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Forbidden Temptations

Getting caught masturbating isn't necessarily a bad thing, when my daughter likes to watch.

The exhilarating sound of giggling teenage girls interrupted the otherwise lazy spring Tuesday evening, but I remember it like yesterday. I opened the curtains and looked out of my second-floor bedroom window to watch the half-dozen pretty teen girls doing mock gymnastics in the backyard. Jenny, one of my daughter’s classmates, did the splits. Her skirt rode up and her white panties were displayed delightfully.

The thin fabric hugged the pronounced shape of her tasty pubic mound perfectly, yet my eyes were drawn towards my own daughter. Unconsciously I let my bathrobe fall open and gripped the thickening warmth of my shaft. What am I doing? Stroking my cock watching my own daughter? Conflicted feelings hijacked my fatherly morals. I continued teasing my length eliciting a massive veiny erection. Kara’s perky nipples pointed like mouthwatering eraser sized nubs through her obviously braless tank top.

That’s it, take daddy’s cock baby! I closed my eyes and licked my lips as I went to that forbidden place. I gripped my swollen balls with my other hand and stroked faster. Daddy’s gonna make you cum honey! I readied myself for a torrid eruption of semen when the diminishing voices caused me to look out the window again. I opened my eyes to the disappointing sight of the girls prancing out the back gate. Damn! I took a deep breath and walked over to my dresser and picked up an old photograph of Kara and me. I smiled in resignation. Some fantasies are not meant to be, I suppose.

My blossoming daughter Kara was only a few weeks past her sweet sixteen. Leading up to that event had been weeks of planning, entertaining her classmates, trying on new clothes, phone calls, and loud music. Then there was the buzz and constant interruptions within our household. At times, putting up with a flock of cackling girls for days on end, was onerous. Other times it was a virile man’s visual smorgasbord glimpsing all that prettiness.

All in all, it was worth it, though. Kara was definitely a daddy’s girl and she exploited the fact that she had me wrapped around her finger. When her sixteenth birthday arrived it all came together exactly the way she wanted. Kara deserved it and the truth was I loved it.

We had a great relationship. Part of me was sad at the thought of my pretty daughter Kara growing up. Things were about to change those few weeks later, but not in the way I thought.

It was an otherwise uneventful mid-week school night. The grandfather clock chimed 10:00 as my daughter padded into the living room where I was lounging. Inexplicably this time, she gave me an unusually warm, lingering kiss goodnight. Her firm young breasts pressed into my chest like small unripe melons. I hugged her back enjoying her body warmth. What did I do to deserve that? My groin stirred. Rub your titties on daddy, like a good girl.

It felt sexual at that moment, holding her close to me. All too quickly Kara broke off the kiss and turned towards the hallway. She certainly was blessed with her mom’s prettiness and great figure. It’s going to be a challenge keeping the boys away! I thought to myself, looking at her cute tight ass tucked nicely into her JimmiJams. Thank goodness for warm spring evenings, skimpy p-jays and my daughter’s great little ass! I smirked slyly.

In my mind, I undressed her. At the same time, Kara turned and looked back to catch my day-dreamy eyes locked on her round little butt.

She coyly cocked her head to one side, flicked her hair and teased a smile in return. Unexpectedly Kara pushed her butt out and patted one of her ass cheeks with her hand. “Night daddy, lovez-ya!”

Sassy kid. She better watch herself or I might just want a piece of that ass! I clicked off the main living room lights. I was fully aroused by then as I headed to our bedroom. The lights were already off. I leaned into my wife Kate, pressing my tongue into her lips and forcing a sensual kiss.

“Not tonight hun. I’m too tired.” Kate’s body stiffened in resistance.

As usual, her mom was not feeling it. Truth be told, I expected it. My balls were swollen, aching for release and I had to try. At times, I wondered how we even conceived a daughter. My sex drive was not much different from my teenage years, however, Kate’s had waned.

This was unfolding as a pretty normal, disappointing weeknight, and it would be by my hand that I was to release all my pent up sexual tension. Unbelievable, not even a hug! I sighed quietly and closed the door to the bedroom

I flicked through sports channels until about 10:30. Assured that everyone was sound asleep, I headed down the hall to grab a DVD from a locked drawer in my office. Here it is. My cock tented in anticipation as I tiptoed back into the living room. I reduced the illumination by turning the dimmer switch down until the room lost all color.

