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It's Only Dinner (Part 3)

Daddy's birthday has to be perfect.
"Maybe, but promise me it will never end daddy and I'll promise to keep you happy forever."...

It had been six weeks ago since my daughter had seductively spoken those words. I lost the battle against my conscience and succumbed to her. From that moment on, I never gave it a second thought. I lost myself inside her countless times. She was my daughter and my girlfriend (even if we did have to keep it secret). I was addicted to my little girl. She would often awake with my head between her thighs as I licked and sucked on her clit. My tongue probing deeper... finding her taste intoxicating. We would both orgasm every morning before I went to work and before she went to school.

My boss treated me well these days. The events of that special night had humbled him and he almost seemed to view me as some type of hero. He was always suggesting another double date. I figured we could give him another show soon but not just yet.

Life was good... Actually life was perfect and today was my birthday. All I wanted was to spend the weekend with my daughter and lover.


I know what daddy likes. His birthday was going to be special.

I had been working out the details for weeks now and I was ready to give him his presents. I hadn't slept in my room since I started fucking my daddy but tonight we would use my room. All my stuffed animals and pink girlie decorations which I had up for years seemed the perfect setting. As much as daddy protested originally I knew that what excited him most was that I was his little baby. Even at 16 I'd always be his baby.

Long socks and my school girls outfit, I put a lollipop in my mouth and checked my ponytails one last time.

"Ready?" I asked. And from the closet I heard a soft, barely audible, "Yes".

I picked my cell up and texted my dad, "Cum to my room". I smiled to my self as I pressed the send button.

It only took a minute or two for him to open the door and find his angel on her bed with her legs crossed, sitting at the edge of the bed surrounded by her teddy bears. I took the lollipop out of my mouth and said, "Happy birthday daddy".


I have seen hundreds of Porno movies. Blowjobs, facials, lesbians, ass-fucking, orgies... I've seen it all. Or so I thought, until I saw my daughter in her schoolgirl outfit, eager to please her daddy. When I finally caught my breath I said, "My God angel, I am so lucky."

"You have no idea daddy." she purred.

My cock strained against my boxers and my pants with a force that needed releasing. Before I could begin to pull my pants down my daughter grabbed the front of my pants and drew me close to her. Off came my belt and then she fumbled with a button before the zipper went down. She wasted little time in freeing my fully erect cock from it's constraints. "Wow daddy, you are dripping." she said as she pulled the lollipop from her mouth and licked the tip of my cock. Strings of precum danced between her slender pink tongue and the swollen head of my cock.

I loved seeing her innocent face looking up at me. Had I taken that innocence away from her? I didn't care anymore. I was a prisoner of my desires.

She still looked at me and said, "Daddy, I want you to close your eyes. I want you to picture another girl with us. Maybe my best friend Tina... Would you like that daddy?"

She knew that lesbian porn was my favorite. We would often watch it together and she lived how it excited me.. This was a welcomed twist to our play so I quickly closed my eyes and pictured her scenario. "You know how much daddy would love that." . I knew my daughter was intent on pleasing me.

She engulfed my cock slowly and the warmth of her mouth was well received. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it long. "God sweetie, your are so good to me.". My cock escaped her mouth for an agonizing second before I felt her lips part again for my shaft. It was then that I felt something I couldn't place. "Open your eyes daddy." . Tina was on her knees next to the bed and my cock was in her mouth while my daughter grabbed the back of her head.


"Do you like your present daddy?", I looked up at my dad and knew he was happy. "She's all ours".

Tina was a lesbian. She had told me that men disgusted her. She was 18 years old and she had never been with a man. I figured that her dad leaving her and her mom shortly after she was born was the reason for this hatred.

I knew she wanted me but I was never interested in girls at all. It wasn't until I had seduced daddy that I decided to try and make all his sexual dreams become a reality. It was then that I decided to probe for the limits to Tina's desires.

Her desire for me was as strong as my desire for dad. She agreed to allow herself to be used by a man in order to have me. She would have only realized a short time ago, while hiding in my closet, that the man was my dad.

