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Convincing Todd To Confess His Crush

Convincing Todd To Confess His Crush

A supportive mom will even grease her son's wheels when it comes to him asking his sister out,

I leaned towards him on the couch. "Come on, ask your sister out. Quit eyeballing her thong, and tell her that you want to tug it off her with your teeth. She is your sister, so she will let you do it. Then once you are both naked, fuck her senseless doggie style. I know you have a big cock, so do it already and quit stalling. It is something that we both want."

"Mom, it is not that easy," he groaned through his teeth, failing to make eye contact.

I just watched him. 'Yes, eyeball your sister as she watches TV, and discretely rub your dick. Make it seem like you are itching something, but in reality, you are masturbating to her,' I thought, shaking my head.  

"I have to go now," he muttered before he skedaddled.

He left, but I quickly followed him. I saw him enter the bathroom, but he only attempted to close the door. I stopped it, came in there with him and closed the door. I found him with his hands on the sink, and he seemed to be hyperventilating.

"It has been over a week now, Todd. What's wrong, don't you want her? I mean, we had sex, and I was hoping you'd feel better about asking your sister out after that," I pointed out before a pause. "That isn't the problem, is it? You don't regret having sex with me, do you?"

 "No, Mom, it was great, but telling Celica that I want her isn't that cut and dry. A million things could go wrong, so I have to treat the situation extremely carefully."

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck a few times. He eventually arched his back up and brought his hands to mine. We maintained our positions for a few minutes in silence, but I was still unsure what the real problem was.

I let go of him and turned him around. "Tell Celica how you feel, do it like a band-aid or treat it as heart surgery. Either way, I know she'll accept you and then pleasure you with her mouth. She is one sexy young lady and will treat you like a king if you just tell her about your feelings. Who gives a shit if it is incest? Power couples have the oddest origin stories and what is better than knowingly starting your relationship with your sibling? I know after she sucks your schlong, that filthy chick will want you to shoot your load all over her face. I can't imagine her rejecting you, Todd."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I just know it," I mentioned, grabbing his hands. "I've never felt more like your mom than right now. Mothers and sons aren't supposed to have sex, but I couldn't feel more connected to you right now," I said, setting them on my melons. "Now if you fuck your sister, we'll be the closest family in the world. We won't have to be weird about showing our bodies or discussing our sex lives; it'll just be us being ourselves. You can come to me for relationship and sex advice. Whatever you need, I'll be your supportive mom that will do anything for you two. Even if you two would like to have a threesome with a 40-year-old MILF, I'll be there ready and willing. You'd even be giving me a thrill, so we'd be the happiest family too," I explained before I caressed his hands and peeked at them. "If I sucked your dick right here, right now, would you feel more self-confident?" I pondered ever so slowly, glancing back at him.

He grinned somewhat and kissed me. "No thank you, Mom. It is a thrill to get that proposition from you though."

"You are literally the only man I'd offer that too, Todd. I'd even whip out my hooters and let you douse them if you'd favor."

"Good to know, Mom," he answered, prior to smooching my cheek.

"Once you have her in the palm of your hand, you better be good to her."

"I will, because I love her," he assured me, nodding. "I just have to do it, only I can't think of anything else I want more," he explained before a pause. "Oh, fuck it," he muttered, waving his hands. "I'm just gonna do it now," he made clear, peeking at my face and taking his hands in mine. "You've made me just want it so much, that I can't sit idly by and not have her in my bed anymore. I have to make a move, even if not for me, but for you. Have I just made you want dearly too, Mom?"

"Yes, son, I want my kids together now."

"Perfect," he mumbled before he quickly opened the door. "Mom, you are going to get your wish," he stated before leaving.

I couldn't help but to follow him out there, although, I only peeked out there.

"Sis, I love you," he sobbed, getting down on his knees in front of her and setting his hands on her lap.

"What do you mean, Todd?" she asked, leaning up towards him. "I know you love me. Why are you crying? Is there something wrong?"

