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Getting Over My Husband’s Passing

My husband passes away and I find comfort from someone I shouldn’t have.

I am not going to lie, it was really hard losing my husband.

William, or Will as he liked to be called, and I were together for thirty-six years and married for thirty-four of them, having met just before we finished school. Oddly, even though we were in the same year, we rarely mixed in the same circles.

He was captain of the football team and I was more of a bookworm. I liked keeping fit, but I was definitely more comfortable with a good book in the library rather than in a sporting spotlight. It was only when we were in detention together that we got to know each other.

It sounds really superficial, but I know my big tits drew him to me. We tried being friends at first, but we accepted that it wasn’t enough and within three months we were a pair.

We went to the same college, where we got really close — so close that I was pregnant at seventeen. Although I knew he was fucking other girls while I was pregnant, I was also having fun with other lads and lasses.

We left college at eighteen and married. Will became a fitness trainer and I became a writer, providing a teenage advice column in the local paper and writing my first book in my spare time. Although Will had a busy schedule with all of his clients and we had baby Amanda to look after, we always made time for each other.

Will was a total sex addict and really couldn’t get enough but I never complained. His huge fat cock was an absolute delight. Yet, even though I was fucking him as much as I could, I believed he still wanted more, so I asked him if he wanted an open marriage. Will loved the idea, of course, and admitted he’d already had sex with several of his female clients. I told him I didn’t mind as long as he was being safe, and I also told him that I would be looking around for other sex partners, too.

We became very open about sex but agreed that I wouldn’t play if we were trying to have more kids. Over the next ten years, we had three more girls and a son. After that, I had my tubes tied. Five kids were enough for me.

While I was having our family, my first book was published, and it did really well. So much so that I was able to give up the advice column and just write novels from then on. That was great. It gave me the time to spend with our kids and I was also able to provide Will with the money to open his own gym.

We really did have an amazing life with all the fun on the side that either of us could handle. We ensured our now grown-up kids never knew how open we were, even though Will fucked more than a couple of their friends. They all loved his huge cock as much as I did and none of them wanted to stop having it.

Then, after thirty-four wonderful years of marriage, a heart attack took Will. It was a massive shock. He’d taken such amazing care of himself and I was totally devastated by his passing. He wasn’t just my husband, he was my best friend and he’d always been there for me. At fifty-two years of age, although my family tried to be there for me, I really struggled with losing him.

The one family member that seemed to help was my favourite grandson, Charlie. I know it wasn’t fair of me to have a favourite, but I couldn’t help it — Charlie was just like his grandpa. Not only did he look like him, he was into fitness. I loved having him around and his Mam knew it helped me.

She would send Charlie over to keep me company or take me out shopping, so I didn’t feel alone. He also helped me when it came to staying fit. He took me to the gym and also got me into kickboxing. He’d been doing it for years and so he could teach me, and I didn’t feel out of place in the classes.

The more time I spent with Charlie the closer we became and, to be honest, I did start to spoil him too. When we went shopping, I would buy him something — a watch, jacket, training kit, aftershave. I even bought him a laptop. He was grateful, but his Mam told me I was spoiling him and, if I was doing it for him, I needed to do it for the others. I just didn’t see it that way. Charlie was helping me, so what if I was spoiling him?

Only five months after Will died, Charlie started talking to me about going out and meeting someone new.

“I’m fifty-two-years-old, Charlie, who’s going to want to date me?”

“You look amazing for your age, grandma,” he said. “I’m sure you’ll find someone, but until you do, I’m here for you.’

He wasn’t kidding. Charlie was always taking me out for lunch or dinner and it made me feel loved and so young when he would tell me that, “it is a privilege to take out such a good-looking woman.”

Then, one night when we were out having a meal, I went to the bathroom and overheard a couple of women obviously discussing me.

One said, “Yeah, I can’t believe it. I mean, come on, who does she think she’s kidding? There’s no way a lad that looks like that would be into someone her age. He’s clearly only with her for her money.”

