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Co-Teacher and Daughter

Co-Teacher and Daughter

Mother and daughter seduce coworker in the pool

It all started at eight thirty in the morning of a beautiful, sunny Saturday in the middle of summer a few years ago.  I had just finished my breakfast when the phone rang.  It was my friend and sometimes co-instructor Fran.  We teach life-saving classes and at times we work together.  Never for the junior level, but the senior level class can be quite demanding and having two instructors has always given us better results.

I was in my early twenties at the time and Fran was in her late thirties.  Just two weeks before, I had joined Fran and her daughter Beth in celebrating Beth’s eighteenth birthday.  Fran had been widowed a few years before and we always enjoyed each other’s company.  Our platonic friendship meant a lot to both of us and I often thought of asking Beth on a date, but it just never seemed right.  I tried to imagine what it would be like if Beth and I hit it off and eventually married, what it would be like having Fran as my mother-in-law.

Both were beautiful, but it was the thought of Fran in her red bathing suit that fueled some of my most explosive cum shots when I was alone.  Her flat tummy and toned body never ceased to get get me hard.  Imagining our kissing moved my arm.  The thought of freeing her breasts and sucking on her nipples strengthened my hand.  The dream of her holding my cock and moaning into my mouth turned me to seven inches of steel.  Lowering her suit and entering her hot wetness tightened my balls and the sound of her crying out in pleasure made erupt.

I’m digressing.  Fran called to invite me to show Beth my new technique for doing a board rescue.  The standard rescue involved getting the victim on the board face down, and then, laying between the victim’s legs, paddling them to shore.  My technique was to get them on the board face up.  That way, the rescuer could do mouth to mouth if needed.  So, I agreed to meet them at a large pool owned by a woman who donated its use to our organization.  Fran said the board was already there from our last class and the woman was away on vacation, so we could make as much noise as we wanted and would have the entire day.

I dressed in my usual teaching attire: a red speedo with a pair of loose red trunks over them, a polo shirt and flip-flops.  One time, while demonstrating a release, my trunks tore and left me completely exposed to my class.  Ever since then, I have doubled up.

Arriving at the pool, I found both Fran and Beth sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water.  To my surprise, both were wearing bikinis.  I had never seen Fran in a bikini.  They stood to greet me, allowing me to see radiant beauty in full display.  Two blonde goddesses, the elder in a modest red suit, the younger sporting not much more than white string with just enough material to cover three specific areas.

“Hank, thanks so much for doing this,” Fran said as she approached me.

“Mom said you have this new way of doing a rescue,” Beth said as Fran gave me a hug and peck on the cheek, “she says it’s a little too, um, forward, kind of.  I’m having trouble picturing it and wanted to see for myself.”

“Not a problem,” I replied, “any input you can give would be great.”

“I want to get some input from you too,” Beth said after she gave me a cheek kiss and a smile that began to melt my nerve.

The double entendres caused me to wonder, but Fran quickly brought me back by telling me to lose the double suit.  She said we were not going to do any releases, and since they only had bikinis on, it was only fair.  I agreed, took off my cover suit and then, after brushing some grass clippings off the board, I lowered it and myself into the water.

“How do you want to do this?” I asked.

“You demonstrate on me,” Fran said, “while Beth watches.  Okay?”

“Sure thing.”

Fran swam to the deep end and proceeded into a dead man’s float, face down and hanging loose.  I quickly paddled to her side, grabbed her far arm and rolled her onto the board.  She was now on her back on the board with one leg on and one off the board.  I pulled her leg off the board and climbed on between her legs.  Now wet, the thin material of her bottoms clung to every curve and recess.  I could plainly see the outline of a small tuft of hair and her lips were swollen.  She was so close to having a prominent camel toe that it made my groin tingle.  I had some trouble keeping my voice steady as I described to Beth what I did each step of the way.  I pulled myself up the board a little further, placing my chest on Fran’s pubis, and began to paddle back to the shallow end.  I thought I felt Fran shift her hips below me and I could have sworn she moaned a little, but I kept paddling to the end of the pool.  As I stroked with my head lifted, I could not help noticing something I had never before seen on Fran.  Nipples.  Hardened by cool water, they stood proud and erect.  We reach the end and I got off the board. I was beginning to get proud and erect myself, glad that the water was waist deep to hide my growing enthusiasm.

“Then, as you can see, the victim is in the perfect position to resuscitate if needed,” I concluded.

“What do you think, Beth,” Fran said still lying on the board.  

“I’m not sure.  I think we should do it again and I should be the victim this time.  You said you thought it looked a bit sexual in nature, and you’re right, it does, but does that matter to the victim who’s being saved?”

