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Inseperable Siblings

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Give me Every Fucking Inch of It

"This is far enough Danny."

Cherry reached across and laid a hand on her twin brother's thigh.

"I'm so fucking horny babes, I need it now."

Danny pulled the car to a halt amid a cluster of trees and turned to his sister. They embraced, and their mouths found each other's, tongues slipped in between lips, searching, exploring and sucking.

Reaching behind his sister as they kissed he slid his hands under the back of her blouse.

"Where did you tell him you were going?"

"To the gym," Cherry said as she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders. "Anyway, I don't care whether he knows or not."

Her beautiful, firm breasts threatened to spill out of her bra, but Danny did it for them, he eased one out of its lacy cup and lowered his head to take the nipple into his mouth.

"You need to care, sweetheart," he said in between suckling at the hugely swollen bud, "He can be a nasty bastard if he ever finds out about me and you, he'd kill us."

Cherry gripped the back of his neck and pulled him closer, kissing him more deeply. "Not if we kill him first Danny."

She felt his erection pushing against her thigh, she gripped the shape of it and squeezed it through his trousers.

"Let's do it, Danny, let's fucking kill him."

Danny responded by sliding a hand beneath her short leather skirt, his fingers glided over the soft material of her stockings before meeting bare flesh, Cherry moaned into his mouth and unzipped his trousers,

"He's going to London tomorrow Danny," she breathed huskily as she found his erection. "Make a few phone calls, call in some favours, it's perfect.t"

Danny's fingers probed further, and it was his turn to moan as he felt the wetness on his sister's knickers.

"You're soaking." he hissed, and she giggled.

"That's because I'm fucking horny."

They kissed long and hard, Cherry stroking his penis while her brother teased her by gently stroking the front of her knickers, he could feel the wetness soaking through the thin material, and he knew how much she was longing for his cock, his mouth, his body!

"I'll do it, baby," he whispered and touched the lever that sent her seat back to the horizontal position. "But first I need to re-introduce myself to the most beautiful little cunt in the world."

She parted her long, stocking clad thighs and pulled her skirt right up around her hips.

"You don't need any re-introductions you bastard, you know more about my cunt than anyone else in the world."

Bending his neck, he lowered his face towards the tiny little panties that were snagged in between the lips of her pussy, keeping his eyes on those of his twin, he let her see his nostrils flaring as he inhaled her aroma.

"If I do it Cherry," he said softly, "I want us to live together."

"God yes."

"I love everything about you Cherry."

His tongue flicked out and licked the front of her panties tasting her wetness. "Especially your cunt."

"Danny," she breathed softly and gripped his hair. "You have him killed, and we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams baby, he's got himself insured, I've got him insured, and his company's got him insured. Do it darling, and we'll do nothing for the rest of our lives except fuck each other."

Using his tongue, he eased the tiny little strip of her panties aside and sighed as the full aroma of her cunt assailed his nostrils.

"Oh fuck," he gasped and pushed his tongue into the glistening pink wetness.

Cherry squealed and pushed her groin into her brother's face, he slipped his hands under her buttocks and prodded a finger at her little puckered anus as he slurped noisily at her cunt.

"Yes Danny," she urged him, "You know how I love that."

Draping one stocking clad thigh around his neck, she presented her tiny rosebud for his tongue and sighed with pleasure as he pursed his tongue tightly and slipped it into her fragrant little hole.

She climaxed immediately, just like they both knew she would, Danny jerked up and without any further foreplay, rammed his penis savagely into her anus, she screamed and climaxed again soaking his stomach and groin with her copious juices.

"Fuck me," she hissed into his ear. "You dirty bastard, fuck me."

He drove into her while she gripped him and urged him on with a string of whispered obscenities in his ear, Danny felt himself nearing his own orgasm, and his sister sensed it too.

Reaching down, she gripped his testicles and cupped them in her hand.

"Give it to me Danny, give me your fucking spunk."

With an animal growl, then a roar, he erupted and jerked almost uncontrollably as he sent jet after jet of his seed deep into his sister's bowels. The knowledge that she was accepting her brother's seed yet again sent Cherry over the top into her third and most powerful orgasm. They clung together as they shook and trembled with the sheer power of their passion.

"I'll phone you as soon as he leaves in the morning," Cherry said as she climbed out of his car. "Will you come?"

"You know I will." He watched until she turned into her street and thought about what he was going to do.


He and his sister had been lovers for almost as long as they could remember. Brought up in an orphanage, they'd shared a room until they left on their sixteenth birthday to move into a cramped flat provided by the social services with the rent paid for six months. After that, they were on their own.

