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Kerrie’s Journey: Chapter 12—Surprise! Timmy and I get caught by Amy and Becca

While engaged in sex with her step nephew a married woman is caught by her twin daughters.

The morning after my tryst with my eighteen-year-old twin daughters, Amy and Becca, we woke late. The girls were still in my bed. We had fallen asleep cuddled up with one on either side of me. During the night, they’d rolled away and now lay beside me—Amy on her back and Becca on her tummy. Both were nude. I couldn’t resist rubbing Becca’s back. She stirred, murmured, woke and smiled.

“Oh Mom, are we going to make love again?”

I smacked her ass, laughed and said, “As tempting as that would be, you and Amy have university and I have some chores plus Timmy’s Spanish tutorial.”

“Now there’s a hunk,” Becca exclaimed, “and Sara says he has an awesome cock.’”

My heart almost stopped. I well knew that Timmy had an awesome cock. I’d been fucking him for several months. While I did help him with his Spanish, our tutorials always ended up in bed with me enjoying that ‘awesome cock’. Sometimes we were joined by his girlfriend, Sara. “Oh my god,” I thought. “What else has she said?”

“Do you always discuss your sexual partners with your friends?” I asked, with a degree of trepidation.

“Oh, don’t worry Mom,” Becca said. “You will be Amy’s and my big secret. We won’t spoil it by telling anyone. And anyway, Sara isn’t telling everything. I think she and Timmy have something going with a MILF.”

My heart stopped again. I was that MILF. Oh god, the web we weave!

Becca, unaware of the angst she had raised in me, gave me a quick kiss and headed to the bathroom.

Amy stirred and I shook her.

“Wake up, sleepy head, I said. “Uni beckons.”

“Oh, I want to stay here,” was her sleepy reply.

“Maybe tonight, if you are good,” I laughed. “Now you have hardly time for a shower and a quick breakfast. Go, use my shower.”

Amy gave me a very non-daughter like kiss before heading for the shower.

I lay there in a degree of mental turmoil. Last night, my relationship with Amy and Becca had irrevocably changed. We had crossed a line mothers and daughters shouldn’t—we’d engaged sexually. Admittedly, Amy and Becca were adopted but that didn’t really change the situation morally. Morals aside, I had some of the best sex that I’d ever enjoyed from men or women. It was amazing what two sets of fingers, four lips and two tongues could do! It was also patently obvious that Amy and Becca didn’t see last night as a one off and to be honest neither did I. The complications however were evident; not the least that they and Sara, Timmy’s girlfriend and my occasional sex partner, were friends.

Gemma was another factor. While she hadn’t stayed last night after choreographing my seduction by Amy and Becca, it was clear that she had had sex with them and they wished to continue do so; probably including me in their play. Not for the first time I sensed that Gemma was a dangerous influence but one that I didn’t seem able to resist, at least for long. In addition to encouraging us last night, she had previously invited me to a ‘special dinner’ after which I had had sex with another woman and been fucked by three men. Notably, one of them, Jose, had fucked me in the ass thereby taking my last virginity. Subsequently he’d called a few times and we had had some friendly and humorous chats. While there was no pressure, it was clear he would like a repeat. I wasn’t sure but, encouraged by Gemma, was beginning to think I should agree.

And finally, there was my husband and “Project Tom” as Gemma referred to the plan she had devised to allow me to come out to Tom that I was bisexual. I hadn’t yet signed onto that but again was tempted and Gemma did seem to get her way with me.

As I lay there mulling over the complexities of my sex life, Amy emerged from the ensuite, towelling her hair but otherwise nude. She saw me looking.

“Like what you see, Mom?” she asked with a coquettish smile.

“I think you know the answer to that,” I responded, “but you’d better get dressed and hurry.”

Amy dropped the towel and ran her hands along her body.

“Oh, Mom,” she said. “I love you looking at me like that. Do you want me?”

Smiling, she slipped a finger into her pussy.

“I’m wet, Mom, and not from the shower.”

Saucily, she sauntered towards me, slowly caressing her pussy.

“Please, Mom.”

My motherly resolve to make sure she wasn’t late to her university classes rapidly resolved. She was so sexy and I wanted her.

