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Damn I'm Screwed

Wife cheats and ends in incest

"Damn I’m screwed," thought Stefanie as she saw the reflection of her seventeen-year old son Stefan in the bureau mirror. She was just coming down from an awesome orgasm with her lover Harley’s cock still buried in her cunt.

She was further shocked by the big grin on Stefan’s face. What the fuck was he doing home anyway, and how long has he been there watching, she thought.

Then Harley began to stir. He began slowly fucking her. His cock was hardening again as he slowly picked up the pace. Damn that feels so good, she thought, as she began to respond. Harley was unique in his ability to fuck multiple times with little or no time needed to regroup. Something Stefanie normally loved, with Stefan watching, she didn’t need it now, but damn it felt so good.

As Harley began to pound her, she momentarily forgot Stefan, as she was lost in her lust for Harley and his big cock. She began to moan loudly, which only spurred Harley on. Opening her eyes, she spied Stefan standing in the doorway masturbating as cum was spewing forth from his cock through the air toward the bed.

Harley was giving her the wonderful fucking she had become accustomed. Stefanie was in the throes of multiple orgasms, as Harley basted the walls of her pussy with his second big load that morning. Opening her eyes again, Stefan was gone.

Stefanie had been having an affair with Harley for almost a year. She let Harley kiss her at a New Year's party. After kissing her, he told her how much he wanted to fuck her. She had responded that she was a happily married woman and did not cheat on her husband. With that, he kissed her again plunging his tongue in her mouth. At first, she resisted, but soon her resolve melted and she returned the kiss, with their tongues doing a tango. As Harley pressed his body to her, she could feel his hard cock pressed against her abdomen. Damn his cock is big, she thought.

The affair had been easy to consummate as Stefanie’s husband Wallace spent a lot of time on the road traveling for the telecommunications equipment company he worked for. With Wallace on the road so much, and Stefanie’s love of fucking, Harley did not have to work hard to get into Stefanie’s panties. Harley owned his own company and was able to get away mornings to fuck Stefanie. And with her eighteen year old twins Stefan and Danielle in high school, the coast was clear. That was until today. Stefanie did not say anything to Harley about Stefan.

Later that day, Stefanie knew she had to confront Stefan. Knocking on his bedroom door, she heard him say, “Come in.”

“Stefan why are you not in school today?” she asked.

“You have a short memory mom, I told you last week that today would be a teacher’s work day and there would not be any school today,” he said.

“You’re right I did forget. Where is your sister?" she replied.

“In her room watching videos I took of you and your lover. She can’t get over how big his cock is. She thought I had a big cock until she saw his,” he said.

“Oh my god, you took videos?" Stefanie stammered.

“Damn straight I did, and if you want them, you will have to pay with your pussy. And Danielle wants to fuck your lover boy,” he said.

“Are you telling me Danielle is not a virgin?” she asked.

“Hell no, I have been fucking her for almost a year. About as long as you have been fucking your lover,” he said.

“Just how long have you videoing me?" she asked.

“Let’s just say I have several. Danielle and I play them while we fuck. And decided we wanted in on the action. I want to fuck you and Danielle wants to fuck your lover,” he said.

“But I’m your mom and besides fucking me and fucking Danielle is incest and wrong,” she said.

“Look who is telling me what is wrong. A cheating slut. Look you deliver or dad will get the videos!” he said.

Before Stefanie could respond, Stefan took out his cock, and said, “Get over here and suck my cock hard, so I can fuck you.”

Stefanie was flabbergasted and hesitated.

“Get your ass in gear, if you know what’s good for you,” he said.

Moving to the bed, Stefanie took her son’s cock in hand. Stefan grabbed her head and pulled it down on his cock. As his cock entered her mouth, Stefanie tried to say no this is wrong, but the words never got out, as her mouth was filled with cock.

Stefanie began bobbing up and down giving him her best. Damn her mouth is like a vacuum, she needs to give Danielle lessons, he thought. While Stefanie was sucking him, Stefan worked his hand into her panties making contact with a very warm and moist pussy. Having jacked off earlier, Stefan was able to let Stefanie suck her for a considerable time before deciding it was time to fuck.

