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Kerrie’s Journey: Chapter 11—Gemma and my twins

A mother has a torrid sexual encounter with her eighteen-year-old twin daughters

As I drove up to the house, I noticed Gemma’s car parked in the drive way. She must be here for a swim, I thought. While my husband was overseas, Amy and Becca, my 18-year-old twin daughters, were also home. So, regretfully, Gemma and I wouldn’t be able to follow a swim with some sexual fun. How wrong I was!

Gemma lived in the next suburb and, for the past few months, we had been lovers. She was more aggressive than I was and tended to push my sexual boundaries. She had been the first woman—and so far, the only one—to fuck me with a strap-on. That was now a feature of our love making and I have to admit that playing with her large and sensitive breasts as she thrust the hard dildo into my open cunt was for me an essence of being bisexual. The other was licking a warm wet pussy as a hard cock fucked mine; something I enjoyed occasionally with my step-nephew, Timmy, and his girlfriend, Sara.

“I’m home,” I announced as I entered the house. No answer. They must be outside in the pool, I thought, as I headed upstairs to change and join them.

Our bedroom overlooks the pool and a rather private back garden. Looking down, I was surprised and initially shocked. They were certainly in the pool but totally nude. Moreover, Amy and Gemma were engaged in a deep kiss with Gemma obviously fingering Amy. Meanwhile, Becca with an intense look on her face, watched them and slowly rubbed her own pussy.

I had to admit it was an erotic scene. Amy’s and Becca’s lithe bodies and blond hair contrasted very attractively with the more voluptuous, dark haired Gemma. My own pussy began to dampen as I watched.

Amy and Becca, now eighteen, are identical twins. We had adopted them at birth; a childhood disease having left Tom infertile. Over the past eighteen months or so, they had changed from irascible tomboys into very attractive and, I had to admit, very sexy looking young women. Slightly taller than I was, they both had lithe, athletic bodies with long legs, cute bubble butts and pert 32B breasts.

Both had boyfriends and I was sure they were sexually active. We’d spoken about contraception and safe sex. I was also pretty sure they were bisexual or, at least, that they played together. I had heard them together in Amy’s room and I was sure Amy was climaxing. Actually, I wasn’t too surprised. They did everything together so I can’t really believe that they had not experimented sexually together as they were growing up. I was less sure that they were interested in other women.

Watching them with Gemma was certainly arousing me. I had fantasized about what it might be like to have sex with them. Occasionally in a chat with one of my online women friends we would role play seducing our daughters or being seduced by them. Such games inevitably ended in a nice climax. A fantasy was one thing; turning it to reality another.

I had two options. I could stay quietly in my room until they came in, presumably dressed, and pretend I’d seen nothing. Or, I could go down and out and see what happened. Knowing Gemma, I suspect I knew what might eventuate if it did. But, as when I took that first eventful step that led to Timmy’s seduction, I knew that if I didn’t, whatever the consequences, I would regret the opportunity missed. So, I put on a bikini and a loose transparent wrap and headed down the stairs and out into the garden.

As I walked onto the pool deck, Gemma greeted me warmly as if it was the most natural thing in the world to welcome me to my own pool while fingering one of my daughters with the other watching closely. Amy and Becca looked less certain; perhaps afraid I was going to get mad at them.

I surprised them and myself by saying, “I’m not sure water is the only thing getting people wet here!”

“No, I guess not,” Gemma responded, laughing. “I suspect you’d find three rather wet pussies. You have two very sexy fillies for daughters.”

“Come join us.”

“I’m not sure I should,” I said. “Accepting and watching is one thing.”

“They are still my daughters.”

Gemma took charge.

“Amy, go kiss your Mom,” she said, releasing Amy and giving her a pat on her ass.

Amy scooted out of the pool and across the pool deck and bent forward. My eyes went to her pert erect nipples but I hesitated to meet her. Slowly, Amy moved her face to mine. I felt her breath and then the soft touch of her lips on mine. I didn’t respond except to tremble.

“Oh, Mom, don’t worry,” Amy whispered. “I have wanted this for soooo long”.

“Amy,” I answered, “a fantasy is one thing. We all have them. But this is so wrong. I’m your mother.”

“Oh, Mom, don’t be silly,” Amy responded, “We’re all adults and not even your biological daughters. No one will be hurt or anything.”