"Fuck her mouth daddy like you fuck mine" and he did. He grabbed my hair while I stuffed Tina's mouth deep into his cock. She must have been struggling to breath, tears were invading her eyes but she never made an effort to stop me.

"I am going to cum" daddy yelled. I pulled her head away and yanked down on Tina's hair so daddy could see her face as he exploded all over it. When he finished I gently licked his cock clean before I started cleaning up Tina the same way. I licked up some cum then stuck my tongue deep into her mouth... forcing her to taste it.

"Are you ready to taste me now" I whispered to Tina.

I took my top off as I laid back and lifted my short skirt, my hairless pussy already on display. Tina removed her top and was overwhelmed when she saw the object of her desire. She didn't move, she just stared. I reached over, grabbed her head and pushed her down.
"And make sure daddy can see". She obediently tilted her head so daddy's view was unobstructed.

I now knew why so many women became lesbians or bisexual. I loved daddy and he could always bring me to orgasm but Tina's tongue, lips, and fingers all explored me with a different understanding. I saw daddy stroking his cock next to me and was almost ashamed I forgot him for those first few seconds. I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was all too much for me and I gushed into Tina's mouth. I am not sure if I passed out for a second. Things got hazy and I went lightheaded.

I petted her head as she greedily continued to lick me clean. "I think we need to keep her daddy".


"Whatever my angel wants" I heard her dad say.

I was soaking with desire and the thought that Michelle would want me drove me further into my obsession. I was willing to endure her father and actually found I enjoyed it in context. Her dad was one of the few men I liked. He was always so kind to me and I knew that the love of my life loved her... Admittedly I didn't know how much.

"Turn around and show daddy your gorgeous ass. Spread your cheeks for him." . This was the part I dreaded. Tina told me last night she wanted to have "her man" fuck me in the ass. She said that she was scared to let him fuck her backside but that "her man" deserved to fuck a nice ass.

I was surprised that I hadn't hesitated in doing as she said. Her dad seemed content to see her daughter direct the whole thing. He continued to stroke his cock while watching his dreams unfold into reality. Tina's fingers began to circle my asshole. She had told me last night that she would finger my ass a bit before "her man" fucked me. This, I was looking forward to.

I felt saliva dripping on my asshole and I instinctively puckered. "Relax Tina" she said as a finger slowly penetrated me. I forget what was coming and concentrated in the moment. "mmmmmm" I moaned. "See daddy, she wants it." I barely heard her say.

And then I felt something that we had not talked about the night before. Michelle had removed her finger and replaced it with her tongue. I had entered a level of pleasure I had never experienced. The woman I most desired had her tongue in my ass. It didn't take long for me to cum on her hand that had been playing with my pussy.


It was my turn now. My cock would not be denied. I wanted my daughters ass but I knew she was scared. I would never force her into anything she didn't want.

But Tina was ready and willing. Her asshole was inviting me. Michelle grabbed my cock and began rubbing it on Tina's pussy to get it wet in her juices. Then she rubbed it on Tina's asshole. I grabbed Tina with both hands and pressed forward. My angel helped me stick my cock into her best friends ass. I heard Tina make a noise which I wasn't sure was based on pain or pleasure... I didn't care.

I fucked her ass hard. My baby got in front of Tina and put her ass in Tina's face. "Lick my ass" she commanded. Tina buried her face between my daughters ass cheeks. Michelle spread her cheeks and began to moan.

Tina's hand was between her legs. She masturbated as I fucked her ass and as she tongue fucked my baby.

"I'm going to cum", this from Michelle. "Me too", from Tina. And then without the courtesy of a warning I released my hot cum inside Tina's ass. Both girls seemed to have cum with me.

I laid back in the bed and my angel laid next to me. "Lick daddy clean" she told Tina.

"Did you like your present daddy"

"I loved it angel"

"Can we keep her daddy? She can have this room."

"She is welcome to stay.", I said with a sly smile. "Anything for my angel."

"And daddy, after you rest a little, I want you to fuck my ass too. Tina can't have all the fun."
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