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Clarissa’s Tale

This is my tale of how my relationship with my father changed from norm to sexual.

This is my tale of how my relationship with my father took an unexpected, or maybe it was expected, turn from what I guess is the normal parent/child relationship to a taboo, incestuous one when I was sixteen. I guess I should start with a little back history.

First, my name is Clarissa and most of my life I’ve been pretty shy. My mother’s name was Caralynn and she died when I was eight due to complications of my little brother’s birth. My parents had already been divorced two years when she passed away. She was pregnant by her new boyfriend and Calvin went to live with his dad while I was sent to live with my father Jared. I should probably mention my dad has an older son, my brother Jared Jr. or Jay as we call him, but he was already out on his own and not important to this story.

Anyways my tale starts out pretty normally. My dad and I had a pretty normal father/daughter relationship. He wasn’t very strict, as long as I stayed on the honor roll could pretty much get anything I wanted within reason. I wasn’t too social in high school, like I said I’ve always been shy, but I was on the dance team and my best friend was a cheerleader so I was kind of popular by association. My dad let me go to parties as long as I didn’t come home at an unreasonable hour and let me drink wine or margaritas as long as I was in the house. Like I said he was pretty lax about most things but otherwise a normal dad who dotted on his “Sweetness” as he’s called me since I can remember.

We’d play cards together or watch sports, they’re not really my thing but I loved spending time with my dad like the typical Daddy’s girl, and I suppose I spent a little more time with him than most teenage daughters spend with their fathers because my mom was here one day and gone the next; I think I just didn’t take my surviving parent for granted.

I supposed the shift in our relationship happened about eight years after I came to live with him. I went from a skinny 32 B to a curvy 36 D practically overnight. I mean I’d always had a bit of a butt but now everything else seemed to fill out with the same thickness. I’d always felt kind of plain despite the fact I was multiracial and had somehow ended up with green eyes, my mother was black and Filipino while my dad was white, but suddenly I didn’t feel plain anymore. I finally felt exotic and I found that I was getting more and more attention from the male population which I loved but I also felt my father distancing himself from me. He suddenly didn’t want me to sit on his lap anymore or sleep in his bed during thunderstorms, which totally freak me out. He kept telling me I was becoming a woman and was starting to really look like one now, but honestly I wanted to stay my daddy’s little girl forever. After all, he was all I had left.

Anyways, over the next year I found myself getting increasingly hornier. I was dating but I’d never let myself go further than kissing, it just didn’t feel right but after a good make out session I’d always end up coming home and masturbating. I thought about sex all the time, kind of the way they say men do and I began to notice every time I was around a handsome man my pussy would start to get wet, even around my dad. He’s about six foot and muscular, with dark brown hair and green eyes like my own. At first I felt disgusted with myself for my body’s response to my own father but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from playing with my virgin pussy, pumping my fingers in and out of my tight hole wishing it was Daddy’s cock. The more and more I kept fantasizing about him, the more I began to wonder if he ever thought of me that way and I became determined to find out.

I started dressing sexier and sexier around the house. I wore a lot of short shorts with thongs so he’d see the bottom of my ass cheeks hanging out whenever I moved and t-shirts with no bra so he could see my almost always hard nipples. I also found any reason to hug him and was happy when I was rewarded with feeling his hardened member against me. It made me even hornier, if that was possible, and now every time I played with my pussy I thought of my strong father and what that hard lump in his pants looked like uncovered.

I began to play games with him like grabbing his remote and forcing him to chase me for it. It was a late Friday night when my tempting him finally produced the results I wanted. He was sitting back in his recliner in just some pajama bottoms and I snuck up behind him and grabbed the remote for the third time that night, changed the channel and laughed.

“Sweetness,” he huffed like he was annoyed but the smile in his eyes let me know he was the opposite of upset, not to mention the way his eyes seemed to linger on the way my t-shirt hugged my full breasts. “I’m not in the mood for this right now. Turn the channel back.”

“Not unless you come get the remote,” I replied with an impish smile as I felt my nipples tighten and harden at the attention. “Come on Daddy, if you win this time I won’t do it again.”

I guess that was enough for him because he got up to chase me around the room. I was wearing a sort-of see through white t-shirt that came down mid-thigh and panties, no bra as usual. After a few laps around the den through the kitchen and back again to the den, he grabbed me from behind. I felt how hard he was against my ass and made sure to struggle around so I could arouse him even more as I rotated my ass back and forth against his erection. My dad is ticklish so I tickled his side enough to turn around and pull back, sending us both falling to the floor against the bearskin rug that lay in front of the den’s fireplace. I lay on my back, holding the remote above my head as he leaned over me to grab it. He finally reached for it, hovering over me, and that’s when I clutched my legs around his waist in a fake effort to stop him from getting the remote.

