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Daddy's Lessons II

Mat wakes up to the smell of Abigail’s pussy. He slept on the pillow she fucked last night, and her faint scent still on it gives him an insane case of morning wood. He goes to his master bathroom and has to rub one out before he can even take a piss. He knows it's wrong, but he can't help but think about his daughter humping that pillow, her delicate hand between her thighs, the noises she made. He strokes his engorged cock until his aching balls finally get some release, cumming just as much as he did last night.

Abby wakes up and the first thing she does is hump her own pillow. Now that she knows she can get off that way, she is eager to do it again. She slips off her panties this time, places her bare pussy against her pink pillow, and rides it. She thinks about her dad. About his dark eyes watching her, his big strong body, his masculine hands. She hopes he did touch himself last night. The idea makes her feel powerful, wanted, a feeling she's never had before.

They both get ready for the day, Mat almost afraid to see Abby. Will it be awkward? Will she regret what happened? Be upset with him? Mostly he's worried he'll get hard at the wrong time, which would be any time he’s in front of her. He doesn't regret helping her, but he does regret being turned on by it. Either way, it was a one time occurrence. Now his girl knows how to pleasure herself, and she can do it without him.

Abby is excited to see her dad. She showers and gets dressed, leaving her beautiful face untouched by makeup, her long hair straight down her back. She goes to the kitchen and Mat’s already there, making her breakfast. He glances at her, sees that she’s smiling, and smiles in return.

“Morning, beautiful.”

“Morning, daddy,” she replies, pecking him on the cheek. Being in each other’s presence is easier than they anticipated. They eat together, finding topics that have nothing to do with last night, laughing together like they always do. They’re both thinking about last night, but neither of them show it.

A couple weeks pass the same way. Mat goes to work managing the railyard in the industrial depot, Abby sitting in school, both of them thinking about each other every day. They still eat dinner together, watch movies or lounge around the house. Winter is approaching and it’s the rainy season, so occasionally they’ll sit on the large covered porch while it’s pouring, Abby snuggling on Mat’s lap, talking about whatever comes up. Abby goes out with her friends, always home by curfew, Mat waiting in the livingroom for her to make it home safely.

Abby tries to get herself off every time the mood strikes her, which is fairly frequent; at least twice a day, sometimes more. There’s a few guys who are giving her a lot of attention lately, and while she likes it, she’s curious why she isn’t as interested in them as before. Soon Abby begins to realize she wants attention from Mat more than anyone. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t really remember her real dad and she’s seeking to fill a void, but that can’t be it. Mat has been a wonderful father to her for the last seven years. She has a feeling it’s just Mat himself. He’s so sweet, sensible, smart and capable. He’s handsome, his masculinity something she loves about him. He’s a man, someone she has always liked to please. Now she just thinks about pleasing him in different ways.

Driving home from her friend’s house, she shakes her head. She has to stop thinking this way. It’s not as if anything would ever happen between them.

“In here, baby,” Mat calls out when she walks through the front door. She enters the kitchen finding Mat freshly showered, in nothing but drawstring pants, hair still wet. “Did you have fun?” he asks, wrapping one arm around her for a hug. She nods against him, smelling body wash on his dark skin. His chest is hard with a little bit of hair in the center. He’s forty years old, but he could easily pass for a decade younger.

Sensing that she wants to draw out this hug, Mat sets down his cup and wraps his other arm around her, holding her to him.

“Are you ok?” he asks after a minute.

“Yeah. I’m going to go to bed,” Abby says, sadness suddenly striking her.

“Ok, sweetheart,” her dad says, trying to hide his worry as he watches her walk away. He doesn’t like when she isn’t herself. She’s usually always happy.

An hour later when Mat is in his own bed, he hears Abby lightly knock on his open door.

“Come in,” he says, and she enters. Wearing shorts that may as well be underwear and a tight t-shirt, she walks to Mat’s bedside.