I sat up and swung my legs out of bed. Reaching out I took Amy by the hips and pulled her towards me. She thrust out her pussy. I looked up at her and smiled. Her pussy glistened before my eyes. It was so beautiful. I savoured the view. Slowly I ran a finger along her slit. She shivered as I teased. Removing my fingers, I reached around and placed my hands on her ass and pulled her toward my face. My tongue now traced along her lips. She tasted so good—sweet but slightly salty.

“Oh, Mom,” she moaned. “I love your tongue there.”

I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and elicited a louder moan. Amy was close. Pushing a finger into her cunt, I finger fucked her as I sucked on her clit. She climaxed giving a delightful yelp as she did. Her cunt spasmmed and grasped my finger. God, she was tight. I wondered how many cocks had felt that.

“Oh, Mom,” she said. “Thank you, I needed that!”

“Now get dressed,” I said, “before I pull you into bed!”

“Okay,” Amy responded. “See you tonight.”

“When will you and Becca be home?” I asked, as she ran out the door.

“Late,” she replied. “We have basketball practice.”

I lay back on the bed savouring the taste of Amy on my lips. Slowly I caressed my pussy. I was aroused from licking Amy and slowly rubbed myself thinking back over the night before. I reached for the little vibe—well not that little—that Gemma had given me for a birthday present. Switching to a slow speed I teased along my slit. As I did I thought of the incredible night I had just had and the afternoon ahead. Timmy, my eighteen-year old step-nephew, was coming for his weekly Spanish tutorial and our weekly fuck session.

As much as I enjoyed making love with women, including being fucked by strap-ons, I still loved the feeling of a hard, living cock inside me. And, as Sara had told Becca, Timmy had an awesome cock, nine inches in length and of a very nice thickness. Under my tutelage, he had become an incredibly proficient lover. Instinctively, he seemed to know how to use his cock to elicit maximum pleasure in his partner. For someone so young he had amazing control, rarely climaxing before I did, and incredible recovery. He seemed almost continually erect! Certainly, he had no difficulty fucking me to orgasm, climaxing himself and then very soon after fucking me again, or Sara, if she was with us, with the same result. Despite the risk I was not about to give him up.

Thinking about Timmy and his cock increased my arousal and I slowly pushed the vibe into my cunt increasing the vibration as I did. I felt my orgasm begin to build and then surge through me. Hopefully, I thought, that will take the edge of my arousal until Timmy arrives.

Timmy arrived about four. I was pleased that the girls would be late since I was really looking forward to a long session—and not of Spanish! Despite all the sex I had had in the last twenty-four hours, I was amazingly horny.  I had resisted masturbating all day. I was nude except for a simple wrap. I wanted to be accessible for him. Timmy seemed to sense my arousal and need. After a welcoming kiss, he steered me to the couch, pushed me forward so my ass was in the air and with almost no foreplay buried this wonderful cock deep in me.

“Oh, yes, Timmy,” I cried, “fuck your Auntie Kerrie’s wet pussy.”

The use of my familial name always added to the decadency of being fucked by Timmy. He pulled back and teased along my slit, nudging my clit, before thrusting deep again, his balls touching me. His hands reached around and teased my breasts, pulling on my erect nipples as he thrust. He paused and then slowly but methodically began to fuck me. He sensed my building orgasm and slowed, my cunt squeezing his cock. I fought my rising orgasm for as long as I could; wishing to savour the pleasure. Finally, I couldn’t hold back. As Timmy thrust deep, his cock head touching my cervix, I exploded.

“Oh, god, Timmy,” I moaned.

As I started to recover, I reached down and played with his balls, wet from me. He pulled back and then thrust deep. With a very familiar twitch, deep in me, he came. I love the feeling of his cum, ejaculated so powerfully deep in me.

“Ok, big boy,” I said, “Let me up.”

“Time for your Spanish but if you are ‘up’ to it, we will have time for a repeat. The girls won’t be home until late.”

Timmy laughed, “That’s the best encouragement I know to learn Spanish!”

We spent half an hour speaking Spanish but my mind wasn’t really on it. We were nude. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and particularly his cock. Even in a relaxed state it was impressive.

Timmy saw me looking and smiled. “Quieres follar?” he said. (Do you want to fuck?)

“Very much,” I responded in Spanish. “Let’s go to bed.”