Forcing a finger deep in her pussy, Stefan said, “Time to fuck mom.”

Stefanie was more than ready to fuck her son and was soon naked on the bed offering up her pussy. Wasting no time, Stefan plunged his hard cock deep into the hole from where he entered this world. He fucked his mom with the vengeance of a son in heat. Soon he was emptying his balls into her pussy, as Stefanie was having an earth shattering orgasm. Both were very vocal as orgasms washed over them.

While they were coming down from their orgasmic highs, they heard a clapping sound. Looking up they saw Danielle standing naked in the doorway with her cell phone making a video of mother and son sucking and fucking.

Danielle was a smaller version of her mother. With perky tits, tiny waist and nicely flared hips. Harley is going to love fucking her, Stefanie thought.

Wallace called and said he would not be home Saturday as planned. He would be home Sunday afternoon. Weather had caused cancellation of his flight and the next available flight was not until Sunday around noon.

Stefanie saw this as a stroke of luck. She contacted Harley and asked if he could come over Saturday morning. Never wanting to miss a chance to fuck Stefanie, he quickly said, I will be there.

Arriving right on time, Harley knocked on the door and heard, “Come in the door is open.”

Entering the living room, Harley’s jaw dropped as he saw Stefanie, Stefan and Danielle and sitting naked on the sofa.

“Holy crap, what is going on here?” he asked

Stefanie explained the situation. As she did, Harley was ogling Danielle with his cock growing in his pants. Harley had wanted to fuck Danielle for some time and could not believe his good luck. Damn that is one hot little minx, he thought, as he took his hard cock out.

Danielle quickly moved across the room and dropped to her knees engulfing Harley’s cock. As she sucked his cock, Stefan was bending Stefanie over the sofa and entered her from behind.

She is good, but Stefanie definitely needs to give her some lessons, Harley thought. Harley began fucking her mouth hitting the entrance to her throat causing Danielle to gag.

“Relax your throat muscles and breath through nose,” Harley said.

Quickly following instructions, Danielle felt Harley’s cock enter her throat. I can deep throat, Danielle thought gleefully. Harley continued to fuck her throat until he dropped his first load of the day directly into her belly.

In the meantime, Stefan was fucking Stefanie doggy style. His favorite position while fucking Danielle.

Stefanie was screaming, "Fuck me baby, fuck mommy.”

As was his style, Harley was almost immediately ready to fuck this sexy hot teenager. He had secretly lusted for her for some time and now he going to fuck her. He put he on her back on the floor, spread her legs and presented his cock to her pussy. As he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, he became aware of how wet her pussy was. Damn, she climaxed while she was sucking me, what a hottie, he thought.

“Don’t wait... put it in me,” Danielle said.

“Not to worry baby, I’m going to fuck you,” Harley said.

As he worked his cock in her pussy, Harley realized, although she was very wet her pussy was extremely tight. He would have to go slow so not to hurt her. Taking his time and working slowly, Harley was able to gain entrance inch by inch, finally he was balls to the wall. His cock was touching her cervix. This was new experience for Danielle, as Stefan had never been this deep. Danielle saw flashes of stars, as she came.

Picking up pace, Harley was fucking the tightest pussy since he took his girl-friend’s virginity years ago. The sensation was awesome, this was the best pussy ever. Stefanie had multiple orgasms as Harley gave her the fuck of a lifetime.

It was amazing Harley and Stefan came almost at the same time both being very vocal as mom and daughter’s pussies were filled with hot thick copious amounts of cum.

Later that night, Stefanie knocked on Stefan’s door and heard him say, “Come in.”

“Honey, I need to know, how did you and Danielle start fucking?” she asked.

“This is going to shock you mom, but I spied her sucking Dad’s cock. Later I threatened to tell you if she didn’t let me fuck her. When I fucked her the first time, I realized she was not a virgin.”

“Are you telling me your dad took her virginity?” Stefanie asked.

“You can figure it out for yourself,” Stefan said.



To Be Continued








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