“Can I lay with you?” she says, and he doesn’t hesitate to pull back his covers for her. She climbs in beside him and he pulls her close, kissing the top of her head.

“You ok?” he asks again, and she nods.

“Just missed you,” she answers lightly, but honestly, pulling her head back to look at him. He smiles his warm smile at her, and she reacts. If you ask her why she did it, she wouldn’t have an answer. As natural as instinct, Abby leans her head forward and kisses her dad on the lips. It’s just a peck, but it’s enough to startle him. He stares at her, and after a moment, he leans in to kiss her again. A little more than a peck, his mouth moves against hers, though he pulls away after a few seconds. Abby is disappointed. Mat is trying not to get aroused, ashamed of himself.

“Will you show me my g-spot?” Abby suddenly says. So much for not getting aroused. Mat doesn’t answer, afraid of what will come out of his mouth. Abby realized, as she lay in her own bed, that she was sad because she wanted more. More attention from Mat, more to happen between them, more because she’s always so horny and her pillow isn’t enough anymore. So she’s trying to be bold and get what she wants.

“Please dad? I still can’t find it when I touch myself.” The seconds pass, and blush creeps into her face, worried he’ll turn her away.

He very seriously considers it, too. This is his daughter, he can’t touch her that way.

In the faint light illuminating the room, Mat can see that Abby really wants this. He won’t admit it to anyone on earth, but he’s been wanting the same thing ever since that night he watched her have her first orgasm. He hoped he could let it go, that they would both move on, but every time he jacks off now, it’s his daughter he thinks of. The smell of her pussy on his pillow is gone now, and he would love to catch her sweet scent again, maybe even taste it…

Abandoning his internal battle of right and wrong, he simply says, “Yeah, I’ll show you.” Abby is surprised. So is he. “Lay on your back,” Mat says before he changes his mind, and she turns. He positions himself at her side, lowering himself, face by her chest. “Take these off,” he instructs, pulling at her booty shorts. She does, hands trembling. Though she’s protected beneath the comforter, Mat’s low voice is already making her heart pound. She wants this, but she’s reverted back to her innocent self; nervous from inexperience.

Mat touches her leg, staring into her big blue eyes, trying to separate his conscious from himself. She wants this, and much as he might deny it, he wants to give it to her. His rough hand glides up her thigh, opening her legs a little.

“Are you sure?” he asks, and she nods, chest rising and falling. Mat brings his hand up to his mouth, sucks two of his fingers, and puts them back between her legs. Holy fuck, she thinks, why did he do that?

Mat touches her for the first time, and both of them sigh in response. He starts rubbing around his daughter’s clit, and her back arches a little, mouth hanging open. She loves it, legs opening more. His warm hand against her is incredible. He expertly feels around her petite slit, circling her already wet opening.

“Did you masturbate today?” he asks, and she nods. He shuts his eyes for a moment, his dick growing in his pants. He can tell. Pushing one finger inside her first, Mat forces her open, and she gasps. “Relax babygirl,” he tells her, working his finger into her. Abby’s breath is already ragged, staring into her dad’s hungry eyes. He moves in and out of her for a little while, working her up to the feeling. When he can’t take it anymore, he adds another finger. Abby moans, bringing Mat’s dick past full hardness. Fuck, she is tight.

“Your g-spot is right… here,” he says, pressing the pads of his two fingers up against it, and Abby’s shocks. Inhaling sharply, her head rolls back, body tensing from the violently delicious pulse he just sent through her.

“Can you feel that?” he asks, working his hand inside her.

“Yes,” Abby moans. He was right. She would definitely know if her g-spot was being touched. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Mat gently strokes the soft spot, feeling pre-cum ooze out of his dick. Fuck, he wishes this wasn’t so damn amazing. He strokes her harder, and she arches off the bed. When Mat adds his thumb to her clit, they both revel in it, Abby humping against his hand.

