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Group fun for dad and daughter

Dad and teenage daughter attend a special New Year party

My wife, Clarissa, and I had been long-term swingers and one of the highlights of each year had been a New Year’s Eve party held by another bi couple we had known for a while.

Like us, Patrick and Lydia were a bi couple in their forties who enjoyed the company of other bi people and had for the last few years organised a NYE party, which usually descended into an orgy during the early hours of the morning.

Unfortunately on the day of the party, Clarissa was not feeling well but she told me to go along anyway. I phoned Patrick to let him know the bad news.

“That’s a shame, I hope she feels better soon,” said Patrick.

“I know, she was looking forward to the party so much,” I replied.

“Clarissa is always such fun too,” add Patrick. “Is there anybody else you could bring?”

“I’m not sure, it’s such late notice – everybody will be busy.”

“What about one of your lovely daughters. My two girls will be coming along to the party – at least for a while,” suggested Patrick.

The couple had two teenage daughters, Lauren and Jemima, who I had met briefly once and thought they were both stunning. The idea of them coming to the party immediately made me aroused.

We also had two daughters of similar age – Hollie, eighteen, and Emily, sixteen – I knew Emily was going to stay with a friend for NYE but Hollie was still getting over a recent breakup with a boyfriend so had decided to stay home and sulk.

“I know Hollie’s not got any plans for tonight so I could ask her,” I told Patrick.

“Ok – well let me know how you get on. I’m sure she would like to meet my girls,” he said.

Hollie initially wasn’t keen and didn’t seem to be in the mood for going out. But after a bit of persuasion she eventually agreed to come along to the party with me.

“What sort of party will it be?” she asked.

“Just a few couples and some of their daughters and sons,” I replied. “It’s a few drinks, some fun and games. If you don’t enjoy yourself, I’ll just organise a taxi for you to come home.”

“Ok, well I’ll come along for a couple of hours,” Hollie replied.

The thought of my daughter coming to the party left me somewhat conflicted – on one hand I felt I was taking her into a situation that she knew nothing about, but I also felt proud to be showing off my sexy daughter to my pervy friends.

Hollie was certainly very sexy – she had matured nicely into attractive young woman standing 5-5 tall with long light brown hair and green eyes. She had a slim elegance with subtle shapely curves. I knew the guests at Patrick’s party would approve.

As the day went on, Hollie became a little more enthusiastic about the party and made a really effort to make herself look good – choosing a tight-fitting dark blue dress for the night. I went for smart jeans and a black shirt.

“You’ve scrubbed up well for tonight, dad,” she said.

“You look pretty classy too, Holl, I’m sure my friends will appreciate it,” I replied.

Patrick had hired a place in central London for the party. It included a large lounge for the main party and also a basement pool area, which would be opened up after midnight for what would basically become an orgy for those interested.

When we arrived, both Patrick and Lydia greeted us.

“Hi Matt, good to see you, sorry Clarissa couldn’t make it,” said Lydia. “This lovely girl must be your daughter.”

“Yes this is my oldest, Hollie,” I said.

After we had exchanged greetings, Lydia introduced Hollie to their daughters, Lauren and Jemima, who were both wearing elegant dresses and sipping nervously from champagne glasses.

Lauren, eighteen, had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very pretty and her fuller figure was perfectly suited to the black dress she wore. Jemina, sixteen, was blonde too but with shorter hair and a more petite body – she looked delicious too in a red strappy dress.

There were around thirty people so far at the party – some of whom I knew from previous parties including a few other couples and a black guy, Marcus, who was always one of the stars of the show.

Marcus raised his glass to me with a smile and I did the same to him. He was talking to a couple I didn’t recognise.

As Hollie and Patrick’s daughters started chatting together, I admired the classy venue that Patrick and Lydia had chosen for this year’s venue.

“Great place,” I said.

“Yeah, but the highlight is the pool area,” said Patrick. “We’ve got it all set up and we’ll head down their after midnight. I hope you will be joining us?”

“Me too, I may put Hollie in a taxi before it gets to that stage.”

“Why don’t you leave it up to her, she’s an adult. My two girls will probably be joining us down there,” he said with a smile.

The thought of Lauren and Jemima joining the real party immediately made my cock stir. Maybe they could even persuade Hollie to stay as well, the thought was tantalising.

As the night went on, I caught up with several people including a very attractive French couple, Herve and Vanessa, who had attended last year’s party, and Marcus who had brought his very hot nineteen-year-old niece Naomi with him, who was attracting plenty of attention with her seriously curvy body tucked into a tight black dress.

One of the intriguing things about these parties was you didn’t always know who would stay on for the real action.

I kept my eye on Hollie as the first couple of hours passed. She seemed to be enjoying chatting to people and had drunk a few glasses of champagne already.

As the alcohol flowed, everybody began to loosen up and chat more freely too.

