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Co-Teacher and Daughter - Part 2

Co-Teacher and Daughter - Part 2

A mother and daughter’s desire is realized

Beth pushed my hand from within her and she sank down into the water, coming back up to float on her back.  Her gorgeous swollen and puffy nipples pointed to the sky.  Her shaven pussy, now visible to me between her splayed legs, still exhibiting the red swell of excitement.  

Fran similarly pushed my hand from between her legs before she moved up the board.  She nibbled on my ear, sending goosebumps throughout my body and mind as I continued to drink in the visage of her daughter.  

She whispered, “Oh you lovely man, we all have so much time to make up for and so much fun to have.”

I moved my hand up behind her head and whispered in return “You’ve been my fantasy for as long as I can remember.  Let me stand and hold you.”

Fran stood next to me in the pool as I got off the surfboard.  I pushed it toward the deep end and then met her eyes.  We stood quietly, face to face for a long moment and then we dissolved into each other’s lips.  Before, she had been lustful and hungry.  Now she was tender and endearing.  I heard Beth in the water behind me, but my focus was completely on Fran’s soft lips and supple tongue, on her body pressed willingly to mine, her breasts, her magnificent breasts drawn tightly to my skin, her hands roaming up and down my back.  Gently moving a leg between hers, I kept one hand on her back while using the other to explore one of her taut globes.  An ass I had dreamed of was now naked to my hand, flexing beneath my fingers as she rubbed herself on my thigh. 

More hands now joined us.  Beth’s hands started on my shoulders but were slowly moved down my arms, onto my hips and then between me and my newly come to life fantasy woman.  She hugged herself to my back, molding herself to me.  I felt her lips on my back before she turned her head and rested it upon me.

I broke the kiss Fran and I shared, fearful that a spell would be broken, but no such malady befell me.  Turning slightly, Beth moved to my side, hugging both her mother and me.  It was her turn to share my lips as we stood in the waist deep water.  Tender and delicious, her nubile mouth explored mine.  There was no jealousy between the two beauties encased in my arms.  Two lovely women with willing bodies.  Fran watched her daughter’s and my tongue and lips make love.  I offered my other thigh to Beth who took it between hers and, like her mother, used it to keep her passions afloat.

Beth, eyes closed, lifted her lips from mine and she sighed true contentment. Simultaneously, mother and daughter traded glances, reached for each other’s breast and locked their lips in an exquisitely beautiful open mouth kiss.  Tongues traded taste.  Mouths moaned muted musings.  I watched, enthralled by the exquisite exchange of mutual enjoyment; languid lips, talented tongues, bare breasts, playful pussies, all arranged for our three-person party, with one cock thrown in for good measure.  Beginning to recover from my earlier explosion, I felt myself start to thicken and grow.

I knew that if I let them continue much longer I would very soon be incapable of any rational thought.  We needed to get to solid ground where we could move amongst each other and please each other with more ease.  I inched them toward the steps.  Both felt me move and realized what I was doing.  They parted, dismounted from my thighs and began walking together, hand in hand, out of the pool.  Slowly they mounted the steps, asses swaying in unison before my watchful and appreciative gaze.  

“Beth,” Fran said quietly, “please get the blanket and help me open it on the grass.

Beth wordlessly obeyed.  She bent at the hips to retrieve it from Fran’s bag on the pool deck, intentionally offering me a hungry dog’s view of her bald snatch from the rear.  The blanket was a queen size comforter which the two women opened and laid upon the slightly sloped grass.

“Hank,” Beth intoned, “would you be a dear and lie down in the middle?  We can relax a little bit and dry off together in the sun.”

Not the disagreeable sort of fellow, this time it was my turn to obey. The three of us lay supine, holding hands on our soft makeshift bed.  

“Fran, you planned all this,” I accused lightly gently squeezing her hand.

“We both did last night.”

“I’ve wanted to see you naked since I was thirteen,” Beth said turning her head to look at me.

“I knew she adored you,” Fran said, “and so do I.  I’ve been looking to do this ever since you first demonstrated your surfboard rescue technique on me.  With your face right there, inches from my kitty, it was all I could do not to push your face down right then and there.”

“Mom and I started talking about you after we, well after we had some fun together a couple of days ago.”

“We thought this might be fun for all of us and that Beth could finally stop having to just fantasize about you.”

“So you thought I would just go along with a threesome even though we’ve never even had a twosome?”