Barely Legal #24. I couldn’t resist squeezing my cock. The old Hitachi DVD player clicked and whirred. I pressed the down button on the remote so that the TV sound volume was turned down until it was barely audible. As the DVD queued, I padded into the bathroom and grabbed the baby oil.

I walked back into the living room, expertly kicked the leg rest up and lounged into the couch in one skillful motion. I had made that move more than once! Pressing play, I skipped ahead to the chapter I liked. The glowing light of the television lit up the dark living room as a stunning blonde model with a completely shaved pussy was masturbating. An actor pretending to be her stepdad walked in ‘catching her.’

The taboo scene unfolded and my erection screamed for attention. I slipped out of my pajama pants, tee-shirt and oiled up my raging hard-on. Ahh, yes, mmm. I was stroking nice and slow, up and down the length of my seven-inch cock, intent on holding back. I kept on slowly stroking my cock for about fifteen minutes until a nice drop of precum appeared at the tip.

I had watched this DVD at least a hundred times probably and knew the part I liked was coming. The male porn actor was approaching the female model. Her pussy was wet and completely shaved smooth. His cock was immense, and he was teasing it up and down her pussy lips.

This time though, my thoughts seemed to migrate back to Kara, patting her cute butt in the hallway and looking back at me. It made me that much more erect. Put your cock in me, daddy!

“Damn,” I mumbled to myself. I was trying to hold back until he pressed his cock into her folds and started fucking her. Fuck, I’m close! I tried stroking slower and slower. I was too horny. I stopped stroking my cock entirely. It twitched and pulsed as if it had a mind of its own. There was no holding back now. It feels so fucking good. I was either going to shoot my load hands free or stroke to a furious climax. I chose the latter. Within seconds I was jacking my cock with firm abrupt strokes.

“Ughghgh fuck, mmmm!” I groaned as quietly as I could, as ropes of cum sprayed onto my chest. Fuck me! I looked down as my tight balls jetted about six or seven good streaks of glistening spunk on my chest and abdomen, until it was just a drool, leaking down my semi-erect cockshaft.

A minute or so went by before my raspy breathing slowed to a quiet pant. I enjoyed the cooling stickiness on my bare skin and waning orgasm. I stroked my sticky unrelenting erect cock. Lick up daddy’s cum, honey. Closing my eyes I visualized my daughter’s cute butt. Shit, I better clean up. Resigned to the late hour, I finally moved towards the bathroom for cleanup duties.

Washing off all that cum and baby oil with a warm washcloth took a bit of time, so it was a number of minutes, before I re-entered the living room, shut off the DVD player and TV. It was after eleven by the time I finally put everything away. Sometimes this seemed like such a lengthy exercise when I included all the cleanup and everything, but emptying my balls was always worth it.

I’d have no trouble sleeping now. I made my way back to the living room to kick the footrest up on the couch, put my p-jays back on, and turned out the lights. What the hell is that on the floor? It looked like a rag at first. I picked it up and held it up to the light.

Shit, it looks like Kara’s Jimmi Jamm bottoms! The exact same color as what she was wearing earlier. How did they get here behind the couch? Very quietly I walked down the hallway to my daughter’s room, and carefully opened the door.

“Kara?” I whispered. My p-jays tented as forbidden sensual energy whirled in my body and mind. Being in my daughter’s room felt extremely sexual and tense. Fuck I’m so hard again! Temptation percolated. I inhaled deeply. Relax dad. Don’t think about climbing into bed with Kara. I tried to calm my raging feelings.

No answer. She appeared to be tightly wrapped under the covers sleeping. I placed the bottoms on her dresser and was just about to head out of her bedroom door. I stopped. The alluring form of my daughter’s shapely body was outlined by the covers perfectly. I leaned in and kissed the back of her sleepy head. God, you’re beautiful.

 Before I could turn to leave, “Daddy?” Kara rolled over to look at me, blinking her sleepy eyes.

“Hi pretty-eyes, you should be sleeping.” Deep in my subconscious, I was glad that my daughter was awake. “Sorry if I woke you up, but I found a pair of your p-jay bottoms in the living room. I was just bringing them back.” Are you naked under the covers? Can daddy see? I held my breath as if Kara could read my dirty thoughts.

“Oops, sorry daddy.” My daughter paused as if she was thinking of something before speaking again. “I can’t sleep, can I have a goodnight kiss? Please daddy?” Kara unfurled the covers and opened her arms for a hug. I can see your tight little tummy. Open the covers more for daddy, Kara. I stared down at the exposed skin of her tummy trying to see if her p-jay bottoms were on.

