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Double Secret - Part 2

Molly has a secret, a double secret. She tells us about the first secret.

I have always been into girls. Having turned sixteen, it wasn’t long before Amy and I started to experiment. We experimented with boys at first, but then we slowly but surely started to tease and excite each other. We were two months into boys when Amy asked whether I masturbated. Of course I did and I told her as much. Then she dropped a bombshell and asked if I would like to masturbate with her, on the same bed one evening.

I thought about it for a while and decided that I was up for it. We met up at her house one evening and sat on either end of the bed. Each of us slowly opening our legs and pushing our hands down our knickers. I could see her technique and she could see mine. Neither of us had an orgasm but it was totally hot and we agreed it would have to be done without parents around.

We managed it a few times but it was always hard to be completely alone and we often stole moments together as we pretending to do our homework.

On one particular Saturday morning, Mum was about to go shopping with her friend Jo. I was about to leave the house to go to Amy’s, the arrangement had been made ages ago and I was kicking myself that the house would be empty as Dad always played golf on Saturday.

I found myself walking to Amy’s house. I was over half way there and saw Jo whiz past in her new sports car. We waved at each other. I decided that the opportunity could not be missed and decided to phone Amy. I told her that we should meet at my house in about an hour from now. When she asked why I just said ‘Empty house’ it was all I needed to say.

I then walked back to the house. As I approached I could see Jo’s car still in the drive. I thought they would have gone shopping by the time I got back. I continued with my plan that I had forgotten something or mistook the time and would be going later.

I entered the house and started upstairs. It wasn’t long before I heard noises from my mother’s bedroom. Groaning, sexual noises, and loud ones at that. The door was wide open. Obviously whoever was in there wasn’t expecting anyone. I crept to the door and looked around it, cautiously.

My mouth opened, it was all I could do to stifle a loud gasp.

I saw two women on the bed; they were on the diagonal which meant I could see both of them without them seeing me. In any case there was no way they could see me with their faces planted in each other’s pussies. What I saw was Mum and Jo. Naked and eating each other out. At the time, I was watching something that Amy and I had never done, but I knew that I had certainly got to the stage where I wanted to.

Mum was groaning to high heaven as she periodically lifted her head to kiss at Jo’s thighs. Words of ‘Oh fuck’ and ‘wonderful’ would emanate from her lips before she dived her head back down onto Jo’s pussy.

I stood and watched. Transfixed.

“Oh fuck hun, that‘s it,” I heard my mum cry out. I watched their licking session and had decided that I wanted to let them know that I was there. I wanted to shout out, or burst into the room naked and just join in. I knew I wanted to do those things, but I didn’t, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even move.

I watched my mum have an orgasm. She lifted her head up from Jo’s thighs and cried into the room with sheer ecstasy repeating the words ‘Yes’ over and over.

I slipped back out of view and decided it would be best to get out of the house. I slipped away quietly and ran to Amy’s house. I met her half way and apologised that we couldn’t use the house after all. I never told her what I had seen, but I knew in my heart that I was going to do the same to Amy. I just had to.

It was about two weeks after that fateful day, when, on the Saturday, I heard Mum moan to herself in bed. Dad was not there. I knew he had already left to play golf. I listened at the door and eventually I heard her orgasm, then I heard the shower start up.

That morning I actually went back to my room, dropped my trousers and masturbated. In my mind were images of my mother and Jo, especially the image of her coming on Jo’s tongue. Then her words and noises echoed in my head as I experienced the most wonderful orgasm that I have ever had.

Then it hit me. I had masturbated whilst thinking sexual thoughts of my mum. It was a realisation that, deep down, I knew was wrong, but in my heart I knew that I wanted to do the same to her as Jo had done. I confirmed to myself, out loud, that I wanted to suck my Mum’s pussy. I was not repulsed by the thoughts at all. What’s more, in the ten seconds it took for me to say the words, I had formulated a plan.

Over the coming weeks I had moaned to myself in bed, always on Saturdays but also during the week as well. I knew Mum could hear me, I made sure she could. Then one Saturday she came into my room after one of my sessions and asked me what was wrong.

I feigned embarrassment and looked down to the floor. She asked again and then I started to cry.

“What‘s wrong hun,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me.

“I can‘t,” I said.

“You can tell me anything, you know that,” she continued.

I looked at her and took a deep breath. I was scared about what I was about to say.  Then I just blurted it all out.

“I was masturbating, but I can‘t cum, I have been trying for weeks and I can‘t cum.”

Mum looked at me and I saw her mouth open in surprise. She looked down at my hands and then back to my eyes.

“I can cum when Amy and I do it together, but now, on my own-” I sobbed several times.

“You masturbate with Amy?” she asked. I just nodded.

“In the same room!” she exclaimed.

“Yes,” I replied. “We do it opposite each other and we both cum. But-” I stopped mid-sentence hoping to accentuate my dilemma.

“On your own, you can‘t,” Mum finished the sentence for me. I nodded.

“Mum, I‘m desperate, I actually need to have an orgasm -” I looked at the floor, just staring and gulping in loads of air into my lungs.

“I‘m so sorry hun, If there was anything I could do I would,” she said.

“Help me Mum, please help me?” I pleaded.

“I don‘t know how to Molly, I-” she started, but before she could finish the sentence I butted in.

“Will you masturbate with me?” I asked. “Please Mum, please masturbate with me,” I pleaded.

I saw the look of shock on her face. I saw her stare at me and I felt her heart jump a few beats.

I looked at the floor. Fuck it, I thought, perhaps this time I had actually gone too far.