“Aside from actually giving birth to you and Becca, I have been your mother in every other way and mothers should not have sex with their daughters.”

Looking down at my breasts, Amy said, with a big smile, “Your nipples don’t seem to agree!”

She was right. My erect nipples, pressing on my bikini top, were a very visible sign of my arousal.

“Amy, take off your Mom’s bikini top,” ordered Gemma.

Looking across at her, to protest, I noticed that Becca was now in her arms with her face buried in Gemma’s breasts. My resolve was fast dimensioning as I took in the eroticism of the scene.

Amy reached up and pushed my warp from my shoulders. I let it fall onto the pool deck. Smiling, Amy reached around and unclipped the bikini top. It joined the warp on the ground.

I couldn’t hold back a small moan as Amy’s hands cupped my breasts, her fingers gently caressing my very hard and erect nipples.

“Oh Mom,” Amy whispered, “Your breasts are so beautiful.”

Again, Amy moved her lips to mine. This time mine parted and my tongue searched for hers. Quickly our kiss developed into a deep kiss with our tongues playing as she very expertly caressed my breasts. Tentatively I reached for hers.

“Oh, Mom,” moaned Amy, “that feels so good.”

Breaking our kiss, Amy bent forward and took my right nipple into her mouth. I could only moan as her tongue teased. Looking up, Amy smiled, like a cat with a dish of cream. Whatever Amy had fantasized she was clearly enjoying reality. And, I had to admit so was I; all resolve and hesitancy gone. I wanted to have sex with her and hopefully Becca as well.

As if reading my mind, Gemma ordered Becca to join Amy and me and take my bikini bottoms down.

Becca sprang from the pool and raced across the deck. Dropping to her knees in front of me, she looked up and smiled. I looked down at her blond head about level with my bikini clad pussy and noticed her erect nipples. Both my daughters were clearly aroused as was their mother and I could imagine how Gemma was feeling, having I’m sure orchestrated events very cleverly.

Becca reached up and pulled the ties at the side of my bikini bottoms. I could only tremble as she let them fall; her eyes fastening on my pussy. Tentatively she reached her hand out and ran her finger along my slit.

“Oh, Amy”, she said, “Mom is so deliciously wet.”

“Becca," I responded, “not too surprising given what your sister has been doing to me.”

“Go on, Bec,” Amy said, “taste her.”

Becca needed no further encouragement and I felt her tongue tip tease along my slit.

“Oh my god,” Becca said, “so delish. Let’s lie Mom down so you can join me.”

Amy and Becca were incredibly expert lovers. Where had they leant those oral skills? Of course, four hands, twenty fingers, two sets of lips and two tongues made a difference and were simply incredible. I had never felt anything like it before. While one set of lips would gently tease my labia, the other would be nibbling on my sensitive inner thighs. Fingers slick from being in my pussy would tease my nipples as other fingers curled up in my pussy rubbing my g-spot. I could do nothing but moan. Finally, someone, and I do not know who, sucked on my clit. I exploded in a climax that rolled on and on. My hips lifted, thrusting my pussy towards those teasing lips and tongues.

As my climax slowly subsided and I lay there quivering, I looked down. I was greeted by the sight of my daughters, their faces wet with my pussy juices, grinning from ear to ear; obviously very proud of what they had done to their mother.

Gemma broke the silence, “Oh, boy. I want one of those.”

“Be my guest,” I laughed, “I’m going to shower and fix some dinner. Unlike some people I have eaten! But, then we need to talk.”

With a devilish gleam in their eyes, Amy and Becca turned to Gemma. I stood up and walked into a house feeling remarkable. in many people’s eyes, I suspect what I had just done was unforgivable. However, I had no regrets ad knew that having crossed that line I wasn’t going back. I already wanted more of Amy and Becca.

I showered, amazed at how wet and sensitive my pussy still was. A few gentle caresses and the thought of what I hoped would occur later bought me another small climax.

I went back downstairs to the kitchen to prepare us salad. I wore only my transparent wrap. if that didn’t tell everybody of my acceptance I didn’t know what would.

Amy and Becca were the first in. They gave me quick kisses; their lips tasting of Gemma. Smiling they asked, “Should we dress for dinner?”

I laughed and said, “I don’t see why! But go have a shower.”

Amy grinned, “Back soon. Come Bec, I need some release!”

I smacked Becca on her bottom, and laughing, said, “Go tend to your sister!”

