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It's Only Dinner (Part 2)

Continuing on from It's Only Dinner. A loving father continues to lose control.

My mind was working at a million miles an hour. I lusted after my father. I wanted him completely and last night it finally happened. I remembered the feeling of his hot cum filling my pussy. That cum was now crusting my panties as we were driving home in the limo. I didn't think I would ever wash those panties again.

This should be the happiest day of my life but my fathers reaction made me wonder if last nights events would end our closeness rather then bring us closer together. He couldn't even look me in the eye. He gazed out the window... his thoughts were far away.

I never actually tried to seduce him, at least not until last night. I knew it would never happen, after all he was my dad. This was always going to be my silent obsession. Even when I suggested that I be his date for the night I never thought it could end like it did. I figured I could just pretend for a night at being his. Was it the alcohol, or my burning lust that brought us to this moment?

We arrived home and he opened the door and began to walk straight to his room. "Daddy, we should talk" I said, but he continued to his room in his zombie-like state. Tears began forming around my eyes and I ran to my bedroom, closed the door and began to sob. I slept very little that night.


The morning came and as I awoke, guilt flooded me anew. Last night I fucked my 16 year old daughter and I couldn't deny that it was the greatest experience of my life. I wanted to blame the alcohol but I didn't even have the suspicion of a hangover.

How would I face my angel this morning? I knew I hurt her deeply. Last night I heard her crying in her room for hours but I couldn't find the courage to be a father and comfort her. It wasn't her fault... I failed her. Why would I let her drink? Why didn't I take control of the situation?

I somehow managed to walk over to the shower. As I removed my clothes I smelled my baby girl on me. Immediately the feelings returned. I fought it but my cock began to rise. I quickly jumped in the shower and cleaned her off my body. Careful when washing my erect penis as I tried to suppress the taboo feelings. The slightest touch flooded me with memories of last night.

I finished washing myself with great difficulty and waited for my excitement to diminish before putting a robe on and walking to the kitchen where I found my daughter awake. She had always been a late sleeper and I had expected her to still be asleep.

My heart broke... It was clear that she had been crying all night. "Listen Michelle, I am so sorry for last night. As a father I failed you in the worst way and I am ashamed. I am calling your aunt and asking her if you can stay with her. I obviously can't be trusted and I am very sorry I have caused you so much pain.".

"The only pain I am feeling is from the fact you can't accept what happened last night as the wonderful thing it was. I wanted to do that for so long and last night it happened and I fucking loved it. You tried to stop yourself but I kept pushing. I love you more then anything in this world and I wish you could accept that."

Those words had quickly melted my resistance and resolve. She wanted me? Had I heard her right? I started to feel a little dizzy. It was then that she noticed what I had not. My cock was super hard and the front of my robe had risen.

She reached over and cast aside the front of my robe then grabbed my cock and looked up at me with innocence in her eyes, "Daddy, let me take care of you.". She stroked my cock just inches from her mouth never taking her eyes off me. I felt her breath as it fell upon my engorged cock and her words excited me further. "Tell your angel that you want her daddy."

Stunned, I couldn't form a word. I tried to tell her to stop but instead "God this feels so good" came out of my mouth.


Those words were all I needed. I quickly stuck my tongue out and began licking the head of my dads cock. It was absolutely dripping in pre-cum. I never took my eyes off of him.

The truth is, I knew much of what my dad enjoyed sexually. I would often sneak into his room when he was out and I would look around. I found his "collection" just a few weeks before and knew that lesbians, ass-fucking and swallowing were some of his favorites. He favored titles like "teen sluts" which showed young 18 year old girls being first time whores. The young girls always looked up with almost innocent faces.

I began to play with his balls as I let his cock deeper into my mouth. His hands grabbed my head quickly and he stuffed his cock into my mouth. I knew that he had lost his control once more. He had caught me by surprised and I gagged a little but there was no way I was going to stop. My daddy was mine.

He fucked my face and with involuntary tears in my eyes from the gagging I still looked up at him. I saw complete lust in his eyes. "Suck daddy's cock angel. Suck it. Oh my God... Suck it". I grabbed his cock and stroked it easily since it was dripping in my saliva.

He pressed my head down deeper into his cock and my throat was invaded by hot semen. I swallowed everything I could but I still spilled some from the sides of my mouth. He released my head and still looking at him I took a finger to the sides of my lips and guided the cum back to my waiting tongue. "Daddy you taste so good."

He collapsed on the couch behind him. "This is so wrong sweetie." he said. He had lost his conviction though. As those words escaped his lips I was licking his penis and cock clean.

"Maybe, but promise me it will never end daddy and I'll promise to keep you happy forever." I said... With my eyes still glued to his.
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