He lowered his head for a moment, and my body just vibrated. I wasn't sure if he thought about what he'd say at all, but I waited in anticipation for him to spill his guts.

"There is only one thing wrong, sis, we're not together," he explained, breathing heavily and taking her hands in his. "It is just time for me to tell you how I feel, and I just love you in one very odd way. I shouldn't have these feelings, but I do, and I can't deny it for another moment."

She suddenly wrapped her arms around him and held him for a moment. Again, I could only sit back and watch the results, but considering we were dealing with the element of incest, it could have gone either way.

'Come on, babe, I know you love him, but you may have to pull it out of him. Even though he seemed more than ready, I guess you'll have to now, but he is hugging you back.'

After a couple of minutes, she calmly let go of him, but stayed close and grabbed his hands.

"Hey, you can tell me anything, I promise I won't judge you. Todd, do you mean you love me as more than a sister? Are you telling me that you want to have sex with me, twin brother?"

He stayed silent for a moment. "Yes, Celica."

'And she looks intrigued rather than disgusted, so that's a good sign. Now neither of you are saying a word, but Todd is caressing her arms now. I can only think that she is thinking about all the sexual things they could do together. Shit, now my hand is going down into my panties, and my pussy is leaking too.'

"You want me to be your girlfriend then, so you want to sleep together too?" she pondered, with her head slanted down.

"I guess," he responded, smiling and sitting next to her. "You are, bar none, the most beautiful woman I've ever met, Celica. You are my sister, but I don't care anymore," he pleaded, setting his hands back on her legs. "Will you at least give me the chance to be with you? I'll do anything because I can't get you out of my mind to save my life. I know those reasons are sexual to some degree, but they are from love too. This is not something I'd ever force on you, sis, but I have to put my feelings out there. So, what do you say, Celica? May I please have the chance? Right now, I can't imagine being with anyone else. I just want you."

'Please say 'Yes.', Celica. You can plainly see he loves you.'

"Does Mom know that you want to get into my panties? Does she even have the slightest clue?"

He stayed silent for a few seconds and peeked over at me.

"No," I mouthed, shaking my head no.

"No, this is just between us," he answered, looking back at her.

"Good, let's keep it that way," she suggested before she kissed him.

After only seven seconds, her lips parted from his. Her eyes went up towards the ceiling, but he kept his eyes on her face. I could only guess that she was thinking about it.

With each passing second, it felt like a longing eternity. Even as I just so confident that Celica would be more willing to give him a whirl, I still found myself with doubt.

"How was that, sis?"

"I like it, little brother," she replied before she came to him, placed her hands on his legs and lips back on his.

'Yes, my kids are making out. Todd getting into his sister's panties is all, but certain at this point. When you get into them, you better make her feel good inside and out.'

I rubbed my cherry nonstop for a couple of minutes and made my body vibrate as if I had a shit load of batteries inside me. My mouth opened up widely and let some drool out too.

"Yes, kiss each other like you are lovers," I sobbed, lowering myself down somewhat. "They are leaning back, and she is on top of him now. Damn, those wheels are moving rather smoothly now, but shit, I can't get ahead of myself. They didn't even kiss as siblings, they just went to casual kissing and then right on to making out. Oh, the incest must be that 'X' factor, what else could it be? Don't go for second base just yet though, Todd, it might push her too far, too fast. Oh, you are rubbing her back smoothly also. You are horny, but smart too."

After five minutes, her lips jumped off his. "Wait, where is mom? We can't let her see us making out."

"She might be in her room right now; she was saying something about taking a nap."

"Sweet, how about we go to my room then? Maybe we can take our love to new levels now."

"Seriously, sis? Are you really interested in having sex?"

She nodded and kissed him again. "My panties are soaked now; twin siblings getting involved, I like that. The taboo nature of that, oh, that's boiling hot. I can tell just from kissing you I'd love the sex, Todd. Let's just not let mom find out; I think it'll be hotter that way," she said, prior to kissing him again and getting off him.