Gemma was a little coy when she came in.

“Are you okay?” she asked

I smiled, reached for her, gave her a hug and kissed her.

“Oh yes,” I responded, “but you have some explaining. How long have you been fucking my daughters and why didn’t you tell me?”

“Only the second time today and I just needed to find the right time,” Gemma replied, “and today seemed a good time.”

“Not sorry?”

“Oh, no,” I said. “But you do seem to have a way of knowing my deepest desires. I have fantasized about Amy and Becca but this afternoon exceeded any fantasy.”

Gemma smiled. “That’s why I love you.”

“Will you stay for dinner”, I asked, “I think I can promise you a great dessert!”

“Love to,” replied Gemma, “and I think I know what the dessert will be!”

Amy and Becca came back into the kitchen, nude and smiling.

Amy looked at me and said, “That’s better. We needed that.”

“Oh,” I said, “the shower or the ‘release’?

Amy laughed, “Both!”

Dinne was a little surreal. The girls were nude. I wore only a wrap and Gemma a loose top that showed plenty of her full breasts. Aside for our state of dress—or better, undress—it could have been a family gathering of a mother, her daughters and a friend. The conversation was light. Amy and Becca chatted about university, their friends, who was hooking up with whom or was breaking up.”

Finally, as we finished I said, “Okay, we need to talk a bit about what happened this afternoon.”

A look of slight apprehension passed over Amy’s and Becca’s faces.

To reassure them I said, “Don’t worry, I am very comfortable with what happened.”

“Oh, Mom,” cried Amy and Becca together, “we are so glad. You are so hot and sexy!”

“Does that mean we can have sex together again?”

“Yes,” I replied, “if you are okay, I’d love it to happen again, and ….. soon”.

“With Gemma, too?” asked Becca.

“Yes, if she wishes to join us, I responded, “As Amy said earlier we are all adults.”

“Are you and Gemma lovers?” Becca asked.

I paused, but deciding honesty was the best policy, said, “Yes, sweetie. Gemma is a very special friend of mine.”

“And, to answer, your next question. No. Your father doesn’t know and I’d like to keep it that way. He and I have an excellent relationship and me being bi doesn’t change that.”

“Thus, we need to set some rules,” I said, “Other than Gemma no one is to know. When other people are with us, and particularly when you father is here, we must behave. Okay?”

The girls nodded their heads.

Now it was in the open, Amy and Becca were very frank about their sexuality. They admitted they had played together for ‘yonks’. I didn’t dare ask how long ‘yonks’ was! The said they really liked women but were also ‘getting to know boys better’.

“Do your boyfriends know?” I asked.

They burst out laughing. “Oh, Mom,” Amy said, “they would flip. They are so conventional. Jimmy is still learning to lick.”

“Yes,” added Becca. “They thought we were joking when we suggested we should all make out in the same bed.”

I could only smile in wonder. How different from me at eighteen. I’d had one fumbling encounter with boy that took my virginity but I couldn’t remember an orgasm that wasn’t self-induced. In contrast, Amy and Becca were well-adjusted young women very confident in their sexuality and, obviously, with ‘hots’ for their mother!

After a while, Gemma suggested to Amy and Becca that she and they go upstairs and get a ‘surprise’ ready for me. I looked intrigued but Gemma just smiled and said wait for my call. As they left, Amy wiggled her naked ass at me and Becca smiled a devilish smile.

Fifteen minutes or so later Gemma called for me to come up. I went up to our master bedroom and was greeted with an amazing sight.

Two incense candles filled the room with the fragrance of frangipani and sandalwood. The bed room lights were turned down except for a spotlight that had been strategically turned to flood Tom’s and my bed. On the bed, their blond hair spread behind their heads lay Amy and Becca side-by-side and smiling. Their legs were apart and small pillows under their asses lifted their bald, smooth pussies. The girls’ pussies were already glistening and beckoning. The sight was decadent and erotic. My already wet pussy flooded as I gazed at them.

“Your dessert, Kerrie,” Gemma said. “Enjoy!”

“Will you join me?” I asked.

“Not this time,” Gemma replied. “I’ll let myself out. You and your girls have fantasized about this. Now go enjoy yourselves. I’ll call you in the morning.”

With that, she slipped my wrap from me, gave me a kiss and left.

