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Emma's Road Trip

Emma finally gets to make her move on move out day

"Have you made your move on him yet?" the glint in her eye causes dread to creep up my spine.

"On who?" I whisper softly, looking down to the lone box in my room, stuffing Mr. Snuggles into the top, standing up.

A long, hard sigh leaves her lips, nearly getting into an exaggerating point of hilarity, "You know who."

I look at her and she lifts her brow just slightly, then makes her chocolate eyes shift to the side of me aiming for my bedroom door.

"Stop it," I yelp softly.

"Well, you think he is into you anyway. Might as well try something before you're... only coming to visit us every other year," she laughs softly.

"He's my dad, you nympho," I screech as softly as possible, glaring at her.

"That doesn't matter, he's hot as hell, and has the body of a Greek god. I wish I could have had the opportunity for him to work me out," she laughs.

"Would you stop it? I can barely keep up during our workouts... It's not like a porno where we have sex before the workout starts; he kicks my ass every time I join him," I laugh, before a loud honk blares through the house.

We both look at each other and she erupts into laughter, tossing her body back on the floor as she giggles loudly. I grin, looking at her before I roll my eyes, biting my lip and tucking my hair behind my ear. The sound of a door slamming and arguing erupts next; my eyes shoot up to her as she looks away, trying and failing to show she hadn't noticed. It was my turn for the long, drawn-out sigh as I look around my room one last time. It was completely empty of all my belongings except the box near me and a few pieces of clothing.

"I'm going to miss you," she says, getting onto her knees, crawling over to me hugging me tight around my waist.

"I'm going to miss you too, Steph," I say hugging my best friend tight.

"Just don't forget about me! I may not be going to this big, out-of-state university, but that doesn't mean I can't come and visit you. Call me, keep me in the loop," she says looking up at me.

"Of course, I won't forget about you! We're going to be best friends forever,“ I say, grinning and meaning it.

The sound of heavy footsteps bring us out of our moment and my cheeks flush instantly. Seeing my face turn red Stephanie stands up and grins as she elbows me slightly.

"Go for it! This could be your last chance to try anything with him," I shush her just as my dad begins to climb the stairs.

Now, don't get me wrong I love my daddy and I've been a 'Daddy's Girl' for as long as I can remember. I'm sure that somewhere in my hormone infested brain I realized that it isn't right to be in love with him the way that I am. But it's not a thought that I care to bring to the present. Each step that presses firmly into the wooden staircase creaks its protest against my daddy's weight. I just can't help but feel like a horrible person for wanting him, for wanting my mother to find out and leave the picture. This isn't a new feeling; well, the sexual part is, but not wanting him. I've always wanted to be with him, or have someone like him as a boyfriend.

It wasn't until a few months ago that began thinking of him sexually. It was right after my eighteenth birthday. My daddy and mother threw me a surprise party, there was drinks, laughter, and friends, it was fun. When everyone had either went to sleep or left I was still up. I guess my father thought everyone else went to bed because as I walked past his office I heard him. At first, I thought it was all in my head, so I paused and heard it again.

An unmistakable groan came out loud and clear from his office, at first I thought a few of my friends had slipped out of the party to get a little action. When I moved to his door I was greeted by the firm jaw of my daddy as it tilted up. His full bottom lip glistened with his spit as he pumped his hand up and down in his lap. I tried to stay quiet as I watched his hand, it literally blurred against his skin before his hips rocked up and the sight of his cock came into view.

My panties had been drenched from that day moving forward. Every time he hugged me, every time he kissed me goodnight, it all seemed to be sexually charged. I came to the image of him night after night, I fingered myself until my poor pussy is just spent with my cum. I really wished it was filled with his thick cock.

A slight movement in my line of vision causes me to pull my thoughts back to the present. Stephanie grins wide as my daddy’s large body fills the doorway of my room, the broad surface of his bare shoulder molding to the door frame. My heart and panties melt for him instantly as my knees give and I crumple down to a kneeling position.

"Ladies," he says as his eyes move from me to her and back to me where they stay.

"Mr. B, I was just leaving. She’s all packed and ready to go," she grins, looking at me.

