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Halloween Personalities

"I should have followed my instinct and not attend that party," I said to myself as I entered my room and removed my Halloween costume.

As I undressed I had to concentrate to clear the image of the full red lips and tiny pink tongue of the Corpse Bride licking and kissing the head of my cock. Just thinking about it caused my groin to stir.

"How did this happen?" I asked myself.

It had not been a good end of summer. First, I lost my job and struggled to find another. By the time I did, I was broke and my parents allowed me to move into my old room until I was back on my feet. Then my longtime lover decided to call it quits right after Labor Day.

It left me in a serious state of depression and all I did was work and go home. At eighteen, I felt like a total failure. It was my boyhood friend Chuck that attempted to pull me back to the land of the living by personally inviting me to his Halloween party.

"Come on, you've been to my parties and they are always a good time. Besides, it's Halloween, your favourite time of year. Can't have you sitting at home still pining over that bitch," Chuck reasoned with me.

I had to admit that Chuck's parties were always great and a good time was had by all that attended. That and it was Halloween which was indeed my favourite time of year. Our whole family were really into it. We had an impressive collection of costumes which had won them many prizes. Our house decorations were the envy of the neighbourhood.

"This is going to be a true masked ball. Everyone will wear a mask until midnight," Chuck told me. 

"Okay," I said finally giving in.

The party was held on an old barn that was on Chuck's parents' property. It had been insulated and heated because that's where Chuck and his dad kept their collection of custom cars. The cars were now parked against one wall and covered, the guests were asked to leave them alone and everyone complied.

I arrived dressed in my gunfighter costume. It was an exact replica of the outfit that Kurt Russel wore in Tombstone. It was my newest acquisition and I had planned to wear it to my former girlfriend's Halloween party.  I easily located Chuck as he was the only one not masked. This was done so the guests would know who he was. I was advised to put on his mask and leave it on until midnight. There were tubs of cold beer and soft drinks everywhere and a bar complete with stools and the Frankenstein Monster tending it.

I took a seat and ordered a drink and then commenced looking around the barn. Everyone was in costume and masked and I began to feel better. That's when I spotted the girl dressed as Emily, the Corpse Bride. Now, I knew all of Chuck's friends, but under her heavy makeup and mask, she was unrecognisable.

I summoned the courage to approach her and was rewarded with a smile. I asked her to join me and she accepted. As we talked and drank I felt an attraction to her.

It was during our first slow dance as I held her firm body against mine that I felt a familiar stirring in my groin. An erection was on its way and I hoped that she was so lost in the music that she didn't feel it pressing against her satin gown. The song ended and we returned to the bar.

"It seems that your shooting iron is ready for action," she said softly as they walked back to the bar.

I apologized and she smiled as she held my hand tighter as they walked.

"What's up there?" she asked pointing upwards.

"That's the old hayloft. Now it's a storage room," I answered.

"Can we go up there?" she inquired pushing her firm body into me

"Yes," I responded and steered her around to the ladder to the upper level. When I gave her a bow and the courtesy of ladies first she smiled,

"Are you going to look up my dress?" she shyly asked.

"Probably," I responded.

She smiled at my response and began to climb. Under her tattered satin gown, I got glimpses of a great set of legs covered in nylons and a pair of tiny black lace panties covering her firm ass as she climbed. Upon reaching the top we spied an old twin bed in the corner san sheets and blankets and we headed there.

We were soon were intertwined in each other arms. As they sucked each other's tongues I allowed my hand to roam all over her satin clad body.  I gently rubbed and squeezed her breasts and she rubbed the hard lump in my costume pants. She expertly unzipped me and withdrew my hard cock. Seconds later I was treated to the sight of the Corpse Bride kissing and licking my shaft amid moans from her.

She stopped and began to pull the hem of her gown up to allow me access to her hidden assets, that's when I saw a sight that froze my heart. There on her upper thigh just above the knee was the tattoo of a small red and yellow butterfly.  Fear had frozen my vocal cords and I stopped moving and just stared. It caused my costumed lover to question if anything was wrong.

"Bethany?" I asked.

A look of surprise crossed her face when she heard my voice.

"Den?" she responded.

The Corpse Bride turned out to be my younger sister. The younger sister that had just given me the greatest blowjob I had ever had and that I was seconds away from fucking. She pulled her gown down as I attempted to stuff my fully erect cock back into my black slacks.

She just stared at me with wide eyes as I redressed. I apologized and was down the ladder and out the door and heading home. Halloween party be dammed. I entered my room and removed my costume before taking a seat on the bed.

I sat there wondering what was going to happen when Bethany got home. Was she going to tell our parents or my friends? I could only imagine what she was going to say to me. There was a gentle tapping on the door and out of force of habit I responded.

A second later the Corpse Bride minus her mask entered my bedroom. Her face showed no emotion as she approached and took a seat next to me. Then to my surprise, she leaned in and wrapped her slender arms around me and kissed me long and hard. The feeling of her soft lips and tongue against mine and the cool satin of her gown against my naked flesh had me hard in no time.

"We didn't finish what we started," she said simply.

"But you're my sister," I responded.

"No, I'm not. I'm Emily, the Corpse Bride and you were Wyatt Earp," she responded simply.

In a fash, I was off the bed and in record time had donned my costume.

I then took my place next to her on the bed and commenced kissing her again. I moved my hand under the hem of her gown and ran it up and down her nylon covered legs. I was consumed by lust and desire and totally forgot that this was my seventeen-year-old sister.

I placed her on her back and pulled her legs apart. I then went straight for the waistband of her panties and commenced to pull them down.

"Just tear them off, Wyatt," she moaned.

My strong hands easily tore the lace material to shreds granting me access to her bare pussy. I unzipped my fly and extracted my hard cock and a second later mounted her. I gently pushed myself into heat and wetness and marvelled at how tight she was. I began a slow rhythmic ride of his sister's tight pussy.

She moaned louder with each thrust and placed her legs across my back to hold me in place. She told me how big I was and urged me on. Now I had sex many times before, but none of my former lovers was this into it. 

"Wyatt, I'm going to cum," she managed to say between moans.

Less than a half a minute later a massive orgasm took her and she issued a long sexy moan as I continued to ride her. Finally, I felt my orgasm approaching. Remembering that I had not worn a condom I withdrew and commenced to jack my cock.

Bethany watched me with wide eyes and issued more urgings.

"That right, jack that hard cock. I want to watch you shoot your cum all over me," she begged as she ran her hands all over her tits 

I let loose a growl and shot my load on her tattered satin gown. I then collapsed next to Bethany and placed my arms around her.

After a while, she untangled herself from my embrace and pulled the hem of her gown down before she gently slid off his bed. When I started to question her she silenced me with a finger to my lips.

"You know that Halloween is more than a holiday, it's a state of mind," she said after giving me one last long kiss.

"I don't understand," I replied.

"You've been without a lover and so was I. Now I couldn't approach my handsome brother and offer him comfort, but the Corpse Bride could approach Wyatt Earp.

I still didn't understand and told her so,

"It means that we can have Halloween any time we want," she informed me as she collected her torn panties and then headed to the door. She stopped just shy of the door.

"Tomorrow evening would be a great time to celebrate again. I think that Dracula should meet the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleader," she said over her shoulder.

She left me alone to ponder the possibilities of another great night.






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