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Forbidden Fruit (Part Three)

Forbidden Fruit (Part Three)

Sarah was caught between 'a rock and a hard place'. A very hard place!

You reluctantly pulled Tom’s cock from your mouth and stopped masturbating Will’s to turn around and see who was probing your pussy from behind. It was Tony, your son kneeling, naked behind you with his arms wrapped around your torso, his hands underneath your breasts fingering your nipples like only a son knew how. It took you right back to when he was a mere babe in your arms remembering how much he enjoyed sucking your milk and absently playing with the spare nipple. Oh, how you use to love those milking sessions. They couldn’t come quick enough. You remembered you had trouble weaning him off them, not that you wanted him to do so. The pleasure far outweighed any discomfort.

Now here he was again, although this time as a grown sixteen-year-old exploring new found pleasures. “Have you come to give your mummy a hand?” You said in mother, son childlike talk. “She is in so much need of your naughty help.” 

You parted your legs a little more so that he had better access to your pussy.

His fingering of your nipples intensified obviously excited as his erect cock pressed against your wet opening. You crouched down resting the side of your head against the carpet. This effect pushed your bottom up making your lewd naughty pussy more available to him. He didn’t need any encouragement, and you didn’t provide any resistance as he effortlessly slipped into your moist opening.

“Oh God, yes. Mmmmm... that’s it, Tony. Give your naughty mummy a good seeing to.” 

You were sure he would cum prematurely so excited was he, but you were willing to take that risk in exchange for the moment of undiluted pleasure like no other. Tom’s cock might be bigger, you thought, but there was nothing like having one of your own. In fact, it was you who was on the threshold of cumming if it wasn’t for the fact that Tony made no attempt to move when in. Perhaps, he was savouring the feel of being in his own mothers pussy, you considered naughtily.

Then you felt him move forward pushing his rigid cock deeper inside of you until you could feel his pubic hairs against your pussy lips, but he still didn’t make a move.

It was divinely horny, lewd and forbidden, but you didn’t care. You smiled at the erotic thought that he was ‘cumming’ home.

You’d almost forgotten the other two, but with your bottom sticking up in the air, impaled on your son’s cock, they had a grandstand view and an education in horny mother and son action.

What you didn’t know, and couldn’t see was that they’d taken matters into their own hands, jerking off at the erotic sight before them.

Tony could see them though, and the sight of them getting off with what he was doing to his own mother encouraged him to saw back and forth in your pussy.

“That’s it T..T...Tony, pump your naughty seed into your mummy. Make mummy cum so that she can wash your sperm clean. That’s it, like that. Back and forth, oh, mmm... oh, God, yes!”

He didn’t need any encouragement. He was becoming braver, determined to give you a good fuck. He’d had plenty of practice in his bedroom at night beating off thinking about your braless breasts dangling lose in your semi-transparent top, or the wet aroused telltale signs between your legs.

You were close. You raised your head and watched Tom and Will pumping their cocks. Becoming more urgent in their need for release. Then you bent back down to focus on receiving a good shafting from your son. You felt beside yourself with the pleasure you were feeling. You felt fulfilled, lewd, naughty, and sensual as Tony’s fingers continued to pleasure your nipples and his cock pound your pussy.

Then all too quickly you felt him jerk into you forcibly and throb a couple of times before you felt his sperm ejaculate and splatter against the wall of your vagina. His fingers relinquished their hold on your nipples and he collapsed against your back. At the same time you heard moans from above you as first, Will, then Tom, came.

You looked up just in time to see the last of the impressive ropes of Tom’s cum ejaculating into the air before landing wet against his top.

You collapsed on the carpet under the weight of Tony, and you must have dozed off, spent, after so much sexual activity.

A little while later you awoke on the floor to find Tony naked sleeping, nestled in your arms. You looked up at the base of the sofa and saw two pairs of bare legs where there were two pairs of clothed legs before. You got up on your elbows, careful not to disturb Tony, to find Tom and Will sitting naked staring down at you.

Tom smiled, and you realised that despite everything you were still feeling turned-on. Will, still couldn’t take his eyes off your nipples.

Then Tony began to stir and groggily propped his head up and said, “I think I’m going upstairs to get some shut-eye,” and with that, he kissed and lapped briefly at your nipple with his tongue, then turning to you said, “Thanks, mum. I needed that. I was tired of playing to the camera every night instead of enjoying the real thing. Anyway, you were probably getting off watching me. You know where to cum in future,” He said with a smile and a wink.

You were floored. You didn’t even know he knew about the hidden camera, let alone acted on it! But nothing surprised you any more about tonight.

He gathered his clothes lying strewn across the room. 

