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Daddy and his girls 3

May be a bit long, let me know, I'm still learning.

As I opened my eyes, there are Jenny's shins just inches away.
Last night and yesterday came flooding back to me.

Jenny, my petite 17 year old daughter and my lover for over 6 months, naked in my bed.

Sky, my elder daughter, Jenny's half sister due to an affair I had over 19 years ago, asleep in the bedroom next door.

They met for the first time yesterday and twice managed to kiss and fondal each other without my knowledge.

Jenny told me all this as she sucked my cock the moment we were alone in my bedroom.

Jenny wants to explore all her older sister has to offer.

Jenny's small frame, tiny boobs and shaven pussy, are very different to Sky. Over 6 inches taller, with 36d boobs and a neatly trimmed, but as yet, unexplored pussy.

Sky has handled a few cocks, but has always suspected she much prefers the scent, taste and feel of her own gender.
However her attempts with her friends never yielded the results she achieved with her new found little sister.

I think back to last night, and the urgency in which I fucked Jenny.

The sight of my two daughters all evening, and the delicious secret of Jenny and my love for each other, just made me desperate to have my cock relieved the moment we were alone.

Before falling asleep last night though, Jenny and I did manage to not only talk about our hopes for the few weeks Sky will be living with us, but also to enjoy each others bodies.

It is late July in England, and last night was a particularly hot and humid one. We needed neither clothing nor bed sheets.

I have woken with my daughter's head still by my groin, where she fell asleep after sucking and licking the mixture of her juices and my cum, from around my cock and balls.

I ease down the bed a little, wondering if I had missed any of our mixture from around and within her bare tiny pussy.
A few licks of my tongue reveals that I did a thorough cleaning job the night before, all I can taste is the slightly salty nectar she has dribbled of a midnight pee.
So delicious to my taste buds, that I turn her slightly, and part hers legs, to enable me to really get my tongue and lips in and around her sweet puss.
My actions not only wake my cock, but also my little daughter. Who sighs with pleasure at both the feel of my tongue and the sight of my cock growing before her eyes.

Her hands take a hold and guide it into her mouth.
All men like to think their cock is large, but the real trick is to find a lover with tiny hands. Having two hands placed one above the other is a fantastic sight for any guy.
When its your daughter, who in only a few months has mastered what really turns you on, is so very special.

Jenny manipulates my shaft as she sucks and chews on the head.
Her hands perform what I can only describe as a 'kneading action'. She squeezes and twists her hands until I can withhold no longer.

For my part I am able to work my tongue vigorously on her clit.

Although she is seventeen years old, her fair skin and tiny frame, naturally inhibits her pubes from growing, and what little does take hold is swiftly dealt with, making for a pussy as smooth as her pert little ass.

We both manage to extract an orgasm from the other, before even wishing each other a 'good morning'.
A perfect start to any day.

As we lay back recovering, still in our '69' position, I am able to tease and caress the rigid nipples on the budding 32a titties of my daughter, as she cleans and savors the cum she has made me produce.

When she is satisfied there is no more to be had, she reminds me, "Don't forget Daddy, you have to go out this morning "
"I know, Jenny my love " I reply. "Are you sure Sky wants you to shave her puss ? I best sort a good razor if she does. We wouldn't want to make a mess of it if you intend to enjoy your sisters snatch".

Jenny replies, "That's what she said Daddy, and I will be very careful. I'm sure Sky has never really had any pussy attention, so I plan to not spoil it"

"You know she may not want anything to do with me, don't you Jenn" I point out.
"I know daddy, and maybe I don't want to share you" Jenny teases, "but either way", she continues. "I am definitely going to get in my sisters puss, and I want her in mine, so there". She finishes with a laugh and final kiss to the end of my cock.

I go down to breakfast first, leaving Jenny to dress and to maintain our pretense of a conventional relationship, incase Sky does not understand.

As Jenny appears in the pajamas we bought especially, she is soon followed by Sky.

Sky has the same tiny shorts she wore last night, but now instead of a t-shirt, Sky is wearing a white vest top, cut quite low, showing her ample cleavage, but decent enough for the breakfast table.

Sky hugs and gives her younger sister a kiss, "Good morning" she says.

I ask, "Do I get one of them ?"

"Corse Daddy" Sky says, and hugs me, but no kiss, and all quite proper.

"Jenny and I are having bacon sandwiches Sky, what would you like ?" I ask.

"Oh that's fine for me too Daddy please" Sky answers.

Jenny pours glasses of orange juice for all three of us, and we make a bit of small talk about how we all slept, and about if we want white or brown bread, and about if its ketchup or brown sauce.

As I serve the breakfast, I start to explain my plans for the day.
"I have to go out for the morning girls, just got a few things to do, but won't be home for about 4 hours. Will you two be alright ?"

