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Danny and Jenny chapter nine

Tags: incest
I love you, Danny.


"That's me, hello Danny." she reached up and kissed me on the lips.

"Well, Jenny certainly wasn't lying," she said mysteriously, "You really are gorgeous."

Gorgeous? Shit, I've been called many things in my life, but that has never been one of them!

"Danny, do you think I could perhaps come inside please?"

"Sorry? Oh yes excuse me, I mean, yes dease plo come in, I mean, shit, please do come in Karen, sorry I didn't mean to shay sit, I meant - "

"You're gibbering Danny," came from behind me I saw a smile break out on Karen's face.

"Hello you," she said softly.

"Hello yourself," said Jenny, "I see you've met the idiot of the family. You'll have to forgive him, he drools like that all the time."

They kissed tentatively, lips touching only briefly, each girl took the other's hands as they stood there smiling, it seemed forever before Karen said quietly, "What sort of a welcome was that Jenny?"

"Just an appetiser," came the reply as they moved together in that most erotic of embraces, full, soft lips parted and then locked in a deep, mutually probing kiss. 

I saw tongues licking, sucking, caressing, I saw saliva going from mouth to mouth, lipstick was smeared carelessly around two beautiful mouths, hands ruffled carefully arranged hairstyles and bodies clung together, wanting, needing, but afraid to take the step they both wanted to take.

They pulled apart as I spoke into the phone and Jenny looked uncomprehendingly at me.

"Danny, I thought we'd - ?"

I took her into my arms and kissed her, tasting the sweet unfamiliar flavour of Karen's lipstick on her mouth.

"I know what we said sweet Jen and I'm not being dramatic, strangely enough, I'm not even jealous, I've just watched something beautiful and later on I'd like to be part of it, but right now you two need a little bit of time together. I'm going for a beer or two, phone me when -  well you know, just phone me."

"I love you, Danny," she whispered, "You can't even begin to know how much I love you."

Karen's lips brushed my sister's cheek and then moved on to touch my lips, her hand stroked my cheek as she spoke to Jenny, but her eyes were fixed on mine.

"You're wrong Jenny, very wrong. He knows exactly how much you love him."

Then to me, she said softly.

"You're a very astute man, Danny, for a drooling idiot," we all laughed at that, but she continued, "If you think that I'd ever try to take your sister away from you, you're wrong, very, very wrong."

She smiled at Jenny again and said softly.

"I would never go into a battle that I knew I couldn't possibly win, never."

I'm sure that the ride to the pub in Pete's old jalopy set my recovery back by at least three years, but I liked the grumpy old sod and something he said on the way there set me thinking.

"I hope you're better before I go young Danny, else you'll have to start paying out for taxis."

"Trust me, Pete," I laughed, "You'll be paid well when I've done with your services mate, don't worry."

Then I realised what he'd said.

"What do you mean, before you go?"

Skilfully he avoided a rut in the road and successfully found an even deeper one.

"I'm selling up Danny. As soon as I can find a buyer, I'm off."

"Why?" I was really surprised, so surprised in fact that it actually took my mind off what those two at home might be doing.

"'Cos I'm getting too bloody old for it, mate. I've made my money and I'll be more than comfortable in my retirement anyway, but more than that Danny, all it is, is a village pub. Nowadays the local trade just ain't enough to make it pay. What it needs is someone younger, someone with a bit of get up and go, that hasn't actually got up and bloody gone already."

I said it on an impulse, but even as I said it, it sounded right.

"How much are you asking, Pete?"

"Well, I don't rightly know," he said vaguely as he found the biggest fucking pothole on the whole of England, "I was going into town tomorrow to get me one of these here fancy solicitor things."

The car wheezed to a halt and he came round to torture me further by dragging me out of it.

"Pete, Jenny's at home right now talking about our accident to an old friend of hers, a solicitor who's just started her own practice. Come round tomorrow to the cottage, before opening time and talk to her about it. You never know mate, you might find a buyer a lot more easily than you think."

It was very hard (no pun intended) to sit in the pub making small talk with what few people were in there while my mind kept imagining what was happening at home. Were they in bed, were they kissing, licking, sucking. Had they undressed themselves or each other?