“Okay, go for it,” Fran said rolling off the board.

My attention was split between watching Fran’s ass as she mounted the steps and watching her daughter’s naked ass, her globes divided by only by a string, as she walked to the deep end.  She had a fine tight butt.  Just the hint jiggle as she took each step.  I made up my mind that I was going to ask her for a date and maybe, if I was lucky, I could get my hands on that gorgeous flesh.  

“Hey mister,” Fran said, “eyes off the prize and get your mind back on the rescue.”

I looked to see Fran standing on the deck with her hands on her hips.  Her smile and words told me she understood my mind and that it was okay.

“Okay, okay.  Just a little distracted I guess,” I said smiling back.

Beth dove into the water and drew my attention back to the deep end.  

She surfaced, looked at me and said, “ready?”

“Always ready for you,” I replied.

“Yeah, if only!” 

Beth then went into a float on her back, arms and legs akimbo.  I got the board to her, knifed it under water and guided it to float up below her.  I climbed aboard and was greeted by a sight I’ll never forget.  Her white suit was almost transparent.  It was obvious that she shaved and the little bit of material did little but cover her inner lips.  The outer lips were completely exposed and more than a little puffed up.  How I wanted to just lower my face to lick each of her lips.

Instead, I pulled myself up further and covered her with my chest.  Now, my eyes were greeted with a new erotic sight.  As with Fran, her nipples were also erect, but now, I could see everything.  Her top was almost clear.  Quarter-sized dark spots surrounded each eraser-sized nipple.  I was no longer approaching anything.  My erection was in full flight and I thoroughly enjoyed every second as I paddled to the shallow end.  Beth enjoyed it too as I felt her hips constantly moving beneath me.

When we bumped against the wall at the shallow end, Beth simply said, “already?”

“I think you’re right mom,” Beth said with a strangely ragged voice.  “It really is as sexual as you said.”

“Come on guys,” I said, “there’s gotta be a way.  This is too good a way of doing a rescue to just forget it because, well, because it seems kind of sexual.”

“Seems?  If it weren’t, why after the rescue is over, are you still laying on my daughter?”

We all laughed as I got off Beth.  I was careful to keep the board between me and them.  My hardon would have been impossible to miss, even if it was under the water.

“How about if we do the rescue,” Beth said, “and you see if there’s anything you can think of to take the sexuality out of it?”


Rather than use the steps and show off my totally engorged cock, I swam aside, quickly lifted myself and turned to sit on the side of the pool.  Beth swam to the deep end to play victim.  When she was ready, Fran did the rescue.  She did it perfectly, but instead of pulling herself up the board further, she positioned her chin right on Beth’s pubis.  I watched as she paddled, moving her chin slightly from side to side across where I imagined Beth’s clit was.  It must have been close because Beth had rotated her hips and was lifting them off the board.  She was taking deep breaths and moaned more than once before they made it to the shallow end.  I was definitely going to jerk off to this memory.

“Well smart guy?”  Fran asked, “do you see a way to make the rescue without making the victim?”

“You’re right.  Only a blind man wouldn’t see the sexuality, but I still think it’s a worthwhile way of doing it.”

“Oh, it’s worthwhile all right, especially for the victim,” Beth said.

She and her mother traded glances and nods before Fran said, “You know what, you’ve never been the victim.  You get down there and float and I’ll do the rescue on you.”

“No, that’s all right, I believe you,” I said, mindful that I was as hard as steel and would be on full display laying on my back on the board.

“Oh no, turnabout is fair play,” Fran said, “but I think you should truly be like a real victim.  Eyes closed and like you are really passed out.”

“I don’t think he'll be able to keep his eyes closed,” Beth said.

“Go get that black scarf out of my bag,” Fran directed her daughter, “and tie it on him as a blindfold.  That’ll do the trick.”

“No, wait,” I said as Beth got out of the pool, “it isn’t really necessary.  Really, I believe you.”

Beth continued despite my reluctance and after getting the scarf, got behind me and tied the scarf over my eyes.

“Okay big boy, this one’s for you,” she said as she put her hands on my back and urged me into the water.  I treaded water toward what I imagined the center of the pool was and waited.  I heard them whispering.


“Didn’t we agree?”


I heard some light splashing from behind me before Fran asked, “Ready?”

“Okay,” I said and the went into a dead man’s float.  

This was going to be so embarrassing. There I was with a raging hardon, about to be boner to face with a friend I’ve known for years with her daughter right there watching.  There was no way to hide it.  If I still had my other trunks on, maybe, but not in just my speedos.  No only that, but if she did it same way did with Beth, my cock was going to be right under her moving chin.

Then I felt Fran grab my arm and flip me onto the board.  She pushed my one leg off the board and I felt her position herself between my legs.  

