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I Am My Brother's Cumslut, Chapter 2

I Am My Brother's Cumslut, Chapter 2

Brother and sister explore their new relationship together!

"Have a seat here," I told him as I pushed him gently down in my chair. My bedroom, along with Michael's, is in the basement of our house. I like it there because it is cooler in the summer and quieter as well. It gives us kids some separation from Mom and Dad when we want privacy or quiet. I lay down on the bed with my legs spread wide, giving Michael a really good view. I opened the top drawer of my nightstand and pulled out my little pink vibrator.

"Mom doesn't know I have this little toy. I had Karen get it for me... I gave her a few bucks from my paycheck and she ordered it from an online store. I had it sent to her house because her Mom doesn't pay much attention to what she does and figures you can't get pregnant from a vibrator!" I said.

"Well I won't say anything either - just make sure you hide it really good... Mom has already found a couple of my porn mags that I stashed!" Michael said.

"Michael, if you like what you see, maybe you won't need those magazines so much!" I said, running my fingertips up the insides of my legs. I smiled and began by playing with my nipples a bit. The cum had dried on them, but a few pinches and tugs and they were hard again. Now I'm not big enough in the tit department to be able to easily suck my own tits, so I licked a finger and traced it around my nipples instead. My tits may not be big (I wish I had been blessed with Mom's 36D's!), but they are super sensitive and playing with them quickly got them hard as little pebbles.

Michael watched fascinated as I toyed with my hard tips. I glanced up at him and smiled a couple times as he watched me, letting him know I was enjoying myself just as much as he was.

"See how hard my titties are, Michael? They like you watching... they like showing off for you," I said, low and lusty.

Michael swallowed hard but didn't say anything... I don't think he knew what to say at that point!

I took advantage of his mesmerized state and moved closer, straddling his legs as he sat in my easy chair. I pushed my tits close to his face.

"Would you like to taste my titties? They would really like you to lick them. Please lick my titties, Michael?" I asked him sweetly.

Michael didn't hesitate, he leaned forward and touched my hard aching button with his tongue. I felt little electric sparks race from the nipple straight to my pussy and I gushed as his lips replaced his tongue, sucking on me, nursing on me like I was breastfeeding him. 

"Oh yes, Michael! Suck on my titties, lick them and suck them, please!" I moaned. I put my hand on the back of his head, pressing his mouth down harder on my tit, wanting him to take more of it into his mouth. I have to admit, for a guy who I always thought was a jerk, he was sure giving it his all!

I moved his hot mouth to the other tit to give it a little loving too and Michael put his arms around my waist grabbing my ass and sinking his fingers deep into my creamy flesh. I arched my hips up to give him more ass to play with and his hands roamed all over my tight ass until he got close to my ass crack.

"Oh God, Michael! Please, please finger my ass, baby! Please,  I want you to play with my asshole! Please, Michael,  please!" I moaned loudly. I love it when my lover plays with my asshole - I have always loved ass play and anal sex and whether it's a finger, a tongue, or a cock, I love something in my back door.

He didn't balk and slid his finger up my crack to my star. His finger lightly circled the puckered opening as I went nuts, moaning and wriggling and pushing against it. I wanted more... I wanted that finger inside me!

"Please Michael, baby, please shove that finger in my hole! Please!" I begged him. I felt his hand move from my ass and saw him lick his finger, sticking it in his mouth to get it good and wet. Then he went back to my asshole and gently pushed his finger up into my hungry ass!

"Ohhh, fuck Michael! Oh yes, baby oh! That's what I wanted! Yes. God that feels good!" I moaned loudly. "Now finger fuck my ass! Finger fuck your little sister's tight, hot ass!"

Michael did exactly that. As I went out of my mind with lust and sexual abandon, Michael's digit began moving in and out of me, slowly at first but then picking up speed. His mouth worked my tits and I held him tight, grinding myself against his chest, looking for anything I could find to rub my hungry clit against. God, it was incredible!

The whole experience was just too much for me though... I HAD to cum! I couldn't stand not falling over that delicious precipice and into the sweet depths of satisfaction!

"Michael, please baby, I need to cum so bad! Please, make me cum! Oh God, please Michael!" I begged. 

"How?" he asked.