“Of course hun.” I leaned in, hugging her and kissing her on the forehead. As a last gesture, I brought her wrist up and kissed the back of her hand. The distinct fragrance of her sex greeted my nostrils. Along with that, the tips of several fingers were noticeably wet. I can smell your pussy, Kara. You were rubbing it. Good girl. Were you thinking of daddy? I was embarrassed, but part of me was thrilled that my daughter was enjoying the fun of self-pleasure. Yes, she was masturbating!

“Aw, can’t you stay daddy?” My daughter pouted. Her eyes were transfixed on my blatantly tenting p-jays.

“G’night hun!” My eyes, in turn, were taking in the semi-sheer outline of my daughter’s wonderfully perky nipples, under her t-top. “I better get to bed.”

I looked over at my daughter as I closed the door. I want to suck your sweet little nipples baby. Her right hand was immodestly and obviously under the covers, in between her thighs. Fuck, she’s rubbing her little cunt, while she’s talking to me. She must be horny. I wonder if she’s thinking about-?

“Night dad!” She hushed her voice, not hiding the fact that she was looking at my cock trying it’s best to free itself from my pajama pants. Kara bit her lips as her pelvis pushed into her hand.

I willed myself to forget as much of that encounter as I could. That was that. There was no real attraction between us. There couldn’t be! It was wrong to think of my daughter that way. I thought, falsely denying my innate desire as I slid under the covers and went to bed. Tantalizing dreams coursed through my restless sleep that night.

The warm spring sun helped to discourage me from punching the snooze button. Instead, I woke up that next day feeling youthful and refreshed but still sexually charged. Everything was fantastic the entire day, until Thursday night. 10:30 pm rolled around once again and I was starting my masturbation routine. The lights were dimmed, I was completely nude, covered in glistening baby oil from my chest to my thighs, stroking my cock when suddenly I heard a noise.

Oh fuck, someone is coming! The hallway light clicked on. I immediately went into panic mode pausing then stopping the movie, and grabbing my crumpled p-jay bottoms from the floor to cover up my crotch. The glowing pause screen on the television lit up my naked body. There was nothing that I could do.

Kara wandered right into the living room and sat on the ottoman off to the left side of the couch I was on. “What are you doing daddy?” She asked coyly but quietly. My daughter licked her lips gazing directly at the crumpled p-jays over my cock.

“Nothing, nothing hun.” I was not looking very innocent while trying to dissuade her interest. Did you come in here on purpose, to try and catch me? Both of my muscular legs were completely bare, only my groin was covered and not very well at that.

“Just watching an old movie, Kara. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” My hands and thighs shimmered with oil.

“I’m not tired, Daddy.” Kara squinted her eyes and then focused on the DVD case that I left on the coffee table, She picked it up and looked at it before she spoke half giggling. “This doesn’t look like any old movie Daddy!”

I was so embarrassed. What the fuck do you say to your daughter now? I didn’t really know what to say, being caught by my daughter, in the act pretty much. Fuck, my cock is so hard it hurts. Pressing with both hands, I tried to force my raging erection down through my scrunched up pajamas.

“I’m sorry hun, I thought that everyone was asleep,” I responded apologetically. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, daddy. I’m sorry I interrupted you. I’m going to go back to bed now. I promise I won’t come out again.” Her voice sounded truthful. Kara walked over and gave me a nice peck on the lips. Goosebumps emerged as her small hand grazed my bare thigh before she frowned a smile and sulked back to her room.

I simply sat there frozen for I don’t know how long, trying to digest the situation. I was both profoundly embarrassed, but also a little disappointed (that she didn’t stay.) I’m sorry honey, I wish I’d asked you to stay.

Finally, I walked over to the bathroom and washed up. There was no way I felt like masturbating now. I couldn’t. I sensed that Kara was still awake listening to me somehow. I sat back down on the couch bunching up my pajama bottoms over my swollen cock and balls.

I was just about to unload the DVD and put everything else away when I heard the click of Kara’s bedroom door. I was glad at that moment, not to be jacking off, as she walked into the living room. She walked in front of where I was sitting on the couch and appeared to be almost in tears. Oh no, I’ve hurt her!

“I’m so sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” She pouted. My daughter’s nipples were visibly pert through the fabric of her top.

