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Inseperable Siblings Chapter two

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He went down on me, baby

A trendy little wine bar on the corner that was frequented by young city types had been a factor in their choice of buying the house, and the hulking big, black doorman was persuaded to let them in, using a fifty-pound note carefully proffered and pocketed.

"We've just bought a house in Melville mews mate," Danny informed the man, and as we're both taking a year off work, I think you'll be seeing a lot of us in here."

"I hope so sir," the hulk said with a knowing smile, "I'll make sure that you're admitted without any problems, my name's Nigel sir, any problems, just ask for me."

"I will Nigel sir," Danny laughed. "But if you keep calling me sir, you'll piss me off, and we'll go elsewhere, I'm Danny, and this lady is Cherry, my wife."

"How would you like to work for me Nigel sir?"

"I've got a pretty good job here Danny."

"You could have a better one when I own it."

"You'll find me here Danny," he laughed. "And I'll be all ears."

"I nearly came when you called me your wife," Cherry said as they sat together at a table in the far corner which Danny had already decided would be theirs any time they went in.

"I'd marry you tomorrow," he said and grinned as he noticed how she was sitting with both knees together, but the skirt was so short that he had a beautifully tantalizing view of her shaven slit.

"God you've got a fucking beautiful little cunt," he said, and she giggled as a young couple turned and looked at them, shock written all over their faces.

Danny turned too and looked at them. "Well she has, just look at it, it's all wet and glistening."

They looked disgusted and didn't even bother to finish their drinks before leaving.

It took less than a minute for Nigel sir to come through and pull up a seat.

"I thought it must be you, Danny," he grinned. "Do I take it that you'd like the customers to desert the place so the price will go down?"

"All I did was to tell my darling little wife here, that she has a beautiful cunt, what on earth is wrong with that?"

Cherry felt a thrill in her loins as Nigel bent his head deliberately and looked up between her legs which she parted very slightly, a deep booming laugh rang around the bar, and he told Danny that he had excellent taste.

"I see nothing wrong with that statement at all Danny," he said as he admired Cherry's pretty little slit. "I think it's beautiful too mate."

"Make sure that this place goes downhill in a hurry mate and I'm sure my wife will be most appreciative."

Cherry smiled and parted her legs even further.

"I can be ever so appreciative Nigel sir," she laughed and watched as he returned to the door.

"Do you want him to fuck me Danny?" she took his hand and thrust it between her legs, "I've never been with a black man."

"I'd like to watch you, babes," he admitted. "Is that too kinky for you?"

"I can't think of anything that's too kinky for me Danny," she giggled. "And anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing if it's true what they say about black men."

"It's fucking true all right babes," Danny laughed, "I shared a cell with one, he was fucking enormous!"

"Would you like to film us?"

"Ooh fuck yes baby, that would be so fucking cool."

"Come on then," Cherry giggled. "Take me home to bed, and you can tell me what you want me to do."

"You going, Danny?" Nigel said as they left arm in arm and clutching two bottles of champagne.

"Yeah," Danny replied. "Wanna come for a glass or two?"

"Can't mate, I'm here until two a.m."

"Another time then eh?"


"We'll look forward to it," Cherry said, a little disappointed that she wasn't going to find out tonight!

Behind them, the bar manager was making signs to Nigel but scurried in when Danny turned and caught him shaking his head at the huge doorman.

"What's with the fucking shrimp Nigel?" Danny asked.

The big black man guffawed showing two rows of beautiful white teeth.

"He's telling me you ain't allowed back in Danny."

"The scrawny little bastard," Cherry said. "Go and teach him a fucking lesson, Danny."

Nigel grinned and looked up the street.

"It ain't got nothing to do with me mate," he laughed. "But you're still not outside the bar, you ain't left until you go down these three steps."

Danny took hold of his sister's hand and walked back into the bar.

"Excuse me, sir," he said to the manager. "I think I owe you an apology."

The man smiled with self-satisfaction, he prided himself on his forgiveness, and he was feeling very pleased with himself that he had gotten an apology from this ruffian and his slutty woman.

"Think nothing of it, sir," he smiled. "What can I get you, we were just about to close, but I'll make an exception."

Danny's hand shot out and grabbed the man by the front of his shirt.

"Why were you telling your doorman not to let us in again?"

"I wasn't, honestly sir, well I mean, that is to say, please don't hit me, sir, my partner likes me the way I am, he told me to sell this place months ago."

"Well, well, well, so you own it?"

"Yes, sir."

"How long is left on the lease?"

"Ninety-five years sir, I purchased it with a ninety-nine-year lease," he struggled in vain to free himself of Danny's iron grip.

"How much did you pay for it?"

"Two hundred thousand."

"I'll give you a hundred and fifty, tomorrow morning."

