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Damn I'm Screwed - Part 3

Old experiences become new again

The ensuing weeks were filled with lust, sex, and incest at the Wallace Ward household. Mother, father, sister, and brother were mixing and matching, as sexual urges and needs were being attended to. Wallace was hoping that with both he and Stefan fucking Stefanie, she would not feel the need to continue fucking Harley. He was hoping Stefan would be able to service her needs when he was not available.

But Stefanie was a nympho, and Danielle was well on her way to becoming one. The next time Wallace was on a business trip, Stefanie was immediately on the phone contacting Harley letting him know she was available to him.

Since being caught in the act at the Ward home, Harley had decided that he needed a secret place for sexual encounters. Thus, he had rented a small efficiency apartment, at the end of a secluded street. Having not fucked Stefanie in over two weeks, he was ready for some of that fine pussy, and Danielle’s tight cunt as well.

Harley provided Stefanie with a time and directions to his apartment and asked if Danielle would be joining them.

“No baby, I want that big cock of yours all to myself,” she replied.

When she arrived, Harley was already there naked and sporting a huge boner. Normally Stefanie would have immediately gone down and sucked Harley off knowing he would be able to fuck her quickly afterwards, but damn she needed that big cock in her pussy. She was only wearing shorts and a halter top and quickly removed them. Harley smiled when he saw she was not wearing any bra or panties.

Jumping on Harley's cock, she impaled her sopping wet pussy and had an immediate orgasm. Screaming as she did, “OMG I needed that!”

Harley began fucking her fast and furious. Pounding her cunt with the ferocity of a beast in the field. Never had he been this turned on. His lust for this mother knew no bounds. Stefanie had two more hard orgasms before Harley filled her cunt with a large load of cum.

Harley flipped Stefanie over on her side, and took her in his arms, and held her without removing his cock. They lay that way, neither of them speaking, for a good ten minutes. Then Harley began slowly fucking Stefanie as his cock started growing in her pussy. Slowly picking up the pace until he was soon fucking her with long hard strokes. Stefanie could only moan.

This was a much longer fuck lasting almost thirty minutes. Stefanie had multiple orgasms, and screamed loudly, as Harley made a final plunge and held, as he filled her pussy with his second load of the day. Stefanie had been thoroughly fucked.

Stefanie enjoyed fucking Wallace and the taboo fucking with Stefan, but fucking Harley was special. Something she had no intention of giving up.

Unbeknown to Stefanie, Harley had obtained Danielle’s cell phone number. He had no intention of not fucking that hot teenager. The next day he called her. She was thrilled.

Now walking thru the door of his, not so secret love nest, was the teenager that made his cock hurt. He thought, OMG, I lust after her even more than her mom. He had been waiting for her in the nude. Like mother, like daughter, she was wearing only shorts and a halter top and once removed, she was not wearing any bra and panties. She was a smaller version of Stefanie. A bit shorter in height, slightly smaller tits, and an ass that was perfectly portioned with the rest of her body. And Harley knew how tight her cunt was.

He directed Danielle to get on her knees and suck his cock. Which she quickly did. While she was sucking him, Harley thought, somebody has really taught her well, she is a fantastic cocksucker. Little did he know that it was Wallace who had taught her to suck cock. Unable to contain himself, he blew his first load of the day in her mouth, which she greedily swallowed, as fast as she could.

When he began to fuck her, her pussy was so wet, it was obvious that she had cum while sucking his cock. Damn, she is a complete nympho, just like her mom, he thought. Slowly inch by inch slowly he penetrated her tight pussy reaching her cervix, as he was balls to the wall. She had all nine inches in her, what an amazing little cunt she was.

Just like her mother, she had an immediate orgasm, screaming out, as she did. This only spurred on Harley more. Giving her his best, Harley fucked this teenager with more lust and gusto than even Stefanie.

“OMG, OMG,” Danielle moaned as Harley furiously fucked her tight pussy.

She lost count of how many times she came.

When he no longer could hold, Harley let loose with a mighty blast coating Danielle’s pussy walls with more cum than she had ever received. Danielle was experiencing the longest and hardest orgasm ever, groaning as if she was in pain, but it was not pain she was experiencing, it was pure bliss. She had just experienced her best fuck. Fucking daddy and Stefan was great, but this was awesome, simply awesome! If she was not a nympho before, she surely was now.