The other replied, “I know she's in good shape for her age, but I totally agree. She’s so totally just trying to recapture her youth by hiring a toy boy for the night.”

I got so pissed off at them, I rushed out of the stall and said, “Who the fuck do you two think you are?”

Both looked shocked but the blonde woman — the other was red-haired — said, “I’m sorry, what do you mean?”

I stared at her. “Right, first of all, it has nothing to do with either of you what a lad his age is doing with a woman of my age. But, just so you know, he’s my grandson. He is here because my husband passed away five months ago, and he is taking care of me. How dare you judge us without knowing either of us. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. That said, have a good night.”

I stormed out and strode back to the table and sat down. I was really pissed off end Charlie sensed there was something wrong.

“Okay grandma, what’s wrong?”

I shook my head, not wanting to upset him. “It’s nothing sweetie, don’t worry about it.”

“No, c’mon… something has upset you. Tell me.”

I sighed and said, “It was some women in the bathroom.”

Charlie looked confused. “What about them? What did they do?”

“They said I’d hired you as a toy boy for the night.”

Charlie rocked back in his chair, eyes open wide. “Are you kidding me? Who the fuck do they think they are? Show me who you mean, and I will deal with them.”

I gripped Charlie’s arm. “No, they’re not worth it. I don’t want you getting into trouble for me.”

Suddenly, a guy got up from a nearby table, came over and said to me, “I think you need to say you're sorry to my wife.”

Charlie looked at the guy and asked, “Who are you?”

He looked at Charlie and said, “This has nothing to do with you, so just stay the fuck out of it.”

He looked at me again and repeated, “You need to say you're sorry to my wife — now!”

Charlie stood up and said, “Look, mate, you need to walk away right now.”

The guy looked back and forth at us. “Oooh, is that right?” he said and swung a punch at Charlie which he ducked under and then punched the guy in the guts and followed with one to the jaw. He fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Charlie looked across to the guy’s table where the blonde woman had gasped, putting a hand to her mouth. “You want to watch what you say to people,” Charlie said quietly. "It has nothing to do with you, or anyone else for that matter, what I’m doing out with his lady. Oh, and by the way, tell your man to watch his temper. Not everyone is afraid of a loudmouth.”

Charlie turned to me. “C’mon, let’s get out of here and go somewhere with class.”

We walked to my car and I was shocked and dazed at what my grandson had done. I looked at him and asked, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

“I’m fine, grandma. Sorry, you had to see that, but he was just an arsehole and I have no time for arseholes.”

I held Charlie’s hand and said, “It’s okay, you did nothing wrong. He tried to attack you. I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

Charlie smiled as he squeezed my hand and said, “Well, it’s still early, shall we go somewhere else?”

I shook my head, kissed Charlie’s hand, and said, “No, I will just take you home.”

Driving Charlie home, I could see he wasn’t happy about getting into a fight. I stopped in front of his Mam’s house and said, “Thanks for coming out with me; I’m just sorry about what happened.”

“I know, grandma, but sometimes it just has to be done. Anyway, “he smiled, "it was lovely to see you and I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise.”

I reached over to give him a hug. “Don’t worry about it, sweetie. I know you will always be there for me.”

He kissed me on a cheek. “Goodnight, have a safe drive home.”

I watched him go inside and then leaned back in my seat and thought about what I’d seen him do. I mean, he knocked the guy out. Yes, it was self-defence, but he did it for me. As I drove home, I felt special and loved by him.

I decided to have a shower and then head to bed. The hot water washing over my proud bust and down my legs, helped me to relax. It felt so good but, eventually, I turned off the shower and towel dried. I put on a nightie and got into bed and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. I then had one of the most shocking dreams of my whole life.

Basically, I relived that evening but, instead of me taking Charlie home, I brought him back to my house. Nothing strange in that — Charlie has stayed with me plenty of times — but this was different. After I showered and got into bed, Charlie joined me. I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything to him and then the next thing I knew, he was kissing me passionately.