I led him upstairs.

“My turn,” I said, pushing him back onto the bed.

His cock was already at half-mast. I took it in my mouth. I could still taste myself on it. I swirled my tongue over the head. His cock responded by growing to its full splendour. I smiled up at Timmy and licked along the shaft teasing his balls I sucked them in turn into my mouth. Timmy moaned but I was in no hurry. I loved sucking his cock almost as much as I loved it fucking me. There was time now for both!

Finally, leaving his cock, I trailed kisses up his chest. I teased his nipples and then smiling bent and kissed him. His tongue came out to tease mine. I lifted my hips and let his cock slide along my slit. I was very slick from our earlier fuck. Timmy ejaculated so much and so deep it always seemed to take ages to leak out of me. I was also very aroused again but wanted to prolong my pleasure and tease Timmy at the same time. So, I carefully avoided letting the head enter me.

Suddenly a door banged followed by footsteps on the stairs.

“Mom, we’re home,“ I heard Amy yell out. “Practice got cancelled.”

I froze. Frantically, I tried to think what I could do. The bedroom door was open and it was very evident what we were doing even if his cock wasn’t yet in me. It was too late. Amy and Becca were at the door. Timmy and I were really caught! Timmy seemed shocked too; his cock deflating fast.

“Mom!” Amy exclaimed and, then rather rhetorically, adding, “What the fuck are you up to?”

Becca appeared beside her and exclaimed, “Oh my god, you must be Sara’s MILF!”

It was very hard to be calm. I was nude and my very wet pussy had been on show as they came in, not to mention Timmy’s hard cock sliding along it. I really didn’t know what to do.

Lamely, I said, “let me put some clothes on and then we can discuss this as adults.”

Amy surprised me, saying, “I’ve a better idea, let’s join you!”

Before I could react, she walked into the room, pulling her top over her head and unzipping her skirt. Stepping out of it she approached the bed in bra and panties. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Are you coming too, Bec?

“Oh, yes,” exclaimed Becca. “I’ve been envious of Sara for quite a while.”

“Now girls,” I protested, “this is not a good idea.”

“Why?” challenged Amy. “You’re clearly fucking Timmy”.

“And Timmy clearly thinks it is a good idea.”

To my chagrin, Timmy clearly did. His cock, that had quickly deflated when Amy surprised us, was now becoming erect again.

“Timmy,” I protested, “you can’t be seriously thinking of fucking your cousins.”

“What would Sara think?”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Kerrie,” Timmy replied. “We’ve agreed that we can explore with other people.”

“But they are your cousins. You’ve known each other forever.”

“No more biologically related to me than you,” Timmy replied.

Mortified but intrigued I watched Amy and Becca approach Timmy; their eyes glued on his cock. Timmy lay back on the bed and they crawled up one on either side of him. I felt I should stop them but, not for the first time, my deepest desires were chasing away rational behaviour. Already, I was feeling a desire to see his cock stretch their pretty pussies.

It was a very erotic sight. Amy’s fingers circled Timmy’s cock as she offered the head to her sister. While I could personally testify to their expertise at licking pussies—honed I suspected by many years of practice with each other—their inexperience in sucking cocks, particular one as large as Timmy, showed. They told me later that they had sucked their boyfriends but as Becca put it: “It didn’t take much to get them off!”

I surprised myself, by saying, "Lick and suck on his balls. Timmy likes that a lot!"

Amy took the hint and her tongue began to lick softly over Timmy’s balls. Opening her mouth, she slid one inside and gently sucked. Timmy moaned. Meanwhile Becca bent forward and flicked his head with her tongue.

“Becca,” I said, “start at the base and lick up to the head.”

I couldn’t really believe that I was tutoring my daughters to suck a cock. Moreover, I was getting increasingly aroused. As Amy continued to suck Timmy’s balls, Becca started at the base of his cock and slowly licked all the way up to the head. Timmy groaned as her tongue teased the sensitive area between his engorged head and the shaft. Finally, she licked across the head.

“Don’t take it into your mouth, too quickly,” I cautioned. “Let him wait.”

