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Group fun for dad and daughter - part two

The orgy gets going for dad and teen daughter

I was standing there with a rock-hard cock looking down at my gorgeous eighteen-year-old daughter Hollie as she was about to get fucked by the party host Patrick.

She looked up with at me with wide eyes as Patrick started to slowly push his thick eight-inch cock into her lovely tight little teenage slit. She let out a big moan as Patrick started to enter her.

“Oh you have such a lovely tight cunt, Hollie,” Patrick cried out as he started to fuck her a little harder. “So much tighter than your mum’s.”

I had seen Patrick fuck my wife, Clarissa, on numerous occasions but watching him with Hollie was even hornier and made my cock throb even more.

Patrick was slowly thrusting more of his cock inside Hollie – he now had around six inches inside her and was using long strokes to push deeper inside her, making my daughter moan more loudly.

Hollie was so concentrated on taking this big experienced cock that she was no longer sucking on either mine or Herve’s cocks.

“What do you think Herve?” I asked him

“I think she’s taking that cock so well. Her mum would be proud. Can’t wait to have a go with her later,” he replied with a big smile on his face.

I crouched down to Hollie whose face had become red with the exertion of being fucked harder by Patrick.

“How does Patrick’s cock feel?” I asked her.

“It feels amazing – it’s so hard and big,” she gasped in between moans.

“I know your mum loves his cock too – so do I.”

“Oh daddy, I’m so glad I’m here now.”

“I know baby, I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. There’s lots more fun to come too.”

I moved around to get a better view of Patrick’s thick cock getting deeper into Hollie. It was an amazing sight to see her cute shaved pussy full of cock. He was feeling her firm tits as he pounded her from behind and even giving her the occasional slap on her pretty little ass, which made her moan even louder.

I was so focused on watch Hollie being fucked that I was much less aware of all the other activities going on around the pool area.

I suddenly felt an arm slipping around me – it was Marcus’ stunning niece Naomi and I couldn’t help looking at her large firm tits.

“You enjoying yourself, Matt?” Naomi said with a sly grin.

“Oh yes, just glad Hollie is as well.”

“I’m not surprised with Patrick’s big cock inside her. So are you saving your cock for Hollie or would you mind me having a suck?”

“Be my guest Naomi, as long as I get to lick your gorgeous pussy.”

We kissed deeply and I felt Naomi’s tongue probing my mouth. As we kissed, I fondled her 38D tits and rubbed my fingers over her impressive erect nipples. I could not resist them for long and was soon sucking on them, moving between nipples as Naomi sighed and started jerking my cock.

She dropped to her knees and slowly started to suck my cock taking three or four inches at a time. Then she would lick down either side of my shaft, as well as licking on my balls before taking a deeper swallow on my cock.

It was an amazing feeling and I glanced over to see that Patrick had pulled out of Hollie and was standing there, cock still hard and gleaming with my daughter’s juices.

“I was close to cumming but didn’t want to blow so soon,” Patrick said. “Plus, I think Herve wants to have a go now.”

I watched as Herve positioned himself on the lounger so Hollie could mount him cowgirl-style. She lowered her pussy carefully on his cock and was soon riding him.

Patrick came closer to me and Naomi, and whispered in my ear: “I think you should suck Hollie’s juices from my cock.”

“I would love to.”

I slowly pulled my cock from Naomi’s hungry mouth, then got on my knees and took Patrick’s thick glistening cock into my mouth. I could taste Hollie’s salty juices from his thick shaft and was soon sucking it deeper, taking four or five inches into my mouth.

“I bet you love tasting her on me,” Patrick said.

I just nodded and kept sucking. After a while I passed his cock over to Naomi so she could have a taste too.

We were then approached by two of the other guys – it was Marcus and John who probably had the two biggest cocks in the room and had been busy fucking Patrick’s lovely teen daughters, Lauren and Jemima.

“Mind if we join in,” said Marcus.

“I’m sure Naomi and Matt would enjoy that,” said Patrick.

It was only a few seconds before I was starting to suck Marcus’s thick nine-inch cock. I had sucked it at previous parties and it was always felt so good, even if I couldn’t take it all in my mouth. Naomi was also impressively taking John’s cock deep into her mouth.

I glanced around to see that Hollie was still riding Herve’s cock and seemed to be enjoying it.

