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Danny and Jenny chapter eleven

Tags: incest
Be prepared to fight for her.

"I still can't believe we did that last night."

She was still laughing about it the next morning over coffee and croissants on our balcony.

"I thought I was being romantic," I protested, "You know, making love in the sand, under the stars and all that."

"And picking the grains of sand out from all sorts of little nooks and crannies the next morning." she laughed.

"I know, but it was good fun wasn't it?"

That particular day was one of two weekly market days in Las Palmas, the island's capital, so we decided to hire a car and drive up there to check it out.

 It only took a couple of near misses and one irate shout of, "Hey loco greengo," before I got the hang of driving on the right-hand side of the road and Jenny actually opened her eyes again.


I looked across at her and saw the anxiety on her face.

"Ok darling, I'm sorry." and I eased my foot up off the throttle slightly.

"Hey, Danny come and look at this." She sounded excited so I dragged myself and my camera away from the bronze statues of the dogs which gave the Canary islands their name (as in canine,) and went to see what all the fuss was about.

"Oh wow!" was all I could say as I read the brass plaque on the wall of the tiny little chapel she was staring at.

I forget the exact words but the gist of it was that Christopher Columbus was blessed in that chapel before setting sail on the voyage which led to the discovery of the new world, nowadays known as the Americas. A few well-chosen words and a generous donation to the kindly old priest got us inside the chapel and we took it in turns to place our feet in the well-worn ruts where the great man himself had stood centuries before, it was quite a profound feeling doing that and we came out feeling very humble indeed.

The market was an amazing place, bustling, lively, cheerful and very noisy, Jenny loved it immediately, laughing and pointing out things excitedly like a kid, if I hadn't already been deeply in love with her, I'd have fallen for her all over again just from watching her sheer vitality and curiosity.

The wares for sale on every stall had to be examined and the price of them haggled over before she'd part with a single peseta, she bought a leather jacket, a couple of leather mini skirts, a dress, two wide belts that she said were skirts, a pair of shoes, sandals for the beach and a pair of thigh high, black leather boots with five inch heels.

"You planning on branching out into the dominatrix business then?"

"Hey yeah, I never thought of that." she giggled and I vowed to keep my mouth shut from henceforth.

I must admit that I'd always been a sucker for micro bikinis such as the Wicked Weasels that I'd seen on the net, but Jenny squealed with glee when we came across a shop selling bikinis that made the aforementioned look like those old suits our great-grandparents wore.

"Yep, they're definitely bloody sexy." I agreed as I resignedly reached yet again for my wallet. "But who made the rule that the less material there is in a garment, the more expensive it should be?"

"Oh stop whinging." she laughed as I handed over the entire years defence budget for a medium-sized banana republic to the grinning old hag behind the counter and wondered briefly if she actually modelled them.

"You know they get transparent when they're wet don't you?" she hooked an arm through mine and pressed her soft breasts against me, her face a picture of mischief.

"I think a day on the beach seems like the thing to do tomorrow doesn't it?"

"Now how did I know you were going to suggest that?" I laughed and kissed her.

For a tour of the bars that night, she decided on one of the ridiculously short skirts she'd bought at the market along with an oversized shirt knotted just under her breasts and lace-up Roman style sandals.

"Well, how do I look?" she said as she came out onto the balcony where I was sipping from a bottle of beer and looking at the die-hard sun worshippers still on the rapidly darkening beach.

"Jesus Christ!" was the best I could do, but then she turned around and I added, "For fuck's sake Jenny."

Standing upright, perfectly still she was fine, but the slightest movement lifted the hem of the skirt the extra millimetre or so that was required to allow a just a hint of two sexy little cheeks to peek out and say hello!

"I'll take that as a sign of approval then." she giggled and turned back round to lift the front up slightly giving me an all too brief glimpse of her freshly shaven pussy lips.

"You'll get bloody groped like that," I growled and she giggled again as she sat on my knee and wiped her tongue around the inside of my ear.

"I'd better get groped," she breathed huskily "And you'd better be the one doing the fucking groping.”