“No, stop!” I said as he began to pry it from my hand before I rotated my pelvis upwards and brushed against his swollen cock.

I heard him intake a sharp breath so I did it again. This time he let out a small groan you could tell he was trying not to let out so I squeezed my legs around him tighter and continuously rubbed my panty clad pussy against his pants covered erection, moaning loudly in pleasure and relief I’d finally gotten this far after a year of trying. I think he was shocked at first as he froze, his eyes looking down into mine and I continued to hump against him lewdly but then he began to pump his pelvis towards me and I slid my legs further up, opening myself wider as we dry humped each other; the remote long forgotten.

“Daddy, oooh…” I moaned.

“Oh babygirl,” Jared said as he continued to grind his dick against my pussy through the two thin pieces of material separating our sex organs. “I’ve been fighting this for so long but you want it, don’t you Sweetness? You’re horny for Daddy, aren’t you little girl? Uh…does Daddy make your pussy wet?”

“Mmm yes Daddy,” I said as I let out a long mewl. “You always make my pussy wet Daddy. It’s so wet but so empty… I’m dripping Daddy and I need…” I let out another deep moan as he slid his covered erection up my slit.

He bent his head down to kiss my lips, his tongue dipping inside to taste his little girl’s mouth for the very first time. “What do you need baby?” he asked against my lips before he pulled back and looked down into my green eyes. “Do you need Daddy’s big cock in his little girl’s pussy? Do you need Daddy to fuck you?” He stopped humping me and stood up, pushing his pajama pants down and releasing his enormous, thick ten inch dick, its mushroom shaped head red and pulsing with need.

“Yes,” I said as I stared at the monstrosity between my father’s legs, my pussy seeming to flood at the sight of it. I was sure at this point my panties were so wet you could’ve rung them out. “Please…” I pulled off my t-shirt, revealing my huge tits; my nipples looked like hardened erasers.

“Yes what?” my father asked me as his eyes raked over my almost naked body in blatant appreciation. “Please what Sweetness?”

“Yes Daddy I need your big cock in my little pussy,” I said before leaning back and taking off my soaked panties, revealing my wet bald pussy to him, opening my legs to show him just how drenched I really was for him. “Please, fuck me Daddy,” I let out a moan as my hand slid down my slickened slit before I dipped my middle finger into my tight hole.

“Oh fuck,” Jared let out a low groan as he kneeled down on the floor and then positioned himself between my legs. “I love you so much Sweetness.”

“I love you too Daddy,” I replied as I removed my hand and lay back against the soft bear skinned rug, “more than anyone in the world.”

My dad bent down to kiss me again, tongues dueling until we could barely breathe and then he leaned down to suck as much of my right breast into his mouth. I moaned as I rotated my hips towards him again, fisting the carpet besides the rug in my hand as his tongue flicked rapidly over my nipple before he switched to the other breast, lavishing it with the same attention.

“Are you a virgin Clarissa?” Daddy asked me as he gripped his swollen cock, precum oozing from it before he began to slid it up and down my pussy slit. “Is Daddy’s dick the first that will be in your hot little cunt?”

“Y-yes Daddy,” I nodded. “You are the only man I want to fuck me.”

“Good,” he said as he let go of himself and slipped a finger into my liquid heat, causing me to arch up as I let out a cry. “Your pussy belongs to Daddy now babygirl; you are all mine.” He said as he added another finger, pumping in and out of me and pausing when he felt the rubbery resistance of my hymen. “This may hurt a little but Daddy will make it all better.”

I nodded, feeling my first sense of apprehension since this whole thing started, before he bent down and sucked on my left breast again. He grazed the nipple with his teeth before flicking his tongue over the taunt peek as he pumped two fingers steadily into my cunt, his free hand rolling the nipple of my right breast between his index finger and thumb until I finally felt myself start to orgasm. As soon as my pussy muscles clenched around his fingers he shoved them in hard and deep, breaking my hymen and sending me into a tailspin of pain and pleasure.

“Daddy!” I cried out, moaning and mewling loudly as he continued his triple assault and slowly brought me back down to earth.

“How’s Daddy girl doing?” he looked down into my trusting eyes.