She put her hand out, and he quickly took it. "If you want to get into my panties, I'll give you the combination free of charge. That's how much I love you."

"May I kiss you one more time?"

"Fine, but after this, we're going to my bedroom," she made clear before gluing her lips onto his and her hands on his butt.

He returned the favor and closed his eyes. I couldn't see his crotch, but I was sure that his wood couldn't be more substantial. I swiftly ran to my room and closed the door most of the way.

I kept it cracked open and then I heard some footsteps. 'Yes, get lucky with your sister, you lecherous bastard.'

He peeked out my door and saw me. He made sure to give me a thumbs up, and I immediately returned the favor. As I heard the door close, I pushed mine open quietly and went right to Celica's room. I felt my juice soaking my panties and my shorts.

"That's hot, Todd," I heard her moan while kissing. "You want your cock inside me, so I can't help but to let that happen for you," she mentioned before her lips drifted off his. "I can't believe what a great little brother you are, so I hope you like the sex. I don't know how you landed those feelings, but I'll gladly indulge you."

"Thank you, sis."

I opened up the door a bit and saw them. Celica's back was to me, but Todd and I saw each other again. He failed to respond to me, but I was sure he was okay with me watching.

'We've had sex, so he can't get upset about me viewing this spectacle.'

She dropped right down to her knees and brought her hands right to his crotch. She failed to mutter a word, and just undid his shorts. They fell, and his cock flung out.

"Wow," she muttered, examining his dick. "That's nice and hard, Todd," she complimented him before wrapping her right hand around it and peeking at him. "You know, incest is a felony, but yet you still want me?" she asked, standing up with him.

"Yes, sis," he moaned, jiggling around. "You are sexy in every sense of the word. I might be sick, but as I said, I can't imagine another day without having you."

"I'm pretty sure you implied that now would you like to know what color panties I'm wearing, Todd? There are a lot of different colors and styles, but would you like to know?"

'He already knows, loving daughter.'

"Most definitely, yes, Celica. Thank you so much for being so cool about this, you rock."

"No, I rule your incestuous universe," she corrected him, putting a small gap between them, but failing to let go of his johnson. "Well, why don't you undo my shorts and see for yourself, because I'm sure if you peeked, your member may just get a little bit harder, wouldn't it?"

He cheesed as his hands voyaged over towards the front of her shorts. He hesitated for a few seconds, but looked at her. Neither of them spoke, but it wasn't required.

After those few seconds, she kissed him. "Go ahead, Todd, take a peek down there, you sexy stud. Let our chemistry work in your favor."

"Are you sure, sis?"

"Todd, I'm already giving you a hand job, so I think it's okay to see my undergarments. There is no shame here, I promise."

"It is just different because I don't want to offend you, or make you feel weird in any way. What if I did something wrong, and you never wanted to see me again? What if I lost you, not only as a lover, but as a sister too?"

"You are thinking like a jackass, bro, just think as the sweet younger brother you are to me. You want me as a lover, though?"

He nodded and glanced back down at her shorts.

He managed to undo those shorts, and he got his glimpse. "A pink silk thong, sis?"

She brought her lips to his right ear. "Maybe if you are extra sweet to me, I'll let you take it off me. Now wrap your arms around me and kiss me too, you horny man. Do you like me rubbing your rod?"

"Hell yes, Celica," he let out, encasing his arms around her with his hands landing on her butt.

Then they pasted their lips together, and her right hand never stopped moving. I watched them as if it was going to be the last thing I did, although assaulting my twat like never before was quite a bonus.

I scrubbed my lips ever so quickly and let out my juice faster than a fire hydrant. My heart was beating amazingly hard, but it ran on the emotional spark that they were giving off.

"I love you two so much," I cried as softly as possible. "Yes, Todd, tighten your grip on her and make her feel undeniably loved by you like no one else. Do it you sick fucker, she is your sister, and you will satisfy her too. You are kissing her perfectly; as your lover, not your sister."