Looking at Jenny, her facial expression tells me, 'perfect'.
Her lips reply, "We'll manage Daddy, I can help Sky finish unpacking, and we'll chat or I'll show her round, or something"

I look across at Sky, she only has eyes for Jenny, and doesn't know I can see the lust she has for her sister.

As Sky is looking at Jenny, she manages to squeeze some ketchup out of her sandwich, right onto her white vest.
Jenny laughs and points, then puts her own sandwich down and with one finger scoops the sauce off her sisters top, and offers it to Sky's lips to suck off.

Sky laughs, but starts to go red with embarrassment, and looks across at me.
I too can only laugh, so Sky sees this is as a good sign and duly licks her sisters finger.

"Thank you Jenny, but I can do it myself " Sky states.

As Sky uses her own fingers to clean up the remaining sauce, I wonder if rubbing it is quite the right way to get ketchup off a white vest, but as she does she pulls the neck line down just enough to hint at the glorious pair of breasts she has been blessed with, I realize I am staring.
Sky catches me looking and just smiles, she is used to admiring looks from guys, and now its clear she doesn't mind Daddy either.
Her younger sister is in for a real treat as soon as I leave the house.

Breakfast continues and ends, and I ask Jenny to clear away, so I can go and get things done.

Its 9am on a Sunday morning, now where can I go for four hours to enable my younger daughter to seduce her older sister ?

First port of call can only be coffee at the garden centre. England is lovely, but won't open for another hour or two on a Sunday.

As soon as the door closes behind me, Jenny starts to clear. She puts the pots in the dishwasher, then says, "Can you put these in the top cupboard for me, you're so much taller" as she hands the sauce bottles to Sky.
As Sky opens the cupboard and puts the bottles away, Jenny has come up behind her, and in one swift movement pulled Sky's shorts right down.

Sky turns and shrieks with laughter, "Jenny !" She says, "That's rude".

"Well if we've only a few hours, we need to get started" Jenny replies dropping to her knees to inspect her sisters hairy, but neat pussy.
Jenny continues, "If you want us to enjoy each other, we need to get rid of your yukky hair"

Sky is both surprised and delighted, she has wondered for years about her sexuality, and has tried with numerous friends, and now she has found a gorgeous little sister, more than willing to play.

As Jenny inspects her sisters neatly trimmed bush, she realizes that it is in fact quite pretty to look at.

Jenny runs the back of her hand over it, and feels how soft it is.
She then leans in to part the hair with her tongue, and she again surprises herself, as the hair offers no resistance to the sweet pussy lips beneath.

All very different to the hair formally surrounding Daddy's cock a few months ago, Jenny thinks to herself.

"Sky" Jenny says, "your puss, is actually quite nice, maybe we don't have to shave it"

Sky sees her chance and asks, "Jenn, let me see yours again, and we can decide"

To Sky's astonishment, Jenny just slips off her pajama bottoms and hops on to the table, legs apart, for her sister to inspect.

Sky is beginning to learn that her little sister is willing to experiment and to enjoy both their bodies, without a moments hesitation.

Right away Sky states, "That's lovely Jenny, I want mine just the same. Its exactly as I remember mine being when I discovered its not just for peeing out of"

Jenny looks down as her sister explores the smooth tight pussy, which both Daddy and Jenny herself, get so much fun from. And now it is clear her big sister will also enjoy the sweet little area.

Sky is hesitant at first, but so desperately wants to taste her first pussy. She looks at Jenny, still sat, legs wide apart, and asks politely, "Jenn, can I kiss it ?"

"Of course you can Sky, I want you to".
Jenny continues, "Sky, have you ever felt a girls puss ?"

"Only mine really" Sky answers, as her hand settles on the smooth cunt. As she works a finger into the opening, Sky continues, " I have wanted to, just could never get any of my friends to let me. Yours looks like mine did years ago Jenn, its so pretty".
Jenny let's Sky explore with her fingers and then feels her sisters warm lips surround her pussy.

Sky feels as though she is actually kissing Jenny's mouth, as her pussy is so smooth, but when her tongue probes between the lips, she recognizes the same familiar taste she has enjoyed off her own fingers for many years.

Jenny sits and enjoys her sisters attentions for a minute or so, then takes command of the situation, and pulls Sky's head up out of her pussy.

Jenny kisses Sky full on the lips, and then says, "Come on, upstairs, let's shave your pretty pussy and we can carry this on".

Sky is smiling so much, she just can not believe her luck, after all the years of wondering, she now has a beautiful little playmate.

Jenny leads the way upstairs, her pert little ass still naked as her sister follows her.
Jenny knows how much her Daddy loves her ass and how he loves to kiss it, so she decides to stop just before the top, and see if her big sister also likes it.

"How's my bum looking Sky ?" Jenny asks as she stops dead.