At that point Naomi and I swapped cocks – I started sucking on John’s hard shaft while she sucked her uncle with great enthusiasm.

John might have been the oldest guy in the room but his cock felt great in my mouth and he slowly started to thrust his hips to force another inch or two down my throat.

“I’m going to have to fuck your daughter soon – she looks so sexy,” said John as I sucked him deeper.

“Oh please do, she’s gonna love your huge cock,” I said between sucks.

Naomi then stopped sucking her uncle and said: “I know you all want to fuck Hollie but I need some cock inside me too.”

We all looked at each other. Marcus said: “Why don’t we all take turns fucking Naomi then move on to Hollie?”

“Sounds a great idea,” said John and I just nodded.

We got Naomi into position on her hands and knees on a nearby sofa, her sexy big ass stuck up in the air was a fabulous sight. Her pussy was already dripping at the thought of being fucked.

John was the first to slide his fat white cock into Naomi's gorgeous dark brown slit. She moaned loudly as he started to pump in and out of her.

Marcus and I watched as John expertly drove his cock deeper into Naomi who cried: “Oh yes, fuck me, that feels so good”.

As we watched, I felt an arm slip around me. I looked around and it was Hollie who smiled up at me.

“How are you doing, daddy?” she asked.

“I’m great, what about you? Have you been having fun?”

“Oh yes. I think you’ve been having fun too. I saw you sucking a couple of the guys.”

“Sorry I hope you didn’t mind seeing that.”

“I loved it. It’s so sexy to see you sucking on some big cocks, you might need to give me some lessons,” she laughed.

My cute sexy eighteen-year-old daughter then slowly took my cock in one hand and Marcus’ in the other hand, and slowly start to jerk both of us.

Marcus and Hollie kissed deeply as she played with both our cocks. Her nipples were lovely and hard so I sucked them as they kissed. 

“Oh daddy, I love you doing that, just makes me so horny,” she moaned in my ear and then we started kissing deeply, my tongue slipping into her mouth and Hollie responding enthusiastically with her own tongue.

I ran my hands down Hollie’s smooth body – it felt so sensual to touch her this way before starting to slowly rub her pussy lips. I could feel her wetness and I carefully slid a couple of fingers into her. She moaned as I did it, which encouraged me to slide them deeper – she was still lovely and tight despite being fucked by at least two well-hung guys so far tonight.

I was getting lost in the moment as I made out with my daughter. But I could still sense that others were joining our little group while I could hear Naomi’s moans from nearby as John continued to pound her.

I reluctantly broke out of my kiss with Hollie to see that Patrick’s older daughter Lauren had joined us and was kissing Marcus. She soon moved on to Hollie, both teenage girls kissing passionately, which was an amazingly erotic sight.

My cock was now so rock hard that I needed to bury it in a nice tight hole. I positioned myself behind Lauren, feeling her shapely ass and fondling her impressive tits. I had fucked her younger sister, Jemima, earlier and was anxious to find out how they compared.

Lauren and Hollie had broken off their kiss and now Marcus’s hands were exploring Hollie’s body. She was clearly fascinated by his big black cock and she was jerking it slowly as he whispered into her ear.

I was rubbing my cock against Lauren’s ass and telling her how much I wanted to fuck her.

“Just bend me over and fuck me hard,” she said.

I positioned Lauren on a nearby sofa and slowly slid into her from behind. As I enjoyed the tightness of her pussy, Marcus started fucking Hollie right next to us – giving me the perfect view of his cock sliding up her smooth pussy.

This just made me fuck Lauren harder which she seemed to be appreciating. Hollie meanwhile was struggling to take all of Marcus’ thick long cock inside her. He had about half his nine inches inside her so far.

“It’s so fucking big,” she moaned. “I can’t take it all.”

“Just another couple of inches, baby,” Marcus said. “You have such a lovely tight cunt. Your dad is going to love fucking you.”

Marcus looked at me with a grin as we fucked these hot teen girls side by side.

Suddenly two guys came up to us and asked if they could join in. It was Giles and Stefan who I’d not seen for a while as the had been playing on the other side of the pool room.

Their cocks were still impressively hard and they positioned themselves so that Hollie and Lauren could suck them while we continued to fuck them. Hollie took Stefan in her mouth while Lauren did likewise to Giles.