With each passing second, it became a little harder to breathe, but I wasn't about to stop pleasuring myself or ogling them. 

After a few minutes, she parted from Todd's lips. "You are a good kisser, twin brother."

"Thank you, but you might have just brought that out of me though. You have astonishingly soft hands, Celica; they feel amazing on my wood," he mumbled, breaking eye contact.

His head went adrift, and she calmly turned hers and pressed it on his. "I know, now tell me you love me."

"I love you, Celica. I love you more than a sister; I want to stick my schlong deep inside you. Maybe for sick and loving reasons, but that is completely true."

"That's sexy, you pervy man," she mentioned, bringing her head back. "Which hole do you want to insert it into?"

He grinned a little bit, but then he kissed her. "Your mouth and your slit, sis. Letting it in either of those holes is probably the best thing I could imagine."

"What about my asshole, do you have something against anal sex?"

He shook his head no, but bit his down on his bottom lip.

"Todd, have you ever fantasized about me before? Pictured us having sex, little brother? There is no stigma in admitting it, so tell me. Let me know as I rub your pecker ever so gently," she said as slowly as possible.

He nodded and shed a tear. "All the time, Celica," he muttered before he kissed her. "I have a giant thing for you, and it has probably turned into an obsession."

"Even if it is, what do you have me do, Todd? Does it involve my mouth when I'm down on my knees in front of you? Don't be afraid to confess it to me; I already love you more I could possibly tell you. You've already felt my lips on yours, but would you like them more when they are down on your dick, twin brother?" she pondered before bringing her head to his ear. "I can give you a mean blow job if you fancy," she said softly.

"You aren't teasing me, are you?"

"You already said I was sweet," she reminded him, bringing her head back. "Although, would a sweet woman do that? Get you all amped up and then deny you the incestuous pleasure you crave? If I seriously teased you and didn't gave you that pleasure after you shared your feelings, I'd want you to slap the shit out of me. I'm not kidding; I'd want you to, Todd. That would be the bitchiest thing I think I could do."

"No, Celica, I'd never ever slap you," he put on the record, shaking his head no. "Not in a million years."

She smooched his cheek, smirked and lowered herself to her knees. "I'm your sister, and now I'm gonna fulfill one fantasy, bro," she informed him before she took his wood into her mouth.

"Holy shit, my daughter has my son's cock in her mouth now. She is giving you oral sex right now, Todd," I whispered.

He peeked over at me and cheesed. I couldn't help, but to grin right back at him. I even let out a couple of tears because I found myself to be ecstatic. With each rub of my slit, I knew I just loved my kids a little more.

I watched her move her head back and forth ever so slowly for the most part. I couldn't actually see her thrusting her lips, but I could envision it perfectly even with my eyes open. I just saw him eyeballing her face and with his arms down on his sides too.

"Todd," I muttered.

As he shook frequently, he calmly arched his head up and peeked at me.

"Caress her head and tell her that you love her, Todd. Let her know how much she means to you, and grateful you are to her right now," I muttered melodiously.

He nonchalantly brought his palms to the top of her head and had them rest. "Oh, I love you, Celica," he moaned, looking back at her. "Having you give me head is a dream come true, I swear I've never loved you more than this moment," he let out, caressing her head. "You are the best sister in the world."

She calmly let his wood out and stood up with him. "I know," she mentioned, taking his rod in both hands. "There isn't anything I won't do for my family, I'll even eat mom's pussy if she'd ask me to, but let's just keep this a secret," she said before she kissed him.

"Okay, sis."

"When you have to cum, shoot my face, Todd. I think it would be hot, don't you?"

He brought his hands to her butt. "May I see you nude?"

"Let's save that for time, shall we?" she pondered, lowering herself back down. "I'll give you this though," she said, taking off her top.

"Oh, the matching bra, sis?"

"Yes, I thought you'd like it. Maybe your cock might slither into one of my other holes when the time comes," Celcia suggested before taking her brother's rod back into her mouth.