Both women laughed and I soon joined in.

“I’m sorry.  I’m not normally that stupid.”

“Other than bumping into you a few times during our lessons,” Fran said, “we’ve never had any prolonged contact.  So, I couldn’t really describe what you had under those two suits you always wear to Beth when she asked me.  Then she asked me again a couple days ago.”

“I had sex with a boy named Josh a while back, and I knew it had to be better than what we did.  You’ve always been my go to when I’m alone and when I asked mom about you she said she didn’t really know.  Now I do and…”

“Beth was incredulous that I hadn’t taken the initiative to find out after all these years and asked if I was even curious.  I told her I was and she said we should do something to find out.”

“I asked mom if she ever got herself off thinking about you and she told me about that rescue technique of yours and how much she regretted not practicing with you privately, not doing to you and getting to feel you on her face, getting rubbed and seeing if you got hard, and if you did, getting to feel what you have.”

“I must say,” Fran said, “you are not a disappointment.”

“I’m glad to be of service,” I replied as both women turned toward me and smiled.

After nibbling my earlobe a bit, Beth said, “we only planned as far as what we did in the pool.”

Fran got up on an elbow and brought her lips to my chest.  She started to play with one of my nipples as Beth went straight for the prize and slowly began stroking my quickly rising cock.  My hands, now free, found their way to both wet honeypots.  I moved my fingers in circles, not dipping a finger but massaging them both.  They responded by opening themselves to my hands, enjoying the pressure and pace of my treatment.  

“Fuck this,” Beth said with exasperation.  I felt her, more than saw her, rise to her knees.  Then I witnessed her beautiful face above her mother’s hair.  

Still suckling my nipples, Fran seemed not to notice her daughter rise to straddle my hips.  Beth lifted me and then suck down on my rod, taking me in until there was no more to take.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned aloud as she began to lift and tilt her hips, her tight cunt pleasuring me with every stroke.

Fran lifted and turned her head to see her impaled daughter.  She rose, smiled at me and then crawled over my head.  Placing herself over my face, she blinded me with her ass as she settled her wet cunt onto my mouth.  So delicious!  I licked and dipped with my tongue at the same pace Beth bounced.  I lifted Fran just a bit and, pulling on her cheeks, began licking her from clit to knot.  Each time I found her brown eye I was rewarded with a muffled moan.  I could only imagine it came from within lips locked above me.

Beth began to tremble as she rode me.  She came down hard one last time and I felt her inner muscles clench me in an orgasmic spasm.  I could last much longer now that I had cum already and was still hard and eager to please.  Beth got off me and Fran seemed to want to take her place.  She knelt beside me as her mother lifted my cock and teased it through her lips a few times before center it and lowering herself around me.  God, she was just as tight as her daughter.  Her velvet smoothness engulfed me.  Beth massaged my chest as Fran sat still upon my fully engorged dick.

“Jesus, you fill me up so good,” she said as her hips began to make circles, grinding her clit against my pubis.  

I took a tit in hand and tweaked her nipple.  Beth took the other and did the same, rising to meet her mother’s lips with her own.  Beth’s cunt, now within my reach became a target for my fingers.

“No,” Beth said breaking her kiss,  “it’s too tender.  Just wait a little.”

I settled for rubbing her back as she moved her face down to suck on the nipple her fingers had left.  Fran, still grinding against me, was breathing hard with her eyes closed and inviting mouth wide open.

“Oh shit,” escaped her.

“Fuck, Fran,” I whispered, “you feel so fucking hot!”

She started bouncing on me, driving me insane, losing both my fingers and her daughter's lips.  Her words were incoherent as she fell forward to rest her hands on my shoulders.

“Oh…. Ooh…” we’re driven from her as her hips rose and fell quickly on my meat.

I felt my nuts tighten and ready.

“Gimme it,” she yelled repeatedly as she began to shake.

I could hold back no longer and pumped her full of my seed.  She held her breath and with one final jerk, she too climaxed and fell upon my chest.  Still young and full of energy, I rolled her off me and positioned myself between her splayed legs.  Cum juice from both of us smeared and dripped from her lips.  I ate all of it from her, her cream and my cum mixed I’m my mouth with spit as I licked and sucked on her.

“Christ,” she begged, “please stop.  I can’t take any more.  Stop.”