I wasn’t in control as Charlie stripped me naked and fucked me for most of the night. In the morning, he kissed me and said, ‘Thanks grandma, I needed that,’ and left like it was no big deal. That’s when I woke, hot and sweaty.

Over the next few weeks, I tried to forget about the dream, but it wasn’t easy when Charlie always wore clinging vests and either tight shorts or tracksuit bottoms. I did my best not to look but my gaze frequently drifted to the bulge in his shorts or pants. I gauged he was as big if not bigger than his grandpa and I was getting so confused about it all. It had been a dream, nothing else, and if Charlie knew what I was thinking, he’d probably freak out.

Yet, the more time passed, the more I wanted the dream to come true.


My daughter Amanda phoned to say she wanted to visit and talk about Charlie. She showed up later that afternoon, sat on the sofa and said, “Charlie is worried that he’s done something to upset you.”

“Why would he think that?”

Amanda took a deep breath. “Well, he told me what happened the other night when that guy got in your face. Charlie said he dealt with him for you, but he is now worried that you might see him differently.”

I shook my head. “No, of course not. I told him so that night. He just defended himself. I was there, I saw what happened, and I totally understand why he did it.”

“So, in that case, why have you been treating him differently? He thinks you’re upset with him because he hit the guy.”

I shook my head. “No, I’m not upset with him at all. To be honest, the reason I’ve been treating him differently —” Now I took a deep breath, conjuring up an excuse because I couldn't tell her the truth about my lusting after her son, my grandson. I said, “Well, it’s down to you — you’ve been telling me that I’m spoiling him. So, that’s why I’ve not been going out with him as much.”

Amanda seemed a little unsure of my answer but said, “Oh, I see. Well, can you just tell Charlie that, so he doesn’t feel like he’s done something wrong?”

I sighed with relief. “Of course, I can. I’ll come over and see him tomorrow, okay?”

“Yes, that would be great, Mam. Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to get going. We’re having a pool party tomorrow, so you can come over and talk to Charlie and enjoy yourself. Does that sound good?”

“Of course it does Amanda. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We hugged, and Amanda walked out of the front door. I closed it and stood there, thinking about Charlie. He’d noticed I was different around him and I couldn’t keep making excuses. An extreme thought popped into my head: ‘Maybe, I should see if Charlie would be interested in me in that way.’

Instantly, I thought, ‘What the hell am I thinking? He’s my grandson.’

Yet, as much as I knew it was a strange idea, I couldn’t lie to myself: things had changed between us and I felt he knew it. I went to my bedroom and thought, ‘If I’m going to find out if Charlie wants me, I need to show him what I have to offer.’

I examined all my old bikinis, looking for one that showed off my assets. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to go shopping. I drove into town, parked up, and started looking through swimwear. The bikinis looked so hot, but I wasn’t sure whether they suited me. And that’s when a lovely young shop assistant came to my rescue.

“Hello miss, can I help you?”

I turned to look at her and smiled. “Yes please, love, I hope you can help me. I’m looking for a bikini to show off my body, but I don’t want to be too over the top. Know what I mean?”

She smiled and said, “Hmm… I see. Are you trying to get someone’s attention?”

I felt colour rise in my cheeks. “You've got me. Yes, I’m trying to see if someone might be interested in me.”

“Well, anyone that isn’t interested in you must be blind, if you ask me.”

I blushed even more and said, “Oh my god, how kind of you.” I glanced up and down her body. “If I was twenty years young… hmmm… anyway, do you have something that might suit me?”

She nodded. “Yes, come this way. We have a white bikini with a sarong to wrap around your waist. It isn’t too revealing, but it does get a little see-through when it’s wet. I’m sure you’ll catch your target’s eye in it.”

I looked it over and agreed with her. “Yes, I’ll take it. Thanks so much for your help.”

At the till, she said, “Please come back anytime. I would be happy to help you with anything you might want.”

“Thank you, love, you get ten out of ten in my book for customer service.”