“Oh my god,” she purrs as stroke after stroke sends endless shockwaves through her body. “Daddy,” she moans, and he pushes his hand deeper.

“Fuck,” he whispers, fingering his beautiful daughter. Her calling him that right now only makes this hotter. “Do you like this?” he asks, absorbed by her every nuance.

“Yes,” she breathes, meeting his eyes. “Please don’t stop.”

“I promise I won’t,” he says, stimulating her. They stare at each other as she fucks her dad’s hand, his arm moving back and forth, his thick fingers stretching her more than she’s ever had.

“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” she warns, the feeling coming on fast.

“Go ahead, baby.” Abby explodes around him. She writhes and moans, her tight body at the mercy of her dad. He can’t help it, his hand fucks her harder, wishing this would never end.

“Nnaahhh,” she groans, the nerves inside her being kissed with electricity. She slowly comes down, and when she’s shivering, Mat removes his hand. Abby watches her dad put the fingers that were inside her back in his mouth. Her eyes are wide as he sucks on them. She’s never seen anything so naughty in her whole life. Boys like to taste it? Her daddy isn’t a boy. He’s a man and he knows what he wants. He grins at her reaction.

“How was that?”

“Amazing,” she’s eager to say, smiling back.


“… Do you need to cum now?” she asks timidly. Surprised by her inquiry, Mat is that much more aware of his aching cock.

“Don’t worry about me, baby.”

“You’re hard…. Doesn’t that mean you’re horny?” He can’t help but smile a little at her question.

“Yes, it does.”

“… Can I watch you?”

“Watch me what?” he asks quietly, already knowing the answer.

“Do… whatever it is you do,” she says bashfully, a tiny smile on her lips.

“I think we’ve done enough for tonight, sweetheart.”

“Please? I really want to.”

“Why?” He’s curious.

“Because… I think about it all the time.” God damn, if he could get any harder, he would explode. He wants to rebuttal, but the pleading look on her face makes him give in.

“Alright. Come here,” he says, removing the covers and pulling her off the bed. Abby is still naked from the hips down, her tight t-shirt clinging to her little waist above her belly button, her hips showing off their roundness. She blushes hard, trying to cover herself with her arms, and Mat notices. They get to the bathroom, and he takes one of her hands away.

“Don’t be shy with me, baby. You’re absolutely beautiful.” His eyes roam her appreciatively for emphases, and she smiles behind her pink cheeks. He pulls her into the shower, and she has no idea why - neither of them are naked. Does he always touch himself in the shower?

“Sit,” he says, and she perches on the tile seat jetting from the wall. The tile is cold on her ass, but she does what she’s told, looking up at her dad from under her lashes. He stands before her, taking a moment to pause. If he does this there’s no turning back. Who is he kidding, they’re already past the point of no return, his painful member making the decision for him.

Grabbing his waistband with one masculine hand, Mat pulls down the front of his pants and exposes his heavy, rock hard dick. Abby’s eyes go to it, then widen at the sight. She stares at it, noticing the tip is a different shape, the hair that covers the base. Those must be his balls beneath it.

“Have you ever seen one before?” he says quietly, and she glances back up at him.

“No,” she confesses. Not even in porn. She’s never tried to watch porn before. Just the idea makes her blush. He doesn’t say anything else, letting her process what’s in front of her. The sight of his dick is very obscene, making her feel much younger than she is. She’s not sure what to make of it. How can something so salacious be a point of such pleasure? Through her inexperience though, she is certain that he’s on the larger end of the scale. It must be as thick as her wrist and nearly as long as her forearm.

He watches her stare at it, noticing the wonder in her eyes when precum starts gathering at the entrance of his piss hole.

“So what do you do?” she asks, tearing her eyes away to glance at him again.

“I stroke it until I cum,” he says, and starts doing just that. Mat wraps a hand around himself, moving it back and forth, and Abby is entranced all over again. He goes slow. He's already so close to cumming, if he squeezes enough he'll erupt all over her.