"Less the cost of two magnum's of champagne," Cherry laughed and moved in closer to her brother, she was incredibly turned on by Danny's display of machismo and secretly hoped that he would hurt the little queer in his grasp.

Moving closer to him, she saw the venom in his eyes, the hardness in his eyes and the fear on the face of the manager, she was wet, very wet and if anyone had touched her at that moment, she thought she'd climax immediately.

"Is there a problem Danny?" Nigel had come back in and stood behind Danny, a quiet self-assuredness about him and Cherry thought he was fucking beautiful.

"We're just negotiating a price to buy the place mate." he dragged the man even closer so that his knees banged on the edge of the bar and Cherry groaned to herself as she saw the dark stain on his trousers, he'd pissed himself!

"Yes, yes that's fine sir," the man cringed. "I'll be here tomorrow morning with my solicitor and all the relevant paperwork."

The following morning it took two hours to go over the accounts and sign the lease over to the siblings and another half hour for the bank to confirm that the funds were available for the purchase, so it was almost lunch time when the final handshakes were done.

"We usually open at two o'clock," the weasel told Danny, but both siblings shook their heads.

"Not today," Cherry said. "We need to do a few alterations first."

Nigel strolled in then wearing black trousers and a white tee shirt that showed just how muscular he was.

"I'm afraid you're out of a job, Nigel," the weasel told him. "I've just sold up."

"No he ain't," Danny said softly. "He's the new manager!" Turning to his new manager, he asked him to make sure the place was well locked up. "We'll celebrate today," he laughed, "and start work tomorrow."

"Start on what Danny?"

"You'll see," he laughed and scooped up a bag that he'd filled earlier with four bottles of the bar's finest champagne.

"You married Nigel?"

"No mate."

"Living with anyone?"


"Right come on then, I've got a few ideas I want to throw at you."

"This is lovely," Nigel said as they proudly showed him around their little love nest.

"Yes we think so too, don't we darling?" Cherry said over her shoulder as she led them up the spiral staircase to show Nigel the bedrooms.

"Yeah, and the views can be fucking mind-blowing," Danny agreed.

Nigel chuckled and nodded his head in agreement, Cherry laughed with them, knowing very well that her minuscule white g-string hid hardly anything of her slit, the labia peeked out from either side of the narrow strip of nylon and Cherry was almost trembling with excitement.

"Look you two, I gotta go into town and apply to have the license transferred over to me, but I'm sure you'll find something to keep you occupied for an hour or so."

Nigel looked around and opened his mouth.

"Danny, I--."

Danny grinned at him and winked, "Don't sweat it mate, I won't."

Nigel sat on the couch in the living room, sipping his champagne while Cherry draped herself over the arm of the couch, one foot on the floor and the other one toying teasingly between his thighs.

"I'm not sure what to make of you two," he said nervously. "Am I being set up for blackmail? There's not much future there, is he going to come bursting in and shoot me? Cherry, what the fuck's going on?"

Without answering, she got up and locked the door leaving the key in the lock, then with a smile on her pretty face, she sashayed back towards him and pointed to the video camera that was set discretely on the little table just beside the television.

"That's the only snag, Nigel," she said softly. "He wants to see me being fucked by a black man with a big fucking cock, one that's bigger than his."

"Is he big then?" Nigel asked as she leaned into him and teased him with her full, red lips on his neck.

"The biggest I've had Nigel." She reached behind her neck and untied the fastening that held the skimpy tank top over her generous breasts.

"Oh my God," he moaned and felt the erection growing in his trousers as she kissed him.

"I've still got my knickers on Nigel," she whispered. "And you've got your trousers on."

He cupped a breast and held it up to his mouth, she drew her breath in sharply as his lips closed over the nipple and sucked it into his mouth.

"You need to take my knickers off Nigel sir," she held her breast to his mouth. "And then I'll take your trousers off."

Nigel sir lifted his head from her nipple and looked at her quizzically. "And then what?"

Cherry touched her lips to his and snaked her tongue in between his lips,

"And then you fuck me Nigel sir."

"I'd like it if you stopped calling me Nigel sir."

"And I'd like it if you were to ram your big fucking cock into my wet cunt and make me fucking scream!"

He reached beneath her skirt and took hold of her panties, Cherry thought she might come as he eased the sexy little garment down over her knees, stepping out of them, she reached down and took hold of his belt.

"You're not going to disappoint me are you Nigel?"

"I doubt it, baby," he said, and his deep, sexy voice sent a shiver from the nape of her neck, down her spine, through her pelvis and straight into her cunt!

"Oh my God," she gasped, "Oh my sweet fucking Jesus." His prick sprang free from his trousers, and all she could do was stare at it as it lay in her hand. "It's a fucking python, Nigel!"

"It's looking for a nice warm nest, Cherry."

