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Family Night with Tommy and Tasha

Family Night with Tommy and Tasha

Family night with Tommy's girlfriend and his aunt joining the fun.

Mom had always insisted on them having one night a week as a Family Night, where they were all in, and would enjoy being with each other, watching television, or maybe playing a game of some kind. Sometimes just talking. Things looked like they would be different though now.

For one thing, Tommy had asked if Nicky could be there, Nicky being his sister Natasha's best friend and in the same class as her at school, and since recently, Tommy's girlfriend. A sexy petite sixteen-year-old, Nicky had enjoyed sexy fun with Natasha as well as with Tommy.

Tommy had been thinking of this all week and decided it needed to be mentioned.

"By the way Mom," he announced, "did you know that your little girl is bi?"

His mother looked at him, then at his sister, who was sat next to him on the sofa, Nicky being sat on his other side with his arm around her.

"Really? I thought she was just a horny little slut who liked fucking her brother," Mom said, "how do you know she is bi?"

"I told him," Tasha admitted.

"So did I," put in Nicky, "Tommy tells me you enjoy the other side of the street as well on occasion."

Tommy's mother blushed. "Yes," she confessed, "usually with my sister, Tommy's Aunt June."

Natasha looked at her mother in amazement.

"Mom, I never even suspected," she told her, "why didn't you tell us?"

"Tasha, darling," Mom told her, "it is not something that is easy to tell your children about. Especially when you have no idea how they feel about such things."

"Well now you know about me, and about me and Tommy," Tasha stated, "I suppose I had better tell you that Nicky and Jay are the two friends I have been enjoying my fun with."

"While we are all being so open," Mom told them, "we had better get the rules straight. From now on, especially when we are out, you call me Jean, okay?"

"What for?" Tommy asked.

"Because, if we are out and I want to hug you or kiss you, it will not look right if you call me Mom, will it?" she informed him, "Same for Tasha. And you had better get used to it too, Nicky. Besides, if I am going to be fucked by you, Tommy, it will feel so wrong to have you call me Mom in the middle of it."

Nicky rested her hand on Tommy's crotch, then smiled. "I think we had better change the topic," she warned, "a certain somebody is starting to feel rather randy."

Tommy blushed as Tasha and Mom both looked speculatively at him.

"You had better let it out, Nicky," Mom told her, "we wouldn't want it getting too cramped."

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Mom went to answer it, while Tasha slid her hand under Nicky's, feeling Tommy's erection. She smiled as Nicky undid Tommy's jeans and pulled the boxers to one side, allowing his cock to spring free, standing up proudly. Mom came back in, followed by her sister, June.

Tommy looked at them. His mom, Jean, sexy and petite, standing around five foot three, gorgeous boobs, and looking much younger than her thirty-six years of age. Her sister, his Aunt June, two years younger, so similar, maybe her boobs were a little larger. And both horny and bi.

His cock twitched at the thought of being had by them both together. June's eyebrows lifted as she saw Tommy, his rigid pole being held by the two girls.

"Looks like he is not the only one who has grown up, Jean," June stated, "I doubt he will have anything left for us after those two finish with him."

"That should not be a problem, June," Jean told her, "our little girl here just let me know she and her friend there are both bi."

"Really?" June smiled, "what do you think? One each and give Tommy a show, or let his girlfriend enjoy him while you and I both ravish his little sister in front of him?"

"Just a thought, but... " Jean suggested, "what about us having one each, the girl who lasts longest without coming gets to enjoy our young stud, while we share the loser between us. Sound good for a starter?"

Tommy smiled at the idea. Watching his girlfriend and his sister being fucked by his sexy Mom and aunt, then enjoying one of the young girls. Mind you, he had no doubt he would be inside all of them at some point in the evening. It was so good being eighteen, and able to bounce back so quickly from coming.

"Just make sure you don't wear yourself out," Nicky whispered to him, "because win or lose, I will be fucking you after everyone else is in bed."

She gave his cock a last squeeze, then stood alongside Natasha.

"Which do you want, big sister?" June asked.

"Well, now that I know I can have Tasha anytime, "Jean told her, "so I suppose it makes sense for you to enjoy her first. Strap-on and vibe, or just hands and mouth?"

"Let's save the strap-ons and vibes for the loser," June decided, "Then we can see how much they can come for us."

The two girls looked at each other, suddenly aware that losing was going to mean a lot of rough-fucking at the hands of two very experienced females.

"June and I are going to get changed into something more suitable for our fun," Jean told them, "do not make Tommy come. You understand, you two?"

Both girls nodded meekly at the warning. Nicky whispered to Tommy, and as soon as the two sisters were out of sight, Tommy and his girlfriend dragged Tasha across Tommy's knee, Nicky holding Tasha's wrists firmly, while Tommy undid Tasha's shorts, sliding them down until he could get at her lovely tight slit.