Abby quickly understands the concept. She has imagined this countless times over the last few weeks, and seeing him actually doing it is getting her excited all over again. It's vulgar yet erotic, making her feel every bit as inexperienced as she is. But she likes it. He's hard and she knows that's a good thing. He's looking at her and it's making him hard. Glancing up at him again, he's staring at her, and that powerful feeling returns to her.

“Can I help?” she asks, not entirely sure what she's offering.

“Just open your legs. I want to see you,” he tells her. She can do that.

Abby leans back and spreads her thighs, Mat’s black eyes dropping to her center, getting his first real look at it. Her slit is pink and delicate, and she has hardly any hair, growing in a naturally thin line down her pubic bone. Her clit is a swollen little bump from when he rubbed her not ten minutes ago. Her sixteen-year-old virgin pussy is beautiful.

The scene painted in Abby’s head is undeniably naughty: She and Mat have lived alone for three years. They’ve always been close, even physically; Abby’s never been afraid to sit on his lap. She never knew that’s what she was sitting on. After all this time, their relationship has slowly transformed into this moment; him teaching her how to have an orgasm, pleasuring her, and now he’s pleasuring himself in front of her. It’s just the two of them, alone in this house with no interruptions.

Fueled by the eroticism of the moment, Abby’s hand goes to her clit, and she starts rubbing herself.

“Fuck, baby,” Mat breathes, stroking himself a little faster. Abby doesn’t look away from his face as they masturbate together. She is so fucking turned on, Mat’s excitement rivaling hers. He loves her this way; open for him. She loves him looking at her, touching himself in response to her.

The sperm in his balls can’t be held back any longer. Mat turns to the side so he doesn’t cum all over his daughter, the muscles in his arm tight with his motion.

“I have to cum, sweetheart,” he tells her, and she rubs herself faster. With her silent encouragement, Mat meets his climax. The peak he reaches is unimaginably high, he’s never been so horny before. Holding his breath, the first jet of his ejaculation leaves him, then he groans along with his throbbing. Abby watches it happen, sees the sperm shoot from his dick over and over, white and thick. Does he always cum so much? She now understands why they’re in the shower - it’s for easy clean-up. If they’d been in the bed, he would have made a mess.

Mouth hanging open, Abby watches her dad stroke himself until he’s done, loving the way he’s out of breath, the deep moaning noises he made.

“Fuck,” he sighs, the last of his orgasm leaving him. Abby is still touching herself, her little hand moving quickly, the look in her eye unforgivably horny. She couldn’t be shy right now if she wanted to. That was so fucking hot.

“Wow,” she manages to say, and he smiles, putting his dick away.

“Do you need some help?” he asks, kneeling in front of her. She nods furiously, taking her hand away. Mat pushes two fingers into her tightness and strokes her g-spot for her. She gasps with pleasure. “Is this what you need?” he asks, and she moans yes. “You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?” he says, making her excitement spike. She just barely came, and now she needs more release.

“Oh daddy, you’re gonna make me cum,” she moans, both hands on the tile seat under her, humping his hand.

“Cum for me, sweetheart, I want to feel it,” he says in his husky voice, and she does as she’s told. Abby yells aloud, her intimate muscles squeezing her dad’s fingers with her release. He keeps stroking her favorite spot, milking her nerves, palm on her clit. He fucks her with his hand until she’s spent, body going limp.

“Good girl,” he says, pulling his wet fingers from her, and she gasps when he leaves her empty. After sucking his fingers clean again -of course he wants to taste it. It’s better this time too, extra sweet from her multiple orgasms- Mateo picks up his exhausted daughter and carries her to his bed, ass in his hands, wet pussy against his stomach, legs dangling.

“Thank you, daddy,” she mumbles on the way, face in his neck.

“Of course, baby.”


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