Marcus whispered in my ear: “Patrick’s surpassed himself this year with so many fine young ladies.”

“I know there is a lot of eye candy tonight.”

“I hope it’s not just candy – I want to sample the goods.”

“That would be amazing.”

“I think Naomi would be up for it, what about Hollie?”

“I’m not sure, maybe she would.”

“I hope she does – she’s making my cock hard already.”

“Good I’m glad she’s turning you on.”

“What about Naomi – I bet you would love to get her naked?”

I just nodded and smiled at that. Almost on cue, Naomi wandered up to us.

“What you guys whispering about,” she smiled.

“I think you can probably guess,” her uncle replied.

“Yes, being good pervs. There’s a lot for you guys to look at,” she teased.

“So will you be joining us downstairs later, Naomi?" I asked.

“Oh yeah, looking forward to it. Don’t drink too much guys, your services will be required later,” she said before heading off to talk to an older couple.

“Wow, she’s pretty confident,” I said turning back to Marcus.

“Yes she’s a lot of fun when she’s in the mood.”

I glanced across the room and saw that Hollie was now talking to Patrick and an older guy, who looked kind of distinguished with his full head of grey hair and wrinkled good looks.

“Who’s that guy with Patrick and Hollie,” I asked Marcus.

“Apparently a friend of the family. Might be a lord or something. Seems very friendly and definitely has an eye for the younger lady.”

“Yeah he’s not alone in that,” I replied. I thought about going to see how Hollie was doing but she seemed fine talking to the two older guys. She even seemed to be flirting with them a little, which kind of scared me and turned me on at the same time.

I also chatted for a while with Lauren and Jemima who were both clearly getting quite drunk and had also turned a bit flirty. I could not keep my eyes off their hot teen bodies as we talked.

“I hope I will see you both downstairs later,” I said.

“Yes we will be there,” said Lauren, slurring her words slightly. “Daddy wants us on duty.”

Her sister added: “Yes we have to be good girls for mummy and daddy.”

“Well I hope to see you later.”

With that they took turns to give me a kiss on the lips, with me slipping a little bit of tongue into their mouths, which they didn’t seem to mind. They went away with a giggle.

Midnight came and went, but I was more concerned about what was going to happen soon after. Patrick told me we would be going down to the pool area in about thirty minutes. 

Some people drifted away from the party leaving us with a hardcore of about fifteen people including Patrick, Lydia and their two daughters, Herve and Vanessa, Marcus and his niece Naomi, the distinguished older guy (who I found out was called John), plus two other couples I didn’t know – a posh guy in his fifties called Giles with his much younger and very sexy Mauritian wife Crystal, and a pretty Swedish couple in their early thirties - Stefan and Erika.

Then there was me and Hollie, who was a bit tipsy by this stage. I asked her if she wanted me to order a taxi for her to go home.

“I thought I might stick around for a bit,” she said.

“Are you sure, things can get a bit out of hand when we go down to the pool room?” I said giving her a last chance to back out.

“That’s okay, I want to see what really goes on at these parties,” she smiled.

“You might have to do more than seeing.”

“Don’t worry daddy, I won’t tell mummy what we get up to tonight.”

“Well if you’re sure. You can leave at any time if you want to.”

“Daddy, I’m not a baby any more. I just need to have some fun tonight.”

“Ok then, but don’t be shocked if you see your old dad naked.”

“I don’t mind that, as long you don’t mind me getting naked too.”

I smiled at my sexy eighteen-year-old daughter and kissed her slowly on the mouth. She broke away with a smile.

“See you later daddy,” she added as she headed off to rejoin Lauren and Jemima.

My cock was now properly hard and I could not wait to get downstairs with the rest of the group.

Suddenly Patrick and Lydia reappeared dressed just in underwear. Patrick in tight boxers, already showing an impressive bulge, while Lydia was dressed in black bar and thong plus stockings and suspenders. She looked impressive for her woman in her late forties.

“Let the real party begin,” said Patrick with a big grin. “Let’s go down to the pool.”

The pool area included a jacuzzi, a set of showers and a small pool. Loungers and sofas had been arranged as well to make us all comfortable.

Patrick and Lydia quickly stripped off their underwear and dived into the pool. “Come and join us guys,” cried Lydia.

The first one to join them was John who enthusiastically stripped naked in a few second revealing an surprisingly fit body for somebody in their sixties and an impressively fat cock. He dived into the pool with Patrick and Lydia, adding that the “water was warm and lovely”.

I started to strip off but more slowly, keeping an eye on what was happening around me. Marcus was quickly down to his boxers, bulging as ever, while Herve was helping his wife take her dress off. The two other couples were almost naked as well – I particularly admired Crystal petite brown body.

The four teenagers were a little more shy – well apart from Naomi who was already down to her underwear. Hollie was now looking a little unsure, as were Lauren and Jemima.