Becca ran her tongue across his cock head and then returned to the base. Turning she kissed Amy. It was an amazing and very erotic sight. Their two blonde heads in a deep kiss, with Amy holding Timmy’s very engorged cock in her hand. Breaking the kiss, this time both girls licked up the shaft and then took turns to flick his head. Timmy moaned, his face showed his struggle to hold his climax. I knew he was close.

“Do you want him to come?” I asked the girls.

Becca lifted her face, smiled and nodded.

“Suck his head into your mouth,” I commanded.

Amy ran her tongue down Timmy’s cock, sucked a ball into her mouth as Becca took the engorged head into hers. I could only imagine what Timmy was feeling. His face grimaced and he lifted his hips and he exploded pumping a long hard stream of cum into Becca’s mouth. She gagged and pulled back so that a second burst from Timmy splashed across her face. Amy raised her face to her sister and they kissed, Timmy’s cum smearing across both of their faces.

Instinctively, my hand went to my own pussy. I was incredibly wet with my clit hard and sensitive. I couldn’t hold back and with two fingers buried in my cunt I cried out as my orgasm hit.

My cry made the three of them look at me.

“Oh, wow,” said Amy, “I think we turned Mom on.”

I held out my arms and the girls crawled into them. Timmy lay beside us recovering although I noticed that his cock was still pretty hard. I could imagine what he was thinking!

In turn, I kissed Becca and Amy; their faces glistening with Timmy’s cum. Both girls were clearly aroused, and wrapped their legs around mine so their pussies rubbed against my thighs. Both still wore their panties but I could feel how wet they were. I reached down and slid my hand under Amy’s panties. She shifted so I could reach her pussy. She moaned as I slid a finger into her.

I thought, “what now?” Rationally, we should stop. It was bad enough that I’d encouraged Amy and Becca to suck Timmy off. To go further would be wrong. On the other hand, they were so aroused and Timmy was obviously still hard. The thought of watching him fuck them was incredibly arousing notwithstanding my recent climax. My inner demon that Gemma seemed to have awaken was now in full control. Lust and wantonness were winning. I was going to not only let Timmy fuck Amy and Becca but actively choreograph it. I had no doubts that he would be capable of fucking them both and possibly me afterwards.

I looked at Timmy. He smiled and rubbed his cock.

“You want them, don’t you?” I asked.

He hesitated. “It’s ok,” I said, “If they are willing I’d love to see you fuck them. I know their pussies are very tight.”

Amy and Becca both lifted their head. Becca, asked, “Oh yes, but can he fuck both of us? I do want to see Amy being fucked.”

“Sweetie,” I answered. “I’m sure Timmy can and probably me, too.”

“Oh, Mom,” replied Amy. “It would be so hot to see you being fucked.”

I laughed, all sense of propriety replaced by pure lust, “Maybe, but let’s get you two ready first.”

“Lie on your tummies with your legs off the bed,” I ordered.

Standing up, I placed pillows underneath each of them so their asses were raised. In turn, I pulled their panties down and off. I was greeted with the sight of two beautiful, smooth and very wet pussies. I couldn’t resist giving each a lick. They moaned. They were so close.

I looked at Timmy. He was clearly fully recovered from his earlier climax. That ‘awesome cock’ was fully erect.

“Come, Timmy,” I said. “Come fuck your cousins. Becca, first.”

Timmy needed little encouragement. He’d often fucked Sara and me the way that Amy and Becca were lying. Gently, he ran his cock along Becca’s slit. She moaned. I knelt beside Becca and took Timmy’s cock in my hand. It was an incredibly erotic sight. Becca’s legs were apart, her smooth pussy glistening. I could even see her clit. I steered Timmy’s cock head to the opening of her cunt.

Looking up at him, I said, “Push.”

Slowly, his head opened her lips, and began to enter. She moaned and lifted her ass to meet him. I watched transfixed as Timmy’s huge cock slowly slid into my daughter’s waiting cunt.

Becca, moaned and said, “Oh god, that is incredible. I’ve never felt so full.”

I caressed her back and, very un-motherly, said, “He is incredible and there is a little more of him to go.”

“Oh, god, I’m not sure I can take all of him,” Becca replied through a moan.

“Oh yes, pussies are designed to stretch,” I responded, pushing Timmy’s cock into Becca.

Timmy took the hint and with a short thrust buried his cock into Becca until his balls touched.