“Amazing,” I responded breathlessly. “Oh daddy I love you,” I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him close to me before our mouth’s meet in another lover’s kiss. I had kissed quite a few boys but nothing had ever felt as electric as it did today with my father. “I feel so good all over.”

“Well we’re not done yet baby,” he said as he pulled back, grasping his dick and sliding it along my soaking wet slit, massaging my aching clit with the angry red head. “Tell me again Sweetness; tell Daddy what you want me to do?”

My green eyes stared up into the one’s that mirrored my own. “Fuck me.”

Jared groaned as he slid the head down to my opening, pushing the head in just ever so slightly. “Louder,” he commanded in a dark voice I’d never heard him use before.

“Fuck me!” I yelled out as I spread my legs even wider, lewdly pumping up at my father. “Fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL’S TIGHT PUSSY WITH YOUR BIG FAT COCK!”

“Nnnnggg,” he grunted as he immediately slammed into me, pumping like crazy.

My eyes widened as I felt like I was being split in two, tears pricked at my eyes from the pain of being stretched so much but it felt so good too; my mouth opened but at the moment no sound came out. My virgin pussy was so tight and it seemed to mold around every inch and curve of my father’s dick.

“Daddy loves you, Daddy loves his Sweetness so much,” he said into my ear as he began to slam his huge pillar of flesh deep inside me.

I shuddered with pleasure and pushed back against him, trying to get more of my daddy’s cock into me. He moved my legs over his shoulders as he plunged into me, thrusting hard and fast. “Oh… Yes! Daddy, it feels so good…” I cried out as he grunted through clenched teeth.

He slowly pulled back until only his cockhead was still in me and then slammed into my pussy again until he bottomed out. He started slamming harder and faster, grabbing my hips to pull me against him. His mouth covered mine in another heated kiss, stifling my moans; his tongue thrusting into mouth just like his huge dick thrust into my tight cunt.

“Oh Daddy,” I moaned as he started sucking on my neck, his cock pistoning in and out of my wetness.

“Daddy loves his babygirl,” my father said through clenched his teeth as he grunted, pistoning even faster as my tits bounced with every thrust. “Daddy loves his babygirl’s pussy.”

“I love you daddy,” I moaned as he circled his hips. “I love my Daddy’ s cock… ahhh, mmm, yes, oh fuck… fuck… yes… uhh… Daddy…”

“Oh shit, that’s it baby, take this dick!” He humped against me, switching angles ever so slightly as his pubic bone stimulating my swollen clit. “Yeah, you feel so good… uhhh… fuck yeah, your little pussy is so tight… so fucking tight for Daddy…”

My father fucked me wildly, thrusting forcefully like a jack hammer, his balls slapping hard against my ass. He was slamming his swollen meat into my tight wet pussy as hard as he could.

“Yes… yes… Daddy don’t stop… harder… uh…”

“Like that,” he slammed into me with bruising force, “you like that Sweetness… Daddy’s gonna cum, Daddy’s gonna cum in his little girl’s pussy.”

“Yes daddy, cum in me,” I mewled out as I lewdly bucked back at him. “I’m gonna cum too… Daddy… yes, um… uhh… fuck…DADDY!” I arched up before I began to shutter and spasm uncontrollably, a wet rush washing over his cock as my pussy muscles clenched around his throbbing member.

“CLARRISA!” He jabbed deep into me before he stiffened above me and then shook, shooting rope after rope of his cum within me.

My walls milked every drop of his precious seed, the same seed that had made me, from him before he pulled his softening member from within me and roll over to the bare skin rug beside me; quickly pulling me into his arms and kissing me deeply.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Jared said as he pushed the hair that was sticking to my forehead back.

“Me too,” I smiled as I place my head on his chest. “That was amazing. Daddy, sex is amazing.”

“That was just the beginning Sweetness,” he said softly as he placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head so our green eyes could meet. “Wait till you experience all the others positions. You’ve still got a lot to learn baby.”

“Will you teach me Daddy?” I bit the corner of my lip.

“Of course little one,” he said before giving me a quick kiss. “I meant what I said,” his hand trailed down my waist and over my hip, “Your pussy belongs to Daddy now.” His hand cupped over my sex-abused cunt, his middle finger slipping into my slippery slit and causing me to arch. “We’ve got plenty of time for you to learn everything I have to teach.” I shuddered as he circled my still sensitive clit before bringing his hand to his mouth and licking his finger. “Umm,” he groaned in delight before leaning down to kiss me again. “I love you Sweetness.”

“I love you too Daddy,” I said before leaning back down to lay my head against his chest as we both succumbed to sleep with smiles on our faces.

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