“Ooh,” was all I heard as she began to paddle us to the other end. Her chin rested on my pecker and moved slowly back and forth with each stroke.  It felt like she was taking her time as she masturbated me toward the shallow end.  It felt so good have her touching me that way.  The board softly bumped the end of the pool.  I was about to sit up off the board when I felt Fran’s teeth gently bite my hardness through the suit.

“Stay right there mister,” Beth said from right next to me.  She put her hand on my chest and continued, “mother, I believe he’s not breathing.”

I felt Fran slip off the board.  They each took an arm and moved them out to the side as though I was on a cross.  They then straddled my arms, trapping them between their legs.  

“Watch closely Beth, it’s important to do this right.”  Then whispering in my, ear Fran said, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

I felt her breath before I felt her soft lips on mine.  Firm yet yielding, her kiss was tender and light.  Then they parted, inviting me to part my own as her tongue began to explore my mouth.  Our tongues touched and then explored together.  Beth’s hand slid down from chest and she began to use her fingertips to play across the tender skin of my stomach.  Her fingers danced circles, lower and lower as Fran’s kisses became more and more passionate and deep.  I felt Beth begin to trace the outline of my cock through the suit, up one side, down the other.  

“Beth,” Fran said pulling her lips from me, “show me how you do it.”

Oh, not now.  Beth’s fingers felt so good and Fran’s kisses were so hot.  I just wanted to free my arms and love them both.

Beth’s fingers left my aching cock.  Her lips were just as soft as her mother’s, but her lust was harder and more playful.  She sucked my tongue into her mouth and then pushed her tongue into mine and we played together.  I felt Fran’s hands at my waist, not on either side, but in the middle, untying the knot that kept my suit on.  I tried to move  my arms but they were trapped.  I wanted to hold them both.  I realized then that, as I lifted my arms, I met with no resistance until I touched their cunts with the undersides of my arms.  I lifted my hands to find no material, but only skin.  Had the both taken off their bottoms?

Fran pushed down on my trunks.  My cock went down with them to a point and then sprung back up, so painfully hard that it didn’t even slap against my stomach.  Beth’s kisses slowed and became as deep as her mothers.  She mashed herself against me…  A hand came to rest on my stiff prick and slowly closed around me.  I caressed their asses as Beth, on my left played with my mouth, and Fran on my right played with my meat.  She moved her hand slowly up and down my shaft.  She shifted and I felt her hair on my belly.  Then the heat of her breath on my cock.  Then the softness of her lips on the tip of my head as she bent to kiss me.  Fran’s tongue began to explore all around my helmet.  All thoughts of my lips and mouth were set to autopilot, my full attention devoted to the mouth that was beginning to make love to the muscle that at that moment was the stiffest it had ever been.

Both were gyrating their hips on my arms so I pulled in my shoulders and found that I could now touch them the way they needed.  Deftly, my fingers began to probe both women’s most sensitive depths.  I felt Beth take a short gasp through our kiss as I introduced a second finger of both hands to the two velvety tunnels I explored.  My fingers curled and found their ridges as the heels of my hands pressed upward toward where my mind told me their sexual switches were.  Fran’s mouth now fully engulfed my length and she pleasured me with her throat and tongue.

Beth stopped kissing me and after lifting my blindfold presented me with a nipple to play with.  It was hard and soft at the same time and as I flicked my tongue across it, her breathing became more and more erratic. Their hips began to move quickly when I found their internal clits, their g-spots.  Fran lifted her mouth from me, replacing it with a fist that furiously pumped my solid organ.  The nipple I so enjoyed suckling was pulled from my lips and I could now see both naked women, mother and daughter kissing each other as passionately as they had devoured me.  I felt that we were all nearing a stupendous climax together. 

They separated, both with eyes shut and moaning uncontrollably while I frigged them, my balls beginning to tighten, readying to deliver my seed, Fran’s hand pumping me with abandon.  Then, the dam burst for all of us.  Each grabbed one of my wrists with a hand and pulled me tighter, closer, deeper.  They shivered and bucked while I pumped streams of milky batter across my chest and stomach.  The goal line had been crossed for all of us.

Beth pushed my hand from within her and she sank down into the water, coming back up to float on her back.  Her gorgeous swollen and puffy nipples pointed to the sky.  Her shaven pussy, now visible to me between her splayed legs, still exhibiting the red swell of excitement.  

Fran similarly pushed my hand from between her legs before she moved up the board.  She nibbled on my ear, sending goosebumps throughout my body and mind as I continued to drink in the visage of her daughter.  

She whispered, “Oh, you lovely man, we all have so much time to make up for and so much fun to have.”



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