"I don't care, Michael, just please, please I need to cum or I'm gonna burst!" I said, desperate for relief.

Just then, I saw a change in my brother, Michael, as if my pleas triggered something primal and deeply instilled in his character. My brother instantly switched from the awkward, uncertain guy I knew to a strong, confident man.

"Get down between my legs and suck my cock. Get it hard - I'm going to fuck you, Sis!" he said in a powerful voice. I didn't even pause to question him or argue the point. I simply did as I was told and slipped down onto my knees between his and took him into my mouth and began sucking my brothers cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I began bobbing up and down on Michael's cock, feeling it get bigger and harder as it slipped in and out of my mouth. I always loved the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth and Michael's was somehow even more exciting.  As I moved up and down the rigid pole, he grabbed a big fistful of my long black hair and began talking to me.

"That's it, Karen, suck on my cock... suck it like the good little slut you are!" he said with a low deep growl. "You are a slut aren't you?" he asked.

"Mmmphmm," I replied around his cock. I kept pumping up and down.

"Yes, you are a good little cocksucking slut. I've heard of your talents little sister and now you are showing me what you know. You are a natural, you were born to suck cock. You are nothing without a hard fat cock in your mouth you fucking little whore!" he growled.

Michael's words were foreign to me - I had never heard him talk like this. But at the same time, his words had my pussy drooling uncontrollably. He was fucking my mouth, but he was also fucking my mind. And I was falling into his trap willingly.

Michael's other hand found my tit and he grabbed my diamond-hard nipple with his fingers, pinching and twisting it until I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Now, sis, this is how it's going to be from now on. You are going to be my cum slut... mine and mine alone, understand? You will serve me and service me whenever, wherever, and however I please. You are nothing but a greedy cock-loving whore, and you will make yourself available to me at all times. Do you hear me, slut?" he growled. He pulled me off his cock so I could answer him.

"Yes Michael," I said, eager to get back to my work.

"Good. I will see to it that your holes do not stay vacant for long and I will use them all too, my slut. Your mouth, your asshole, and your cunt are for my pleasure and should I grant you any pleasure or release, it will be because you have served me well. You will earn your orgasms and you will be punished if you do not, understand?" he said, shaking my head a bit for emphasis.

"Mmmph Mummph," I replied, indicating I understood. The thought of my own brother turning me over his knee and spanking me or punishing me some other way made my pussy gush all over again.

"Okay, get up here and fuck yourself on my cock!" he said, pulling me up by my hair. I climbed up onto his lap, straddling him. With one hand I guided his cock head towards my dripping hot pussy and I groaned loudly as I sank down onto the wonderful tool.

"Ohhh, fuuck Michael!" I groaned as he entered me. I slid down his length deliciously slowly, savoring every inch, every bump, and ridge. He felt so wonderful, filling me, stretching my pussy with his admirably sized cock. Michael not only had the tools needed, but his technique wasn't too shabby either!

I began bouncing up and down on his cock, rolling my hips forward and trying to reach all the sweet spots I needed to get me where I wanted to go. Michael assisted me in my quest by reaching up and grabbing two huge handfuls of my tits and continuing to talk dirty to me.

"So you like my cock in your dirty cunt do you? You like the way I feel buried deep in your nasty whore cunt? Well, you wait until I fuck your ass with this cock! You will learn to enjoy everything I do, from grabbing these tits and pinching your nipples to fucking your ass... your whole body is my playground now slut," he berated me.

"Yes Michael, baby, anything you say! Your cock feels soo good! Fuck me! Please fuck your slutty whore sister! Fuck my dirty sloppy cunt and make me yours! Ohhh please, Michael, please fuck me!" I pleaded. And I was his, he had won and I was conquered. I would be his cum slut... his whore... whatever he wanted me to be.

As I played "horsey", bouncing up and down on his lap, he met each downward push with an equally strong upward thrust, driving his cock deeper into me, impaling me on the solid shaft. Feeling his hard stiff cock sliding up and down my pussy walls was incredibly arousing and as hot as I was for him, I knew that it wouldn't be long before my orgasm hit.

I was moaning and whipping my hair to and fro, completely enraptured with what he was doing to me. I was lost to both reason and response, left with only animal grunts and incoherent babbling as I tried to let him know what I was feeling.