Becca said, “Oh god, I have never felt anything like this” and then, “oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

“Go on,” I said. “Go on, sweetie, cum on Timmy’s big cock.”

Suddenly, Becca screamed and her whole body spasmmed as a huge climax tore through her. Timmy, as I’d taught him, stopped thrusting with his cock buried deep in Becca’s cunt. I could imagine what it must feel like to him given the way Becca’s and Amy’s tight cunts had gripped my fingers. Still, he held and then as Becca began to calm down, picked up his pace and with steady thrusts fucked her. Her climax had hardly finished before she screamed again as a second climax hit her.

This time, Timmy withdrew from Becca and with one thrust buried his cock in Amy. Amy, obviously very aroused from watching her sister, cried out as Timmy’s cock opened her cunt and then with Timmy’s second thrust exploded into a climax herself.

I was now highly arouse myself. Dropping to my knees beside Amy I lifted my ass and looked at Timmy.

“Finish in me, please,” I begged.

Withdrawing from Amy, Timmy trust hard into my waiting pussy and began to fuck me with the long hard thrusts that I’d come to enjoy so much. I was conscious of Amy’s and Becca’s eyes on me and that added to my arousal. As I had discovered, I was an exhibitionist and now, in front of my just fucked daughters, I relished the show that I was putting on.

“Oh, Timmy,” I moaned. “Fuck me, fuck Auntie Kerrie’s hot wet cunt.”

I was amazed at Timmy’s staying power. However, the combination of my familial name and sexy, even dirty, talk, particular in front of Amy and Becca, proved a catalyst. With a grunt and that so familiar final twitch of his cock in my cunt, Timmy came. After two ejaculations, his third was not as strong. Nevertheless, it was enough to trigger another climax in me. I collapsed forward beside my wide–eyed daughters.

Amy was the first to speak.

“Oh, Mom,” she said. “That was the most amazing sight I have ever seen.”

I smiled rather sheepishly as the enormity of what I had just done sunk home.

“I rather doubt that is a show a mother should put on for her daughters!”

“Glad you did, though,” said Amy.

“And, Timmy you are incredible. Amazing you could fuck all of us and not come until the end with Mom. My few men have never seemed to last beyond a few thrusts.”

“Indeed,” agreed Becca. “And that was the first time I have ever cum with a cock in me—and you made me do it twice. I had even begun to think I was really a lesbian.”

“Oh, sweetie,” I said. “You have plenty of time to find out who you really are. It took me forty years to discover that I was bi.”

“Sara is one lucky girl,” said Amy, “but hopefully we can enjoy you again.”.

“But, please don’t tell Sara or anybody.” I cautioned. “I know you aren’t biologically related but people think you are cousins and best to keep it that way.”

Not for the first time on my journey, I realised that another boundary had been crossed, another genie let out and there was no going back even if I wanted to. Clearly Amy and Becca didn’t want to. I’d need to think more about my involvement. My sex life was potentially getting totally out of hand.

However, for now, I needed to get Timmy home before Heather called to ask what he was up to. An answer of three pussies didn’t seem to be the right one!

I shooed the girls into the bathroom and Timmy into my shower. I was tempted to join him but it was well past the normal time for his Spanish tutorial to finish so I resisted the pull. The squeals that I heard from the girls’ bathroom suggested that they had used the shower together to relieve their remaining sexual tensions.

At the door, Timmy kissed me deeply and held me tight.

“Are you okay with what happened?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, but, Aunt Kerrie, you are still by far the best fuck!”

“Flatterer!” I responded, squeezing his cock. “Now go before I drag you back to bed and your mother really wonders where you are.”

“See you next week.”

I walked back into the house and headed for the shower. I was surprisingly at peace although far from certain that I could keep up with three sex hungry teenagers—four including Sara—and my other lovers. One thing was clear though. It was time for ‘Project Tom’, Gemma’s idea to let my husband, Tom, know that I was bisexual. In a few months, I was due to join Tom in Hong Kong. That would be a convenient time to give up, as much as I would regret doing so, Timmy and the others. However, I was sure, that, even back with Tom, I would want, at least occasionally, to enjoy sex with a woman. Even if my marriage was to suffer, it was time for Tom to know and, hopefully, accept this side of me. What Project Tom was and how it turned out, I will tell you in my next story.


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