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It Was Obvious, Really!

It was obvious – there was only one solution.

It had all come true. All my dreams and fantasies had been working up to this moment in time. This cock in front of me was going to penetrate me and I couldn’t wait. It looked so fucking gorgeous. The one thing that worried me was that I was not on the pill.

They had told us in school to talk to our parents, or mum in my case, about going on the pill, but I just couldn’t approach the subject. I was not the sort of girl that my mum would have thought of as sexually active.

Truth be told, somehow, I don’t know how it happened, I had developed a penchant for cock and there was one cock in particular that I was aching for. I couldn’t tell my mum that I wanted to go on the pill. She would have been appalled, horrified even. Then there would have been the questioning about boyfriends and the like.

But here it was – THE COCK.

It was pointing straight at my little cunt; rubbing itself up and down the slit. I was wet as fuck and leaking profusely. I wasn’t a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but I clearly felt that the cock about to penetrate me would stretch a little. Fuck, I wanted it in me. I really did.

My brain kept nagging at me. What if he cums inside you? For fuck’s sake brain, I want him to cum inside me. What if he doesn’t pull out in time and he gets you pregnant? Yes, OK brain, you’ve got a point.

What if?

Fuck off, brain.

I watched as the head slipped past my puffy little guardians. There it was – it was going up me as I lay on my back on the edge of the bed, and I said as much out loud.

I looked into the eyes of its owner and he smiled back at me. I closed my eyes in relief. We both knew it was the right thing to do. It was for the best, for both of us. It was certainly the best for me, of that there was no doubt.

I had teased him for weeks, months even. When the time came, he still doubted whether he should fuck me or not. At one point I almost pleaded with him; pushing his mind ever closer to the point of no return. He knew that I wanted his cock alright and every moment we had together I made it obvious. So obvious he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He finally caved in.

Fuck! It felt gorgeous as it spread my lips apart. Sliding like a rigid rod into my waiting cunt. I pushed my hips forward to meet it.

What if he gets you pregnant? My brain just wouldn’t let up. It kept on and on at me.

“Fuck me – push it up me now.” There, brain, how’s that for a response. I mocked.

His cock was pushing forwards and not hurting in the slightest. In fact, it wasn’t going in fast enough. Well, fast enough to cause my eyes to open wide and for me to groan out loud.

“Come on you little fucker – give it to me!” I whispered while looking him in the eyes.

As I spoke the words I secretly wondered what he would think of me; uttering such filth why he stood over me with his cock pushing upwards. I watched avidly at my pussy as his cock stopped. It would go no further. Not yet anyway. I, however, had every intention of it going further. My nostrils flared at the thought of me fucking my cunt down on it.

He’ll get you pregnant – how will you explain that to your mother? The nagging was getting to me now.

I watched as he pulled out of me and my brain nearly got the better of me as I contemplated telling him to remove it completely, that I would suck him off and make him come that way instead. I didn’t have time to do that, or I didn’t want to. I closed my eyes in abject pleasure as his cock found itself all the way inside me again and pressing up against the stops. I cried out loud in ecstasy.

Then it was out again and all the way back in. I let out a number of low guttural groans as he fucked me. My groans were the result of my basal carnal desires raising to the surface. My need to have cock. My need to get fucked. My need to get fucked by this cock.

I had pulled my legs back under my arms and was watching his cock enter me. It was such a fantastic sight to behold. My cunt lips stretched around his thickness and the feel of the fullness of my cunt added to the sight to before me.

Occasionally, I would look up into his eyes and then back down to his cock. I marvelled at it entering and leaving my cunt. It was such a horny sight and I’m sure we both got a lot from just watching it enter and pull out.

His hand came down onto my breast as he pushed forward and I gasped loudly as he pinched my nipple.

“You are such a horny little slut.”

His emphasis on the last word made it all the more erotic.

His words just about blew me away, I was on the verge of my first orgasm anyway and those words just pushed me over the edge. I closed my eyes as I came hard on his cock; pushing my cunt up to meet his penetrating thrusts and clenching my muscles hard around his cock.

When I next opened my eyes, I could see the lust in his eyes. I could see him staring at my cunt and the way his cock was thrusting in and out. Each time it got a little faster, a little more urgent and with each thrust, I knew I had him. He was gasping as loud as me. I grasped the bedsheets either side of me and had my second orgasm just watching him fuck me.

My eyes kept closing as the intensity of feeling concentrated in the pit of my stomach. My cunt was on fire. The heat emanating from my crotch and his cock was hotter than any Volcano.

All the while I was conscious of my brain. He could make you pregnant if he carries on? I wanted him to come in me but my brain was starting to wear me down.

He was thrusting into me with some speed. He wasn’t looking at his cock anymore, or me. He seemed to be concentrating on the middle distance between the wall and his cock. He seemed to be in a trance; a state of knowing what must happen but trying not to feel.

He was concentrating on his orgasm, or prevention more like. I like to think he was holding back and waiting for me to have my third orgasm on his wonderful cock before he completed this tryst with the rush of spunk that was about to shoot up his own daughter.

When he pulled back a little too far, I uncoupled my legs and pulled away from him. He didn’t know what had happened and had managed to stand up and balance himself while I quickly turned around on the bed.

I presented myself to him on all fours and looked into his eyes from over my shoulder.

“Fuck me in the arse, Dad, come up there.”

It took him a few seconds to register what I had just said and a microsecond to present his cock to my anus. It was obvious, really!

“Put it in me quickly and fuck me hard until you come.”

I couldn’t have been more blatant about it. His very wet cock slipped into me easily. But then, he didn’t know that I had fucked my arse regularly with a dildo while thinking of it as being his cock.

My Dad fucked me just as hard up my arse as he did my cunt. I pushed back to meet his thrusts until I could feel his hot seed shoot into me. When it did, I let myself go and relished in my third and final orgasm now that I knew his spunk was shooting up inside me.

Expletives left my mouth with some urgency. Moans and groans filled the room from both of us. The feel of his hands on my hips completed just about everything about the whole fuck, as he pulled me towards him; burying his cock in me and letting himself go.

I finally had him. I had my Dad’s cock up me and I made him cum in me. His spunk was shooting up my arse and I vowed that next time it would be my cunt.

His thrusts became weaker and his hands left my hips. He finally let his cock be pushed out by my actions of tightening my buttocks. I twisted around and lay on my back looking at him. Sweat covered his balding head and his face was flushed. He smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen as he breathed heavily.

I knew then that I had him for keeps. He wasn’t ever going to walk away from what he had just experienced and say to me ‘we shouldn’t have done that.

I slowly shuffled to the edge of the bed and sat in between his thighs. I grasped his cock and gave it a tug; all the while looking into his eyes.

He never stopped smiling at me.

“Come on, get dressed, your mother will be back soon.”

I nodded – then it hit me – if not mum why not dad. I stretched across to my bedside cabinet and grabbed the piece of paper.

“Daa-aad, will you sign this for me,” I said in my best butter-wouldn’t-melt voice.

He looked at the piece of paper that was to give parental permission for me to go on the pill.

He laughed and nodded.

“I think it would be a wise thing to do, don’t you?”

I nodded back. “Very, very wise indeed!”

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