His fingers slipped easily into her, finger-fucking her while she struggled helplessly. The first climax took a few minutes, but once she had come, she was so much more sensitive, and the next climax came much faster and left Tasha twitching and trembling. He just had time to pull her shorts back up before Jean and June came back, both dressed in just stockings and suspenders, and both looking incredibly fuckable.

The two older women quickly stripped the two girls, then pulled them onto the floor, side by side. June stroked along Natasha's slit, seeing her sexy niece squirm, and feeling how wet she was.

"Jean, you had better see this," June warned, "I think someone has been cheating."

Jean felt her daughter's wet slit, watching as Tasha reacted. She looked at Tommy and Nicky.

"Who did this?" she demanded.

"I did," Tommy confessed.

"Only because I told him to," insisted Nicky, "it was my idea."

The two women looked at each other, unspoken messages passing between them.

"Tommy, stand up," his mother ordered, "hands behind you."

She went over to the wall unit, returning with handcuffs which she snapped onto Tommy's wrists. Pushing him back onto the sofa, she pulled Tasha to her feet.

"All yours, baby girl," she told her daughter, "help yourself. I will enjoy you later if you still want to."

Tasha beamed with pleasure, pulling Tommy's jeans down, along with his boxers, so he was sat naked from the waist down, cock already erect.

"As for you, Nicky," June declared, "you are going to get punished for cheating, after which my sister and I are going to fuck you senseless, darling. Stand up."

Nicky stood nervously, as June cuffed her wrists behind her, then slid a long, curved vibrator into her tight slit.

"That is a wireless remote controlled vibe," June informed her, "and this is the control box."

She showed the slim oblong to Nicky, then passed it to Tasha, who had been sat watching in fascination, while gripping Tommy's cock firmly.

"Okay, Tasha," her Aunt told her, "you have five minutes, those buttons control power, speed and the different functions. I wonder how long our sexy cheat can hold out?"

Tasha began experimenting with the device, watching Nicky's reactions. After turning it on, she set it at number five out of ten and saw Nicky stiffen where she stood, before beginning to tremble. Turning it up one slow step at a time saw Nicky squirm, before falling to her knees. A final increase to maximum, and Nicky was writhing helplessly on the floor, bottom bouncing frantically and breath coming in short gasps as she came.

Tasha turned it down to low, smiling as Nicky slowly relaxed and started breathing normally again. Without warning, she turned it back to full power, and Nicky was helpless to stop herself from coming. This time Tasha left it turned up high as Nicky's climax went on and on until she was screaming in total ecstasy.

Her bottom was bouncing up and down frantically and she was trying to rub herself against the carpet to stop the delicious agony of the non-stop climax. Finally, Tasha took pity on her and turned it slowly down, enjoying the sight of her sexy friend sweat-covered and twitching, nipples sticking out hard and with legs wide open, showing her come-juices glistening on her inner thighs.

She was tempted by the sight to get down and take advantage of her friend's arousal and helplessness, but seeing Tommy's prick twitching at the sight of his girlfriend being vibe-fucked reminded her she had him to enjoy first. Besides, from the looks of lust on the faces of the two older women, Nicky was going to get all the climaxes she could handle.

As for her darling brother, while her aunt and her Mom put on a hard-core porn show with Nicky she intended keeping Tommy right on the verge of coming without letting him shoot his load.

"Relax, brother," she warned him, "you are going to need all that energy because once they finish with Nicky, we are going to show them how many times you can come before being totally drained to the very last drop."

Once Nicky was breathing normally again, she was pulled to her knees, Jean kneeling in front of her with legs wide, and June behind her wearing a strap-on.

"Are you okay now, Nicky?" June asked, "all recovered?"

Nicky nodded nervously, not knowing what was going to happen next, but certain she was going to enjoy it.

"Good," June went on, "because you are going to use that sexy mouth to make my sister come, and I am going to fuck you with the strap-on until she does come."

"After that," Jean continued, "you can do the same for June while I get to fuck you until she comes."

With that warning, Nicky was positioned on her knees, butt in the air, and mouth inches above Jean's open pussy, while Jean lay on her back. June slid the strap-on into Nicky's pussy and started fucking her smoothly, while Nicky teased and tormented Jean's slit.

Nicky was still so sensitive from the multiple remote-vibe climaxes, and it was not long before she was screaming helplessly as she came. Tommy's aunt paused to let Nicky recover a little, then resumed her steady fucking of Tommy's girlfriend. All the time, Tasha was squeezing and pumping Tommy's cock, stopping every time she felt he was close to coming.

Tommy was groaning in frustration, and the performance of the two milfs with his girl was not helping. Nicky was coming again, but carrying on, trying to bring his sexy Mom to a climax, and finally succeeding, even while she herself was coming massively. He watched his mother bucking and squirming under his girlfriend, until the climax had stopped, then wriggled out from under Nicky, leaving the almost exhausted girl slumped on the carpet.