“Guys I think you need to help the girls get out of their dresses,” shouted Patrick.

I went over to Jemima still wearing my boxers. I stood behind her and kissed her neck, slipping my hands around her slim waist.

“Don’t be nervous Jemima, it’s only a bit of fun,” I whispered in her ear as I slowly unhooked the straps of her dress.

I glanced around the room and saw that Marcus was stripping off Lauren’s slinky dress, while Hollie was being helped out of hers by both Herve and Vanessa who were already naked, Herve’s meaty cock pressing against my daugher’s side.

I unzipped Jemima’s dress and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a white bra and thong. I rubbed my bulge against her tight firm ass and she moaned quietly. I pulled off her bra, exposing her cute 34B tits, her nipples were already hard and I fondled them. Her lovely puffy nipples were making my cock even harder as I played with them, kissing her neck as I did so.

Then I noticed somebody come up to us. It was John whose impressive meaty cock was now rock hard, a good, thick eight inches. 

“Do you mind if I join you too?" he smiled at us. I nodded and he put his mouth on Jemima’s lips and started kissing her.

I continued to fondle Jemima’s cute tits but looked around to see that Hollie was now naked on a lounger with Vanessa working between her legs and Herve fondling her lovely tits. Hollie's nipples were standing out impressively and as I looked over at her, our eyes met and she smiled at me.

Lauren was now naked on her knees next to me and slowly sucking on Marcus’ thick black cock. She seemed a little scared of its size but was slowly becoming more confident and taking more down her throat.

Elsewhere, Patrick and Lydia were now out of the pool and were playing with Naomi. While the other two couples were having a foursome on the far side of the room.

John was now sucking on Jemima’s hard little nipples. I moved to the side and put Jemima’s small hand on my bulge and asked her to pull down my shorts.

It felt amazing to finally get my cock out and Jemima slowly started to wank me. John was now working down her body, kissing her belly button then down to her knickers, which he pulled down exposing a neatly trimmed pussy.

He slipped his tongue inside her and she let out a big moan. I kissed her as she jerked my hard cock. John and I then swapped places so I could taste Jemima’s sweet, wet, hot pussy. 

I worked her mound with my tongue, locating her clit quickly and then teasing it, causing Jemima to move her legs around and moaning loudly as I really started to turn her on.

John and I moved her on to a nearby lounger and continued working on her. I was licking her tight wet snatch, while she started to suck on John’s rock hard pole – it looked so hot going into her sweet young mouth.

My cock was so hard that I knew I had to start fucking Jemima soon. I started fingering her tight pussy a little, getting her ready. I asked her if she wanted to get fucked and she said: “Oh yes” in between slurping on John’s fat cock.

I got into position and lined up my cock before gently sliding about three of my seven inches into her. Jemima was pretty tight but had been fucked before, so soon I was sliding into her pretty easily making her moan as I gave her more of my length.

Marcus was now starting to fuck Lauren just a few feet away and I had a great view of his thick black cock entering her shaven white cunt. This just made me fuck her sister even harder and deeper - encouraged even more by her moaning. I felt my balls tightening so I slowly pulled out as I didn’t want to come yet.

“Do you fancy having a go, John” I asked. He just nodded and took my place, sliding his bigger cock into Jemima’s tight pussy. She cried out as he began fucking her deeper and harder.

I looked around to see what Hollie was doing. She was sucking on Herve and doing a pretty good job by the look of it – taking a good six inches into her hungry mouth. Patrick had also joined the group and was fucking Vanessa from behind as she continued to bury her head in my daughter’s snatch.

I moved over to get a closer look, my cock still rock hard and covered in Jemima’s juices. Herve grinned at me: “I think Hollie has sucked some cocks before, she’s doing a fantastic job.”

She looked at me with a mouth full of Herve’s cock. Then she pulled it out and said: “Come here daddy and let me suck on your big fat cock.”

I was not even shocked at this point so moved closer to let her take me in her mouth. Hollie looked up at me with wide eyes as she took a slow but deep suck on my cock. I could have cum straight away but managed to hang on.

Patrick saw Hollie sucking her dad’s cock and cheered: “That’s what I like to see, some dad-daughter fun. I need some of that action soon.”

“Your cock tastes so good,” Hollie gasped between sucking on my cock and then going back to Herve’s.

Vanessa’s head suddenly popped from licking Hollie and said: “Hey guys, this is one pussy that really needs fucking, it’s so wet.”

I looked at Herve and then at Patrick who had just pulled out of Vanessa, his thick cock glistening with her juices.

“So who should get the first honour,” I said. “Patrick – you’re the host and I’ve just been fucking one of your lovely daughters.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” he laughed. “As long as you don’t mind Hollie?”

She nodded her head and Patrick moved her on to her hands and knees ready to get fucked doggy style, allowing her to continue to suck both Herve’s and my cock.


The story will continue.

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