My brain short-circuits or went on strike, I couldn't move, I couldn't think. My mind registers the look in his eye as sexual, my pussy pulses in anticipation, as my brain begins to work again and try to pull me out of it. But then, he begins to grin, his dimples pressing firmly into his cheeks as his white teeth shine at me, making my brain short-circuit again. I watch on, again, like a damn deer caught in the headlights of a huge semi, about to steamroll me into a flat disk. I was defenseless against it and when his teeth bite into his bottom lip I have to look away, looking down at the box I find in front of me.

"Bye, Emma," Stephanie says to me.

Looking up I only see the back of her body as she walks past the gap my father makes for her; I yell quickly. "Bye, Steph!"

Her soft footfalls echo through the room as I find this to be the most fascinating box I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

"Em," my daddy tries to get me to look at him.

"Hm?" was my soft reply. 'I wonder if I can fit into this box... Or sink into the floor,' I think to myself as my eyes catch a pair of firm calves right next to the box. 'When did this box grow legs?'

"Baby," my daddy calls to me in a soft whisper.

My eyes roam up his legs seeing that he wore some loose fitting shorts, I continue traveling up the loose hanging tee before I see his chest, neck then face. My eyes eat up every last inch of him before he drops down into a squat on his tiptoes looking into my eyes. My mouth hangs open before snapping shut, and he chuckles before reaching out gripping onto my nose honking it quickly.

"Mom is going to blow a gasket if you don't get your tail downstairs." His eyes flick down my body before landing on the box I was kneeling in front of. "You're taking Mr. Snuggles?" His eyes move up to mine before he chuckles his dimpled grin again.

'Now's my time!' my brain yells at me. I bite my bottom lip nodding. "Well... You didn't want to snuggle with me anymore. Isn't that why you bought him for me? He's been there since you kicked me out of your bed," I tease and blush quickly as his eyebrow lifts slightly.

"I didn't know you wanted to sleep with an old fart like me," he chuckle,s watching my lips closely as I nibble on my bottom lip.

"You are not an old fart," I laugh softly as he chuckles, looking down at the box before a loud horn blares through the house again.

"Alright Em, let's head out," he stands, taking the box up with him, the muscles firming up in his legs just a little as he stands, I stand with him.

The thin material of my panties are so wet, the loose short summer dress teasing at the top of my thighs as I move down the steps. My eyes are on his large shoulders the whole way out to the rather large, stuffed SUV. My eyes move from his body to my mother, in the driver's seat, with a red face; she is livid. Biting my lip I blush even deeper, smiling at her as she glares at us, shouting about us needing to get our asses in gear.

"It looks as though we have just one spot left, baby girl, so, unfortunately, you'll have to sit on my lap. I'm sorry, it was just a lot of stuff that had to fit..." Before he says another word, my mother's voice comes in loud and clear, interrupting him as he stuffs the box into the front seat, barely managing to get the door to close.

The onslaught ensues. "You should have just put it in the way I told you!"

Her pudgy little face scrunches up to the point of looking painful, as she berates him with insults. I can feel his body tense as he holds his tongue, glaring at her until she is done.

Daddy never wants me to see them fight, he never retaliates while I am there but he did end it with a curt. "Martha... We'll talk about this later..."

Mom always drops it after that, if that's what you can call mumbling loud enough for everyone in the surrounding area to hear every word she said. His eyes look into mine as he pulls the back door open.

"I tried to get Martha to hold you for the trip seeing how it's so long," his eyes slowly slide down my body before looking back into my eyes, every inch of my flesh heating from his gaze. "She said you'd be too heavy; I don't think you'd be too heavy for me. I can't say much about the comfort level for you, though."

"Oh, daddy, I don't mind sitting on your lap," I say, a little more breathy than I intend.

His eyes squint slightly as he nods and moves forward, his body nearly coming flush with mine before he whispers in a deep, husky tone, "I need to get by, princess."

Blushing from my old pet name he uses, I step out of the way as he pulls the door open wider and sits down, making the car dip gently. Grinning, looking up at me, he pats his leg. I climb in and perch my ass on his lower thigh, feeling awkward as I latch onto the back of the overflowing front passenger seat. The bed lodges from the trunk to the front seats, separating the car in half so much so that I could not see my mother.

