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Gramps Does Mom

I love watching my Grandpa fucking my step-mom.

As my grandfather slipped his cock into my stepmom's pussy, I mentally scratched another item off my "Things I Want to See My Stepmom Do"  list.

This story began several years ago. My grandpa and I were always close. Growing up, I was his best buddy and he was always fun to be around. He'd play games with me, take me hiking and camping, teach me new stuff, worry about me, you know stuff that good grampas do. Maybe it was because I was his only grandson, the only bearer of our family's name.

One holiday season, I was sixteen and the family tradition was to go to a movie matinee with the whole gang - aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone to get out of the house and eat something besides turkey or ham. I wasn't feeling good. It might have been that half pumpkin pie I ate. I didn't want to spoil everyone else's plans, but my stomach wouldn't settled down. My stepmom suggested that I lay down awhile. Grandpa volunteered to stay with me so everyone could go to the movie.

Like the thundering herd they were, when they left, the house became eerily quiet. I woke up needing to pee. My sock-covered feet didn't make any noise as I shuffled down the hallway. The bathroom was just past my grandparents' bedroom. As any kid would, I saw that the door was ajar and I took a fleeting glance in.

I was stopped in my tracks. Imagine my shock when I observed my grandpa holding a pair of my stepmom's dirty panties, the gusset of which was firmly pressed to his nose, while his right hand was stroking his ample-sized cock. I was mesmerized at the sight. His stroking quickened. I knew he was going to cum any second when he began licking that silky, fabric isthmus. He moaned and quickly wrapped his cock in those silken panties. He flooded them with cum. 

My cock was as hard as a granite obelisk. I couldn't pee now if my life depended on it, so I went back to the bedroom. My mind was a jumble of "what the fuck just happened". Did I really see that? But it started me wondering and changed my life forever.

I didn't say anything about what I'd seen. It was my secret to keep.

Once we got home, after everyone had gone to sleep, I retrieved a pair of my stepmom's panties from the hamper. I was curious, I guess. Thinking to myself, "This is so gross," I slowly lifted them to my nose. Oh my god, the aroma was heady. Suddenly, an image of mom's slit oozing her juice on this piece of silken heaven in my hand overwhelmed me. My cock got hard. I wondered what she tasted like. I couldn't help myself. I had to lick them. Fuck! No wonder Gramps was jacking off while smelling and licking them. Soon I was doing the same.

This became a nightly ritual through high school except when we visited my grandparents. Gramps would always beat me to mom's and my sister's panties.

Panties became an obsession. When I'd go to a friend's house, I'd be in their hamper looking for his mom's or sister's panties. They were all delightfully different in smell and taste.

After mom and I began fucking, I wondered if Gramps would like to fuck her, too. I knew he loved her dirty panties, and I was sure he'd love to bury his cock to the hilt in her and shove his tongue into her twat, too, lapping at her juice's origin.

Mom and I were going to see them in a couple weeks, so I developed a plan.

We'd been there a day or so. Grandma and mom decided to go shopping, and I told Gramps that I was going to walk to the sporting goods store a few blocks away. I knew he'd head straight for mom's panties once I left.

I waited a few minutes before creeping in the back door. His bedroom door was wide-open. His was flaying his cock and snorting her aroma. He looked like a demented coke addict. You should have seen his face the moment he saw me. The look on it was priceless. He began stuttering and trying make excuses.

"Don't they smell and taste good?" I replied.


"Mom's panties! Aren't they the best you've ever had - so tasty and aromatic? That's what I think."

"You do this, too?" he asked.

"Of course, I saw you doing it a few years ago and it's something that I love." I left the room and returned with a pair of grams's panties. We jacked off together. He knew he had a kindred soul, who wouldn't rat him out.

After we'd soaked them with cum, I asked, "Would you like to fuck mom?"

"I definitely like her more than your real mom. She's fun to be around like you, but how could that happen?"

"I've been fucking her for months. She's great. If you really want to fuck her, I have a plan." After he got over the shock, a smile appeared on lips. I knew he was in as I explained further.

Normally, when mom and I fuck, I'll lock the door, but this evening I didn't. Everyone was suppose to be asleep. I'd gotten her hot by licking her slit until she couldn't keep still. I slowly slid my cock into that sopping wet pussy. Her hands were grasping my ass pulling me in deeper when the door suddenly opened and in walked gramps.

I stopped mid-stroke. Mom sat up on one elbow. Gramps stuttered, "What the hell!"

"Don't tell my dad," I blurted out.

"Maybe if I could try some of that I could keep a secret."

My cock was still about four inches in, as we both looked at mom and said, "Well?"

Once the red flush on her face dissipated, she replied, "It would break your dad's heart if he found out. I guess it would be okay."

It didn't take two seconds for gramps to strip. Mom's eyes got size of saucers when she saw his big, thick cock. He's much bigger than me. I continued fucking as he walked toward her face and rubbed that big, hard cock across her lips. Her mouth opened and inhaled him.

"Hmmm, it so big and hard."

She sucked him like it was going to be the last cock she every had. He ran his fingers through her hair and grasped some while pulling her deep down on his pleasure pole. Drool ran down her chin and dripped of his meat while he forced more and more of that cock down her throat. During all the months I'd fucked her, her pussy had never been so wet. She was like an artisan spring.

He started cumming in her mouth. Her hand began massaging his nuts trying to coax a few more drops of cum out of the old man. That set me off, and I buried my cock into her snatch while firing off a healthy load myself. Her hips were thrusting up to meet me as she gulped down every drop of him. It was so fucking hot!

I pulled out and dove between her legs. I love cleaning up her pussy. The taste and texture of our cum is sublime, and it gets her ready for another round in a couple minutes. With my tongue buried deep in her fuck hole, I could feel her tighten as she fed me more of our cum. It was yummy.

Gramps was a little shocked, but he couldn't take his eyes off of mom's slit. From one of our earlier conversations, he had said that grandma hadn't fucked him in over a year. I knew he needed to stab that cunt.

After about only five minutes, he was hard again - pretty good for an old man. Mom pushed me away as she reached out for gramp's hand and spread her legs. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. 

As his meat began to slide into her wetness, he moaned loudly, "Oooohhh, it feeels sooo goood. Damn!" Her nails clawed at his back as she pulled him to her breasts. He suckled one. Mom's legs clinched around his waist like a python squeezing its prey.

She began moan, "It's so big. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He slammed that thick meat into her over and over. Her head was thrashing from side to side. She was cumming non-stop. She was making so much noise that Gramps had to put his hand over her mouth. Her butt clenched as her hips thrust upward. Her nails drew blood as she convulsed in several waves of orgasm delight. I would imagine it was the best orgasm of her life.

They both collapsed in a heap. His cock slowly shrank and slipped out of her pussy followed by a gush of mixed cum. Her inner thighs were covered with cum and sweat. I watched as that cum oozed down to the crack of her ass. That's as much as I could stand before I began lapping that hot cum cocktail.

From that night on, we found ways to fuck her several times a day. It was a great trip.


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