I left the store on a huge high having had a hot young assistant flirting with me. ‘If she’s interested,’ I thought, ‘maybe there's hope for me with Charlie.’

Back home I was so excited about the next day’s pool party, I felt like a horny young girl again. I knew my plans for Charlie were wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I sat wondering about what might happen, thinking about his amazing young fit body, and before I knew it, I was masturbating.

I was so turned on, my skirt was around my waist, my thong was to one side, and my tits were hanging out. I played with my hard nipples while I pushed fingers deep inside, thinking, ‘My god, wouldn’t it be hot if Charlie fucked me, then I get that hot little shop assistant over and he fucked her too.’

That dirty scenario pushed me over the edge and I had a truly intense orgasm. I lay there panting — and debating if I should go back to get the young assistant’s number. You see, one thing I loved was watching Will fuck some horny young slut. Given the way she flirted with me, I felt sure she would have been game.

But, I was so wiped out that I drifted off to sleep.


I woke the next morning about ten, and sent a text to Amanda: What time should I come over for the pool party?

She replied: It starts at twelve, but you can come over now if you want. You can talk to Charlie and help me set up.

I replied: Just woken up so I need a shower before anything else. But will be there before twelve.

In the shower, I again thought about Charlie’s hot young body, his amazing chest, and abs. I masturbated again thinking about all of the things I wanted us to do. I wondered if his cock was as big as his grandpa’s if he would be able to fuck me like his grandfather had. It didn’t take long before I climaxed again; it was all so intense thinking about him like that.

I stood under the water a little longer before I grabbed a towel and dried. I walked back into my bedroom and selected a yellow blouse and a black skirt. I didn’t bother with underwear since I would be putting on my new bikini.

It was a lovely day for a pool party and I got to Amanda’s twenty minutes before noon. She was in the kitchen.

“Hello, Mam,” she said when I put my bag with my bikini on the bench. “I’m really looking forward to the party, the weather is so great for it.”

“Yeah, the weather is great,” I agreed. “So, where is Charlie? I will talk to him before I get changed.”

Amanda pointed to the stairs. “He’s in his room, but I don’t think he’ll be staying for the party. I think he’s going out with his friends to play basketball. I’m sure that’s what he said.”

“We'll see about that,” I said, heading for the stairs and Charlie’s bedroom. “Be back in a minute.”

I knocked on his door and Charlie shouted, “Who is it.?

I leaned on the door. “Your favourite grandma. Can I come in?”

“Sure, come on in.”

Inside, Charlie was lying on his bed, playing on his computer. He wore only a pair of shorts. I gazed at his chest and amazing abs. At that point, all I wanted was to jump onto the bed and give him the fuck of his life. But I managed to stop staring at his body and said, “Your Mam came to see me the other day and said that you feel like something is off between us.”

Charlie paused his game and said, “Well, you have been different with me ever since that night.”

I sat on Charlie bed and said, “I told you then, you did nothing wrong. He attacked you. Really, all this has been down to your Mam. She said I’d been spoiling you and that’s why I stepped back a bit. You haven’t done anything to upset me. Trust me, sweetheart, I love you more than ever. Okay?”

“Thanks, grandma.” Charlie sat forward. “As for my Mam, just tell her, if you want to spoil me, that’s up to you.”

I slid closer and kissed Charlie on the cheek. “I will do. But your Mam said you’re going out with friends and not staying for the pool party.”

Charlie nodded and got off his bed. “Yeah, we’re going to play basketball.”

“That’s a shame," I said, almost pouting. "I wanted to spend some time with you. I’ve even got a new bikini I want you to see. Please, can’t you stay for me?”

Charlie rolled his eyes and grinned. “A new bikini, eh? Okay, but only for an hour. Yes?”

I jumped off the bed and said, “Thanks, sweetie, I do love you. I’ll see you downstairs.”

Back in the kitchen, I picked up my bag and went into the back garden where Amanda was talking to a friend. I walked over and said, “Hey, I got Charlie to stay for an hour. Where can I change?”