Lying side by side, Harley was thinking, this little minx is the best fuck ever, even better than her mom, which was saying something. Danielle was thinking, it can’t get any better than this. Before leaving, Harley fucked her two more times, and Danielle had to admit to herself, that it only gets better.

Later that night, Stefan entered Danielle’s room to find her sleeping nude on the bed with what looked like cum seeping from her pussy. Her pussy was red and swollen. Looks like I won’t be fucking her tonight, he thought, oh well there is always mom.

Wallace was in bed in his Hotel room smoking a cigarette with the young cocktail waitress sleeping beside him. Visions of Danielle were dancing in his head. He couldn’t wait to get home and fuck her again. She was becoming an obsession. Especially since he had begun to suspect that Stefanie was again fucking Harley.

When Harley arrived home, Danielle was away, on a sleepover, with her best friend, and Stefanie was not home. Harley had come home a day early, as he could not wait to fuck Danielle. When Stefanie arrived home, she was shocked to find Wallace there. She quickly headed to the bedroom to change clothes, but Wallace had already noticed the big wet spot on her white shorts. A wet spot that was caused by her own secretions and Harley’s cum leaking from her pussy. She was not wearing any panties, thus the big wet spot.

Wallace was now convinced that Stefanie was again fucking Harley. But he decided to not broach the subject at the moment. He decided he would get absolute proof first.

He surprised Stefanie when he told her that he was only home for one day and that he had a flight out the next day to Chicago. He said he was very tired and was going to bed early, much to Stefanie’s relief.

The following morning Wallace left for the airport. He left his car in the parking lot and picked up a rental car. Returning home, he parked a block away, but close enough to have a clear view of his house. He spent the rest of the day watching. About three PM, Stefanie emerged and drove away. Wallace followed at a safe distance. Stefanie drove to a quiet neighborhood and down to the end of an isolated street. She entered a first-floor apartment.

Wallace waited for fifteen minutes and then went to the apartment door and listened. He could hear the muted sounds of sexual activity. Trying the door, he was surprised it was not locked. Stealthy he entered the apartment and heard Stefanie moaning in the bedroom along with grunting from Harley. Creeping to the bedroom, he could see thru the partly opened door, Harley pounding Stefanie’s cunt. Harley was making long strokes giving Wallace a clear view of his cock.

Holy crap he has a monster cock Wallace thought. Wallace had a proud seven-inch cock, but this monster had to be at least two or more inches longer and really thick. No wonder Stefanie’s pussy seemed looser when he had returned from trips. And come to think of it, Danielle was not as tight as she had been. He must be fucking both of them.

Wallace’s cock began to hurt, and he realized he had a huge boner. He was mesmerized by the huge cock pounding Stefanie’s pussy, as drool began to leak from the corners of his mouth. What the hell is happening to me, he thought. He was having urges to suck that big cock.

Finally, Harley sank his cock deep and came in Stefanie’s pussy. After a brief respite, Harley looked up and saw Wallace standing there. Jumping up he noticed that Wallace never took his eyes off Harley’s cock.

“Like what you see?” Asked Harley.

Wallace never answered, he just dropped to his knees, as Harley approached. Harley offered his cock to Wallace’s mouth, and he engulfed it and began sucking like a seasoned pro. Now I know who taught Danielle to suck cock, Harley thought.

In the meantime, Stefanie was watching in amazement, she had no idea that Wallace sucked cock and they had been married almost twenty-years.

Although he had just fucked Stefanie, Harley was soon filling Wallace’s mouth with cum. Wallace swallowed it all.

The ensuing conversation answered a lot of questions. Wallace had been subjected to hazing as part of a college fraternity initiation. He and the other pledges were forced to suck the fraternity brothers for an entire semester. Wallace had become quite adapted at sucking cock and was a favorite of the frat bros. His cocksucking days had ended when he left college. He had not had an urge to suck a cock until today, but he knew he wanted to suck Harley again and often.

They came to an agreement. To suck Harley, Wallace had to agree it was okay for Harley to continue to fuck Stefanie and Danielle.

The one question that was not answered was who got Danielle’s cherry?

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