It took a few minutes for the sisters to change the strap-on from one to the other, but they managed it eventually, and Nicky was roused and made to start again. She started eating his sexy aunt while his mother positioned the vibe. This time though it went slowly into Nicky's tight and almost unused butt-hole, making her wriggle frantically as it impaled her.

Then she was being smoothly butt-fucked, for a while almost making her forget to use her mouth. It took a hard slap on her naked ass to make her restart. Because June had been enjoying the fucking given her by her end of the strap-on, she was sensitive to Nicky's teasing and was soon writhing for the girl.

Jean's fingers were teasing and rubbing at Nicky's love-button, and as June came for her, Nicky was forced to come again for the milfs, collapsing on the floor as she twitched helplessly until the strap-on slid out of her butt. Once Tommy's mom and aunt had recovered, and the strap-on was taken off, they sat on the sofa.

Nicky was between them, squirming as the two older women idly teased her nipples, and occasionally stroked her wet slit. Tasha had been having fun keeping Tommy helplessly erect and increasingly frustrated. Now she pulled him to the floor by his erection, pushing him onto his back and straddling him.

Slowly, she inched her way down his pole until she was fully impaled on him. She squirmed as her tight box was filled, then began riding him, slowly sliding up and down on him, increasing speed as her arousal grew, until she was bouncing hard on his cock, feeling him explode, his warm cum shooting into her.

She ignored it, continuing to ride him mercilessly, holding off her own climax as long as she could until she finally gave in and came massively, screaming in ecstasy as she collapsed on him, twitching deep inside.

"Do you want a turn, Mom?" she asked, "I am going to need some time to recover from that."

Her mother smiled as she slid off the sofa, crawling over to where Tommy lay panting hard. She held his limp dick in her hand, squeezing gently until she felt it stir in her hand. She leaned forward, taking it into her mouth, and teasing it until she felt it starting to swell. Within minutes, it was hard and ready for more.

"How many times can you come, Tommy?" Tasha asked, "because today we are going to find your limit."

Tommy groaned as his Mom slid easily onto him, Nicky was wriggling as she was teased by Tasha and June, her arousal increased by being made to watch her boyfriend being mercilessly screwed in front of her. Tasha slid the remote vibe into her sensitive slit again.

"Oh no, Tasha, please?" she pleaded, as her friend turned it on, "you wouldn't make me come again, surely."

"Of course I would," Tasha admitted, "I love watching you come, it is so sexy."

By now Tommy was groaning as his sexy mother bounced hard on him, forcing another climax from him, and carrying on for a minute or so more until she came herself, her pussy contracting, squeezing Tommy's cock hard before she slid off him. She stood up, body shining with sweat, and hair mussed, looking so sexy that her sister had to pull her over and kiss her deeply.

"Now you, sexy sis," she murmured," I love watching you come."

Tommy's aunt kneeled between Tommy's legs, poking his flaccid cock.

"This is not much use the way it is," she commented, "think it can be woken up again?"

"I know it got very excited before when we watched Nicky coming," Tasha informed her, "we could try that again."

Nicky looked at her apprehensively.

"We could try it," June agreed, "might work."

The two milfs stood Nicky up, holding her in place standing over Tommy, so he had a close-up view. they moved her legs apart, and Tasha turned the remote vibe up to full power. Nicky was trembling helplessly, grinding at empty air as she started to come. A hand rubbed her clit, and she was moaning, softly at first, then louder until it was almost a growl.

Then she screamed as she hit the very top, her love-juice squirting from her over Tommy's body. Tasha turned the vibe off, and Nicky was put on the sofa where she lay smiling, twitching happily. June looked at Tommy, seeing his cock stirring.

She kneeled again, taking him into her mouth and working the cock to full hardness, ignoring Tommy's helpless moaning as his sensitive dick was teased and tormented yet again. His aunt slid him into her slit, rocking back and forth on the erection and feeling it slide along the length of her pussy,

She was already so aroused from watching her niece and her sister coming, as well as watching Tommy's sexy girlfriend come so much. She struggled to hold off coming as long as she could, and felt Tommy spasm in a dry climax, no more cum left in him, then she was coming herself, her sister behind her with hands squeezing her boobs and teeth nibbling her neck as she climaxed.

Tommy lay breathing hard, legs apart and totally drained as Tasha had promised.

"Pity," Tasha murmured, looking at her brother., "I was just ready for another climax."

"That is not a problem, darling," her mother told her, "your aunt and myself are both still horny, and I think you will enjoy the two of us enjoying you."

Tasha let herself be led upstairs by her Mom and her aunt, leaving the exhausted Tommy and his equally drained girlfriend lying in the living room. Looked like her fun had not ended yet, she thought, family nights were fun nowadays.

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