Shit, this was torture, but if I was honest with myself it was fucking delicious too. Did they have a strap-on dildo, did they use vibrators, did they talk dirty? Who was the dominant one, was there a dominant one? For fuck's sake, why doesn't the fucking phone ring?

I was just about to shout Pete for my third pint when he appeared at my side, a big stupid grin on his face and a carrier bag that seemed to clink very expensively.

"Your missus says she's finished the negotiations with that there solicitor friend of hers and when you're ready to go home, you're to take a drink for them both, she's staying the night and the car's ready to go, oh and you owe me fifty-four pounds for three bottles of champagne at eighteen quid a bottle, are you ready or what?"

I was amazed, he'd never once stopped for breath during all that lot, I waited for a minute just to see if he dropped dead due to shortage of breath, but he didn't.

"Okay mate, give me a hand up will you?"

"Course I will, young Danny. Shall I give you the bill for the champagne now or leave it 'til the morning? Only I've got it here in me hand, just by chance like."

Jenny helped me into the house where Karen was waiting to relieve me of the champagne and get it into the fridge. Both girls were wearing just tee shirts and shorts, conjuring up yet more erotic thoughts as to how and why they'd changed out of their previous attire.

As I sat back gratefully on the sofa in the lounge, Jenny knelt beside me, both knees on the sofa and kissed me.

"Thanks, bruv," she whispered, "It was beautiful."

Before I could reply, Karen appeared and knelt on my other side.

"Yes Danny," she said softly, "Thank you."

Two pairs of hands pulled the tee shirt over my head, two warm, moist mouths kissed my face and the two became three as their mouths met against mine. Two tongues snaked between my lips while my own hands found four firm, hard tipped breasts.

I heard myself moaning as their hands helped each other to open my shorts, my erection sprang free and Jenny kissed my lips again saying softly, "We tossed a coin bruv and I lost."

Even losers have perks though and hers was to take each testicle into her mouth as Karen's mouth closed over my straining erection.

"Oh God," I hissed, "That's beautiful, Karen."

She looked up at me and drew my sister's mouth up to join hers on my shaft, together they licked every inch of it, taking turns to suck the swollen dome in between their beautiful, full, red lips. I didn't know how long I could last under their expert ministrations. Neither did I know who intended doing what to me. All I could do was content myself with caressing and squeezing four breasts and four delightfully hard little nipples.

Finally Karen clambered onto my lap and I thought I'd lose control there and then, as I saw Jenny's hands opening the sweet, puffy lips of her lover's vagina.

"Fuck," came from Karen's lips as she sank down onto me, "Fuck me, Danny, oh yes, oh fuck, yes."

Jenny stood up and reached down to where we were joined, I felt her fingers brush against my cock and Karen gasped as I saw a fingertip tease out the swollen bud of her clitoris.

Resting both hands on my shoulders, she mashed her mouth against mine. "You're fucking me Danny, your cock's right up inside me. Oh God Danny, it's hard, so fucking hard."

She tilted her head back as Jenny clamped her mouth onto it. I watched as they licked and slurped at each other's saliva, I felt Karen's cunt beginning to contract, jerkily squeezing me as she gave herself up to the pleasure of our coupling.

"Come inside her, Danny." Jenny's fingers were moving rapidly, lightly flicking her friend's clitoris like a butterfly's wings.

Karen was bouncing up and down now, lifting herself almost completely off me before ramming herself down again savagely in perfect rhythm to meet my upward thrusts.

"Yes," she said, "Yes Danny, Jenny, yes, yes, my God I'm cumming,"

"Come for us lover," Jenny had a hand between her own legs now, two fingers slurping noisily in and out of her own dripping cunt. "Fuck her Danny, fuck her hot little cunt."

Suddenly Karen screamed and her cunt seemed to grip me like a vice. I responded almost involuntary and ejaculated inside her clutching warmth as she jerked and sobbed in the grip of her climax.

Jenny gasped and bent almost double, her hand still jammed up between her thighs as she joined us in an unbelievably erotic, three-way orgasm, before slowly falling forwards to curl up beside us on the sofa. 

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