“Aww, it’s okay hun, it’s not really your fault.” I tried to console her. Fuck my cock is getting so hard.! I’m not going to be able to hide it!

“Oh, daddy.” She replied, sounding semi-relieved.

My daughter energetically sat herself down sideways on my lap and gave me a big hug and kiss. Her kiss was lusty and wet. You’re going to make daddy fuck you. Kara’s pointy sweet tongue pressed into my lips and danced, awakening every inch of my cock. The cleft of her warm butt and groin aligned perfectly with my angrily erect penis, which was forced off to one side slightly. Her hand rested lovingly on my face while her kiss lingered. I pushed my tongue beyond her soft lips, deep into my daughter’s lovely mouth.

Her tongue swirled around mine, inviting me in. Take daddy’s tongue baby. I’m going to fuck your ripe pussy just like my tongue is fucking your mouth. Her hand was noticeably wet, and I inhaled the scent of her youthful pussy like an intoxicating aphrodisiac. God, she’s been just touching herself, again! The crumpled p-jays were being slowly wrestled off of my cock as she nestled on top of me. My hard cock is going to be touching her bare thighs if she keeps doing that. Keep wiggling on daddy’s lap baby. No, I shouldn’t-

My erection raged in satisfaction. It’s throbbing heat finally resting against the bare flesh of my daughter’s creamy inner thighs.

“It ’s, um okay hun,” I replied.

Oh no! Oh YES! I thought at the same time as my steel-like shaft, with a mind of its own aligned perfectly between Kara’s labia. Trapped between the thin fabric of my daughter’s jammy bottoms and my own bunched up p-jays. I could feel her delicate delicious warmth, and instead of getting off my lap, she wriggled around making the situation much worse.

“Um, Kara.” I tried to think of something to say. “Shouldn’t you get to b-” My daughter’s eager wiggling had caused my balled up pajamas to slide completely off of my groin and fall down between my legs.Oh shit, there is nothing covering my cock and balls anymore! If Kara stands up!

Kara interrupted me. “Daddy, promise you won’t be mad at me, but I have to tell you a secret.”

“Sure Kara, um what is it?” I looked down to see my exposed beastly veiny penis, pressed against my daughter’s petite pajama bottoms. The skin of her bare thighs pressed next to my balls. I want to rip off your Jimmi-jams and fuck you, Kara. I’m going to ram my big cock into my baby’s smooth wet pussy!

“Please promise, daddy.” She repeated seriously, shaking my shoulders and bouncing slightly.

My mind was in two places. Fuck me! Daddy wants your sweet cunt Kara! My sexual energy boiled as I concentrated and tried my best to listen.

“Okay, I promise, hun.”

I was uncertain what she was going to confess.

“Please don’t be mad, daddy, but the other night, I watched you!” Her sweet eyes met mine, looking to see my reaction.

There was dead silence as I processed what Kara was saying. She watched me jacking off. Did she see me cum? Was she rubbing her pussy while she watched? I found her p-jay bottoms that night. She must have! I might have been silent, but my penis stiffened in the most painfully hard erection I have had in twenty years. By some sort of strange instinct, I kissed Kara on the lips. Just a peck at first. Then an undeniably loving kiss. Daddy loves you, Kara.

My daughter kissed me back, fucking her smooth tongue in and out of my hungry lips. Kara’s fucking my mouth! As she did, she shifted on my lap, so she was sitting on me, facing me, one knee on either side of my hips, rocking back and forth ever so slowly. Her little pointy tongue pried its way into my mouth, traced, then pulled my tongue back into her own mouth. Yeah, baby, I can feel your cameltoe trapping daddy’s big cock. Do you want it? Do you really want daddy’s cock? I pressed my pelvis into my daughter firmly. Take daddy’s tongue, Kara. Do you want daddy’s cock in your mouth?

Kara leaned back, smiling slightly looking at me, then looking down.

“Daddy, you are really big - down there.”

Only the thick head of my cock was in plain view. It looked fearsome and as large as Kara’s arm. My steely shaft strained against my daughter’s tasty fabric clad cameltoe. Trapped in her cleft.

“Oh honey, you have no idea what you are doing to me! If you’re not careful - daddy’s going to do something to you!” I didn’t wait. Can you feel that Kara? Daddy’s pressing his big man cock against your sweet pussy.

My daughter reached down and traced the circumference of my shiny glans with her fingertips, expertly strumming the gap in my glans, then frenulum before tracing her fingers up the divide and across my urethra. She plucked and teased my oozing cock head.

