Much to my disappointment, he broke his kiss before declaring that he needed another drink and asking me to retrieve one for him.  Of course, it was my pleasure and I dismounted his lap and headed to the bar making sure to wiggle my hips and ass all the way there.  Damn, I was feeling sexy right now!  I returned with his drink, handed it to him, and noticed his cock was sticking out the top of his pants.  I immediately dropped to my knees and did what I do best – sucked his cock like no other woman ever sucked it before. 

I knew he was enjoying it by the sounds he was making, the hardness of his cock, and the thrusting of his hips.  I could do this all day long but apparently tonight, he had something else in mind.  He gently pushed my head away from his cock and stood up, stepping over me and behind me.  He swiveled me around, pressed my head down towards the ground which caused my ass to rise in front of him.  I felt the cool breeze of the cabin against my exposed bottom.  He rubbed his hard wet cock up and down my bottom before placing it at my opening. I couldn’t believe what was happening and thought my heart was going to burst of out my chest with excitement. 

I lowered my head, even more, creating better access for my brother.  He took the tip of his large hard head and pressed in more firmly against my opening.  I exhaled and tried to relax like I’ve never been relaxed before and with that, I felt his head penetrate my opening.  This was my first time ever taking a cock in my cunt and I was becoming his woman!

I continued focusing on my breathing and relaxing as much as I could.  He pulled back ever so slightly before pushing his cock in even further.  He repeated this pattern until I felt his hips pressed against my ass and his cock buried as far as it could go.  I couldn’t believe I took his entire cock but I did. 

Benny grabbed my hips and slowly pulled his cock in and out of my cunt, slowly at first, with very short strokes, and then increasingly more aggressive all the way in and out.  I bounced my ass up and down on his cock like a bitch in heat repeatedly telling him to, “Fuck me! Fuck me like the sissy I am!” 

“Damn, I haven’t had a pussy this tight in years”, Benny exclaimed as his cum-filled balls spanked my balls with every stroke.

“It feels good to be fucked with a man-sized cock doesn’t it whore?  I bet you’ve dreamed of this moment ever since you slipped my cock between your lips years ago didn’t you slut?  Sucking dick and satisfying men is what sissies like you were built for!  I’m really surprised it took you so long to give up your pussy to me.  Don’t you wish you had done this a lot sooner Connie my little cock whore?”

My brother’s words were making my body quiver and my femcock drip with excitement.  He increased the pace of his in and out rhythm burying his cock all the way in and then attempting to push it even further at one point.  My limp femcock spewed what little cream I had in me and I shouted out with joy as I was cumming like a woman right now.  I humped Benny’s cock for all I was worth.  I wanted this climax to last as long as it could be and then I wanted to feel Benny empty his load into my cunt. 

“Look at you, go girl.  You just came with my cock in your cunt and now you want more don’t you my little she-brother?” Benny asked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I replied, “make me your woman Benny, use me like the whore I am,” I said.

“Turn around and tell me to my face while I fuck you, Connie,” Benne said.

I kept humping his dick and turned to repeat myself, but my face went white when I turned to see him recording everything we were doing!

“Fuck me,” I said turning my head away from the camera.

With that, Benny’s cock exploded in my cunt and I came again from the humiliation of being recorded and the pleasure of being fucked for the very first time.  Benny kept pumping his dick in and out of me until he started to go limp.  He pulled his cock out and I felt his semen flow out of my man pussy.  As it did, he reached up and rubbed it all over my femcock and balls declaring that he had marked me and I was his from now on!

Benny and I took a shower together and he treated me like his lady.  Soaping me up, rubbing his body next to mine, kissing me on the neck and lips and generally keeping the two of us in a state of arousal.  We dried off together and I slipped into a silky camisole with matching panties and then we cuddled in the corner of the couch with drinks. 

I asked him why he recorded us and he said because every woman wants to remember her first time and it was his insurance plan.  If I didn’t do as he asked, he could always share it with my wife and friends.  Those words scared me and excited me. I was his now and we had six more days of “fishing” together.

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