Suddenly it hit me like a thunderbolt. "OHHHHFUUUCKKKKMEEE!!" I screamed out as I felt my world exploding. "Oh, Michael! I'm cumming baby, I'm CUUMMINNGGG!" I closed my eyes, yet I still saw flashes of intense light, like fireworks going off in front of me. I heard the thunderous roar of my own heartbeat and my own screams which sounded strangely distant. My whole body was on fire and at the same time charged with electricity as the convulsions of my orgasm twisted and writhed within me.

Although it only lasted a few moments in reality, for me the agony seemed endless. But at last the orgasm worked its way through me and I collapsed, exhausted, panting, and still spasming occasionally into my brother's arms. He held me close, stroking my hair and gently rocking me as I came slowly back to myself.

And then something happened that I had never expected... I began sobbing uncontrollably! 

"Oh, Michael! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I have been such a bitch to you! I'm sorry that I haven't been a better, nicer sister! Please, Michael please forgive me!" I sobbed into his shoulder. Michael let me cry myself out while continuing to plead for forgiveness. When I'd had a good cry, he pushed me back a bit and looked at me. I was too ashamed of myself to look him in the face, instead, I hung my head and looked down. But Michael would have none of it - he put his finger under my chin and lifted my face to his.

"Karen, I forgive you. What has happened in the past between us was both our faults. I haven't exactly been the model brother any more than you have been the model sister. But that's the past - we can't do anything to change that, all we can do is change how we will act towards each other from now on," he said, holding my hand so sweetly. I had really misjudged my brother - he was a lot more than I gave him credit for.

"Did you really mean what you said, Michael, about me being your cum slut... about me serving you and my body belonging to you and all that stuff?" I asked looking deep into his eyes. He watched me as my eyes shifted from side to side, searching his face for the answer I hoped to find.

"Karen, I'm not going to tell Mom and Dad about any of this. What you decide about being my slut and serving me is up to you. But either way, this secret is safe," he said. I paused for a moment, watching him for any "but" conditions, however, he was serious and no additional clauses or conditions were needed.

That's when I submitted to him. His willingness to keep my secret regardless of whether I kept my end of the bargain or not had broken down my walls and shattered my defenses. Every sharp word or villainous offense that ever passed between us dissolved away in that instant.

"Michael, I want to be your slut. I want to belong to you, to be used by you. What you did to me just now - the way you made me feel - I want more of that. I know that I have been a real pain in the ass bitch to you, but I want to change. I want to serve you and service you like this forever, Michael. Please, please tell me I am your slut. Please? I will be good, I will do anything you ask of me, I swear. Just please tell me I can go on being your cum slut.. please?" I said.

It was his turn to pause before answering me. And at first, I thought he might not agree to this thing after all. My heart began to sink. I had opened up to him, let down my guard and put myself out there for him...

Michael took me by the shoulders and pulled me into a kiss. And not just a sweet little kiss on the cheek as brothers and sisters do. No, this was a full on the lips lover's kiss... a kiss like none I had ever gotten from any boyfriend before. I melted into the kiss like a candy bar on the hot sidewalk of a summer day. And the moan he heard from me then was a moan of complete and utter surrender. 

I stayed there wrapped in his arms for several long, luxurious moments, purring like a happy kitty. But Mom and Dad would be home shortly and he had some things to talk about with me. So he pushed me back upright and off his lap. "On your knees, slut, we have some things to get straight if we are going to do this," he told me. I obediently sank to my knees looking up at him. My pussy leaked like a broken faucet as I listened to him lay down the groundwork for our new relationship.

"Now it goes without saying that this arrangement has to be kept between you and I. No one can know that we are anything more than just brother and sister. Which means no bragging to your friends about your new boyfriend and no comparing notes on how good they are. As for Mom and Dad, they will probably pick up that we are not arguing and bickering anymore which may get us some odd looks at first, but I think they'll be so happy we aren't at each other's throats, they won't say anything," he said.

"I understand," I said.

"Mom and Dad's work schedules will allow us plenty of time to play while they are gone, and we can always steal away using some excuse if we want more time together. So I don't see a problem keeping that slutty little pussy of yours happy. You just make sure that when we have a chance to play, you are wet and ready for me!"