He pulls the door making a loud thud resound, before gripping onto my hips. My eyes spread wide as he pulls me back, plopping me firmly into his lap. His groin is right under me as I lean forward, still clinging to the front passenger seat. He leans forward, his chest curving around my back as his grip onto my arms, making me release the seat as he moves my shaky hands to my sides. The hair from his thighs tickles my fingers, making me look down, and spot my pink panties clearly as the dress rides up slightly.

"We should get comfortable for this long drive don't you think, princess?" comes his deep voice, as his hand lifts, then pushes on my forehead making me tip back and press against him.

Blushing deeper I whimper feeling his chest press against my back, my body trembles as the feeling of his beard brushes against my ear. My eyes close tight as the sound and feeling of his breathing push against me.

"You okay, Em?" he whispers into my ear with real concern in his voice.

Freezing, I hear him whispering, almost as if we have a little secret; it makes my eyes peel open and look up towards where my mother sits. Unable to see her I look back at him as his eyes watch me closely. Forgetting about the question, I stare into his eyes, breathing a bit more firmly before he chuckles, watching me.

"Baby, you okay?" he asks again, the air from his mouth licking across my lips.

Gulping hard I giggle and nod quickly. "Yea... Yeah, daddy, I'm fine," I say softly.

"Good, is this going to work for you?" he asks lifting his eyebrow.

"Yes daddy, will it work for you?"

"I think it'll work just fine," he says before looking over my head and lifting his hips.

My head had to lean forward, and my shoulders follow as I grip back onto the passenger seat, trying not to hit my head against the roof. I look over my shoulder and see daddy leaning his head over the top of the bed, I'm guessing to speak with mother and see her at the same time.

"We're ready." The car turns on and a blast of cool air presses against me, making me shudder on him.

He grunts before falling back down into the seat. My rump stays in the air as I grip the back of the seat, my pink boy-short panties on full display. She begins to back out of the driveway, making my hips sway before he wraps an arm around me, pulling my body back against his. I blush deeply feeling my ass grinding against his chest before my hips land into his lap. My breathing speeds up as my ass slides and jiggles in his lap, trying to fight off a groan I allow a soft whimper to escape. As we pass over a speed bump I make my back arch so his bulge could press against my clit.

His hand flattens over my tummy making my hips rock back and settle in his lap. He clears his throat, holding me to him as we pass over another speed bump; my hips rock again, my back dipping trying to get more friction on my clit, and this time he inhales sharply. He pushes against my stomach again making my hips grind against his lap and I feel his bulge beginning to wake up.

"Stop that," I hear his deep voice in my ear as his hand grips a firm hold of my hip.

Biting my lip I blush, breathing harder as we turn wide, my rump sliding over his lap, the motion causing my panties to slide off to the side to reveal my juicy pussy lips. The cloth curls over itself as it wedges into the crease between my leg and my crotch. I lean forward slightly, my hips dipping between his legs as my lips pin his thick shaft to the seat under me. His fingers dig into my hips as we pass over another bump that makes my pussy grind and bump up the length of his shaft. My mouth falls open as my pussy shudders around his hidden thickness.

He grips my hair pulling me back quickly before gripping tighter onto my hip pulling me up and slamming me onto his now-closed thighs, hiding his thickening shaft from me.

"What the fuck are you doing, princess?" he growls softly into my ear making me whimper softly.

"Daddy! I'm not doing anything. The car was moving me," I groan softly.

His grip on my hair eases before he releases me, making me gulp quickly. 'His cock was getting hard and it was because of me.' My eyes close tight as I try to get the image of his thick shaft from my mind but can't. My heart is racing and my legs tremble as my exposed slit lies right on top of his legs. Another bump in the road causes my hips to press back against him, and he grips my hips, lifting me with one hand.

"Hold on, Em," he says.

I grip onto the back of the seat as we hit another bump, making my ass land against him. My slick pussy smears its juices down his arm and I freeze, feeling his hand under me. My eyes spread as I look back, seeing his hand in his pants. I look up at him as he keeps his eyes down looking at his soaking wet arm.