Sky had noticed it as she followed, and answers, "It's so tiny Jenn, mine was never that small, it looks like you hardly have hips. Do you mind that ? Or are you just glad to be so thin ?"

Jenny had never considered either question before, she just knew Daddy loved it, and would kiss and stroke it for hours.
"I like it Sky, Daddy says its so kissable".
Again Jenny may have slipped up, do Daddies say their little girls bums are 'kissable' ?

Sky laughs, and seems to have mistaken the slip for a hint, "Oh it's certainly kissable", and grasps where hips are slowly developing, and promptly kisses Jenny's ass, then Sky puckers her lips to blow a raspberry on the pert little bottom.

The noise and feeling makes both girls laugh, they may be in their late teens, but they have discovered a new found childhood, where fun and laughter is the order of the day.

Jenny pulls away and opens the door into the bathroom, with Sky right behind her.

Its a big family bathroom. Bath, toilet, basin, a couple of chairs, and best of all, a large shower/wet area.

Jenny had been thinking back to when she helped her Daddy shave off all his pubic hair.

She gets the trimmer from the cabinet, sees the new razor Daddy put on the shelf next to shaving foam and most important, moisturizer.

Jenny tells Sky, "Ok Sky, sit on the loo, I'll trim most of the hair before we shave it."

Sky pulls her vest top off, it seems unnecessary in the circumstances, she has been naked from the waist down since Jenny pulled her shorts off.

Jenny starts the shower in the wet area, so that the water will be nice and warm for when they move into there.

As she turns she sees Sky sat on the loo, her beautiful full boobs on display, and realizes right away she still has the pajama top on, but not for much longer, and she too strips naked.

Both girls love the sight of their sisters tits, but neither makes a move, now is pussy shaving time.

As Jenny positions Sky so that the trimmer can remove most of the hair, they do not know if it is the occasion, or the touch of Jenny's hand moving Sky towards the back of the loo seat, but Sky needs to pee, and with Jenny's hand cupping her pussy, Sky let's her urine flow.

Right between Jenny's fingers. Jenny leaves her hand there, not a thought of moving it away, just letting the warm piss squirt through, and fall into the bowl below.

Neither girls speaks, but they both watch Jenny's hand.
When the pee finishes, Sky just lifts her head slightly, and seeing her sisters face just inches away, Sky kisses Jenny full on the mouth, and Jenny kisses her back.

Jenny is first to break off the kiss, and starts the trimmer.
The buzz noise it makes, is yet another thing which sets both girls laughing.

In 4 or 5 slow strokes, Jenny has Sky's pussy all ready for the razor.
The dark remaining bristles will need a good lather, and Jenny will enjoy doing that too.

Jenny takes Sky by the hand and leads her into the shower.
Although the plan is to make her pussy all smooth, there is still plenty of time, so first thing is to grab the shower gel and lather her perfect, firm, full boobs.
Which is pretty much Sky's plan too. Jenny's tiny titties are such a turn on for Sky, they definitely remind her of the time when she first thought about her sexuality.

As Jenny soaps and lathers Sky's boobs, she feels right away the nipples harden, but even Sky's nipples are different to her own.
When Jenny washes herself, her own nipples feel like firm little beads beneath her fingers, but Sky's are like solid red grapes, even the colour.
Sky's full 36d boobs are surprisingly firm to Jenny's touch.

As Sky revels in the chance to really caress her little sister, the tiny titties with solid nipples barely fill a hand, but fit nicely in the mouth.
Sky can engulf a whole boob, and still have room to move her tongue around.

When Jenny is ready, she takes the shaving gel and razor, falls to her knees, and finishes Sky's pussy.
Over the past few months this is a job she has done for her father many times, so knows exactly how to handle the razor.

When Jenny is satisfied with her work, Sky uses her own hands to check the results, and also takes the chance to feel how her sisters pussy compares.

Jenny knows Sky is taking way longer than necessary, but allows her sister to have one hand exploring each smooth pussy for as long as she likes.
Jenny knows that over the next few weeks, both girls will be doing very much the same thing to each other.

After they towel each other dry, Jenny ensures she uses plenty of moisturizer on Sky's pussy, just like she does for Daddy.
No one wants to risk any soreness which may interfere with play times.

The girls retreat into Jenny's bedroom hand in hand.
Jenny takes the lead, which still surprises Sky.
They kiss and stand caressing each others naked body.

Sky speaks first, "Jenny", she asks, "Do you trust me ?"

Jenny continues to stroke around Sky's naked pussy, wondering what her sister can mean, but in this situation Jenny can only give one reply, "Of course I do, you're my sister".

"Can I ask anything ?" Sky continues.

"Anything at all", Jenny replies as she slips a finger into her sisters puss, wondering if Sky's g-spot is in the exact same place as her own.

Sky purrs at the sensations she is experiencing, but still needs to say, "When you and Daddy went to bed last night, I heard you both". ......................
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