I rose to my knees and used a finger to motion Beth to me.  She came willingly and wrapped her arms around me.  Her swollen and distended nipples pressed into me as our lips met and mouths opened to share what her mother and I had made.

All of us, now fully sated reclined quietly under the sun.  No one spoke for nearly ten minutes as we let our bodies recover.  We just stayed on our backs holding hands as we did before.

Finally, Beth broke the silence, “Mom, how much time do we have?”

“As much time as Hank wants to give us sweetie.  No plans for the entire day and no one is here until tomorrow.”

“Hank, can you stay here with us?”

“I wouldn’t leave here if my life depended on it.  You two are just blowing my mind.”

“It’s not just your mind that going to be blown,” Fran said.  “But I think we need some more time.”

“What’s the highest number of times you’ve cum in a single day?” Beth asked me.

“Oh hell, I don’t know,” I replied truthfully.  “Maybe four or five if I’ve been really horny.”

“Are you really horny today?”  She continued.

“I wasn't when the day started, but I sure am now,” I said remaining truthful.

“How long do you need before you’re hard again?”

“Truthfully, I don’t really know.  Why are ready for more, Beth?”

“No, not yet.  But the three of us lying here naked like this is getting my motor running again and I just can’t stop imagining ways for us to do it.”

“Today doesn’t have to be the end of it,” Fran said, “but I’ll leave that up to Hank.”

“Believe me,” I said, “all you’ll ever need to do is call me.”

“What if it’s only me or only mom, would that be okay?”

“That’s fine with me if it’s okay with Fran too.”

“It's fine with me,” Fran chimed it.

“I knew Josh just wasn’t doing it right,” Beth said.  “I think he just wanted to get in my pants and then all he wanted was to do was make it.”

“Now you know,” Fran said.  “There’s a whole world of pleasure out there with the right man or woman.”

“Speaking of that,” I said with more than just a little curiosity in my voice, “how long have the two of you been lovers?”

“I wouldn’t call us lovers,” Fran replied.  “When Beth came home crying after Josh, I was comforting her. One thing led to another, so to speak.  I kissed her cheek and then we found our lips together.  Then our tongues.”

“I really felt safe with mom,” Beth picked up.  “It’s like I knew that she knew what I felt and what I needed.  After we kissed, we went to mom’s bed and just held each other.  I really don’t know why, but I pulled her leg between mine and just sort of started moving on it.  She stopped me and asked if I wanted to go to my room and masturbate.  I told her no.  Something clicked in my head and I just blurted out that I wanted her to masturbate me.”

“She was very vulnerable,” Fran said.  “I knew what she needed and wanted and although it went against my better judgment at the time, I told her to take her clothes off.  She said she would if I did too.  So, there we were, both naked in my bed.  I started playing with her little titties…”

“I don’t think of Beth’s breasts that way.  Beth has beautiful breasts.”

“You right of course.  I’m sorry hon, they’re just as big as mine and Hank’s right they are beautiful.”

“Thank you both,” Beth said.

“I started toying with Beth’s nipples to get her started,” Fran continued.  “It wasn’t long before I took one in my mouth and began sucking and nibbling it the way I love for it to be done.  When she started moaning, I put my hand on her mound and massaged her lips.”

“It felt so wonderful,” Beth said.  “Mom just gently stroked up and down the sides and then up and down in the middle.  Pretty soon, I put my hand on hers and pushed her finger to go deeper.  It took a while, but I finally got her to put one inside me.”

“I felt weird doing it the first time, after all, I had never been with a woman, let alone my own daughter, but I thought, what the hell, in for a penny and all that.  I had wanted to get her clitoris excited before I did anything else and she already had my finger in her, so I got down there and started using my tongue.  I know how that feels on me, so I did the same for her.  She came pretty hard after a little while.  I was impressed by the strength of her orgasm.”

“I never felt anything like that before,” Beth said.  “I decided that mom needed it too and I asked her if I could do that to her.  Again, it took a while and more than just a little urging, but she finally let me.  I tried to mimic what she did with me the best I could, but she didn’t cum as hard as I did.”

“Since then, we’ve been practicing together two or three times a week.  I want Beth to be as good as she’s gotten with me with men.  I’m sure you won’t mind if she practices with you.  She can be your fuck buddy.”

“Please say yes, Hank.  Please?”

“Oh gee, I don’t know,” I mocked.  “I’ll be both you fuck buddies, how’s that?”