“Fuck, Kara, mmmm!” I muttered too loudly.

Electric shocks went through my shaking body. My penis strained and ached to do forbidden things. The sensations were taking over and all morals swept aside. Fuck yes. Feel it, baby. Feel daddy’s big cockshaft. I’m grinding it against your pussy. That’s what you want isn’t it baby? Daddy’s cock! Keep touching daddy’s cock. Mm yes.

“What are you going to do to me, daddy?” My daughter teased, rapidly blinking and flicking her pretty long eyelashes.

She licked her lips slightly, sensually, then opened them in an oval shape. Fuck you want to suck your daddy’s cock don’t you Kara? As she did so, she gently pushed her warm loveliness onto my raging cockshaft. It was trapped perfectly between Kara and only the thin fabric of her nightwear. I was almost fucking her.

Grinding into her young ripe pussy lips but for the skimpy pajama bottoms between our sex. I tightened my abs and pressed back up into her. Kara hooked her arms around my neck and pulled herself forward until the firm shape of her breasts were pressed against my chest. This is what I’m going to do to you Kara. I’m going to fuck you with my great big cock. Your pussy is going to be daddy’s. I humped rhythmically while my daughter was trapped in my strong arms.

“I love you, daddy.” She whispered in my ear, grinding her pelvis slowly in time with me.

“I love you too, Kara,” I responded pulling her close to me. “Daddy loves his little girl!”

I let my hands go up under the fabric of her pajama top, and stroked her smooth back. We cuddled and pressed our bodies against each other, slowly, lovingly. I kissed her on the side of the face. Kara started nibbling and sucking on my earlobe while caressing the back of my neck. It was so forbidden but seemed so natural, so loving, so perfect. Daddy will fuck you!

“God, you’re beautiful Kara!” I wrapped my arms around her low back and pulled her close. I pressed my cock against my daughter with force. I need my cock inside you now. I need you completely naked, for daddy.

“Daddy…” She whispered in my ear again. This time breathy and sensually. “When I was watching you, I took my shorts off, and - I was playing with my pussy.” She paused, “and when you were stroking your cock, I was putting a finger in my pussy, fucking it daddy. For you daddy!”

“Kara, I can’t believe you were watching me the whole time!” I crudely humped against my daughter, pulling her even closer, forcing my rigid cock into her cameltoe.

Yes, I was right. I wanted Kara completely then and knew I would have her. What little was left of the fabric contoured within the shape of her pussy. Around my cock and balls was mostly the silky smoothness of her warm bare skin. She opened wider for me.

“Daddy, when I saw you cum, it was so cool!” Kara sucked on my earlobe and slid her pussy against the outline of my cock. “Mmmm, there was so much.” My daughter purred rudely.

She did see me cum! I will fill you, Kara. You’re going to feel daddy cumming inside you! We cuddled and ground against each other for several minutes. Crazy thoughts whirled through my mind and the sweet feeling of my powerful erection, grinding against the cleft in the fabric of my daughter’s pajamas. I kissed her on the side of the face gently but wanted the chance to fuck my daughter completely. This was so wrong, but Kara was giving herself to me!. My own daughter. Suddenly I thought about the risk of getting caught. We needed to move.

“Kara, I think we should not be in the living room,” I suggested. “Let’s go to your bedroom, it’s further down the hall and more private.” Daddy’s going to teach you how to fuck and how to cum.

“Okay, daddy!” Kara responded with enthusiasm. She sprung off my lap and helped tidy up the living room. It was a few short minutes before we quickly shuffled down the hallway to her room. I was completely nude and erect. So dangerous, if we got caught. I walked down the hall holding my daughter’s hand.

As I closed the door to Kara’s room, I could not help but think that we were opening a rare but forbidden chapter in our relationship. My daughter leaped on her bed and bounced up and down among the scattered pillows and stuffed animals, facing me with her knees spread apart suggestively. I need to rip all your clothes off and fuck you now baby! I let my animalistic thoughts well.

My daughter stuck her tongue out and teased the tip up and down while looking directly at my erection. A tattletale wet spot stained the fabric of her little Jimmi-Jams.

“Do you want to see my pussy daddy?” She looked at my eyes as she hooked the waistband of her little jammies and pushed them over her still narrow hips. “I shaved all my hair off daddy. It’s so nice and smooth, look - ”

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