He must have been in the sitting room standing staring before he made his move, you thought mildly surprised. Though you didn’t hear him come in.

“So, what shall we do now?” Asked Will as Tony left the room.

“Well, I know what you want to do,” Replied Tom gesticulating toward your nipples.

“What if I do?”

You wondered who was in control, them or me, but all it did was confirm that you weren’t in control, and probably never had been the whole night. This turned you on, and you were beginning to feel aroused again. Not that it had ever clearly gone away in first place.

And as if to verify what you were thinking, Tom asked, “So, have you cum yet?”

You began to feel dizzy again, light-headed, and horny. “No, but I can tell you have. That’s why you had to shed your clothes, isn’t it?”

Tom looked across at Will and they smiled knowingly at each other. “Well, partly for that reason, and partly because we want to finish off what Tony has started!”

“Okay, I’ll let you on one condition.” You retorted. “If this so much as gets out you won’t be able to enjoy my body ever again, agreed?” You held their eyes searching for confirmation. 

They both nodded enthusiastically. “You have our word,” Said Tom.

You thought that was quite a mature answer from a late adolescent, and then you looked to his hairy chest, and your eyes travelled further down to his cock which was now standing, twitching to attention, ready to go again.

They’d obviously discussed this because Will got off the sofa and lay face up on the floor.

You didn’t need any encouragement and knew what he wanted, so you sidled over to Will and straddled him on all fours giving him free access to your dangling breasts.

He didn’t wait. He feasted on your nipples with rabid intensity. The pleasurable feeling was indescribable and your eyes rolled back into your head as you moaned, “Oh, God yes! Please, do them. Suck them, play with them. They’re yours!”

He took both of them into his mouth at the same time, and lapped back and forth over your twin buds, sucking, lapping, sucking, lapping. You could have cum there and then, but you wanted to hold off. You looked down at your pussy dripping with Tony’s cum and saw Will’s erection throbbing.

Then out of the corner of your eye you saw a shadow pass across the carpet and felt the familiar pressure of a cock head against your pussy as Tom knelt down behind your ripe bottom glistening with moisture that ran along your crevice, but instead of penetrating you, you felt his tongue licking all the way up and down your pussy lips before flicking back and forth over your sensitive nub.

Will now released your twin peaks and set about alternating between nipples. Whilst he sucked and ravaged one he was rubbing and squeezing the other.

Tom continued administering his tongue to your pussy licking its whole length before circling around your outer lips and dipping in and out of your vagina before grazing over your clit for good measure. This went on for half-a-dozen times before you’d sufficiently relaxed enough to accommodate the thickness of his cock.

You thought you’d gone to sexual heaven. These two seemed like experts that had been doing it for years, and you were being ravaged in ways you’d only dreamt of, fantasised about, wished for. Dirty and lewd as it seemed, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Tom eased his cock through your parted lips, and you cried out at the feeling of its size. He gently applied more pressure moving forward as he did. You had to open your legs wider to accommodate his girth.

He was strong and powerful but you pleasured in his treatment of you, his gentleness.

Once he’d bottomed out, once you felt his balls against your clitoris he sat there waiting for you to adjust, to accommodate. Then when he sensed you were ready he pulled back slowly so that the tip of his penis reached the outer edges of your pussy lips before steadily, rhythmically ploughing all the way back in until it hit the back of your womb.

The rhythm slowly increased with intensity sliding back and forth, and back and forth, in and out, in and out all the while mounting with urgency. The primal need to copulate. The lewd need for a primitive fuck, and boy were you in need of a primitive fuck. You’d never felt so horny. He was veritably pounding in and out of you now.

Will was sucking with increasing urgency on your nipples. You looked down at his face and he seemed to be in nipple heaven, but now he relinquished your nipples in favour of rubbing them back and forth with his fingers like there was no tomorrow.

Tom had now taken hold of your hips using you like a ragged doll to piston in and out of your pussy.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, God, that’s good, so good. Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck me.”

You looked over your shoulder and Tom’s face was a picture of intensity. He was hammering in and out of your soaking pussy. You could feel yourself getting close. Between these sexual experts, there was no escape. You felt wonderfully trapped and used for their horny desires. 

Then you felt it. It started out as a tremor which became an earthquake as you swore the earth moved and you started to pound your bottom back against his thrusts extracting every once of pent-up feeling from your impending orgasm. 

Then it hit, not only you but both of you as your pussy flooded with his cum which seemed to breach your dam walls as rope after rope of his semen jettisoned inside of you and it even began to seep out and drool on to the carpet.

Even Will was so excited and mesmerised by how much pleasure your nipples could take that he came before you all collapsed exhausted in a heap on the floor.


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