"Like this one here?" she lay back on the floor and lifted her skirt. Nigel could see the evidence of her arousal in the way her vaginal lips were glistening with wetness.

"Fuck yes," he breathed. "Exactly like that."

He stripped off his trousers while Cherry stared transfixed as his penis thickened and strengthened. His tee shirt came next, and her wetness increased as she looked at his magnificent torso.

Without realizing she was doing it, a hand slid down over her stomach, and a finger found the swollen little bud that rose as if to meet its tormentor, Nigel laughed softly again and lowered himself down to the floor, but she reached out and gripped him.

"Let me taste it, Nigel," she whispered. "I've never seen anything like it before."

She kissed the tip and tasted his sweat, it was slightly salty, but to her it was nectar. She opened her mouth as far as she was able and even then, couldn't fit the monster in between her lips, so she contented herself by sucking each one of his huge testicles.

Nigel moaned softly and eased her down again onto her back.

"I'll be gentle, Cherry," he said, "I promise."

He was too, slowly he eased the tip in and allowed her to get used to the feeling. Cherry's eyes were wide almost as if she were frightened of him, but she wasn't; far from being frightened, she loved every minute of it.

"A bit more," she said and gasped as he pushed. "Oh God yes, yes that's it, all of it now Nigel, ooh fucking hell yes."

He pushed forward and was surprised when he felt her pushing back at him, her legs went around his broad back, and she clutched at his buttocks.

"Do it, Nigel," she hissed, "Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard."

He felt the spongy walls of her cunt around him, squeezing him, gripping him. Cherry felt the head of his huge cock prodding against the far wall of her cunt, she felt his enormous balls banging against her anus, and all she could do was cling to him as he drove them both relentlessly towards where they yearned to go!

It was almost tea time before Danny returned, his face glowing with triumph.

"I got it, babes," he laughed."Where's Nigel?"

"I think I wore him out," Cherry laughed. "He's gone home, but he says you've to ring him when you get back."

Cherry wore a skimpy little housecoat over a little pink thong, and she giggled sexily as her brother slipped a hand beneath the robe onto the front of her thong.

"Did you. . . . you know?"

"If you mean, did he fuck me? Then yes he did, he's even bigger than you Danny."

Her own hand was scrabbling at his trouser zip.

"But he's not nearly as refined as you sweetheart, wham bam, thank you ma'am, all he did really was to warm me up for the real thing, let's have a shower."

Pouring out two large drinks, she went up the spiral staircase ahead of him swinging her hips deliberately and giggling as he pushed a hand between her thighs.

Danny's cock was hard as they went together into the shower stall and under the needle-sharp spray, her arms went around his neck, and she kissed him hungrily.

"We'll watch the tape after," she whispered into his ear. "You can see him fucking me darling, you can watch his big, black cock going all the way into my tight little cunt."

She squealed as he picked her up and impaled her on his prick.

"Did he come in you?"

"Fucking gallons Danny, but do you know what he did then?"

Danny prodded a finger against her anal hole as she began to bounce up and down on his shaft.

"Tell me."

"He went down on me baby," her tongue flicked into his ear. "He ate his own cum out of my pussy."

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "The dirty bastard."

"That's not all." Danny felt her nails raking his back, a sure sign that she was near to a climax, she was finding it difficult to breathe never mind speak, but Danny was insistent.

"Tell me," he said again and rammed his finger knuckle deep into her rectum.

"Ooh Danny," she wailed as she felt his prick driving her towards the inevitable climax.

"Fucking tell me."

"I pissed," she shouted. "I pissed in his fucking mouth, fuck I'm coming, I'm coming baby, oh my God, I'm fucking cominggg!"

She fainted then as her brother convulsed, his penis jerking and spurting into her body.

"That one was for you Danny," she said as she leaned back against him in the warm, soapy water and sipped her chilled champagne. "Now it's my turn."

"Anything princess." he nibbled her ear gently, they'd just watched her being taken by Nigel and Cherry knew that she only had to ask for what she wanted and her brother would take it as a command!

"Anything at all?"

"Name it."

"Two young girls to pamper me, spoil me and do absolutely anything I want them to."

"Girls?" he sounded incredulous, and she giggled as she felt him growing.

"Yes darling, you know, they're rounded in all the right places, they have interesting little bits that stick out and seem to fall into your hands, you know the species I mean."

"You're not turning queer on me are you?"

Her answer was to move slightly to allow her hand to snake beneath her and grip his penis.

"No fucking way," she giggled and began to masturbate him slowly. "But what I'd like is to be bathed, dried and dressed by two kinky young girls and then undressed by them of course."

"Young? How young?"

“Sixteen or seventeen.”

"Bloody hell Cherry!"

"Just imagine Danny, watching me with my tongue in the sweet, wet cunt of a dirty little sixteen-year-old."

"Oh Christ," he said softly and ejaculated in her hand.

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