They proved to be adept at shoplifting and kept themselves well fed and well clothed by regular thieving expeditions in the classier areas of their city. What they didn't use or wear themselves, they sold to a couple of shady market traders, and the money rolled in.

They became friendly with the local youngsters who accepted them readily into their scene, they flirted with hard drugs but neither of them wanted what was inevitably waiting for regular, hard drug users, so they stuck to cannabis which they both enjoyed.

Their shoplifting trips coupled with selling the drugs they despised made them a lot of money. Danny carefully salted it away for the time when they both knew they'd inevitably get caught.

It was Danny who was caught and arrested with a large quantity of ecstasy tablets in his possession, he was given three years, and Cherry thought her life had ended as she watched him being led away to begin his sentence.

Life inside for Danny was good, he had money and contacts, and he soon began making even more money supplying cigarettes and drugs to the other inmates. Cherry visited him every week, sometimes passing small parcels of drugs to him via a kiss, but they usually reached him via a bent warder.

After one such visit, she went out to wait for the bus, and the bent warder was just getting into his car, he offered her a lift which she accepted immediately. After that, he always seemed to be there when she left, and they fell into an easy, friendly relationship, he offered to buy her a drink one evening and once again, she accepted.

She kept Danny informed about her relationship with Charlie, and although he was as jealous as hell about it, he was also realistic and accepted that it gave her a facade of respectability. They were married just three weeks after Danny's release, the ceremony was in a little registrar office and the two weeks of their honeymoon were the longest days of Danny's life!

During their honeymoon, Charlie displayed a side to his nature that both shocked and thrilled his young bride. They became quite friendly with a chirpy little barmaid at a pub they went to most evenings, and one afternoon when they saw her on the beach, Charlie asked his wife to get a bit more friendly towards her.

"You know," he leered. "Find out if she's up for a threesome."

Cherry did just that, and two nights later, they enjoyed their first time with another girl. Cherry had an absolutely explosive orgasm under the girl's tongue and later on that night after she'd left, she'd had another one with Charlie's penis thrusting away inside her. But of course, her thoughts were not on her husband but on the taste and creaminess of the other girl's skin.


Charlie left their house at six forty-five in the morning for the fairly short train ride into London, he was looking forward to the interview with the boss of the security company he'd worked for, for over ten years. He expected to be told that he was being promoted to take over the new branch they were opening in a northern city and they'd given him instructions on which bus to catch from King's Cross station to the office.

"No more stinking fucking prisons Charlie," he said to himself. He boarded the bus and went upstairs, the bus was crowded at that time of the morning, but there was one empty seat at the back, and he was still smiling as he sat down next to an Asian man wearing a bulky overcoat.

"Morning," he said cheerfully, but the man didn't answer, he seemed to be sweating a lot as he opened his coat and pulled at what appeared to be a piece of cord around his waist.

Although Charlie wasn't a particularly bright sort of a man, he recognized the explosives wrapped around the man's waist and was just about to shout when the man blew up!


Cherry was naked beneath the thin little robe when she let her brother in through the back door and kissed him hungrily.

"Give me your cock Danny," she gasped, "I want it in my mouth now."

Scrabbling frantically at his zip, she pulled his penis out and immediately dropped to her knees, like his sister he was completely hairless down there and Cherry loved how he looked,

"Oh God." she breathed, "It's fucking beautiful."

She slurped at it noisily, sucking, licking and probing her tongue into the tiny slit at the head of it, she licked and sucked at each of his testicles while he threw off his jacket and shirt.

"Let me get my jeans off." he laughed and pulled away just as the news of the London bombings flashed onto the television screen on the worktop, they stood together and watched for a while and then looked at each other as it was reported that a bus had been blown up.

"No chance," Cherry said and took her brother's hand to lead him upstairs to bed.

They fucked like animals, in the bed, on the bed, on the carpet beside the bed and even in the bathroom, they were just drifting off to sleep when the phone rang beside the bed,

Cherry listened for a while, then turned to her brother and smiled.

"I see," she said softly, and Danny was amazed to hear a catch in her voice as if she sobbed, then she put the phone down and turned to him.

"I think I'll wear a black g-string, black stockings, and a black corset."


"That was the police, my dear sexy brother, they rang just to make sure I was in, they're sending an officer round to see me. Apparently, they found a mobile phone on a body in a bus that was blown up this morning in London."

She reached for his erection and stroked it with one finger.

"It looks very much like I'm a widow!"


"I'm so very, very sorry Mrs. Brown," the woman police officer said softly. "We'll need you to identify the remains I'm afraid, but I don't think there's much doubt that it was your husband."

Cherry sobbed again into her handkerchief and leaned against her brother.