“Use the pool house, Mam.”

I walked into the back room, took off my blouse and skirt and put them on the bed. The shop assistant was right about the bikini. It looked great on me, not too revealing but showing enough flesh, especially my cleavage. I wrapped the sarong around my waist and that really made it look like I wasn’t trying too hard. When I went back outside, Amanda almost choked on her drink.

“Wow, Mam, I didn’t think I’d see you wearing anything like that.”

I smiled. “Well, you said it was a pool party, Amanda.”

“I know but I’ve never seen you wearing something like that at my house before.”

“Look, you need to loosen up. It isn’t like it’s see-through or revealing too much, is it? Relax, Amanda.”

I walked to the drinks table and I wanted Charlie to appear. Then, on cue, he came out of the back door in a clinging vest and tight shorts. I stared because he looked so damn hot. Then I noticed he was also checking me out.

“Wow, Grandma, you look amazing. I said you needed to show off your body more often. You look great.”

“Thank you, Charlie,” I said, slightly blushing, “you're so kind to your old grandma.”

Charlie grasped one of my hands and said, “Stop that, you aren’t old. And you’re definitely not old for a grandma. You look fabulous. Enjoy yourself.”

I loved having my hand in Charlie’s and I said, “Thanks, sweetie, I will do. You have fun too.”

More people started arriving and I got a lot of attention in my hot bikini. As much as I loved it all, the fact that Charlie kept looking at me really got me excited. I wondered if my plan was working: if he was thinking of me a woman and not his grandma. The more I saw Charlie looking over, the more turned on I got.

The hour Charlie agreed to stay had long gone and he was still here, still looking at me. Right there and then I decided that if Charlie showed that he wanted me, I would give myself to him.

The party started winding down around four as the weather became cooler. People started to leave but Charlie stayed, still looking at me. Getting slightly chilled, I walked toward the pool house, and Charlie came after me and said, “Hey, are you heading home?”

I looked back at him. “No, sweetie, just going to get changed. It’s getting a little cold.”

Charlie stepped close. “Okay, well, I’m going to meet my friends. So, I’ll see you later.” He went to kiss my cheek, but I moved my head and kissed his lips. Charlie pulled back, looking shocked, and he quickly walked away before I could say a word.

‘Shit, what have I done?’ I thought, stepping into the pool house to change into my blouse and skirt. I sat on a chair. ‘My god, what the hell was I thinking?’

After a few moments, I left the pool house and walked over to Amanda. “Thanks for inviting me but I have to go now. I’ll see you soon.”

“Is everything okay, Mam? You seem upset.”

I gave her a hug and said, “I'm fine. See you later.”

I took a slow drive home, my brain whirring. ‘Why did I do that? What the hell was I thinking? What’s wrong with me? My god, am I a sex-crazed old woman?’

Back home, I poured a large vodka and coke, switched on the TV, and sat on the sofa. I was trying to think about anything other than the silly mistake I’d just made when I heard a knock at the door. Opening it, I was stunned to see Charlie.

Before I could speak, he said, “I think we need to talk. grandma.”

Feeling like a silly little girl, I garbled, “Look, Charlie, I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

Charlie stepped into the hallway, put a finger on my lips and said, “It’s okay grandma. I know what you want, and I am here to give it to you.”

I was in total shock as Charlie took me in his arms. “Oh my god,” I gasped, my heaving tits squashed against his firm chest. “Really? You mean you’re okay with it?”

“If you’re sure it’s what you really want. yes, I’m okay, grandma?”

I nodded and raised my head to kiss him again. This time Charlie didn’t pull away but returned my kiss with equal passion. I pulled him inside, kicked the door closed, and stood there kissing my gorgeous grandson. Unbelievably, it seemed he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

I led him upstairs to my bedroom where we carried on kissing. It was just so amazing and then I felt him undo my skirt. It fell to the floor and I knew that he definitely wanted me. I stripped off his vest and smiled up at him. “I might regret asking this, but are you sure about this, Charlie? If we do this, things will never be the same between us.”