"Yes Michael," I said grinning mischievously. I didn't see a problem with that - I had a feeling that just his words would take care of my having a wet pussy!

"And just to remind you of your new place as my slut, I don't want you wearing any panties. In fact, since Mom puts our clothes on our beds and makes us put our own clothes away after she washes them, I want you to move your bras and panties into my room. I will clear out a drawer for your underthings and you will have to come in and ask permission whenever you want to wear them," he said.

This news brought an involuntary moan from my lips and I felt my pussy gush. Asking permission to wear panties from my brother! Oh, God! The humiliation of this act was incredibly arousing!

Michael heard my impassioned moan and smiled. He moved closer... our noses almost touching... "That's right, slut, and if you are a good girl for me, there might just be a little surprise from me in those panties!" he said in a low quiet voice. I very nearly came right then. Michael was talking about jerking off in my panties and making me wear them! The thought made me lightheaded and my breathing shortened into panting gasps.

"That should get us started for now. As time goes on there might be more rules and certainly more lessons for you - becoming a good slut takes work and you will learn what I like and how I like it over time. One thing I will tell you now though is that I love to tease - all my ex-girlfriends learned that when it comes to sex, I love teasing and tormenting them... keeping them just short of cumming and making them beg for their orgasm. It's called edging and it's a trick that never fails to make their orgasm even better - when I decide to grant it! You will be edged quite a bit too, my slutty sister, and you'll find that begging becomes you!" he chuckled.

"I look forward to begging you, Michael... I look forward to begging you to make me cum very much, baby!" I said as a shiver of desire washed over me.

"Good. Now you have work to do. You got to cum already, but I haven't yet. So since you are down there..." he said.

I smiled up at him. I leaned forward and took Michael's sweet cock back into my mouth, determined to get him off this time. I sucked on his shaft like it was a straw and I was sucking a delicious milkshake through it. Which in a way I was. I love the taste of cum and I had tasted the cum that he had left in his boxers a time or two. But I wanted to taste it fresh from the source and I did my very best to bring that about. I licked his cock and sucked his shaft down swallowing as much as I could. I moved down and took one of his huge hairy nuts into my mouth, bathing it and lovingly caressing it with my hot mouth. Then I switched to give the other nut some attention. 

Michael moaned his approval as I worked his cock and balls. He enjoyed what I was doing to him and how tenderly I cared for his manhood. And I wasn't without my tricks as well. I held his cock up out of the way and licked at his perineum and then moved to rim his asshole. Michael really loved this and I took a note of it. I would be back to visit this place often.

I went back to concentrating on his hard cock and in a few minutes I saw his nuts draw up and I knew he was close. "I'm getting ready to cum slut. I'm gonna shoot my cum all over that pretty face too!" he said. He stood up and I followed him kneeling there and giving him the last couple jerks as I held my mouth open like a tiny bird waiting for the worm. 

True to his word, Michael shot his first load onto my face and dripping off my chin. His next shot was more accurate landing on my tongue mostly. Then he moved a bit and let fly onto my tits "A little for the girls!" he said and then he finished depositing his cum on my face and in my mouth. Michael used his still leaking cock to smear the white sticky cum all over my face and then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to my feet. He spun me around to look in the mirror and he stood behind me pinning my arms behind me.

"Look at yourself slut! Look at what you have become. You are a dirty filthy cum slut, and you are wearing your brother's cum as proof. Now tell me, what are you?" he growled.

"I am a cum slut. A dirty filthy cock loving cum slut!" I said.

And whose cum slut are you?" he asked.

"Yours, Michael. I am your cum slut," I admitted to myself as well as to him.

"And whose else?" he asked.

"No one Michael. I am only yours, baby, I belong only to you," I said. 

"That's right my slut, he said as he grabbed my tits and massaged his warm sticky cum into the pale flesh. You are my play toy, my cum bucket and I plan on having a lot of fun with you. Maybe next time I will cum in that dirty cunt of yours... would you like me to fill that tight little fuck hole with my cum?" he growled in my ear.

"Oh, Michael, yes! Please, please cum in my pussy!" I cried as my legs went weak. He caught me before I could fall, and I felt so safe and loved in his arms. I knew then that I would be his slut for as long as he wanted me. 

I truly was my brother's cum slut.

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