"It's lucky you were here sir," the officer said to Danny, and he nodded soberly.

"She called me straight after you rang," he said with a straight face, "I only live five minutes away, and I happened to be in a newsagent just round the corner, I came immediately."

The funeral was four days later, one of many in and around London as a result of the cowardly attack that summer morning, there were only a few people in the church; Charlie had only his elderly parents and a married sister to grieve for him.

They all agreed that Danny was very helpful and supportive of his sister and said outside the church that they hoped he would stay with her for a while.

"Yes," Danny agreed. "I'd better stay close for a week or so just to make sure she's okay."

They went back to Charlie's house afterward for sandwiches, and a drink or two and Cherry played her part perfectly, she managed to hide her tears as she poured out the tea for her late husband's relatives. For some reason she didn't quite understand, she felt incredibly turned on, true to what she'd said, she was wearing a black corset with black stockings and a ridiculously tiny little black g-string under a respectable black suit, she thought that the black face veil made her look utterly fuckable!

Her feelings weren't helped when Danny stood behind her in the kitchen and slipped both hands up her skirt and whispered to her that he was going to fuck her brains out when the relatives left. He eased her g-string down and put it in his pocket after they'd licked the soaking wet gusset together!

"They'll be wanting their tea darling," he laughed and patted her bottom as she picked up the tray and wiggled her hips sexily.

All she could think of for the rest of the time that Charlie's family sat in her living room was that her cunt was leaking, every time she looked at her brother, it leaked some more.

"Fucking hell Danny," she said after they'd finally left, "We're fucking rich, now take me back to the church."

"The church? why babes, I was planning on screwing your pretty little arse off all night."

"Ooh yes," she laughed, "You can do that all right, come on lover, it's important to me."

Danny started laughing as she stood over the grave and he laughed even louder when she hitched up her skirt, but that was nothing to the guffaws he expelled as she rolled her hips and sprayed her hot, steaming urine all over the freshly dug grave!

"Fucking hell Cher," he laughed as they drove home again. "That looked fucking sexy, lucky old Charlie."

"I'll do that for you Danny, any time you like," she said and took one of his hands from the wheel, placing it on her thigh, she parted her thighs and smiled with satisfaction as he gently fingered her dripping wet slit.

Later that night as she rode her brother's mouth, still in her widow's mourning clothes, she smiled into the video camera Danny had set up in their bedroom.

"This is my brother and me," she said softly, "He's helping me to come to terms with my grief, he's a very caring and thoughtful brother, and he's got a fucking enormous, big cock!"

She stood up then and stripped off her skirt, still in the black corset and stockings, she spoke to the camera again through the black face veil.

"I've got an itch in my bottom, and I need my brother to scratch it for me."

She knelt on the bed so that the camera was staring directly at her anus.

"All of it Danny," she whispered. "Give me every fucking inch of it."


There were certain formalities to be gone through, but the mortgage on the house would be paid off, his company insurance was going through the motions towards when they would eventually pay her over a hundred and seventy-five thousand pounds. Her own insurance company was to cough up another fifty thousand, and this was matched by the late and unlamented Charlie's insurance which would yield one hundred thousand pounds!

They put the house up for sale and purchased a little mews house, there was a fifty thousand pounds difference in their favour, but Cherry loved it's quiet, hard to find location.

It was in a little mews just off the Earl's Court Road, the ground floor consisted of a garage with a small office and an even smaller toilet to one side of it. A steep staircase led up to the next level which included a lounge, a kitchen/diner and a living room and a spiral staircase which led up to the bedrooms, bathroom, and toilet.

The rear of the house had a small garden overhung and shaded from prying eyes by a dozen mature trees running the whole length down each side of the well-kept lawns, with a little pool right beside the patio doors.

Both of them immediately thought of the sexy fun and games they could have in it, and they made an offer immediately. The offer was ten thousand less than the asking price, but as the owner was moving overseas and wanted a quick sale, he accepted, and it took them less than a week to move in.

Cherry was like a child with a new toy, directing the removers and showing them where she wanted the few things she'd brought from the old house.

She'd worked it out that the removals men would be gone by one p.m. She'd insisted that the Harrods van be there at no later than two. Everything went according to plan in spite of the removal men's insistence on looking up beneath her short denim skirt as she climbed up and down the spiral staircase.

She knew what they were doing of course and reveled in showing herself off to them, so did Danny, if it had been left to him, his sister would have worn no panties at all. After the Harrods men finally left, he eased the little g-string down and put it in his pocket,

"Let's go for a drink," he said as he hugged the love of his life. "I need one to get my fucking head round all this."



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