"Oh, I can't wait for that, sis. I'd love to fuck you with my pecker; I'll do it all night long if you'd like," he moaned, placing his hands back on her head. "Feeling your lips rub on my schlong feels astounding though. Thank you, Celica. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more."

Then she turned somewhat and then I actually saw her sliding her lips on his manhood. 'Wow, she must get that from me, because she knows how to give a great blow job. Going at just the right speed and keeping eye contact too, she is one sexy woman you hooked, Todd. You better hang onto her.'

"I've just had a crush on you for months, sis, I just had to tell you about it. I love you, and I want you."

She nodded and arched her head back somewhat. I saw her smile at him and jiggle around a bit too.

'Oh, you are having some fun with him now, aren't you? Thrust those lips on your brother's cock so slowly that you make him go crazy. You have him sweating up a storm and scrubbing your head raw. I'm not too sure he'll rip your hair out, I'm pretty sure he loves your brown curly hair. Evidently, he loves just about everything about you now, so you better be good to him too.'

"Yes, sis," he moaned, leaning his head back. "Use that tongue too, Celica. Yes, right on the hole, you sexual witch. Shit, you're good, no, screw that, you are fucking wonderful, sis. I fully realize that I just love so much, that you can't do anything wrong, but you are remarkable though. I've never had a woman so willing to please me before," he let out before a gasp. "Crap, your lips are so damn mushy, they are like two clouds."

Even as he was spouting off endlessly, she failed to halt her pleasuring for even a second. Those seemingly soft lips never stopped rubbing on his member, and every time she went back, I saw his entire body jolt somewhat.

She placed her hands on the base of his dick and then their eye contact broke too. She looked forward towards his pubes, but closed her eyes soon after. Her thrusts suddenly increased after a minute and then I saw him bite his bottom lip.

"I can see it in your eyes now, Todd. She is pushing you to the edge, and she is even turning her head back and forth. Oh, wow, she is one sexy piece of work. Your welcome, by the way, Todd. I told you to spill your guts, and now your dick is buried in her mouth."

"I love you, Mom," he mouthed, prior to blowing me a kiss.

"I love you too, Todd. Don't tease her, drench her face," I mouthed back, undoing my shorts.

I pushed them down along with my panties.

I brought my panties up with me and held them up. "They are drenched, son," I mouthed, calmly stepping towards them.

"What are you doing?" he mouthed.

I took a deep inhale from my panties and kept my eyes on them the whole time too. "Just tell your sister to tell me about you two, I want to know what it is going on between you two at all times," I whispered.

"Fine, just go, but I love you."

I smiled for a moment as I slanted my head down. "Cum on her face first, Todd. I want to see it, pretty please?" I pleaded, putting my hands together.

"Okay," he mouthed back.

He took a lot of her hair in his hands and pulled on it marginally as I resumed masturbating. He was frequently twitching, but he failed to hurt her. She just kept pleasuring him like there was no tomorrow.

"Shit, you are almost there now, keep sucking my wood and let me shoot my seed all over your face, you sexy piece of heaven. I'll do it and think about it a million times just in the next twenty-four hours."

Although, then her lips calmly slipped off his member. "Todd, if I let you make sweet love to me, are you gonna jibber jabber like this during that too?"

"I'm sorry, I just love you so much, sis. This is just so far beyond my wildest dreams," he made clear, shedding tears.

"You're sweet, Todd. I certainly hope you can drop a slight sweet bomb on my sour persona," she mentioned before she took his rod back into her mouth.

"No, you are already sweet, Celica. Just like a chocolate bar," he glorified her, placing his hands back on her head. "A sour woman wouldn't just give her twin brother head just because he fancied it."

She nodded and giggled somewhat.

'I so want to get a closer look, but I have to respect his wishes,' I thought, backing away. "You two mean everything to me," I mouthed to him.

He failed to look straight at me, but he nodded too, so I knew what he meant. My hands never backed off my pussy, but just as I made it to the doorway, his hands jumped up.