I couldn’t ever recall a more erotic and arousing scene. Their nudity intensified their identicalness; looking like mirror images as they lay there. Instinctively, I knew who was who. Facing the bed, Amy was to my left. Ironically, on closer examination I realised it was easier to identify them in the nude, since Becca has a small but distinctive birthmark just below her bikini line.

I needed little encouragement but wondered with whom to start. I realised that while Amy had kissed me earlier I had never kissed Becca, sexually that is. Although my pussy had enjoyed her tongue it had never been in my mouth. Time to change that. Kissing her would be where I was going to start.

Any’s and Becca’s eyes followed me as I crawled between Becca’s open legs being careful not to touch her. Slowly I bent my head towards her and gently let my lips brush her lips. She gave a little mummer and opened her lips, her tongue teasing my lips and then, as our kiss deepened, thrusting into my mouth searching for my tongue. It was not a daughter’s kiss but a carnal kiss of a woman in heat.

I couldn’t resist a moan as Becca’s hands reached up to caress my breasts. Her fingers circled my already hard nipples and then pulled on them. I nearly came.

Breaking my kiss with Becca, I turned my head and smiled at Amy. She smiled back and said, “Go on Mom, enjoy Becca.”

Returning my attention to Becca, I nibbled my way down her throat and chest and took each of her nipples in turn into my mouth. I marvelled at how large they seemed on her small but very pert and sexy 32B breasts—just right for sucking.

After eliciting some delightful moans for Becca, I left the pleasure of sucking her responsive nipples to trail little kisses down across her tummy towards her pussy. Gemma had positioned a little pillow below her ass so her pussy was at just the right angle for a long leisurely lick—not that I really thought Becca would last that long. I sensed she was close to orgasm but I was determined to postpone that for as long as possible.

I delicately licked Becca’s labia, sucked them and ran my tongue along her slit. Becca was on flood. I savoured her flavour—hot, slightly musky but sweet and delicious. Avoiding her clit, I ran my tongue and lips along her slit, tasting, licking, nibbling but never letting Becca guess what I'd do next. Her head began to toss from side to side. Her hips lifted towards my teasing face and she whimpered. Finally, she cried out, “Oh, Mom, please, please!”

I lifted my face and looked at her. Her eyes were closed, her body heaving. Returning to her pussy, I relented and sucked at her clit. Becca screamed and then her whole body shuddered as she climaxed. Her thighs clamped around my head and her fingers pulled my hair as if to pull me further into her. It was one of the most spectacular climaxes I had ever elicited form a woman. As her climax waned and her thighs relaxed, I flicked my tongue across her clit again and another tidal wave of sensation ran through her. This time she collapsed back onto the bed, moaning “Oh god, Mom, oh god”.

Lifting my face form Becca, I looked across at Amy. Her face was an expression of pure lust. Watching her sister climax from my licking had obviously aroused her to near climax herself. Her eyes sought mine.

“Oh, Mom please,” she whispered, lifting her hips.

I didn’t need any further invitation. I sensed that Amy wasn’t interested in a long leisurely, teasing lick but rather an urgent release. With a quick kiss on her lips I slid down so I was between her legs, her pussy in front of me. Like Becca she was smooth and bald. She was also very vet and her clit very visible I licked her savouring her taste. She moaned her hips lifting.

Their pussies did taste a little different. Amy was saltier but still delicious. I smiled to myself since intriguingly their tastes matched their personalities and dispositions. Amy could be sharp and at times even acerbic while Becca was often the sweeter. Where they were the same was in having incredibly beautiful and very responsive pussies. My daughters clearly had little difficulty in reaching orgasm.

Indeed, Amy screamed and convulsed as soon as my tongue brushed her clit. I let her calm down then drove two fingers into her. Twisting my fingers, I rubbed her g-spot as I sucked her clit. Her second orgasm was almost immediate.

I lifted my face from her pussy, crawled up and kissed her and then Becca. For a few minutes, I kissed them in turn as they recovered from their climaxes.

Finally, Amy murmured. “Oh Mom, that was so much better than I ever fantasied. But now our turn again. Lie down.”

I did and for the second time, two sets of lips, two tongues and twenty fingers drove me to an incredible climax. I collapsed back and held out my arms. The two girls crawled up and cuddled either side of me. I held them tight and smiled. My relationship with them had irrevocably changed but I had never loved them more. We drifted off to sleep. Three sexually sated women. Tomorrow would be a new day.


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