I think this made us fuck the girls even harder almost forcing them on to the other guys’ cocks. But after a while, Marcus and I decided to take a break.

As he pulled his cock out of Hollie, it glistened with her juices. I asked him if I could suck them off and he just smiled: “Of course”. I slowly took him in my mouth tasting her warm salty juices which just made me suck Marcus deeper.

I glanced to the side and saw that Stefan and Gilles were now licking out Hollie and Lauren – and obviously doing a good job judging by the girls’ moans.

“Mind if we join you two?” I heard a female voice ask. I looked round and there was Vanessa, Herve’s wife, and also Giles’ partner Crystal.

“Yes of course,” I said. “Come and enjoy Marcus’ big fat cock.”

Soon the three of us were happily sharing Marcus’ thick shaft. Both Vanessa and Crystal had impressive cock sucking skills that only encouraged us to suck him deeper, something Marcus clearly appreciated.

In between sucking him, the three of us exchanged deep kisses and stroked each other’s bodies. Soon we were joined by three of the other guys – Herve, John and Patrick who were all still impressively hard. We hungrily sucked on all of them, swapping between each cock in turn.

After a few minutes of fairly intense sucking, Patrick said to the other guys: “These three sluts need a hard fucking right now. Matt too. Let’s get them lined up on those loungers and fuck their brains out.”

As we moved over, the group was joined by Jemima, who gave her dad a kiss and asked if she could take part too.

I was lined up alongside Vanessa, Crystal and Jemima all on our hands and knees, expectant asses in the air, waiting to be fucked by these four studs.

“They all look so good, I don’t who to fuck first,” Herve said.

“Or which hole to fuck,” laughed John.

“Well Matt’s definitely getting it in the ass,” added Marcus.

“Let’s lube up our cocks and start fucking,” said Patrick passing around a tube of lubricant for the guys to smear on their shafts.

I felt a thick hard cock rubbing against my ass but wasn’t sure who it was, although I really didn’t care, I just wanted it inside me soon.

As the hard cock started to slowly probe my tight hole, I heard somebody whisper in my ear: “It’s ok Matt, I’ll be gentle at first.” I recognised Patrick’s voice as he slowed start to slide his cock inside me. 

I could already hear the girls beside me moaning as the other guys started fucking them.

Patrick had fucked me a few times before and he really knew what he was doing and he slowly thrust his thick cock deep into my ass. The initial pain was soon replaced by intense pleasure as he started to ride me harder and deeper.

I was moaning as loudly as the girls beside me as we were all being pounded in line. I was loving every moment of this fucking when I noticed somebody appear in front of me.

It was Hollie who smiled down at me as she watched her dad being fucked.

“Hey dad, looks like you’re having lots of fun there,” she said. “I know Patrick is such a good fuck too.”

I could only really grunt in reply at first.

She looked so hot, her naked body so sexy and alluring, I couldn’t help but reach out to pull her closer to me and soon I was burying my face in her sweet salty pussy.

Hollie moaned loudly as I slipped my tongue deeper into her soft folds before locating her clit and sucking it. Patrick’s thrusts became harder as he saw me licking out Hollie.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good,” she cried between moans.

As Patrick pumped his cock deep inside me, my mouth and face was now covered with Hollie’s sweet juices.

“Daddy – I need you to fuck me soon. I want your big cock inside me so bad.”

“Don’t worry baby I’m going to fuck you very soon,” I replied as I took a short break from licking her soaking snatch.

Patrick heard us talking and whispered in my ear: “If I pull out of you now, do you promise that you’ll fuck your daughter right now.”

“Oh god yes – she is gong to get fucked so hard.”

As Patrick slowly pulled his thick long penis out of my ass, I got up and stood in front of Hollie, who took my cock in her mouth sucking quickly and hungrily.

My cock was soon rock hard again and I stared into Hollie’s lovely blue eyes as she sucked deeper on me. We both knew this was the moment we had been waiting all night for – it had been lots of fun playing with all the other sexy people but really we wanted to fuck each other more than anything else.

I positioned her on her back on the lounger because I wanted to maintain eye contact as I fucked her. We kissed deeply as I positioned by cock next to their tight wet slit. 