"Sorry, daddy," I say quickly as he yanks his hand from his pants and I feel his thick hard shaft pressing right against me.

My back is frozen solid as he holds still behind me; my mother's voice, never missing a beat speaks up, "What happened? You said sorry?"

I look back at him as he watches me before he speaks, "She elbowed me."

Mother laughs, our eyes stay on each other for a long while as my pussy grinds against his rock solid cock, “Get up, princess."

My hips lift and I blush deeper, feeling his fingers grip onto my soaking wet panties as he unrolls them, placing them over my soaking wet slit. My head falls forward as his fingers creep down my slit, and my hips arch back eagerly as he pulls his hand away. He grips me again, pulling me down, my body trembles as I feel the hard outline of his cock still under me.


"Shut up," he says quickly.

I blush, hearing him and my mouth shuts quickly. We ride in silence for a few miles, my pussy grinding sloppily against his shaft as it lies just under me, hiding in his shorts. My breathing is ragged as my heart tries racing out of my throat. 'He has to want it, why else would he be hard right now? Shit! Am I in trouble?' My thoughts run a thousand miles a minute but stop as his hand lifts up before us.

"What's this princess?" he asks holding up his fingers, soaking wet with my juices.

I tremble slightly, blinking, looking at his hand, watching as it moves closer before pushing insistently against my mouth. My lips part and his fingers dip into my mouth, he groans softly as my lips curl around his fingers. I begin to suck gently against his digits, my tongue sliding up and down the length of his fingers, the taste of my pussy no longer there.

"Fuck," he moans in a soft whisper against my ear, wrapping his arm around my waist.

My body quakes as I gasp softly around his fingers; he pulls them from my mouth before covering my lips. "Shhh," he whispers against my ear.

My mouth hangs open as he rocks his hips against mine, shoving me down against his lap, his cock getting harder as it strokes against my clit. My hips rock back with his as my eyes close tight, his palm keeping the drool that wanted to spill out of my mouth on the inside. My mind didn't register anything, not my mother just feet away, not the passing by cars, not anything.

His hand releases my hips and pushes down my body. My legs spread eagerly and I groan into his hand as he stroked his fingers up and down my panties, making the material sink into my juicy folds.

"Fuck baby, you’re so wet," he moans softly into my ear.

He pushes his fingers in and out of my folds only getting stopped by the fabric. My hips rocked against his hand as he slides his fingers up my panties and grinds against my throbbing clit. His mouth moves from my ear to nibble gently down my neck. He wraps his teeth around the flesh there causing my body to spasm gently as his fingers slide up my soaking panties.

He pulls his hand back curling his fingers and pushes them under my slick panties. My jaw clenches tight as his hand grips onto my lips more firmly. He strokes his fingers against my dripping sex, sliding down to my hole and circling it before stroking up to my clit. All too soon his fingers pull away from my pussy, and slowly away from my mouth leaving me panting slightly. I hear him curse under his breath before pushing my panties back into place as the car stops.

I look around seeing we are at a gas station as he grips onto my hair yanking me back. "Princess, take your ass to the bathroom... Now."

Opening the door on shaky knees I climb out of the car. I vaguely hear my mother's voice saying something to daddy before I enter the nearly empty storefront. My eyes look up to see the large hanging restroom sign; making my way there I grip the first handle I see. Before I get the door opened my arm is yanked to the other side. I whimper softly as something seizes my throat and a large body crowds my vision. The scent of my daddy engulfs me as he grips onto my neck pushing his body against mine, pinning me to the door.

We are beyond words and whatever was happening was about to happen hard and fast. My eyes look up to meet his as his lips captures mine. Our tongues grind and probe into each other’s mouths. He grips my thighs, pulling my legs up making them go over his toned waist. I lock my feet behind his back and groan into the air as he grips onto my panties yanking then off, slapping my ass hard. The forgotten fabric of my now torn panties lay limp on the floor.