Charlie rapidly swept off my blouse. “I know, grandma, but I want it if you do.”

Hearing Charlie say that was all the encouragement I needed. I kissed him and pushed down his shorts. Sure enough, his cock was as big as Will’s had been. In fact, grasping it for the first time, I felt Charlie might be even thicker. I thought about dropping onto my knees, but I knew what I really wanted.

I pulled Charlie over to the bed, removed my bra and eased my thong to one side. “Please, Charlie, give me that fat piece of meat.”

Charlie got on top and said, “With pleasure.”

He pushed my thighs wide apart, rubbed his cock along my slit and then pushed inside. It was amazing, his cock felt wonderful as he probed deeper and deeper. I moaned in pure pleasure as his gorgeous girth stretched me even more than his grandpa ever did. It was unreal, and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt. And he wasn’t even balls deep yet.

He got about three-quarters in and then he just started on me. He pounded my pussy so hard, it was unbelievable. I’d never felt anything so incredible in all my life. It wasn’t just because of the immense physical pleasure he was giving me, but it was how much I wanted it, how much I needed him.

I tossed my head back and screamed out, “Oooh, fuck yes Charlie. C’mon, fuck me harder, fuck your grandma as hard as you can.”

Charlie didn’t disappoint. He got to work and, though we’d only just begun, he was without question the best fuck I’d ever had. He rammed his solid rod in and out of my pussy, giving me such astounding pleasure that I felt an orgasm already building. I’d never had anyone get me there that fast, and every breath-taking thrust took me closer and closer.

I screamed out, “Oooh shit… yes, right there, keep going. I’m so fucking close.”

I knew I couldn’t take much more of his powerful fucking; it just felt too good, too thrilling. My back arched, and I screamed out, “Fuck, yesss.”

Even though I was having an orgasm, Charlie didn’t slow down but kept pumping away and that increased the sensations coursing through my quivering body. It was so much more powerful and intense than anything I’d ever felt.

When I eventually slumped back into the bed, I could hardly breathe, and my heart was pounding. How can a seventeen-year-old boy be this fucking good? It doesn’t make sense.

Charlie slowed to a stop and asked, “Mmm, did you enjoy that, grandma?”

Trying to catch my breath, I looked at him and gasped, “Where the fuck… did you… learn how… to do that?”

“You’re not the first mature woman I've taken to bed.”

I gazed up at his smiling face, feeling his thick cock pulsating in my depths. “I tell you what, you can have me anytime you want from now on. That was unreal.”

Charlie started laughing. “My god,” he chortled, “it really is true what they say, like mother like daughter.”

Still light-headed, I asked, “What do you mean by that, Charlie?”

He leaned down, kissed me on the lips, and said, “Well, your daughter said the same thing the first time I fucked her to an orgasm.”

I was in total shock, eyes wide open. “You’re telling me that you’ve fucked your Mam, too?”

“Yes, I have. In fact, I’ve been fucking her for almost eight months now.”

I was even more shocked. “What? You’re saying you were fucking your mother before her and your dad got divorced?”

Charlie had an evil grin on his face. “Yep, I was fucking her before they divorced. It was so easy with him being deployed all the time.”

“I can’t believe my Amanda is that open-minded.” I shook my head. “But I guess I really can’t say anything now. Charlie, that was a stunning fuck.” I inhaled deeply, raising my tits, and continued, “I want you to know I’ll be happy to keep having sex with you for as long as you want.”

Charlie kissed my lips. “I know that grandma. So, are you ready for more? You know I haven’t cum yet, don’t you?”

“You can have me any way you want.”

Charlie eased his fat cock out of me and then lay on his back. “C’mon then, grandma, let's see what you can do.”

I was more than happy to give him what he wanted. I climbed on top and grabbed his throbbing erection, guiding it toward my sopping pussy. I slowly lowered onto it, still struggling to cope with his vast girth. I placed my hands on the bed either side of his head and started working my hips.