“Fuck me, daddy,” she whispered as I sucked on both her erect nipples before finally starting to slide my cock into her. Hollie’s pussy was so hot and so pleasingly tight despite being fucked by several guys already at the party.

I thrust deeper inside her making her moan more loudly – soon I had slid all of my seven inches into her. The muscles of her pussy felt so wonderfully tight as they gripped my cock.

“Oh yes, fuck me harder,” she encouraged as I began pumping her young pussy harder. There was nothing quite like fucking your own daughter especially when you both knew you had wanted it for years.

I was fucking her so hard and deep the only problem was not cumming too early. At times I had to slow down to stop myself shooting a huge load of cum into her pussy but then Hollie would keep urging me to fuck her harder.

Eventually I knew I could not hold on any longer. 

"Holl, I'm gonna cum in a second. Where do you want my cum?"

"I want to taste it, daddy," she whispered.

I slowly pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and soon let a huge load shoot right over her pretty face, getting some in her mouth and also covering her lips and chin in thick wet cum. Hollie hungrily licked her lips as she swallowed her dad's seed.

I grabbed her and kissed her deeply, tasting my own cum on her lips and tongue, it was an amazing feeling and the tangy taste was so erotic.

After we had finished kissing, I looked into Hollie's eyes.

"That was amazing, Hollie," I gasped, suddenly feeling pretty tired.

"I know, daddy, you can really fuck too," she laughed.

"So can you, you have such an amazing body."

"Do you think mum will mind that I came to the party?"

"Not at all, we have talked about inviting you before. But we weren't sure you would want to come."

"Well please invite me next time. Perhaps Emily would like to come along too."

"Yes we will have to think about inviting her too."

We both went to have a shower after that and then watched the others continue to have fun. Patrick was still going strong and gave both of his daughters a hard fucking before cumming over both of them - a sight that started to get my cock hard again.

Hollie went for a swim in the pool and was soon joined by some of the other girls. Within a few minutes they were kissing and playing with eachother.

Some of the guests were starting to leave and I began to wonder if we should be heading home soon. But Hollie still seemed to be having fun with Patrick's daughter and Marcus' niece Naomi in the pool.

The rest of the remaining guys - Patrick, John and Marcus - gathered together to watch them. My cock was hard again and so were the three other guys.

"I think the girls could still do with a bit more fucking," said Patrick, and none of us could disagree.

We got the four girls out of the pool and lined them on loungers in a line - we had them in doggy style position with their cute asses in the air. It was a hot sight - Hollie was second on the left, with Naomi on the far left and Lauren and Jemima on the right side.

I plunged my rock hard cock into Naomi's gorgeous brown pussy while John started sliding into Hollie beside us - Hollie cried out as John't thick cock started pounding into her. I glanced along the line and Marcus was busy nailing Lauren while Patrick was giving it hard to his younger daughter.

Naomi was clearly more experienced than the other three girls but her pussy still had a pleasing tightness to it which only made me pound her harder. I fondled her firm tits and hard nipples as I slid in and out of her.

"Oh yes, fuck me hard," she gasped.

I had to slow down as I felt my balls start to tighten. I didn't want to cum again quite yet.

Then I hear Patrick shout down the line: "Hey guys, I think it's time to change places."

We all pulled out of the girls, our four cocks glistening with their juices.

For the next ten minutes, we took turns fucking each of the girls. After giving it to Lauren and Jemima again, I once again got to fuck my daughter. After so much fucking, her pussy was a little looser but still felt great.

"Oh yes, daddy," she moaned as I plunged deep into her.

It wasn't long before all of us guys were close to cumming so we pulled out and got the girls on their knees. Our cocks were soon exploding with thick creamy cum all over the girls pretty faces.

Hollie looked amazing with so much cum all over her pretty face. I gave her a kiss after all four of us had cum.

"Good girl, your mum would be so proud of you," I told her.

By now, it was nearly 4am and after showering everybody started to drift away into the night.

Hollie was very quiet in the car driving back and I feared that she had not really enjoyed herself. But when we pulled into our driveway, she gave me a long lingering kiss on the lips.

"Thanks daddy, that was an amazing night," she whispered into my ear. "Please let me come along to another party."

"Of course, babe. I'm just glad you enjoyed it."

She gave me a little smile before we headed into the house to get some much need rest.


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