He breathes heavy, biting into my neck and groaning as the tip of a very hard cock pushes at my slit. I wince, quickly feeling it push more firmly, until it shoves me open to allow him entrance. My eyes close tight as he pushes me down, sinking my body against his. A loud banging hits against the door as he begins to pull out. He leans me further against the door sinking into my flesh once more. My pussy trembles around his thick ridges as I bite my lip hard trying to stop myself from screaming as he stretches me out.

His grip on my ass squeezes firmly as he speeds up, my body trembles with each thrust. My hips mold against his as I bounce slightly against the door.

"Hello?" my mother's voice brings us back to reality as he looks up at me.

His cock never stops as he pumps into me faster groaning and gripping onto my ass tighter, spreading my ass cheeks making me slam harder against his body. I wrap my arms around him, my breasts pressing against his solid chest. My pussy begins to shudder around his thickness and before I'm able to scream out his mouth closes over mine. We hear a door open and close near us as I erupt like a wave all over his cock. My head falls back against the door as he pushes into me a few more times.

I hold onto him, panting and shuddering as I tremble in his hands. My heart races as our lips slip and grind against one another. He pulls his head back just enough for our lips to separate. His eyes look into mine as he bites his lip and humps into me, keeping his eyes on mine. I gasp and cling to him before he pulls his hips back and pumps into me again. His cock's rock solid deep in my core as he pulls out of me, lowering my feet to the floor.

I stand on trembling legs, feeling my cum dripping from my pussy as we kiss once more. When he pulls back this time he tisks slightly looking down at my body before pulling his shorts up and walking out. ‘Shit! Why’d he stop?’ I whimper and move to the door locking it, panting and moving to the mirror. My body shakes as I bite my lip looking at the slut in the mirror, I grin just slightly as my core clenches. I can still feel his thick shaft spreading me open.

I move away from the mirror and go into the stall, cleaning up my legs as best I can with the toilet paper. Coming out I see my pink panties on the floor, blushing I take them and throw them away. I wash my hands and come out of the bathroom, looking around for my daddy or mother, but can’t see them. A cashier stands behind the counter on his phone, oblivious to what had just happened. I look over the rows of chips to see my daddy sitting in the car with the door open. He seems to be yelling at mother, his hands lifting slightly. I step outside and hear them.

“You always pump the gas… I couldn’t find either one of you,” she yells back at him.

‘Shit!’ I look to my daddy, he hadn’t seen me yet.

“You’re a big girl, you can pump the damn gas yourself.”

“You always do it, though,” she says through her teeth.

He stands up out of the car, slamming the door enough to make the entire vehicle rock slightly. He moves around the car, locking his eyes towards where mother is. I make it to the car, slowly moving to peek around the large vehicle, watching my daddy crowd my mother into the driver door. Her face glaring up at him but her body backing up to try to find safety.

“Stop yelling at me… Emma is going to be coming out now… You don’t want her to see us fighting the last time she is with us, do you?” he hisses between his teeth.

Her round face glares up at him harder as she snorts before looking away off to the side, crossing her chubby arms over her chest. I continue to watch, feeling kind of guilty that I was spying on them, but my blood began to boil as I watch my father take a hold of her shoulder.

“Look… I’m sorry you had to pump the gas yourself… I’ll do it from now on,” he lifts his hand, to push under her chin and make her turn to look at him.

I glare at his hand, hating it for touching her before she nods and looks at the store. “Fine.”

Daddy nods, pulling from in front of her and sighing, rubbing his hand over his arm. I move quickly and as quietly as I can before I pull the door open and plop my rump down against the seat. I hear mothers door open before I see my daddy as he appears at the door.

“Hey baby, you ready to go?” he says, his smile not reaching his eyes as he nods a bit.

“Hey daddy, yeah. I’m ready,” I smile brightly as if we hadn’t just been fucking in the bathroom.

I began to get even more irritated as he grips onto my arm, just moving me out of the car. I stepped out and pull my arm away quickly, making his head snap towards me. He lifts his eyebrow slightly before he sits in the car, just as the first time he pats his lap and I slide in, sitting near his knees.

“We are in," he says closing the car door.