“OK,” came the reply. Those wonderful words left her lips slowly, yet deliberately.

I looked up into her face, I got up from the bed and cried out “Oh, thank you Mum. Thank you.”

“Now look, it‘s just this once, OK. I can see you‘re in a bit of a state, but it‘s just this once.” I nodded my head in agreement. Then I thought ‘like fuck’, not after what we were about to do it wouldn’t be.

I watched my mum as she stripped out of her clothes and I too slipped my night shirt over my head. I watched my Mum as she slid onto the bed opposite me and settled down with her back against the wall. Her legs were together and she watched me. She was breathing heavily. Her beautiful breasts were heaving up and down.

“You look lovely Mum,” I said. She smiled at me.

Then I opened my legs for her. My pussy was on display and I stroked my thigh with my right hand. I watched her eyes as she studied my pussy.

I brought my hand to my sex and I gently stroked the outer lips with my fingers. I saw her lick her lips. I fucking had her, I knew it.

“Come on Mum, catch up,” I said.

She looked at me, and with hesitation, she opened her legs.

“I can‘t believe I‘m doing this,” she said.

“It‘s OK Mum, honestly, Amy and I do it,” I hoped to ease her fears that what we would do wasn’t all that bad. It wasn’t, not in my eyes anyway.

I watched as her fingers touch her pussy. Then she started to stroke her slit. She eased her fingers into her pussy and stroked her wet lips. I did everything she did, and as soon as she did it.

I watched as she bit her lip and looked at my wet pussy with my fingers pumping into it. Then she copied me.

“Amy and I play a game Mum,” I moaned the words into the room, “Can we play it?” I asked.

“What game?” she replied.

“I tell you what to do and we both have to do it,” I continued, “until we both cum.”

I could see her thinking about it, “OK,” she replied.

“Fuck, this is lovely Mum, I am so horny watching you!” I exclaimed,

“Me too hun, me too,” she replied, hesitantly.

“Right take you‘re left hand and play with your breast,” the game had started. She did as she was told and I did the same.

“Now push your fingers into your cunt,” I continued.

She gasped out loud. “Such naughty words from my daughter,” she replied, but she did it none the less.

“Now slide your bum down the bed and push your pussy in the air,” I watched as she did it.

“Now-” I was cut off in an instant. “You too young girl,” she corrected me.

I slid down the bed avoiding contact with my Mum’s body. We did the same for a while. I was seriously turned on. I was horny and I knew that if my plan worked then in a few minutes my face would be full of pussy.

“Now close your eyes, tight, very tight and slide your fingers in and out of your pussy,” I continued.

I heard my Mum groan, “it‘s nice when you can‘t see isn’t it?” I asked.

She just let out a loud moan in appreciation. “Are you doing the same?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Now put both your hands on your breast and pull on your nipples,” I instructed.

My eyes were wide open, I saw her hand leave her pussy and I watched as both her hands massaged her breasts and then grasp both her nipples between her forefingers and thumbs.

As she pulled on them, I moved swiftly. Changing my position quickly, I was on my stomach in seconds and I tried to watch her face as my mouth clasped firmly onto her clit. I promptly sucked on it.

Mum shot up from the bed and gasped out loud. I was still between her legs but she was more or less upright from the waist.

“Molly, what are you doing-” she screamed.

“Licking your pussy, Mum, a few weeks ago I saw you and Jo, on your bed, together,” I started telling her what I had seen.

“I know you like it Mum, and I want to do it for you, please don’t stop me.”

She looked at me in disbelief. The realisation of what I had said started to sink in.

“You’re my daughter Molly, you’re not Jo.” She looked at me hard and she was breathing even harder.

“I want to lick you Mum, I want to make you cum, we could have so much fun together,” I pleaded. “Mum please, I want to Mum.”

I waited patiently, this was it! This was the crux of the whole situation I had placed us in. It seemed like ages. Absolutely ages before-

I felt her hand on the back of my head and as she looked at me she moved her hand towards herself. With my eyes turned upwards to look at her, I saw her lie back down on the bed; her hand moving my head slowly forward towards her honey pot.

I closed my eyes as my lips once again touched my mother’s pussy; her hand gently pressing my head forward as I licked her. I flicked my tongue over her clit and I heard her gasp. It was the first real lusty gasp and it was that moment that I will remember forever.

We made out. I licked her pussy until her orgasm engulfed her. The obscenities filled the room and she didn’t seem to mind anymore that it was her daughter that was hearing them or that it was her daughter that was causing them.

I loved licking her pussy and I was determined that it was not going to be the only time.

I remember her telling me that it was our little secret and that no-one must know. They wouldn’t understand, she told me. She was probably right.

It certainly wasn’t the last time, and I never told anyone, not even Amy. Since then Mum and I have made love every Saturday when Dad slips off to play golf. He was totally unaware of our little secret.

As I said earlier, I have two secrets. Mum was my first secret that Dad knew nothing about. Then, when he caught me masturbating with the big dildo that Mum had actually bought me, he led me to my second secret. I thought it was so ironic at the time.

At sixteen and a half I now have sex with my Mum on Saturdays and I get fucked by my Dad almost every day of the week before my Mum gets home from work. During the week, Mum and I get as close as we dare. Neither of my parents know of the other’s infidelity. Not yet anyway.

I am not sure how we managed to avoid being caught. It’s a miracle how Dad never came home from golf early and caught us in bed together, or in the shower soaping each other up. And I don’t know how Mum has never caught Dad fucking me on the bed. On a few occasions it has been too close for comfort.

The one thing I do know is that my pussy juice intake is a little on the low side. Things are going to have to change around this house, and soon!

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