Even at seven, thirty the bars were busy, with just three days to go before Christmas day. The dedicated drinkers were practising their art and the atmosphere was terrific in every place we visited.

In one ba,r I was delighted to see several girls dancing at intervals on the bar top and only after repeated nudgings plus several swift kicks on my shins, did I manage to remember to ask the long suffering barman in my atrociously bad Spanish for "dos" bottles of beer and holding two fingers up to illustrate the point, I indicated towards a fridge full of Budweiser.

"There you go mate, two bottles of Bud." he said in the broadest cockney accent I'd ever heard and Jenny had to hold onto me for support as she convulsed with laughter.

"Nice place you got here, the decor's great." and got another kick from my sister as I feasted my eyes on the deliciously sexy little bottom swaying only inches from my eyes.

"Yeah," he laughed, "'er indoors wasn't too keen on the idea, but it don't half bring the punters in."

"I'll bet it bloody does." and even Jenny agreed, then she saw the thoughtful expression on my face and shook her head.

"No, oh no, don't even think about it."

"What?" I feigned indignant innocence and pulled her into my arms.

"With you behind the bar sweet Jen, nobody would give them a second glance anyway." and winked at the barman.

"Saved by your silver tongue again." she laughed and looked up beneath the girl's little flared skirt. "Mind you, she's got a fabulous little bum."

The girl looked down at Jenny as she heard her comment and just for an instant I thought there was going to be a scene, but she smiled and said with a laugh.

"Well, coming from someone who looks like you, that's a hell of a compliment, thank you." Then turning to me she asked me to help her down off the bar.

"Hi, my name's Molly and that cockney hooligan there is my other half Dave, come on out and take a break," she said to him, "Jimmy can manage for half an hour 'til it gets busy."

I raised my eyebrows questioningly at Jenny as Molly took her arm and led her to a corner table in a quieter area of the bar, while I waited for Dave to get four more drinks.

"Do me a favour, Danny," he said in a hurt tone of voice as I proffered the money, "My treat, mate."

There was an immediate rapport between the four of us, both of them were working class like us, they had no edge and were genuinely interested in me when I told them we were here to help me build my strength up after the accident.

"Hey, you're not that bloke who went under that German wagon are you, the one they had to cut out and went into a coma?"

I stood up and bowed mockingly.

"Oh God," I laughed, "Not more bloody autograph hunters."

"We read it in the English papers, Danny, we get 'em a day late but I remember seeing the pictures. Bloody hell mate you did well to survive that lot."

"I had a lot of help." I said and without looking, reached out to put my hand on Jenny's leg. "From a very special lady." and turned to look at her.

"Oh sorry." I laughed and withdrew my hand from beside Molly's, which rested rather further up my sister's thigh than mine had!

Jenny giggled and blew me a kiss.

"Why don't you two talk about all your man things while me and Molly go for a dance and chat about girly things?"

Dave threw his head back and roared with laughter, "Have another beer Danny mate, I think we've just been given the bloody elbow."

For the next few minutes I chatted to Dave and told him about buying the pub, his enthusiasm for it was infectious.

"You'll do well Danny, you're young and good looking. That's important mate, believe me.

"You what?" just for a frightening moment, I thought he might have been coming onto me.

He caught on immediately and guffawed loudly.

"Don't be a prat, I wouldn't fancy you if you came gift wrapped in fifty pound notes! What I meant was, you're quite attractive to women, all they have to do is to go there once and get a bit of the old charm from you, if you know what I mean. They'll practically beg their old man to bring 'em back again. Believe me, mate it works. You'll have hen nights there before you know it, and as regards your missus, well, what can I say?"

I wasn't sure whether or not it was a question, but if it was, he answered it himself.

"Sex on legs, Danny. She is utterly fucking gorgeous. If you want my advice mate, you'll let her dress like that every night behind the bar. She'll pull the buggers in from bloody miles away.

I couldn't help feeling proud of her and then he added.

"But keep a padlock and chain round one ankle mate, or be prepared to fight for her."



(Author's note: I actually shed a tear after standing in those ruts in that chapel, don't ask me why, but I did.)


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