I so wanted to prove to him that, even though I was older than my daughter, I could still keep up with him. I started bouncing on him and I felt Charlie working his long shaft into me, matching my pace perfectly. Wonderfully, he then grabbed my huge swaying tits and took turns sucking on each nipple. Electric spasms shot through me as he sucked and fondled my orbs; it was all so gloriously exciting, sending me wild.

“My god, sweetie, you are incredible,” I gasped, working my hips as hard as possible. “You’ve learned so well off your Mam.”

Charlie stopped sucking for a moment to say, “My Mam isn’t the only one I ‘ve learned from grandma. And I’m looking forward to learning all your tricks as well.”

Charlie went back to sucking my tits. The pleasure was insane, and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. I felt another orgasm building, but I desperately wanted to hold it off until Charlie was ready to fill me with his hot young cum.

But it was too much for me to handle. My head went back again, I arched my back even more than before, and I screamed.

I loved how my orgasm ripped through my whole body. Eventually, my frantic bouncing on his stupendous shaft ground to a halt. Trembling and breathless, I could feel his hot rod still pulsating as my juices ran out and down my inner thighs, but I couldn’t take anymore. I collapsed on top of Charlie.

How can this be? Not even his grandpa could make me cum so easily? Was it the taboo of fucking my own grandson or was it simply his huge cock? Truly, at that moment, I didn’t care as long as I kept getting more of it.

Aware of my heart pounding, I looked down at Charlie and said, “My god, how do you keep making me cum like that?”

“Believe me, I’m only just getting started. Trust me,” he said and lifted me up and put me down on the bed next to him. He then got off the bed, pulled me onto my hands and knees and got behind me.

I was still recovering from my unforgettable orgasm and he said, “I think it’s my turn to cum now.”

Fiercely, he rammed his cock back into me and instantly started fucking hard, even more powerfully than before. The energetic, rapid full-length thrusts of his awesome cock soon had me screaming with pleasure. I looked down and my hanging tits were swaying around as my grandson gave me the fucking of my life.

I could hardly think straight as he pounded my pussy harder and harder. I was light-headed, almost at the point of passing out, when I felt his throbbing cock expanding even more. His dome felt impossibly huge and my tunnel was stretched beyond belief as he slammed his enormous cock into me balls deep and yelled, “Fuckkkkkk…”

I felt his cum shoot into the mouth of my cervix and that pushed me over the edge again. I too screamed out in pleasure, as I erupted with yet another powerful, intense, and almost unreal orgasm. Charlie rammed me several more times while he emptied his balls. That done, he released his hold on my hips and I collapsed forward onto the bed. I was totally wiped out, couldn’t move a muscle. He had fucked me silly.

Charlie lay next to me and said, “That was great, grandma. I’m so glad we did this.”

“Oh my, Charlie, that’s the best sex I’ve had. I love you and will love having you use me with that huge cock of yours.”

Charlie kissed my lips and said, “That’s good because I think I will stay the night. I really love fucking you.”

I smiled broadly and chuckled. Tired as I felt, I brazenly said, “Bring it on, young man… let's see how much more you’ve got to offer.”

The rest of the night was fabulously insane. Charlie fucked me almost non-stop, giving me god knows how many orgasms. He loved fucking in different positions and even had me up against a wall at one point. He said that was his favourite way to fuck Amanda and I must admit it was just as staggering as every other way he fucked me.

He really did fuck me all night long, too, and I was quite sore and could hardly walk the next day. Of course, it didn’t stop me wanting more from him and he was so happy to give me his cock.

The following month was like a dream, a sexy fairy-tale. He fucked me that much, I didn’t know what day of the week it was. He was the best lover I could have ever asked for in every way.


I thank all of you again for reading my new story. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Again, a special thanks to JWren for helping me and editing this story. I am open to any ideas you might have for where Charlie should go next. If you have an idea, please private message me any time and I will do my best to get back to you. Thanks again for reading and a goodbye for now to you all.


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