In response, they took turns giving me passionate kisses.  Between their lips on mine and what they had already started with the experience they related, I was hard and ready to go. 

Fran said, “Sweetie, would you come over here and sixty-nine with me?”

Beth moved over to her mother, kneeling at her head.  As she began bending to go down on Fran, Fran asked me to help her with Beth.  Happy to oblige, I knelt behind Beth and began tonguing her dark spot as Fran played with her lips.  I played with my cock, bringing myself to total hardness.  The cooing and moaning of both women was no distraction and only served to excite me further.  

Fran’s head fell back to the blanket and she said through ragged breaths, “Fuck her but give me a taste here and there.”

Had I fallen asleep into this dream I wondered as I rose and moved my cock to Beth’s glistening cunt.  I played myself through her lips, wetting my schlong with her bountiful moistness.  Hands on her hips I slowly sank into her depths, continually using my total length to excite her with smoothe even thrusts.  Fran did her best to keep busy on Beth’s clit until I pulled out completely and offered her my cock, coated with her daughter’s excretions.  She only licked me at first, but then took my fullness into her mouth and throat, swallowing me into heaven until I felt her nose on my nuts.

“Give it back,” Beth begged.  “Don’t stop now, please!” were her final words before plunging back down to satisfy her mother.

Fran needed air and pushed me away, giving me back to Beth.  I pushed all the way in, holding still as Fran sucked my nuts into her mouth, toying her tongue around my balls as she moved her face from side to side.  She tugged me again and again until her moans of vocal pleasure crescendoed and she fell away.  Free to move, my long slow strokes of bliss became harder and faster.  Our bodies slapped together creating a fleshy beat of ecstatic music.  Our legs began twitching as we both approached our united climax.  Beth seized first, a powerful orgasm causing her to lurch forward, coming to land between her mother’s legs just as I began shooting streams of cum.  I finished with my hand, delivering my pearled ropes upon Fran’s naked stomach, chest and tits.

I fell to Fran’s side, the three of us coming to rest at all angles on the blanket.  I watched Fran use her hands to spread my seed as if it was suntan lotion on her chest and her daughter’s ass.  They glistened in the still morning light.

“Effing A mom, what did you do to him?” Beth asked breathlessly. 

“I’ll show you later,” Fran replied with equal breathlessness.  “I think you’ll like it just as much as I do, but it’s going to take some practice.”

“I do believe that I’ll enjoy that kind of practicing more than I did practicing the flute,” Beth replied.

“Probably not so much at first, but pretty soon, with enough practice on Hank’s skin flute, you will.”

I was still completely spent and breathing hard.  We stayed as we were, now quiet and basking in our post-coital glow.  Fran soon broke our reverie by suggesting we clean ourselves with a quick dip in the pool.  The three of us swam in the cool water allowing it to dissolve away the evidence of our coupling.  We talked of what we had done together, spoke of our favorite and most exciting moments and resolved to do more and experiment further.

As the three of us climbed refreshed from the pool Beth said, “Hey mom, you said I wouldn’t enjoy giving Hank head at first.  Why not at first?  I love his cock!”

“Because I wasn’t just talking about going down on him,” Fran replied as we assumed our positions on the blanket.  “I’m talking about taking him into your throat and when you gag, it doesn’t really feel too good.” 

“Who says I’ll gag.  It’s not like he revolting or smells or anything.”

“Sweetie, it’s not that.  When something hits the back of your tongue, it’s normal to gag.  We all do.”

Fran and Beth went on about the gag reflex and talked about practicing at home on a dildo.  

“Hey,” I interrupted, “why not practice on the real thing?  I’m just laying here naked between the two of you if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Because,” Fran said, “when she does it to you, I want it to be slow and gentle.  I want her to make love to your cock.  I want her to have as much fun as you’ll be having and not getting ready to blow chunks of her breakfast in your lap.”

“No harm in trying though, mom,” Beth said releasing my hand and placing hers on my flaccid manhood.

To my surprise and horror, nothing happened when she touched me.  Hopefully, I just needed some more time.  Fran saved me from a temporary impotent embarrassment by offering us the lunch she had packed.  She had plastic cups, wine and cheese in a small cooler next to the bag the blanket was in.  We sat cross-legged and enjoyed each other’s company and the food for almost an hour.  The wine was great, the cheese and crackers were satisfying, the conversation was quick paced and fun, the laughter came often and the optics were unsurpassable.  We put the empty bottle, cups and napkins in the cooler and resumed or sunbathing positions.

