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Damn I'm Screwed - Part 2

The climax

In my previous story, I described how Stefanie’s affair with Harley was discovered by her son Stefan who had been fucking his twin sister Danielle. This discovery led to Stefan fucking his mom and Danielle fucking Harley. Stefan had previously caught Danielle sucking her dad and blackmailed her into an incestuous affair.

Stefanie was shocked to hear that Danielle was caught sucking her dad and that Stefan had blackmailed her into their incestuous relationship. She also assumed it was her husband Wallace who had taken Danielle’s virginity. She planned on confronting Danielle to learn the truth.

Stefanie barged into Danielle’s room without knocking only to find her masturbating watching a video on her iPhone.

“Damn don’t you ever knock?” Can’t anyone have some privacy around here?” yelled Danielle.

“Look young lady I know Stefan blackmailed you into fucking him because he caught you sucking your Dad’s cock. Did your Dad also fuck you and did he take your virginity?” asked Stefanie.

“Wow for a cheating whore you sure want to know a lot,” Danielle responded.

“I want to know the story and the whole story now!” shouted Stefanie.

Danielle began slowly to relay most every detail but one. She said, “Since you know about Stefan, Dad, and me I will confess it all, but I will never tell you who took my virginity, and it was not Dad.”

Danielle describe how she had a daddy crush for some time and lusted after her Dad. She took every opportunity to let Wallace catch her nude or semi-nude. Something that had a profound effect on Wallace, as his obvious erections gave away. Taking an advantage of the situation, Danielle had sucked off Wallace on several occasions always swallowing his cum. It was on one of those occasions that Stefan caught them in the act and took pictures. And no, Daddy had not fucked her, but it was something she wanted desperately.

While spilling out her story, Danielle never stopped masturbating, something that did not go unnoticed by Stefanie.

Stefanie was totally aroused and her pussy was dripping wet. Without thinking and warning, Stefanie dived between Danielle’s legs and attacked her pussy with her mouth and tongue. First licking up and down her pussy lips savoring the sweet nectar there. Then by sucking Danielle’s clit into her mouth. She began sucking her little clit like a small cock, as Danielle squirmed and thrust her pussy into her mom’s face.

Danielle was moaning very loud, then screamed, “Eat me, eat me, Mom!”

And eat her Stefanie did. Stefanie’s pussy was literally dripping, as Danielle climaxed covering Stefanie’s face and lips with the sweet nectar of a nubile teen.

“Now eat me, I need to cum,” said Stefanie.

With mother instructing daughter, Danielle got a lesson on how to eat pussy. While down eating her mom, Danielle thought, wow my mom eats pussy better than daddy. I wonder if I will ever be as good as her.

A totally aroused Stefanie was enjoying a wonderful pussy lapping and instructed Danielle to suck her clit. As Danielle, sucked her clit, Stefanie had a thundering orgasm and began squirting.

“Damn Mom you didn’t have to piss on me,” said Danielle.

“I didn’t sweetheart, I’m squirting, it happens sometimes and it is wonderful,” Stefanie replied.


While this was going on, Wallace had just finished fucking the young cocktail waitress that he had met the night before.

“Thank god for stormy weather, or my wife would never have believed my flight was cancelled. Now time to get moving, my flight is at noon,” Wallace said.

While they were getting dressed, Wallace was thinking, it was well worth staying over an extra day to fuck this sweet thing, but she sure could use some cocksucking lessons from Danielle.

On the flight home, Wallace was daydreaming about the great oral sex he had shared with Danielle, but he knew that he had to fuck her, he just had to. He finished the flight home with a boner so hard it hurt.

When he arrived home, Wallace was confronted by Stefanie demanding to know how long Danielle had been sucking his cock. Stefanie was unaware that Danielle was listening in the next room.

“What the hell are you talking about,” demanded Wallace.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about,” she shouted.

Rushing in the room, Danielle said, “She knows Daddy, but what you don’t know is your slut wife has been fucking Harley Lake, and she even fucked Stefan!”

A flabbergasted Wallace staggered to the sofa and slumped down. During the next hour, mother and daughter explained in sordid details about the cheating and incest. When they were finished Wallace admitted that he had engaged in oral sex with Danielle, but as much as he wanted, he had not fucked her.

“I think it is about time, don’t you?” Stefanie asked Wallace.

“Are you serious?” Wallace responded.

“Please daddy please,” said Danielle.

That was all it took, Wallace was still hard from the plane trip home. He and Danielle quickly removed their clothes. Danielle lay down on the carpeted floor and spread her legs. Without any preliminaries, Wallace presented his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. At first, he rubbed his cock up and down the slit and then pushed in. Her pussy was very lubricated, and after being fucked by Harley’s big cock, entry was easy.

Wallace began fucking his daughter and was pleased with her tight little cunt. He thought the cocktail waitress had been a good fuck, but damn, Danielle was simply awesome. His pace increased until he was pounding her with a fury of a father fucking his daughter for the first time. Unable to control himself Wallace knew he would soon be cumming, he couldn’t help himself.

Then Danielle let out a scream, “OMG, I’m cumming”

That sent Wallace over the edge and he filled his daughter’s pussy with his daddy cum.

While they were coming down from the orgasmic highs, Wallace and Danielle heard moaning. Looking up they saw Stefanie draped over the end of the sofa with Stefan fucking her from behind. The incestuous circle was now complete.

Over the next several weeks there was a whole lot of incestuous sex going on in the Wallace Ward household. Wallace taught Danielle about love making and Danielle continued to provide great fucks and oral sex. Wallace even found time to fuck Stefanie, on those occasions, Stefan would fuck Danielle.

With all this great sex going on, who needed Harley?

To answer that question, Harley continued to fuck Stefanie and Danielle on the sly.




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