The car begins to move and he curls his arm around me, pulling me back in his lap. I cross my arms over my chest and glare at where the driver as sitting, my nose flaring slightly as I sit stiffly against him. I can feel his eyes on me, but I don’t care. I hear his breathing and can even feel his heart beating, as I bite down on my lip, trying to keep myself angry with him. ‘How could he touch her like that?’ I scream in my head.

“Would you relax?” he mumbles gently into my ear. My head tilts away from him quickly and he chuckles softly before poking my side. “What’s wrong, baby?”

He knew that I was ticklish, and that poke nearly made me lose my mask of anger. I keep still though, turning my head more so that I face more of the mattress and he can’t see my face as well. He leans in, pushing his nose against my neck, making my breathing speed up and my shoulder lower, exposing more of my neck to him. He kisses gently on my neck, his arms hugging around my middle and pulling me against him more.

“Come on princess, tell daddy what’s wrong,” he whispers against my skin, making chills race up my back.

My pussy pulses with interest as I shake my head quickly. “Nothing’s wrong.”

He lifts his hand up to my nipple, pinching down on it through the top of my dress, before stroking it right and left; his lips move up to press against my ear. "Somethings wrong.”

My breathing speeds up and I try to hold back a groan as my mind begins to forget about why I was mad. I shake my head as he pushes his hand into the top of my summer dress. The feeling of his palm rasping against my sensitive peak makes it stiff, and my back arches slightly. His fingers curl around my breast and he squeezes against it firmly, biting down on my ear as I groan out.

“You okay, Em?” mother’s voice comes out loudly.

My pussy shudders again as daddy’s other hand travels down between my legs, pushing up and down against my slit. My hips arch up to hump against his fingertips as I breathe out more, closing my eyes tight. My hips flex forward to his hand more as his other hand tugs and twists at my nipple. His beard strokes against my ear as he bites my earlobe.

“Your mother is talking to you, princess,” my daddy whispers into my ear as I hump against his finger, feeling him sink a digit into my slick hole.

“Ah… I’m, I’m okay,” I say, my hips rocking up to meet his finger as he strokes in and out of my pussy gently.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispers against my ear before he leans forward, pushing my head against the back of the passenger seat.

He lifts my dress and soon I feel his thick shaft pushing at my hole. My eyes close tight as I bite down on the seat, feeling him pulling me slowly down against his shaft, the entire thing spreading me out almost wider than the first time. My hips lift before dropping against him, my hole shuddering and pulsing as I pant against the seat. He grips me and pulls me back, stroking his fingers against my clit. My eyes open wide, looking up, focusing on his face as he lifts my hips and slams me down.

A soft slap spreads through the car as my pussy shudders against him again. “Daddy,” I whisper softly.

He leans in, pushing his lips against mine, one hand working my clit stroking up and down, then around in circles, the other pinching roughly against my nipple, making it harder and harder. I close my eyes as his tongue sinks into my mouth, my hips beginning to rock with his, arching my back to allow more of his cock to sink out before we both slam my hips down against him, making another slap, this one a bit louder.

My head snaps away from his and before I’m able to moan out loud he grips my throat causing the air to leave me. My ears tremble as his grip tightens around my neck, my ass bouncing faster against him. A soft patting begins to sound from the joining of my ass and his thighs.

“What’s that noise?” my mom says turning down the radio.

Daddy keeps hold of my neck as he grips my hip, stopping my ass from making contact with his lap. “I don’t hear anything.”

His voice was normal, like he didn’t have his cock digging deep inside of his baby girl. My eyes close tighter as my pussy begin to pulse, my lungs protesting the need for air as the radio turns back up. He slaps my clit hard three times slamming my body down roughly against his lap before my pussy erupts all over his length. His cock shudders and pulses, spewing his cum deep inside of me as my vision slowly begins to turn black. He releases my neck and air floods my lungs as I gasp softly, coughing and leaning forward.

His hips pump into me slowly, gripping onto my hips, arching up firmly. He grounds my hips against his, “You okay, baby?” he asks through gritted teeth.

“What happened?” mom calls out.

“I think she choked on something,” he says, collapsing back into the seat, panting softly.

My pussy shudders with the weight of daddy deep in my walls as I collapse back against his chest, panting. My eyes looking up into his smoldering eyes. “I’m… I’m okay...”


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