He hit his palm. "Fuck, sis, I have to shoot now."

His johnson slipped out calmly again. "Give it to me, little brother," she ordered him, stroking it.

"You are older by a couple of minutes," he groaned through his teeth.

My eyes widened and stayed right on Todd's wood. She kept it positioned only a couple inches away from her face, but then his seed came bolting out.

"Yes," I whispered very softly, lowering myself.

I saw him unleash at least five shots onto her face, where each one just blasted out like it was coming from a squirt gun. I also noticed that he made sure he doused every single inch of her pretty face too. As she made him blow, he wasn't shy about letting his seed out.

Even after he finished his orgasm, they both maintained their positions and so did I. Although, I still pleasured myself, and she gently rubbed his seed in on her right cheek. No one spoke a word for a few minutes, but nothing needed to be said.

'Stay quiet and watch your cum dry on her face and some of it drip down onto her rack.'

Although, even as he was catching his breath, he rubbed the head of his member on her other cheek. They both slathered their lips, and she did indeed take some of his cum into her mouth in the process. The sexual and loving chemistry seemed even stronger as they blew each other kisses.

After another minute, I felt myself shaking around. "Shit," I muttered, letting out a deep breath. "My son just came all over my daughter's face, and I just let out my juice too."

He lowered himself to her and kissed her. "How can I ever repay you? You've given me a phenomenal gift that probably is to die for, Celcia."

She stayed quiet for a few seconds. "By accepting my second gift: come to my room tomorrow night, right after mom goes to bed. Let's just say we'll need a lot of condoms," she explained, taking his hands in hers. "If you wanted to have sex with me, Todd, you could have just told me. There is no shame in incestuous sex, as long as all parties are having fun. Let's just not tell mom; I think it'll be so much hotter every time you let your cock into my mouth or cherry without her knowing. Her kids will be having sex, and she'll have no idea. You'll be seeing my boobs, pussy and everything else, but she won't know. Don't you think it'll be sexy, Todd?"

He peeked at me for a second, and I only turned my head.

"Yes, sis, but we can't really be a couple if she doesn't know."

She took a deep breath and kissed him. "Okay, I see your point. How about we keep it a secret until it stops being hot, fair enough?"

"I guess."

"What if I gave you head while she was sleeping in the room?"

"I'd like that."

"You better go, she could wake up at any time now, happy masturbating."

"Okay," he said before he kissed her. "I love you, sis."

"I love you too, bro. I hope you stay hot for me until you see me naked, I know you have to be happy to see that image. My jugs aren't as big as mom's, but I know you'll love them when they are nude, don't you think?"

"I am more anxious than ever, Celica," he said, going towards the door.

"Maybe you'll get the chance to shoot your load on them if you like, sexy beast," she offered in an alluring tone, lifting them up somewhat.

"I can't wait."

He opened it, and I hid behind the wall.

He shut the door and turned to me. "You were completely right, Mom. She gives great blow jobs, and we're gonna have vaginal sex tomorrow night too. Wow, she is down to fuck, and totally open. Although, I feel like I'd be taking advantage of her. Shouldn't I take her on a date first, to earn seeing her and fucking her?"

I licked my lips for a few seconds. "Well, that's up to you, Todd. You have to do what you feel is best. I know you don't want me watching, but could you at least tell me about it all."

"I will, Mom," he stated before he grabbed my arms and kissed me. "Only because I love you."

"Good, but is she a better dick sucker than me?"

"No, Mom, you are the best," he chuckled, grinning.

"Liar," I busted him, wrapping my arms around him. "I'm incredibly proud of you though. You confessed your crush to her, and you did indeed get rewarded for it," I reminded him, letting go of him. "I'm your mom, but I want you fucking your sister exactly when you get the chance. I want you to get into her panties and then have your way with her, will you please do that for me?"

"Yes, Mom," he answered before he kissed me. "I'll have sex with my sister just for you. You are the only person I'd do that for."

"Excellent," I said, before I hugged him again.



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