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Kira Sampson Dream Girl

Kira got her name from a Porn Star and lives up to her name.

Kira Sampson was a sixteen-year old beauty lusted after by every swinging dick at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida. That included students and teachers both male and female. Her late father had chosen the name Kira from the porn star Kira Reed. He had masturbated many times watching Kira Reed sucking and fucking. Her mother had no idea where the name Kira came from, but thought it was a cute name and had no objection.

Kira’s father, who absolutely adored her, passed away suddenly from a heart attack when she was sixteen. After a year, her mother had re-married a divorcee named Sam Grady. Sam had begun fucking Heidi Samson not long after her husband’s funeral. And like so many others, he lusted after Kira. Sam had watched Kira develop into a stunningly beautiful and sexy teenager.

Kira was dreaming of being fucked by a big cock and woke up to realize she was not dreaming. Sam had his big cock buried in her pussy. He was taking her from behind and she could not see who it was, but it could only be Sam, she thought. Damn that cock felt good.

Sam realized that Kira had woken and began pounding her pussy in earnest. All Kira could do was moan. Her moaning only spurred Sam on. Sam was fucking her so hard and furious that she had an immediate orgasm, which did not go unnoticed by Sam. Sam was having his dream fuck, the hot sexy Kira, that so many others lusted for.

Kira had another orgasm as Sam emptied his big load deep in her cunt. She feinted. When she awoke, Sam was gone and had sneaked back into his bed with the sleeping Heidi.

The well fucked Kira was leaking Sam’s cum and got up to shower. Lucky for her she had been on the pill for some time for menstrual issues. Also, lucky for her, she was not a virgin or Sam’s big cock would have definitely been an issue. She had taken it well and loved the good fucking she had received. But how was she going to face Sam and her mother, she wondered.

At breakfast things seemed perfectly normal, but Kira knew things were not normal. Sam acted as if nothing had happened but was on a high knowing he had fucked the hot sexy young Kira. Heidi was her usual upbeat self. Kira knew things would never be the same.

Sam had fucked Kira but he wanted more. He wanted her down sucking his cock and plenty of foreplay before fucking her again. The thought of fucking her again had his cock so hard it hurt.

Kira had a foreboding about being alone with Sam but damn he fucked her so good that she knew she wanted him to fuck her again. But for now, she would try very hard to not be alone with him.

Coming home early from a date with her boyfriend Tommy, Kira was surprised to find that Sam and Heidi were already in bed. She stealthily slipped passed their bedroom door only to hear the obvious sounds of fucking. Heidi was moaning loud as the sounds of slapping flesh on flesh was emanating from behind the door. Damn Sam is giving mom a good fucking, Kira thought.

Kira quickly moved to her bedroom and tore off her clothes, flopped on the bed and began furiously masturbating thinking of the good fucking her mother was receiving. Earlier, Tommy had fucked her but had prematurely ejaculated leaving Kira completely unsatisfied. Damn I should have sucked him off first, she thought as she frigged herself.

Sam and Heidi had hit the sack early not expecting Kira home for some time. Heidi had sucked Sam’s cock hard and was now being rewarded with a good hard fuck. Just the way she liked it. Sam was pretending he was fucking Kira and Heidi was the beneficiary.

Soon Kira felt an intense orgasm coming on and began to moan as she continued to frig her hot wet cunt. Then it hit her so hard she almost passed out.

Heidi lost count of her multiple orgasms as Sam continued to pound her hot tight pussy. When she thought she could not stand it anymore, Sam plunged deep, hitting her cervix, sending her over the edge one more time, as he filled her with his hot thick cum.

Mother and daughter were soon asleep. Sam soon followed and dreamed of fucking Kira.

Saturday morning came early for Heidi, as she had volunteer duty at the local Senior Citizens Center. As Heidi showered and was getting dressed, Sam pretended to be asleep. He could not wait for Heidi to leave. He had to fuck Kira again.

Kira was in a deep sleep dreaming of Sam fucking her. Little did she know that Sam was now awake after dreaming of fucking her.

Heidi was no sooner out the door when Sam was entering Kira’s bedroom. Sam was a bit surprised at the look on Kira’s adorable face. He could not tell if it was a look of pain or pleasure. The way Kira was squirming on the bed, Sam wondered if she was having a wet dream. Sam’s cock was hard as a rock.

Sam was fully nude as he pulled back the covers to find Kira was also nude. He climbed on top of her and presented his cock to her lips. He began rubbing his cock back and forth across her lips causing Kira to wake. Kira opened her mouth to speak, but as she did, Sam pushed his cock in her mouth. Kira’s eyes flew open only to see Sam’s pubic area. Sam began to slowly fuck her mouth. Once again, Kira assumed it was Sam, but could not see.

“Come on baby, suck my cock,” Sam said.

Then Kira knew, it was Sam.

After some movement to adjust for Kira to suck Sam, Kira started sucking Sam like a pro. She had developed her sucking skills over the last few months and was determined to please Sam. Sam’s cock was long and thick making taking all of it difficult. But take it all she did. She deep throated him with the skill of a porn star.

Damn this girl is a talented cocksucker, Sam thought. How in the world did she get so good? As Kira continued to work her magic, Sam was building up to a thundering orgasm. He withdrew just enough to pull out of her throat and blasted her mouth with a huge load of cum. When he did, Kira orgasmed, as well. She had never orgasmed while sucking cock before.

Kira swallowed hard and fast to keep from choking. Oh my God, I just sucked off my step father, Kira thought. At the same time, Sam was thinking, that may have been my best blow job ever.

“Honey I don’t know where you learned to suck like that, but it is going to get you one great fuck, but first I want to make love to you,” Sam said.

Kira could not believe what Sam had just said and responded, “Oh Sam I want you to make love to me, I was just dreaming of that.”

Sam took Kira in his arms and kissed her inserting his tongue in her mouth. Kira responded in kind. Soon their tongues were doing the Texas Two-Step. Kira felt a warmth come over her entire body and her pussy was literally dripping, she was so wet.

Sam’s reached and took each of her beautiful pear shape tits in hand and began kneading them. Kira’s nipples were so hard and needed a mouth on them.

“Suck my tits!” Kira screamed.

Sam did not need any prodding he was quickly down on her tits. First sucking one nipple then the other. Scraping them with his teeth as he did. Kira orgasmed, and moaned out loud, as she did.

After giving each tit considerable action, Sam said, “Baby time for me to repay you for that

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