This time, when Beth laid her hand on me, I reacted with vigor and speed.  Both she and Fran were on their sides facing me between them.  They took turns playing me to rigidity by stroking me gently.  It was Fran who first leaned in and kissed my mushroom, playing her tongue into my pee hole and finally surrounding me with her soft lips.  I placed my hands on each woman’s back as Beth took one and then my other ball into her mouth.  She flicked them each with her tongue before taking the base of my cock between her tips.  Fran used her tongue to tease my glans as Beth slid her lips up until she met her mother’s. 

Together they kissed my head and both began kissing and nibbling their way down and up my rigid shaft.  I let my head fall back to the blanket, the sight of two women playing phallus flute was too much.  The feeling of them going up and down alone was driving me mad.  One finally stayed at my base, again sucking my chestnuts into her mouth while the other took me between her lips.  A hand wrapped around my throbbing hardon and initiated a slow rhythmic stroke.  

I was wetted with spit.  My glans were licked.  The hand that held me released.  Lips surrounded me, sucking me in with excruciating patience.  A tongue licked as the lips descended.  I hit the back of a throat and was swallowed deeper.  Masturbated with swallows and then released I had to see.  Spittle lingered between Frans mouth and my cock.  She went to my shaft as Beth took her place.

“Baby, push out your tongue as you take him in,” were her only instructions.

Young virginal lips took me into their warm embrace. They sank slowly down, finally met by her tongue, but I was too much for her young mouth and she retreated after she experienced the reflex her mother had warned her of.  

“Swallow him baby, like a big piece of hot meat,” was the next tidbit of motherly advice.

Beth’s lips, retreated but not removed, were again pushed down.  Slowly, inch by inch I disappeared.  Her tongue pushed to its limit licked and moved against me.  I felt her throat.  I felt her swallow again and again, trying to bring me deeper, but again, her young mouth would not cooperate with her mind and desire.  She released me completely and sat up.

Her mother said, “just practice,” before taking me between her experienced lips.  

“I will,” the daughter replied, “but I want his cum in my mouth this time.”

Fran moved quickly between my legs, keeping me in her mouth the entire time.  Now it was her lips and tongue that took me in, deeper and deeper I was drawn into her sensuous seductive mouth.  Swallowed by experience.  Her chin rested on my balls as her throat massaged me and her eyes drew me to them.  Blue eyes smiled knowing that this man's dream was coming true.  She withdrew completely, dripping spit from her mouth.  She swallowed and took me into her mouth, gently and lovingly this time.  Her hand surrounded me, smoothly and firmly stroking me as she swayed her head and twisted her hand.  Beth’s fingers danced lazy circles on my stomach as their master awaited her dessert.  Soon, after a few more throatings and much faster than I expected, I felt myself beginning to peak.

Fran knew I was close and brought her daughter down to me.  Beth’s strokes were as firm as her mother’s but much faster.  I could feel her sucking and it made the head of my cock feel like it was about to explode. With a deep throaty growl, I lost all control of myself and forcefully delivered my elixir.  She took it all save for one small dollop she left upon my shaft.  She crawled upon her mother who had been watching intently, turning her and laying upon her.  Then, with tender affection, she covered her mother’s lips with her own.  Body to body they kissed and traded my semen.

Rising to my elbows I watched as the women enjoyed each other.  I moved away as Beth spun her body on her mother’s and they began to pleasure each other in a way I could only admire.  They knew the spots.  They knew how to sweetly torment their lover, expecting nothing in return.  They rolled and moaned into each other, driving their partner’s lust into fits of spasms.  

Fittingly, one by one we each dove into the deep end of the pool.  With egg beater kicks, we began treading water only the way lifesavers and polo players can.  We held hands in a true lover’s triangle.

“I propose we call ourselves the Lust Release Club,” Fran said.

We all laughed and agreed the LRC would be our code word.  

Beth squeezed my hand and said, “and when I call you on the phone and ask if the mother fucker can come over, I’m not swearing at you.”

Again we laughed and all headed toward the shallow end.

Dear reader:  This is the end of this set.  It was written as an anthology of experimentation and fulfilled my need as its author.  If this is where your desires take you, I have other stories featuring multiple partners, especially my novel.  A link to it can be found on my homepage.  Thank you very much for reading.


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